Thursday, April 29, 2004

April 29, 2004 - Thursday

04/29/04 THURSDAY grp 3
Temperatures in the mid forties after a day of almost eighty is the
kind of thing that keeps North Dakotans humble. Forecasters are calling
for springlike weather all the way til summer.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible"
This will be the last Shivercity Gazette for the season. Last night
and again this morning, I caught one of those little buggers with a well
drilling rig sticking out it's head. I got the first one, broke all her
legs and flattened her abdomen against my forearm. The second one was a
little quicker than me. I slapped myself, as she flew off into the
ANYWAY, Yesterday the temperature was well into the seventies-hardly
shiver weather-and last night the Skeeters crawled out of their winter
homes for another season of slapping and scratching.
The "Rumour Mill" cranked out a good one this week. Word is the
former Field's Dry Cleaning building has been sold. It sounds like some
kind of furniture or wood making operation is going to take place in it.
WOW, won't that be great, another new business in Grafton.
The same "Rumour Mill" suggests that Cyrils Laundry might have new
people ironing sheets in their store as well. If that's true. That would
be a WOWIE for sure. Time,.. and new tenants will tell us for sure if
the story is credible.
So now that we're on a roll. Another bit of "gossip" from the "mill" is
someone might be interested in the old Gabe Galle electric motor repair
building. The one behind the old Dairy Queen. Previously owned by Geogre
LaHaise & Sons and prior to that it was Eddies Super Value.
Speaking of real estate changing hands. There's another sold sign on
the corner of Griggs and Willow Court. If the signs are any indication.
I think this will be the second or third time that house has been sold
in less than a year. Then again maybe there's something funny going on
there that passers by can't see. For now, I will just say, another local
real estate agent (Country Realty) has sold another piece of local real
Last night I was watching television and an advertisement came on
featuring a Boston Terrier. BUTTONS, was the first thing that popped
into my head. BUTTONS, a super (and spoiled) little black and white
Boston Terrier that called the Leonard and Teresa DeSautel home, his.
Buttons had a "snort" like nothing you've ever heard. When Uncle Leonard
would come in from the field, Buttons would come running up, jumping up
and down, snorting and slobbering all over the place.
Leonard would pull up a chair sit down and grab Buttons by the upper
lip and squeeze til the poor little puppy's snort turned to a full blown
squeal. Then he would shake Buttons and say "hows my little bu-tau?"
(sp)( French for buttons, I think.) Or so I remember it.
Graftons SummerFest 2004
June 23 thru June 26th
It's going to be a great time in a great place with great people. CHECK
You can even plan a fishing trip at Arnesen's Rocky Point Resort just
before or after Graftons festivities. The only folks that won't enjoy
it, will be the folks that don't participate. Or so it seems to me.
SADLY; Obed Williamson, originally from Grafton and owner of Smokey's
the home of the 52 ounce steak. was found died in a raven in the
Bullhead City Arizona area. Obed was 68 years old.
I received the following note from Tom Hermann. Mothers Day Breakfast
Hi Gary;
I know you have a big list of fans that you send the Gazette to, so I
have a favor to ask of you. The St Thomas Fire Department and Quick
Response will be holding a Mothers day Pancake Breakfast on May 9. Could
you please put a note in your gazette to let your readers know about it.
As you know we are a full volunteer dept, we try to raise some money to
buy and upgrade our equipment every year.You have put in several good
and generous things about the people who donate there time and effort to
keep these departments going, thank you for that. I have been a member
of the St Thomas Fire Department for 5 years and it truly has been a
rewarding experience for me. We have a great bunch of guys on the
department. Our breakfast is on may 9th, Mothers Day, from 8 to 1:00. We
are serving buttermilk pancakes, ham, eggs, juice and coffee. There will
be a free will offering. It will be held at the ST. THOMAS FIRE HALL. If
you could do this I would really appreciate it. Thanks Gary<<<
Thank you Tom. Thats what the Gazette is all about. I've had the
opportunity, on more than one occasion, to see the St. Thomas Fire
Department volunteers in action. They are a super group of individuals
with a community spirit unmatched anywhere. Good luck to you, and, your
fine organization Tom.
Speaking of community spirit. Once again I find a article in todays
Record perplexing. It's headed in bold print. PARK RIVER'S TURN. Then
goes on to say Board talks hockey; meets with Lankin and Fordville
regarding reorganization. WOW. WHAT, does all that mean.
WHAT, original agreement with WHOM? WHO had the right, to change the
name of the school our tax dollars support? WHO gave WHOM. Or is it
better said, WHOM gave WHO the right to sell another town, facilities
that the patrons of the Grafton School District established. WHY is it
even "up for discussion?" What is this foolishness about playing one
game "somewhere else". Should there be one game played in every town a
player has a relative in.
I enourage the Grafton school board to quit fraternizing and deal with
the facts. The facts are. The Grafton High School Hockey program is pure
and simply that. The Grafton High School Hockey program. The
responcibility of a board member is to leave his "civilian coat" on a
hanger, outside the boardroom. To deal with the issues and facts as they
are. And NOT make decissions based on how one feels they will be
affected personally.
BOY, that's a whole lot easier to say than do. Unfortunatly that too,
is a fact. The issue will never be resolved, until it is dealt with in a
straight forward "business" like manner. "Don't take it personal, this
is business.
Both Park River and Grafton businesses have suffered long enough from
the mistakes of someone many years ago. Please,.. Grafton High School
Board members, along with it's management and staff. Dont continue to
foster the problem.
I have witnessed the needless loss of business in our community, over a
high school sport, called hockey. It's shameful, best. I find it
ironic, that we continue to destroy our community over circumstances
created by individuals not even in our area any longer
Or so it seems to me.
I received the following note regarding a place I hold dear to my
heart, from a person I hold dear to my heart. Denise wrote; I thought
that it was worth mentioning the Developmental Center's 100 year
anniversary. The celebration is being held this weekend (Sunday and
Monday). The DC is a huge, integral part of our community and has been
for a very long time. As a current employee of the Developmental Center
(Occupational Therapy), I am proud to be an advocate for those who are
unable to be for themselves. I am proud of the facilities and of my
co-workers. I believe that those who are employed by the DC are a very
special bunch of people. The individuals who reside at the DC are
wonderful people with so much to offer. People from the Grafton area
should really consider attending some of the events that are planned for
the two day celebration. Tours of the facility are available---a great
way to see how the DC has changed. Several presentations are being
offered as well. It is all free! Take it in, I am sure you will enjoy
it! Sincerely, Denise Moe<<<
Thanks Denise, for caring and sharing, I couldn't agree more.
P.S. The next few editions of the "Skeeterville Gazette" will be
written with invisible ink.
I am always willing to entertain opposing views. Keep in mind. I'm the
one that say's, "I may not always like what you tell me. But I will
always appreciate it." GLM

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

April 28, 2004 - Wednesday

04/28/04 WEDNESDAY grp 4
The current temperature is 45 degrees under a cloudy sky.
The self life of everything made with "real" sugar, is significantly
longer than things made with the pretend stuff.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible"
I received the following note from Bob Meyer (H.E. Everson Co.)
Bob wrote;
Just letting you know that Mr Dave Fellman won the Autobody Technician
of the year at the North Dakota Autobody convention in GF last weekend.
He works for D&E Autobody and has been doing this for over 30 years.
The award indicates that Dave Fellmans' peers think he is the best in
the state.
I think he deserves some congratulations because of what he has done.
Not only at work but for his involvement in the community.
It's good to hear positive information about Grafton and it's
Have a great summer.
Bob Meyer<<<<
Thanks Bob, for caring to share a part of Dave Fellman's
accomplishments. Daves road through life has had it's share of pot holes
and expansion joints.
CONGRATULATIONS Dave Fellman. Sometimes throughout our life, we're
given diamonds, and sometimes stones. Congratulations Dave, you have
earned your diamonds.
HUMAN INTEREST: / interesting humans
Rumour has it, a grey haired lady was seen donning a leather helmet the
other day, and crawling into an open cockpit aircraft. WOW, an airplane
ride in a open cockpit aircraft. When I first heard the "rumour", I
wondered, for a second. How many grey haired ladies do I know that would
crawl into an open cockpit aircraft and take off? Then, with the
swiftness of a cramp from too many prunes, it dawned on me. I know a
lady that could whip her weight, (heck, see could whip my weight) in
wild cats. I locked on to the only grey haired lady I know, that has
grabbed hold of life by the neck, and is shaking every ounce of
enjoyment out of it.
My thoughts are with a lady that has "payed her dues". One that's not
only earned the "right" to enjoy life. She qualified to instruct the
rest of the world on how it should be done.
I can see it now. This wonderful little grey haired lady, wearing a
pilots leather helmet, and long white scarf flowing out against the tail
of the plane. I can almost see her smile, and imagine her laughter.
It wouldn't surprise me for a second that she might look down on Mother
earth and offer up a thought, maybe a hand or even a finger signal. She
might be thinking. "I've not always been right, but I've always been
me. It hasn't always been easy, and, it's never been free." Yup, (that's
Norwegian) she's special to me, and to everyone else on her family tree.
When she see's me she smiles and opens her arms and she brightens my day
with her old fashion charm.
I suspect, it's possible, there is someone out there somewhere that
hasn't already figured out who this terrific lady is.
She is Leona (Lansing) (Mrs. Adrian) Sevigny. My aunt, and I love her
As I'm writing this, I noticed another "unusual" circumstance. Aunt
Leona and her sister Adeline Colsen are originally from Lankin. The
national weather channel is reporting the temperature at Lankin as 44
degrees this morning. Not Grafton, not Cavalier or Park River. Just
Lankin. And so it goes.
WELCOME, Keeley and Paul Ray to the Gazette family. Residents of San
Diego, Paul is a Mechanical Engineer (I don't think that has anything to
do with trains) and Keeley runs the marketing department for the City
National Bank in San Diego.
Paul is the son of Karen and Howard Ray right hear in Shivercity. and
Keeley's mom, Beth Engelmann lives in Hoople and her father Joe
Landrigan calls St.Thomas home. We hope you learn to tolerate the
Gazettes craziness, and that from time to time share some of your world
with us.
Does anyone have a "best" spot to fish at Devils Lake?

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

April 27, 2004 - Tuesday

04/27/04 TUESDAY grp 3
It's 49 degrees and cloudy outside the Shivercity headquarters. Today
will be one of those wonderful spring days people write about. On the
other hand, people write about everything everyday day.
Last years H/L temperature 74/37
Normal H/L for this date is 60/36
The Herald weather page is right "behind" the weather page today.
If sugar is so darn expensive. Why is pop without it, the same price as
pop with it?
"Profanity makes ignorance audible"
It's that wonderful time of year when everyone and everything is
running in high gear throughout the Red River Valley. Pickups, loaded
with fuel, seed, chemicals and people can be seen heading for fields dry
enough to work and plant.
Farmers, so anxious to get to the field. They hardy care if they lose
the "shake" for morning coffee. It's not only a new weather season, but
the beginning of a new crop season as well. Agricultural areas, such as
the Red River Valley, also have another season most urban folks miss out
on. I call it "new jacket and cap season."
It's the time when many farmers get the opportunity to "display" some
of their "agri-business" partners, caps with logos and patches of every
conceivable color and shape. Summer and winter caps, some seed and
chemical, to mention a few. Caps from equipment dealers, or a few of
their favorite brew. They all will have two things in common. They will
all have the proverbial "mailbox" bent brim, and most importantly. Worn
by folks that provide the cheapest food in the world, for people that
demand the most stringent environmental regulation in the world.
It's a time to remember a farmers share of the breakfast we eat is a
mere 28 cents. That they must pull more than strings for the milk in our
oatmeal. And, a major source of revenue for our community education
systems are derived from the tax base of Agricultural America.
Yup, it's that time of the year again. When you wash the car on Monday
and it rains Tuesday. Wash it Wednesday and Thursday it's raining again.
Clean it up Friday and be darned if it doesn't drizzle all weekend.
Yup, it's that time of the year again. To till up the garden and plant
a few seeds. To trim trees the bushes and spray a few weeds. To get
reacquainted with neighbors out in the lawn. To rejoice that another
long winter has gone.
Yup, it's that time again, when neighborhood dogs deliver their logs.
While their masters pretend to ignore them. And, the pile they leave, is
no small feat to achieve. Nor is their dung easy to cleanup. So the next
time a giant neighborhood K-9 craps on my grass, he'll be leaving with a
broom stick up his ---. Or so it seems to me.
A small group of the Gazette subscribers received a "solicitation" of
sorts this past Sunday. For that I extend my sincere apologies. The
Gazette is not intended as a commercial vehicle. It is intended solely
for those that wish to receive it. Those that do not wish to receive it
should "unsubscribe" ASAP, saving everyone involved time and energy.
I am a reasonably tolerant individual. Willing under most circumstances
to share other views than my own. As I have stated in the past. (Stolen
from a short fat, former CEO of American Crystal) The Gazette is my
party. I reserved the hall, made the rules, and I set the format. If
anyone feels the need to go outside those guidelines. They can "get
their own hall, and have at it."
My/our readers represents some 1,250 individuals from 15 states and
Canada and continues to grow. It can offer a "relief valve" for those
with something to share. I encourage that.
Caring and sharing was the corner stones that built the Gazette. We are
on this earth only a short time. Unfortunately, for me at least, I
wasted much of it thinking work and earning a living should come before
family and friends.
Now that I find less time for life than I've already spent. I have
chosen the "Gazette" as the most practical method of "catching up" for
that which I've missed.
The Gazette has given me therapy, a need to go on, that I never dreamed
possible. "Our" growing family and exchange of ideas, though only just
beginning, has already exceeded my wildest imagination.
If anyone would like to share an opinion, with the group, or, only with
me. Please do so. I will not promise every "note" will be sent out. I
will guarantee every message will be given undivided attention.
I must ask everyone. Please do not attempt to "borrow" the Gazette list
for monetary gain. Thanks you for your considerations. Gary - GGP
For the past several years. A group of hunters from Ohio have come to
Grafton to hunt fox. During their last trip to town I was told that the
fox population has been dwindling for a multitude of reasons. I was also
surprised to learn, from the hunters, that the coyote population was
increasing. Until then, I didn't even know we had Coyote's in the
Anyway, since then I have heard several area farmers and a couple local
Agri-business people mention their surprise at the numbers of Coyotes
they are seeing this year. I'm not sure what that means but I'll bet a
rabbit foot and a dead skunk Chuch Zientek knows.
Maybe by the time Chucks hunting crew gets to town. We'll have an open
season for K-9 log haulers. Or so it seems to me.
For those that need to know. The gas price this week in New Orleans is
$1.65. It's still only $1.85 here in Shivercity.
"I may not always like what you tell me. But I will always appreciate
it." GLM

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

April 25, 2004 - Sunday

04/25/04 SUNDAY grp. 3
It's 42 degrees under mostly clear skies with calm winds.
Last years H/L temperature 72/39
Normal H/L for this date is 59/35

Rumour has it Grafton will soon be the home of a brand new bottle shop.
Now I'm not an expert on bottles. But I'm guessing a town the size of
Grafton has an insatiable thirst for bottles.
I can envision people from miles around, driving into Grafton for any
number of varieties of bottles. They'll buy bottles of this, and,
bottles of that. Who knows, a few overzealous shoppers might even pick
up a case of cans for the weekend. I've heard the proposed site is at,
or around, the Cenex/Kum&Go gas station convenience store on the west
side of town.
Well, I guess it's fair to say we don't have a bottle shop store on the
west edge of town. So, that must mean we need one. It would be
strategically located by all the Motels in town. That's a plus. There is
a financial institution next door, for those wanting "top shelf" stuff,
and fnd themselves a little short of cash.
Being located, almost, next door to the two largest employers in
town--the State Developmental Center, and Marvins Windows--isn't all bad
either. Add to that the fact that Western Plaza, Alco, Grafton Equipment
and Hanson Auto employees are right in their back door. It's hard to
believe it's only a rumour the West edge of Grafton will be getting a
new bottle shop. If I were a football player, I'd say it's a "slapdunk"
from where I swing my racket.
With the number of businesses that have closed their doors in Grafton
over the past few years. I find it almost impossible to believe the
"city fathers" won't be moving heaven and earth, to allow the rumoured
facility to become reality. Or so it seems.
I have been asked by some, if all groups getting the Gazette are
getting the same stuff. The answer, for the most part, is yes. Once in a
while a question and answer may go out to one specific group. Normally,
because it is only relative to that group.
On April 17 at a luncheon in Wahpeton, N.D., during the AAUW state
convention, the assembled group celebrated the lives and work of North
Dakota women who they consider "inspiring."
The awards are about inspiration and motivation, the women who inspire
others to loftier achievements, motivate those around them to be better
people and inspire the community to live and work in a way that makes
life better for everyone.
GLORIA CLOUTIER THOMPSON, Grafton, N.D., was presented with the
inspiration award in the category of Role Model. Gloria was credited for
her role as wife, mother and instructor to enhance the lives of
CONGRATULATIONS Gloria. It is always wonderful, when great people are
recognized for their contributions to society. Gloria's contributions
have been many. From the membership of the Shivercity gene pool. Thanks
you very much Gloria, for making our world a better place to live in.
Gary and family.
================================== LAKE of the WOODS:
Is the ice off? Is the water level up? Will the fishing be as good this
year as last. Did Jack get his new "old" runabout restored? Have Paul
and Heather purchased a stroller yet? Are all questions I've asked
myself, or, that I've been asked by someone else. My answer, "darned if
I know, but I know who does."
Evelyn (Mrs Chuck) Thomson died Friday April 23, 2004 in Eden Prairie,
Evie, a well known hair dresser in Grafton for many years was 83 when
she passed on. Her funeral arrangements are at the Tollefson Funeral
Home in Grafton.
I just received a note from our daughter Wendy. She sent the following;
baby Bjorneby (Claire)
Dad I just went to the altru site which is to see the
little one. WHAT A DOLL and she has the gene pool personality already..
she is smiling..... if you click above and go to nursery net you can see
her too.<<< Thanks Wendy, aren't we ones wonderful? Last night while
eating at Market place. It looked like Great grandma JoAnn was a couple
feet taller as well.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Friday, April 23, 2004

April 23, 2004 - Friday

04/23/04 FRIDAY grp 3
It's 34 degrees outside the Shivercity corporate office this morning.
The sky is clear and the wind is out of the north at 10 MPH.
Last years H/L temperature 63/31
Normal H/L for this date is 58/34
The weather page is on page 7c and, is black and white today, in case
your having trouble finding it.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible"
GMU crews replaced the signal lights on the intersection of Main
street and Hiway 17 Wednesday. It will be easier for vehicle traffic to
see the lights, now that the post is straight. The new post sure
improves the appearance of that intersection.
Dale "Red" Eikenberry is coming home.
Red's News and Sports located at 46 West Sixth Street was a popular
stop for local residents for the better part of 25 years. The business
Red acquired, from Medford "Tremy" Otrembo, was a well known area News
and Sports headquarters. I have many pleasant memories of Red, and his
News and Sports store.
I learned this morning from his son Bruce, that Red will be moving into
the Grafton Lutheran Sunset Home this coming monday. "Welcome Home Red."
Grand Forks has had you long enough.
Chris & Chris Bjorneby. They are the proud parents of a 5 pound 12
ounce baby girl. I understand they have named the little princess Clair
Anna, although I am not exactly sure if I have the correct spelling.
Keith & Jolleen Bjorneby and David & Linda Schumacher are the new grand
parents. I suspect they are already well on the way to spoiling the
little sweetheart.
Already this morning, grandpa Keith was passing around pictures at
Grannys. When asked how his first night sleeping with a "gramma" went.
Keith said, "pretty good,...I think." For those that haven't met the new
parents. Take my word for it. They are a terrific young couple.
Pat and I know the parents, grandparents and great grandparents.
They're all great people,....and, will all spoil little Clair Anna
rotten. And that's a good thing.
"Our" Annual City of Grafton Spring Clean-up week. That is to say.
Everyone MUST have all their junk out on the street NO LATER than Sunday
April 25th. Then, sometime in the next five days GMU crews will load it
up and haul it away. Every year I wonder how "they" decide what "they"
will pick up and what "they" won't. They "will" pick up old bikes and
grills, but NOT appliances. They "will" pick up televisions and
humidifier, but NOT tires or paint cans.
Wouldn't it be great if "We" and "They" were the same people? Or
so it seems to me.
Welcome Scott LeClerc, to the Shivercity "family" It's always great
adding nice young folks to our group. If you should come across anything
of interest, between here and the interstate, please let us know.
Actually, if you come across anything interesting between here and
anywhere, let us know.
Ma (Gramma Demester) went to Grand Forks Yesterday to visit with Dr.
Pettit (Becker) As I understand it. Dr. Pettit was fascinated with Ma's
mental abilities and her overall outlook on life. That of course doesn't
surprise me. I have been fascinated by that lady, since the first time
we met. At 94 my fascination has turned to captivation. She has been
having a problem with the left side of her jaw. Dr. Pettit prescribed
some pain medication and will be seeing her again in a couple weeks. Ma
seemed to be okay with that and after her appointment. Accompanied by
her four daughters went and had Pizza. Ma really likes Pizza, and me...I
think. she likes me better than Larry,...I think. ANYWAY, she is a
fascinating 94 year old lady with a 49 year old mind. And I love her
dearly. Even with the new medication she still had trouble sleeping last
night. We're hoping that will get better soon.
Many farmers are in the field. Small grains and beets are being
planted and rumour has it some potatoes are going in as well. Moisture
conditions on this end of the valley is good to more than enough. I
planted English Ivy and a French lilac last week and that worked OK,
although I couldn't quite get the little Norwegian into moisture. And so
it goes.
It will be Tom and Julie Watkins anniversary next Monday the 26th. In
case someone might forget. Don't. For some reason that day reminds me of
a well soiled Tuxedo. Maybe one day, Tom could write the story to
refresh my memory.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

April 21, 2004 - Wednesday

04/21/04 WEDNESDAY grp 2
The current temperature is 40 degrees with a N wind at 13 MPH. We have
a 70 percent chance it won't rain today.
Last years H/L temperature 64/38
Normal H/L for this date is 57/33
For those still looking for the weather map n the Herald. It's in the
Local Life section today.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible"
L O C A L N E W S:
You can't fight city hall, although for the past few weeks several
have wanted to. I can't be sure if any of those folks were successful or
One thing is certain however. You can change city hall. Stan Pastoreks
construction crews are proving that. City hall is becoming handicapped
accessible. The original front lost the entry way several years ago.
This year, Pastoreks masonry surgeons have removed the front steps
completing the process that converted the city hall front,..into the
The side of the city hall will, in fact, be the front and all traces of
the "old" garage and city jail will continue to wane away.
Tuesday, as I drove by the south side of the city hall building. I
couldn't help remembering the old Plymouth coupe Ed French used to
drive. At the time it was unpainted, primered I guess.
I thought of the day before I was to leave for St. Johns at
Collegeville Minn. Ed, Bob (young Bob) Burke and myself were in Eds
primered plymouth parked out on the northwest corner of town. Ed, I
think, was planning on entering the winter consumption olympics and this
day, I think, was his precontest trial run. At any rate, Bob, being
considerably smaller, seemed to "fill up" faster than Ed. The end result
of that was Bobs need to "empty out" through the open door of Eds primed
Wouldn't you know it? Just as Bob (young Bob) was voiding himself of
his previous dinner and a half a gallon of fermented barley fluids.
Police officer Bill Janousek step up to the car. Without going into
detail, officers Bills trousers and shoes and squad car all required a
serious cleaning by the end of that encounter,
Yup, as I gazzed at the spot where the old police station used to be. I
wondered. What would have happened to the three of us "dummies", if it
had been today instead of 46 years ago? It was that night that I
acquired a healthy respect for luck, and, I might add I increased my
faith in God.
The lucky part was the fact that Arnold (-remember Arnold Narveson, he
was the police officer that would forgive anything if you would go to
church-) was on duty with Bill that night and was in the police station
when we arrived.
Arnold looked at Ed French and said, Frenchy, your never going to learn
are you? To which Ed responded, "NOPE, guess not". Then he looked at Bob
Burke (the young Bob) and, I think, because Arnold knew Robert Burke
(the old one) was an attorney said. "And you Mister Burke, what are you
doing hanging around with this hoodlum? "He's my friend Bob replied,
with his chin and shirt still covered with his previous dinner.
After ushering Bob to the restroom for additional water and towels.
Arnold looked at me and stuck one hand under his belt and said. "What
about you there Moe, what's your excuse for such behaviour?" With the
look of a Norwegian on Steroids, I said. "I'm leaving for St. Johns
tomorrow and I guess I got a little carried away celebrating tonight."
Bill Janousek asked. "What St. Johns, you mean the church by Central
school?" No I said, St. Johns Seminary at Collegeville Minnesota. Arnold
looked at Bob, then at Ed and finally Bill and said. "You know Bill,
maybe we should just take them home with a stern warning."--- And that
they did.
It's obvious, I didn't become a man of the cloth. Though I might have
been a good one. Bob Burke, to the best of my knowledge, became a
lawyer, and I suppose I can't hold that against him. And, the last I
heard of Ed French, he wanted to get that primered Plymouth painted.
Awe,... for the good old days.
I spent a minute in the grocery store yesterday. I would have stayed
longer but I couldn't afford more than that. I did, however, notice the
price for the front end of a cow has dropped a little the past while.
Unfortunatly, I sure can't say the same thing for the "udder" end. The
price of milk is up higher than a cows tail in fly season. Or so it
seems to me.
Rick Mont shared an article involving the Columbine High School
shooting. It included a poem written by Darrell Scott, father of Rachel
Scott, one of the shooting victims. The poem is worth remembering:
Your laws ignore our deepest needs,
Your words are empty air.
You've stripped away our heritage,
You've outlawed simple prayer.
Now gunshots fill our classrooms,
And precious children die.
You seek for answers everywhere,
And ask the question "Why?"
You regulate restrictive laws,
Through legislative creed.
And yet you fail to understand,
That God is what we need!
Thank you Rick for sharing this with "us".
It's still a little early, but so I don't forget.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY come this Saturday Dan Gowan. Your not all that old
just yet.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

From: Gary Moe [

Monday, April 19, 2004

April 19, 2004 - Monday

04/19/04 MONDAY grp 3
The present temperature is 51 degrees under a mostly sunny sky. The
wind is out of the SSE at 8 MPH giving us a hint of a chance of rain.
This is Shivercity adopt a hole in the street week.
Another Shivercity subscriber, and, Grafton native makes the front
page of the biggest daily paper between Fargo and Winnipeg.
Well, not really the front front page. Or for that matter the second
front page. The irony is, the featured individual is featured on the
front page of the Teen Page section. Yup, (that's Norwegian for Holy
smokers she sure looks young in that picture) Paula Tweten Loendorf is
pictured in what is suggested to be "about" 1963 prom attire.
The dress Paula was wearing, as did the rest of the girls featured on
the page, resembles a dress suitable for weddings. I'm wondering if
maybe that's part of the "prom thing". To get boys used to standing
alongside girls in Prom/wedding dresses. Proms tend to afford young boys
a super opportunity to get used to buying flowers and opening doors for
their sweethearts.
Congratulations Paula, I bet you never thought your prom picture would
make the front page, of the teen page section, of the Grand Forks
Herald. Or so it seems.
For those of you wondering how I get by sending out the Gazette with
errors and misspelled words. The following note from Donald Johnson (The
Wakeman Ave. just north of the river Donald Johnson) might give you an
Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in
oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the
and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and
sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not
ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.<<<<
Thanks Don, for sharing this accumulation of letters. I hope the fact
that I could actually read it. Doesn't mean I have to go back to fishing
in the Fjords.
I will share one last note on our earltier toilet paper survey. The
following note, from an individual that's handled as much of it as
anyone, Wally DeSautel wrote;
Hi gary
I waited til now on the toilet paper issue as I did not want to give a
point of view on such a big issue, without a lot of thought.
At 2:30 am this morning I made my big decision.... It should be on the
top, no doubt about it, period.
For the folks my age, most will agree that the rough pages in the
monkey ward catalog went first. Another item I remember very well is the
garbage man never saw any any fruit wrapings, from peaches or pears as
they were saved for other purposes. I feel for the young people as they
missed so much.
Getting older Wally<<< Thanks Wally, for sharing.
Fortunatly I never had to use the Mongomery Ward catalog. I do remember
the peach and pear wrappers however. They worked well too, if memory
serves. Except for the ones that were wrapped around the "crushed ones".
I seem to remember them as being a tad "sticky". Or so it seems to me.
It's always fun saying nice things about nice people. It's wonderful
when we hear positive things about the business people we share our
community with. Such is the case with the following note from Barb
(Burns) Dusek. Barb wrote; Gary - you were talking about Landowski
Furniture the other day and I had an experience there that I should
share. I stopped in to look at pictures for my house. I wanted to buy
two or three but there were five or six that I liked. Julie (who I did
not know before then) told me I could take them all home and try them.
She only needed my credit card or check....which I offered. I
returned all but three, and when I was paying for them she gave me
another 10% discount! One I didn't even ask for. I was very impressed.
Barb Dusek<<<
Thanks Barb, for caring and sharing. Our community is full of simulare
stories of great businesses willing to serve. Not the least of which is,
your employer, First United Bank. If more people, would spend more time
sharing Graftons positive attributes. Every financial institution in
town would have more depositors. And who knows, The Shivercity Gazette
may even pick up another subscriber or two.
Or so it seems to me.
The last week of April is "Our" Annual City of Grafton Spring Clean-up
week. That is to say. Everyone MUST have all their junk out on the
street NO LATER than Sunday April 25th. Then, sometime in the next five
days GMU crews will load it up and haul it away. Every year I wonder how
"they" decide what "they" will pick up and what "they" won't. They
"will" pick up old bikes and grills, but NOT appliances. They "will"
pick up televisions and humidifier, but NOT tires or paint cans.
Wouldn't it be great if "We" and "They" were the same people?
Or so it seems to me.
Tuesday, our youngest daughter (in-law) will celebrate the anniversary
of her birth. Her actual birthdate will remain a secret. It's never nice
to devulge a ladies age. So I will not break tradition. Besides, I'm
beginning to think yearly birthdays are getting closer together every
year. Maybe birthdays should be celebrated in groups. Groups of ten
would work. Then, a ladies age wouldn't sound as old. Denise, for
instance, would only be three on Tuesday.
Happy Birthday Denise,... we love you,... and, your husband,... and
your twins.
Gary & Patty

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

April 19, 2004 - Monday

04/19/04 MONDAY grp4
The present temperature is 40 degrees and our official rain gauge
registered .42 inches of rain.
The forecast for Monday calls for spring like temperatures.
Monday is Shivercity Imagination day. Every citizen should imagine how
good our community could really be.
Unfortunately, imagination won't fill the holes in the streets. That
takes blacktop and hard work.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible"
Pat and I motored to the Grand Cities Mall Saturday. We ate dinner in
the Mall and toured all the tables and booths set up for the days event.
Whenever we leave home. I look forward to seeing, or learning something
new. Saturday would turnout to be no exception.
As we passed the center of the Grand Cities Mall, former mayor Pat
Owens was speaking. The sound system wasn't entirely compatible with my
hearing system so I'm not sure what she said. When Pat Owens finished
speaking, she introduced Marilyn Hagerty.
In case you don't know, Pat Owens is short, not tall, built low to the
ground, like a dike. Needless to say, because she is so short. The mic
she was using was set down as low as it could be.
Anyway, as Marilyn stood up and started toward the mic, I learned the
she (Marilyn) is much taller than the former Grand Cities Mayor. Dressed
in a bright "spring colored" outfit, I might say, Marilyn looked
stately, impressive, with notes in hand and prepared to address the
Then I learned, chivalry was not a common practice of modern mayors.
As Marilyn stood in front of a mic stand, several feet below her
stature. One hand full of notes, and, with the other trying to raise the
mic. Mayors Brown and Stauss, both sat staring, motionless, almost like
the dike might break again. I couldn't hear what Marilyn said as she
looked at the Mayors. If, she said anything at all. If she didn't, a
"well you dumb dungbirds, aren't you going to help me?" Would have been
no less than appropriate. Anyway, as both leaders of the Grand Cities
sat there smiling, in case there were cameras. (Once again, the
Salvation Army came to the rescue.)
Major Dave Dalberg, got up and raised the mic for Marilyns
So what did I learn, you ask? I learned I still get dizzy and confused
in crowds, big town mayors make mistakes too. And, I learned Gordie
Stark was right again. He always said. "when ever anything needed to get
done. The only outfit that could do it, right. Was the Salvation Army."
I found Ryan Bakkens column in Sundays Herald (Cigarettes, sand, glass
are no match for Mr. Street Sweeper) very interesting and well written.
If I could have changed, or added one element. It would have been the
picture. I would have preferred a "clearer" picture of Mike, Ryans main
subject. OKAY,...I'll admit I am a bit biased. The individual Ryan wrote
about happens to be "our" nephew. A man anyone would be extremely proud
to call a friend. Mike Roufs might well be the kind of person God
intended when he made this earth. He's "top shelf" in any vernacular.
Mike was just a boy when his father (Clem) died. Yet Mike took what he
had learned from his father, and, with his mother, Elsie (Demester)
Roufs guidance. He shared experiences and nurtured his younger brothers
and sisters to adulthood. Individuals, anyone would be proud to claim as
Ryans article mentions Mikes 32 year career. In reality, it's much
longer. While still in school, Mike spent time working for his
Grandfather Ray Demester, on the Grafton Street Department.
Thank you Ryan Bakken, for a great article. Thank you also for
featuring a wonderful person. It's men like Mike Roufs that make this
country what it is today. And, it's folks like Ryan Bakken, that share
them with the rest of us.
Speaking of the Grand Forks Herald. I'm sure I'm not the only one that
wonders why the Gaither organization is advertizing a concert in Sundays
paper with a Saturday October 9 date.
I have always enjoyed the Gaither television shows and hope some day
Pat and I will be able to attend one in person. If, this should be the
event. I'd hate to be there on the wrong day. Or so it seems.
Dan Crookston shared the gallon cost of a few items with me. I think it
was meant to put the price of gas in proper perspective.
Diet Snapple, according to Dan costs $10.32 cents a gallon.
Gatorade and ocean spray juice about the same, Dan says.
Vicks Nyquil runs $178.13 a gallon and Pepto Bismal is a steel at
$123.20 a gallon. Dan claims Evian water is $21.19 and I'm not sure if
that's with or without the jug.
I noticed he didn't even mention the cost of a gallon of flood water
but I'd guess it's up there with Pepto Bismal.
I do know that at todays Sand Rancher, bargin basement, gas prices.
It's going to cost about 23 cents to move the "cruiser" down the road a
mile. That's a nickel more than last year, and we haven't even finished
saving some countries yet.
I really do like the weather page better when it's on the back page of
a section any section. I received a weather comment I'd like to share;
You can feel lucky Gary. Down here we have no use for a weather page. It
is always the same. "sunny and HOT". Hope to check out the fishing at
Lake of the Woods this summer, maybe see you there. GARY DELANO JOHNSON
Thanks for sharing Gary. If your looking for a great place on the Lake
of the Woods to eat, There are none better than Arnesen's Rocky Point.
If you need a launch and driver to take you out to the "big ones". Paul
and Mark Arnesen are super names to remember. (WARNING, don't let Jack
take you out in the last boat he bought, It's a little bitty bugger)
About the weather, you may be living in "dry heat" country, but always
remember one thing. That's the same kind of heat we cook turkeys
with,... in the Valley. Or so it seems to me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Friday, April 16, 2004

April 16, 2004 - Saturday

04/16/04 SATURDAY grp 1
It's another typical Shivercity spring day. The temperature is 71
Sometime during the coarse of today (Saturday) Roger Raumin will say
he does and will continue to do what he's told for the rest of his
natural born life.
Roger and Linda Raumin
L O C A L N E W S:
The latest real estate rumour has the Bolo Lanes up for sale. If
anyone out there is looking for a rolling pin bowling business. Complete
with pool hall and beer coolers. Call 701-352- Mike Teevens and he might
shoot you (pardon the pun) a hot deal on a job and a place to live. It
sounds like Mike and Gerry plan to be hob-nobbing in the Governors
neighborhood (Bismark) soon. Of course, if the rumour is not true. It
might cost you a bit more to buy the place.
The mail box had a few interesting notes today. Dianne (Molde) Urbauer
wrote; HI Gary
I just wanted to tell you that when we got back from Mesa AZ last month
our dear friend Rita Lessard (Arsene Lessard) enjoyed your letter that
she saw on our computer and now I print them EVERY day and send them to
her, she really looks forward to them.
Today is her birthday and I called her and wished her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY
and she said she got the best present and it was a brown envelope with a
bunch of your letters. She is doing really great and lives by herself in
a really nice place and has alot of friends. She is a great BINGO
player. Remember Arsene he worked for the PV elevator and they have two
sons Art and Jim. I see Art quite often cause he lives in Woodland Wa.
he is a great guy. I am trying to talk her into getting a computer so if
she does I KNOW that she will want to be added to your list.
Well I had better get busy and do something. Thanks Gary and I REALLY
enjoy your mail every day. Say HI to Pat for me. Dianne Molde Urbauer<<<
Thanks for sharing Dianne. You might ask Rita about a large picture
with lights she "donated" to the golf course several years ago. Rita and
my mother both had the same picture. My oldest son still has Moms. Pat
has been a patient of Dr. Jims and I believe Wally DeSautel still is.
Pat asked me to pass on another "thank you very much," for the call
Delores. She was very pleased to hear from you.
Chuck Stenso shared the following;
Really enjoy the Gazette. Everyday I read it I think I should
respond but usually don't. I'm always interested in Graftons people
and their alumni and descendants. I have however been away from there
for quite a while now so don't know alot of them any more.
This being the case, I have a project for you. I'd like to see you do
a family tree so we could trace back all these kids to the parents that
we knew when we were growing up. This would be a good project when
you are sitting on your kiester waiting for those little walleyes to see
your hook this summer.
Living down here in Florida I sure miss the slow pace of the upper Red
River Valley. It's wild down here. If you ever run into my old
next door neighbor, Jerry Christenson, say hello. I guess their living
in GF now. Chuck Stenso<<<
Thanks for sharing Chuck. First of all, since you have already owned
and operated the bowling alley in Grafton. You might kill three birds
with one stone. Buy the bowling alley back, stop off and see Jerry
Christianson on the way thru, and, you would be back living the
"proverbial" slow pace life of the upper Red River Valley. WOW, talk
about synergy. On top of that, we all know the bowling alley business is
slow in the summer. So... you would have ample time to "log" the family
tree thing. Or so it would seem to me.
The marquee out front of the Grafton Armory says that's the place we
should all go to vote next June 8th. I'm not sure if there will be
anything important to vote on. Should something come up. I think,.. this
will be the first time in Graftons history everyone will go to one poll.
On the other hand,.. I could be wrong.
Rumour has it, Charley Thompson has organized a meeting Sunday night
for those that don't think the town needs flood protection. I haven't
heard if those that think it does are meeting or not.
I received another accolade for Brent Hermans in todays mailbox. This
time it comes from another accomplished "artist".
The note from Loretta Moe; GARY: IT'S SO NICE TO SEE THAT THERE
LORETTA <<<< Thank you very much Loretta, for caring and sharing.
The following note is from the NEW SUBSCRIBER DEPARTMENT;
Thanks Alice. Welcome Agnes, to the Shivercity family. I will not
always be right, nor will I use perfect grammer. I can however, promise
sincerity, honesty, and the cheapest "almost daily" accumulation of
nonsense between St. Paul and Santa's workshop. Gary
================================== I stole the following so if you
don't get a Gazette in a few days, I'm in jail.
Marilyn Hagerty:
Sometimes whimsical, sometimes serious, always readable. Marilyn has
been writing for the Herald for over four decades. She grew up in
Pierre, SD is an award winning journalist. She spent a couple years with
Radio Station KFYR in Bismark and handled assignments for United Press
special services while living in Minneapolis. Marilyn was on the
editorial staff of the Grand Forks Herald for 26 years and continues to
write several columns each week for the Herald. I have read Marilyns
work, or most of it for as long as I can remember. Sorry Marilyn, but if
it's any consolation, I have a short memory. She has not only gained the
respect of those she has touched but those, like me, that have been
touched by her keyboard.
Besides, how many writers do you know that has had a sewage lift
station named after them. Marilyn has, and she celebrates it. It's one
of the things that makes a great lady,...even greater.
Her sister Shirley, and, her entire family can forever be proud, of The
Lady Columnist,... Marilyn Hagerty.
Or, so it would seem to me, anyway.
I would realy like to send out a recent picture of Kiley Alice. Our
first Great Grand daughter. Maybe Gramma Wendy can work on that project
this weekend.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

April 16, 2004 - Friday

04/16/04 FRIDAY
Thursday was a great day for washing the deck. With or with a power
washer. We received .48 inches of rain according to the official
Shivercity rain gauge. The temperature is seasonal, under a cloudy sky.
I sure hope the level is up at the Lake of the Woods. Last fall it was
so low, I was afraid they'd have to add chlorine and call it a wading
"Profanity makes ignorance audible"
I received a note from Tom Zidon, long time friend and fellow sugar
tramp. Tom shared the following about Brent Hermans, St. Johns pianist;
>>> Gary, I must reply to your comments about Brent. I, too, have been a
fan of his since my Mother began to attend Mass at Holy Family in GF
where he was the pianist. He played for Mom's funeral. He has an
unbelievable command of the piano. I must tell you ...Mom's
Granddaughters made up the choir for her funeral and Brent played the well as being a good player he has an excellent feeling for
when NOT to play. Together he and the girls left no dry eye in the
Thanks for caring and sharing Tom. Brent is a remarkable pianist, who
It's been rumoured, started his "artistry" when he was a sixth grader.
It would be wonderful to have Brent and a few local "artists" establish
a schedule of concerts for area residents. Or so I believe.
The following note from Roger Sevigny adds to the enjoyment of doing
the Gazette. Roger wrote; Gary
I guess it is time for me to write to make sure I keep getting my
subscription to the Shivercity/Skeeterville Gazette, I know I am long
over due, please don't punish me to much.
Not a lot going on here in Mesa, AZ. we have I believe one of the
highest gas prices on average for the nation here in the Phoenix area. I
just filled up the other day for $199.9. However we drove down to Tucson
on Saturday for a cousins {on mom's Side} 50th birthday party, and about
30 miles on this side of Tucson the gas was $183.9. Go figure how that
can be. They keep telling us it is because Phoenix has what they call
clean air gas, some additive the put in supposedly to make the air
cleaner, however we still have as much smog and pollution as any other
city the size of Phoenix.
As you probably know your brother David, Scott and Jake were in town
on Tuesday, they stopped over at Corky's for a visit with all the
relatives here. They were heading out of town on Wednesday morning on
their trip, I believe they said they were going to Yuma, AZ. or that
direction anyway.
Denise and Kris are down here in Arizona for their spring break from
school and will head back to Olympia on Saturday afternoon, they have
been enjoying the sun and the swimming pool and Mom and Dad's. I text
message Scott over in Kuwait almost everyday and receive some back from
him when he has a few extra minutes. He is staying pretty busy and not
sure what is going on at this time, things change daily over there. He
is of now still in Kuwait, however they make several trips into Iraq in
support of other troops. He said today that they were heading north
{which means Iraq} to pick up some equipment that was hit to bring it
I see you got a letter from my brother a couple of weeks ago renewing
his subscription to the gazette. I hardly hear from him myself, so I
thought that was interesting to add to your gazette. Caring and sharing
works well. I get to hear from a brother through you. That is what
makes your Gazette special to many people.
I don't think you hear from Dad to much, because he very seldom gets on
the computer, he does however read the Gazette when he does sign on,
which is about 20 issues at a time. Mom and Dad are heading to
Laughlin, NV. on a bus trip on the 26th of this month to try and win
some money or is it make a deposit? I haven't heard you talk in a
while about your trips to the Early American Wealth Distribution
Center's, which I believe is what you used to call them.
I suppose you are getting anxious for the summer and all the trips
to the lake and fishing.
I will close for now and and get this off in the mail so my
subscription is not cancelled, I would hate to have your collection
department come after me. Thanks for caring and sharing Gary, we all
appreciate what you do with the Gazette.
P.P.S. how about the Sioux, I am a big Sioux fan and disappointed to
see them ousted by Denver, who eventually won the Frozen Four. Roger
Thanks Roger, for caring and sharing. Exchanging information works
both ways. I, for instance, wasn't aware David, Scott and Jake were in
your country. I remember David saying something about it a while back.
However, with a head full of sail boat fuel, I must have forgotten. The
price of a snowblower full of gas is up to $1.85 here, and, it sounds
like the Sand Ranchers want more. I did send the John Kerry stuff you
requested, I hope it went thru OK.
I always enjoy "bragging" about our family. I really enjoy hearing
about them, from others. I received the following note from Truman and
Loretta Mattson; Darling Babies. I think they should be entered in a
baby contest. They're adorable.
Read the Gazette everyday. Every once in a while a name comes up that we
recognize, Of course most of the people we knew are gone, plus we left
Grafton forty-five years ago. Keep up the good work.<<< Thanks Loretta
for the kind words.
The following note from Aunt Esther and Uncle Alfred was the results
of the latest twins picture. They wrote; Good Morning Gary,Must tell you
I received those beautiful pictures of your Twin Grand children..They
are so cute, and I just
can`t believe how they have can sure see they are well cared
for, and getting alot of L.T.C. even Grandpa and Grandma share doing
that, Right.? they are so precious..and Thanks, so much, for keeping me
on your list dear.. I look forward every day to hear from you. It is
wonderful, and God sure gave you that talent, as you do SOO well..We are
the same here,some day`s could be better, but, one learns to take 1 day
at a time. and be thankful for it..Give my love to Pat, and everyone.
and remember.
I Love you dearly. God Bless, Aunt Esther, and Alfred.<<<
Thank you very much for swelling the space between my ears. The Gazette
works best, when we care to share openly.
He should cared enough, to give his only begotten son. We must care
enough, to share the love he bestowed upon us. If the bible didn't say
that. I did.
We are about the same today as we were yesterday.... With the exception
of the check we sent the IRS. I will now take much less water to float
our boat.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

April 13, 2004 - Tuesday

04/13/04 TUESDAY
(the only "almost" daily publication between the Grand Cities and the
Grand Hotel in Winnipeg.)
The temperature outside the Shivercity main office (spare bedroom) is
33 degrees. 1 degree above turning liquid to solid. The wind is calm and
the air is clean.
Today is national pass the buck day in Shivercity. It's a day set
aside so those acting irresponsible can claim the fault lie's somewhere
"Profanity makes ignorance audible"
It's spring cleanup time in Grafton, and I suspect, most other towns
as well. Several crews throughout the community can be seen raking and
scraping, scratching and patching. While stuffing trucks full of grass
and dead leaves.
The list of power equipment designed to rob lawns of it's ability to
fend for itself is almost endless. I'm not for a second suggesting lawns
not be groomed and cleaned. I might, however, suggest that some are
taking their spring lawn cleaning to a level Mother Nature never
If North American agriculture utilized the same agronomic practices
some folks use on their lawns. A loaf of bread would sell for the same
price as a Subaru.
A light raking to stand the grass up so it can dry and not rot, is a
good thing. To rip it out by the roots and fill up trucks with it is a
bad thing. To get lose leaves, dead grass, Hardy's cups, and Pizza Hut
boxes off the lawn, is a good thing. Removing a lawns natural buildup of
thatch is, often, a bad thing.
One of the biggest "booms" to hit the lawn care market was the
increased interest in golf. Golfers all (at least some) know that in
order to have a healthy, well groomed, golf course. You need to rake,
mow, fertilize, mow, ver-ti-cut, mow water and fertilize, core, top
dress and water, apply fungicide, mow, water and fertilize, top dress,
fertilize, water and mow, apply insecticide, fertilize water some more
and mow. While "talk gently" to the grass. Or, the golf course goes to
pot (not the kind you smoke)
In a nutshell. If you remove the entire thatch layer, from a healthy
lawn. The first application of fertilizer is usually spent replenishing
that layer. And so it is.
Thank you Glenn for sharing your message with me. I've spent two years
trying to describe my hopes and intentions for the Gazette. I think your
single exchange with Mike covers it in one message. I have read your
exchange several times. I found it very interesting. It answers several
questions I, and others, have asked over the past while.
I would really like to share the notes you and Mike exchanged, with the
group. I've tried sending the Gazette to Mike but evidently his
"firewall" doesn't allow Shivercity babble to get through. If you allow
my request. That would be wonderful. If not, I will understand and
continue to honor your wishes. Gary
Writing a major publication, such as the Gazette, often requires a lot
of research. To that "end" I find myself spending a fair amount of time
in the Shivercity Library. Yesterday (Monday for those that don't read
it daily) I mentioned the relative importance, and the proper
positioning of the rim of the water closet. (Toilet lid, to the younger
folks) I'll admit my mailbox didn't get packed with responses, although
I did receive a few.
I would like to share one that refers to some of my "closer" family
The note said; >>>Gary, I couldn't miss sending you a note on your
comment regarding the toilet seat. I believe that if you take the time
to converse with your wonderful daughter Kelly and her fine husband
David you will get all kinds of ideas of who should do what in that
area. One night I was up town with my husband Tom and we ran into David
and as we were visiting that very subject came up. David convinced me
that he had Kelly trained to put the seat up after she was finished and
that she does this by habit now and it works very well in their home.
Well I told David that in our home Tom is the one who needs to make sure
the seat is down and David said that was just ridiculous so he called
Kelly so I could talk to her and she said "yup, I do that for him". It
was just a few seconds before I knew that I was on the receiving end of
their joke - so trust me on this - those two will have it all figured
out for you. Have a great Day. Mary<<<
Thanks you Mary, for caring and sharing. I might add, Mary, being the
wife of a local plumber, should be well versed in the proper positioning
of a water closet lid.
Perhaps another topic, for a different day. Should charmin unroll from
the top or the bottom? Personally I prefer the top.
It sounds to me like the probability of any kind of flood protection
for the Grafton community is a "done deal". It isn't going to happen.
It's time to dump all the sand bags and get on with those things or
community will need to comply with those federal regulations regarding
the establishment of a bedroom community.
Welcome Cece Gladue, to the Shivercity Gazette family. Ce has
expressed interest in representing a portion of our community in the
upcoming election. I wish her well.
Ce wrote; Thank You for your help was greatly
appreciated......I felt it was given in the true spirit of kindness
through being a good neighbor. I would like to share the news that I was
successful in getting my name on the ballot for this June 8th election.
As I was sharing what you had done to help me yesterday, I was told
about your Shivercity Gazette...Please add me to your family.
thank you Cece Gladue<<<
What more can I say? Gary

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Monday, April 12, 2004

April 12, 2004

04/12/04 MONDAY grp 1
It's cloudy, calm and 28 degrees in Shivercity.
Last years H/L temperature 63/30
Normal H/L for this date is 51/29
Bob Levos will become one year older than me next Saturday the 17th of
Roger Raumin, will end his 60 years of independence on the same day.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible"
Folks in Canada have proclaimed this day Easter Monday. I'm not sure
why, or if anything special goes on today. I expect some will use today
to "tidy up" after the Easter Sunday celebrations.
Today, it's OK to rip the ears off those chocolate bunnies and harvest
the "eggs" from the Easter baskets.
For several years, Pat and I have enjoyed our Easter Sunday dinner at
Marketplace on eighth. Sunday we were greeted at the door by Susan
(Hagen) Corneillie. As we entered Susie smiled, and said. Hi, happy
Easter thank you for coming. It was the kind of warm welcome we really
This year, Ma (Demester) didn't feel quite up to going with us, as she
has for the past several years. The left side of her jaw is still
bothering her. So, she "asked" if it would be OK if she could stay home
"this time". At 94 she s still the boss.
Suzy made arrangements for us to fix Ma a dinner that we could bring
home to her. Speaking of dinner. The Marketplace presentation was
fabulous. More different kinds of salads than you could shake a stick
at. Fresh buns, real cranberries all before the main course. Mashed
potatoes and gravy, turkey with a fantastic stuffing along with juicy
slices of ham and delicious fresh tasting corn to fill in between the
turkey and meatballs. Topped off with numerous types of deserts.
Did I mention being greeted at the tables by the staff at Marketplace
was also a significant part of our dinning experience. Ladies like
JoAnn, Cindy, and Tracy, among others helped make this Easter dinner a
memorable one.
Being joined by Kelly and David, Tiffany and Nick was a pleasant
surprise. Plus, we were able to share Easter dinner with Jon and Doug
Burke. It's been several years since I've seen Doug. He hasn't changed
much over the years. Like me, he may have lost another pail full of
follicles, but that's not a bad thing. According to Tiffany, she thinks,
as do some of her friends, Doug looks a lot like Garth Brooks. Maybe so.
I've never seen Garth Brooks without a hat. I've never seen Doug with
one either, now that I think about it.
Anyway, this years Easter dinner at Market Place on eighth was a most
enjoyable experience. Thanks to you Susan, and your staff. We are
already looking forward to Mothers day and another fabulous dinner at
Marketplace. Gary and Patty
The other day I mentioned having so many Robbins in our back yard it
looked like a pumpkin patch.
Yesterday, while Pat and I were driving around the neighborhood. I
noticed something in the front yard of the Pat and Greg Dusek residence.
Upon closer inspection, I realized it was rabbits. Yup (that's Norwegian
for holy smokers) the entire front yard was invaded with rabbits. Could
it be one of the Popes new campaigns against birth control? I wondered.
How, could so many rabbits end up on one front lawn, I wondered. Then,
as we drove by I realized. They were just pretend bunnies. The kind that
lay Easter eggs. Not the kind that eat lettuce in the garden and leave
raisin pellets all over the yard.
And so it is.
Just this morning, while visiting the Shivercity Library. I got to
wondering. Just who, I'm thinking, has the most interest in what
position the toilet lid should be left?
Up, works fine for me. (most of the time)

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

April 11, 2004

04/11/04 SUNDAY grp 7
The temperature around Sami's hydrant is 23 degrees. A cool Canadian
breeze is blowing tissue paper down main street at 7 MPH. Today the sun
will shine on Shivercity, from behind a cloudy sky.
Last years H/L temperature 60/33
Normal H/L for this date is 50/29
Don't eat the Easter eggs that resemble raisins.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible"
Ever wonder why we say "Happy Easter" and "Merry Christmas"?
Thanksgiving is another one that gets a "happy" in front of it. Then
there's the fourth of July. Have you ever heard anyone say, "Merry 4th
of July to you?" Normally the day we explode fireworks gets a "have a
good one". Have you noticed that no-one ever says "Merry Anniversary"?
Merry New Year, for me at least just doesn't cut it. Nor could I get
used to "Merry Mothers Day". After all, one would hope only one person
would "Marry" Mother, on that day. Fathers Day uses the same rational as
Mothers day so we can save time, and space, with that one.
Then of course there's birthday wishes. I received numerous variations
of those this past week. A belated wish "before" the day, and some best
wishes after. A couple suggested to have a great day and they hoped it
would be full of laughter. I was given a meal, a great fishing reel,
and, flowers to brighten my day. My stack of snail mail, was dwarfed by
e-mail, and e-cards kept coming all day.
Some thought I was younger, and, some I was older. Some thanked me for
things that I say. Some wished me "good luck" (at the end of the day)
and for that I'm not sure what to say.
From my first birthday spanking, til the last, I'll be thanking, each
and every one of you. Thanks for making "my day" in the best possible
way. It was HAPPY because you. Gary - GGP
Welcome Carloyn Edwards to the growing family of the Shivercity
Gazette. Over the course of time. Expect to hear things you may, or may
not, agree with. Because the Gazette is the only, "almost daily", method
of spreading fact and fiction between Grand Forks and Winnipeg. You
should expect to receive no less than you pay for. In fact, that is our
guarantee. You will receive material worth at least the cost of your
subscription. It is also our wish. If you should find your time being
"wasted", please let us know, and Puff,... you will become efficient
Yesterday I was able to take advantage of circumstances, and the
weather, to bring "the cruiser" home. I was pleased that after several
months of storage it "popped" right off.
On the way to town the smoke alarm started beeping, "you need to change
the battery" tune. The radio (clock) dial was flashing "it's daylight
saving time dummy."
I was pleased to see the gas tanks full of gas at last falls prices.
That 22 dollars, and, the one hour I saved from daylight saving time.
Should get us to Warroad before dinner.
The picture of Aaron Jelinek, in todays Grand Forks Herald, page 5B.
Looks like it was taken the day he moved to the Grand Cities. Back when
the Grand Cities Mall was "The Only Mall in Grand Forks. I wonder if
he's drinking from the proverbial fountain of youth. No matter, Aarons
is still a super person.
Thanks Kevin Fee, for being so kind in your Park River, Grafton boys
hockey article. (Sunday page 5C) I found interest in Knoll's comment.
"It was really ironic, because Grafton-Park River received the spirit
award," he said.
I would add, "not ironic Mr. Knoll but rather, in "spite of it."
To the "officials" of both schools I would ask. What was the status of
the coaches of the past several "successful hockey seasons?"
When all is said and done. (and it should soon be all said and done) Is
the G-PR hockey program problem truly coaching? Or is it primarily
parent driven? The answer to that one simple question, would allow both
communities to move on. Or so it would seem to me. Gary

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

April 10, 2004

04/10/04 SATURDAY grp 3
It's 21 degrees outside the Shivercity headquarters. A 10 MPH wind
from the NNW makes it feel like 10 degree down at the marina.
Today is National Kitty Litter day.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible"
Speaking of kitty litter. You've never lived, til you've played in a
sand box, in a neighborhood full of cats. I remember once convincing a
neighbor girl. The little "soft sand covered rocks" we were digging up
in the sandbox would bring her good luck if she would bring them home
and tuck them under her pillow.
I really remember the neighbor girls mother telling my mom "that was
not a very funny thing to do". I can really, really remember, mom
smacking the "good luck" out of my backside. Oh well.
I received another note containing a message about Landowski's
Furniture Store in Grafton I'd like to share. Thanks Kim, for the note:
She wrote;
Happy Birthday Gary. You have two reasons to celebrate - your
birthday and Easter weekend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I also would like to comment on Landowski Furniture. We lately were
looking for some bedroom furniture. Our first stop was Landowski's, but
they didn't have what we were looking for in their showroom. After
many trips through ALL furniture stores in GF and Fargo, we found a set
in Fargo. I went to Landowski's and they were able to order the exact
same stuff, A LOT CHEAPER and FREE DELIVERY. The savings was I
believe around $500-$600. That is only one instance. Almost
everything I have purchased since they opened their first store in
Drayton has come from Landowski Furniture. This is just one of many
examples. In short, if they don't have it on their showroom floor,
check their catalogs and I'll bet you'll find what you're looking
for. Kim Thompson<<< Thanks Kim, for caring and sharing. The old
adage "use it or lose it" applies even more today, than ever. "First or
last, a chance to bid is all we ask."
We brought Sami to the vet in Park River yesterday. Park River has two
very good veterinarians. Sami received his "going to the lake for the
summer shots", a nail clip and a couple new dishes, for Larry Nelson's
(Tuffy) dog food, in the cruiser. We stopped in at Waynes Variety store
to look for some blanket making material with butterflies and some with
bears. The stores in Grafton must have "just sold out". Anyway,
unfortunately so had Waynes. So we picked up some "blanket stuffing"
stuff and took a trip through Lon's Hardware (If you can't find it at
Dave's in Grafton, Lon's might have it in Park River) and returned home.
Alco and Pamida will, probably, be restocking their shelves in the next
few days.
If you've ever wondered where the old Fargo Iron and Metal went. The
junk yard Wally Brakett used to operate. Some may remember it "between
the tracks" off 5th street. Or, the one Allan Collette filled in and
built his potato warehouse over.
With a little effort, and even less imagination. You can find the
modern version of Wally's old junk yard, across the street from Alchem's
Booze, perfume, and wood chip facility on the north end of town.
If memory serves, and sometimes it does, "we" (the powers that be) have
raised all sorts of bugger, heck, shucks, with folks on the West and
South sides of town about exposing our fragile eyeballs to the sights of
a junk yard.
It's fascinating how fast Alchems monstrous mystical metal menagerie,
has evolved into one of Graftons most memorable mountains of rusted
iron. A properly constructed, and positioned fence, would not only
increase the safety factor of the facility. It would improve the North
end aesthetics significantly. Or so it seems to me.
The following note about my friend and mentor Donnie LaBerge needs
further clarification (on my part, I think). Jackie Thompson wrote;
I'm been waiting for my response about Donny LaBerge in one of
your columns. I'm assuming since we did the story about two years
ago, that you might not share that information with your readers. I
sure would like for you to clarify with your other readers that this
story was done in June of 2002. Jackie<<<
Thanks for the note Jackie. It is a fact, when one of two people in a
conversation doesn't understand the subject. It's often the person doing
the talking that's not getting the right message across. I must admit, I
was talking when I should have been listening. Gary.
Have I mentioned the super job the Record did on covering the flood and
flood issues of late? If not I certainly should.
I am extremely pleased, and, humbled by the number of birthday
greetings and well wishes for the anniversary of my first "slap on the
butt". More than a bunch is a conservative estimate. And, they're still
coming in. From Boka's and balloon's (thanks a million Nicole) to a
fabulous new Skeeterville Jacket (from my sweetheart) Thanks Kathee for
a very special "60" stopper. And so much more. I will read, re-read and
absorb the thoughts and messages of the past few days and "try" share my
thoughts with everyone.
For now, and until I can properly respond. Thank you everyone, from the
bottom of my heart. You have made my day, one I shall never forget.
Gary - GGP

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Friday, April 09, 2004

April 9, 2004

04/09/04 FRIDAY grp 4
It's currently 28 degrees outside the Shivercity Corporate offices.
The wind is out of the NNE at 8 MPH.
Last years H/L temperature 59/27
Normal H/L for this date is 49/28
It's national smile :-) month. Give a friend a tickle.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible"
L O C A L:
Coincidence: All the while I was writing about Mike (Kieley) O'Brian.
He was driving around town (Grafton) minding his own business, and a
little bit of someone else's. The last word I have is Mike left town
again Wednesday for parts unknown. (radio or places) I did receive the
following from Norman (Nip) Lykken in regards to the (Kieley) O'Brian
story. Nip wrote; Mike Kieley's antique store is about 25 miles from
our place. He has some neat rebuilt Radios that he has worked on and all
kinds of neat stuff. When my brother Dean visited us, we stopped by
his store. Dean graduated with Mike. It is quite an experience to talk
to Mike. If any one gets around the area, stop at his store. It is
well worth the visit. NIP Lykken<<<<
Thanks for the note Nip. (I get a bang out of writing thanks for the
"note Nip")
Grafton has 79 points of interest. Lately, the dike has been most of
Listed under PUBLIC NOTICES:
The names of persons "appearing" to be owners of abandoned property.
(not land)
What the heck is that list for? Why must "everyone" pay for printing a
list of names of people that have "abandoned property?" (not land) What
kind of property? Is it valuable enough to demand a printed list in the
paper? Do the people of North Dakota have to pay "by the inch" to have
the so-called abandoned property printed in the paper.
I wonder,..what did Wells Fargo Insurance abandon that's so important
the state pays the Record to list it. I wonder if St. Ansgars Health
Center in Park River abandoned anything that might be detrimental to
someones health. They, among several dozen other individuals and
business firms are listed. Not the least of which is Morgan Publishing
Inc. (ie. the Walsh County Record)
I remember several years ago Jack Morgan lost a fishing rod and reel at
the English River in the land we call Canada. Could that be the
"abandoned property" the list suggests for Morgan Publishing?
I found the captioned statement by Park River School Board member Jim
Chyle, interesting. Confusing,.. but interesting. Jim's quote, "As
far as the name, being it's already there I don't see a downside of
that. I may be on the wrong side of the fence but changing it would
cause some hurt feelings. The beginning of this was about sportsmanship,
and I don't see how changing the name would help with that." Jim's
statement is certainly more right, than wrong. Unfortunately, Jim is
right, he is on "the wrong side of the issue." Jim is also right when he
mentions the beginning of this was about sportsmanship. It's about a
sports program that originated deep within the Grafton School system.
It's about the Grafton School district patrons opening their hearts,
and, their check books. To provide the kind of facilities and programs
that has made the Grafton High School Hockey Team one to be reckoned
with throughout the entire state.
If, and when, the total scholastic, athletic and tax based school
districts merge. Changing the name would be absolutely appropriate.
Until then, The Grafton High School system and it's athletic (hockey)
program should retain it's individual name and it's integrity.
At least two other communities are represented in the Spoiler Hockey
program. As time goes on, there may be even more. To suggest that the
name should represent each community is not realistic.
The people of Park River are wonderful people. Grafton needs the Park
River community, and, those of the surrounding area. The citizens of
Grafton must learn to recognize and appreciate the values of surrounding
communities. So too, must the surrounding communities learn, the values
of "bonding together."
And so it goes. Gary
P.S. So there should be no misunderstanding. Pat and I will be shopping
in Park River today. For things that we could not get in Grafton. When I
say Park River people are wonderful people. It's a fact.
Welcome Kelly McBain, to the Shivercity Gazette family. You may find
yourself "wishing" you could respond. If so, please do. You may want to
share your thoughts with "the family". If so, please do. You might just
want to vent and not share your thoughts with anyone else. That's OK
too, simply ask that your message stay confidential and so it will be.
Then of course you might find that the Gazette is wasting your time. If
so, please let me know and, puff, you'll become efficient again. Gary -
It won't be long and Shivercity will be shelved for the summer. I was
given a Skeeterville Gazette jacket for my birth anniversary and have
already started wearing it. Although I haven't seen a Skeeter bug yet
this year.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

April 8, 2004

04/08/04 THURSDAY grp 3
early edition: I'll be busy tomorrow
Rainfall amounts Wednesday, depends on the rain gauge. Mine registered
40 inches. Some were more some less.
Thursday will be spent getting ready for Friday. REMINDER, If your
Easter eggs aren't brightly colored, and bigger than you nose. Don't eat
"Profanity makes ignorance audible"
A few days ago I mentioned that Grafton still has two very good
clothing stores on main street. About the same time, I mentioned the
Landowski Furniture Store slogan. "First or last, a chance to bid is all
we ask." I can almost see Ross Landowski standing out on the street.
One foot on the bumper of his truck, holding on the end gait while
leaning back to get a better look at the passing traffic.
I received the following note from Maggie Gerszewski that should please
the entire Grafton business community. Maggie wrote: Hi Gary,
Just wanted to comment on the Landowski Furniture and local
businesses. My parents have been searching high and low for a new
couch. They have priced in Fargo and Grand Forks at just about every
furniture store their is. Their last stop was Landowski's, as they
"thought" that it would be way to expensive. Well, needless to say, they
stopped, found exactly what they wanted, and the price was
UNBELIEVABLE!! Way cheaper than GF or Fargo!! They are so pleased
and there will be FREE delivery. Unlike GF or Fargo. So, the moral of
my story. Shopping locally is WELL WORTH IT!! Pass it on...
Thanks a bunch Gary and keep up the Great Work!!
Maggie Gerszewski<<<
Thank you Maggie, for caring and sharing. We need more folks like your
parents in the area.
There are 6,500 windows in the Empire State building. They're cleaned
twice a month. (How about that bruce?)
Rumour has it Reverend Wayne Stark will be the "Master of Ceremonies"
so to speak of a get together later this month. The 17th if my
information sources are correct. I'm sure glad a while back when I
mentioned Wayne,... I said he was "almost" retired.
It's funny how sometimes things seem to pop up at the craziest times.
Today, for instance, while driving west on 6th street I looked at The
Kieley house and wondered. What ever happened to the Pat and Mike. I
wondered how long it's been since they were "home". I thought of Everett
and the impression he had on me as a young boy. For some reason Everett
always struck me as the "picture of a true car salesman".
Then, when I opened my e-mail. There was a note from Allen Mattson.
That, in itself pleased me. When I read his note I was surprised to say
the least. It was almost as if Allen had read my mine as I drove passed
the Kieley home.
Allen wrote: Hi Gary,
Check out this link I have listed below. It is a web page
of Mike O'Brien - formally Mike Kieley son of Donna and Everett Kieley
of Grafton. Maybe you have already seen it however I just came about
it just recently. Surely you must remember Mike when he was a painter
for Nyggards and married to Janette. His brothers name was Pat.

I seen you hitching a ride on a bike the other day. It
looked like you were having a good time. I got the bike fever
myself. Read your Gazette everyday. Say "Hello" to
Pat. Gotta go. Allen<<<
Thanks for caring and sharing Allen. I did check it out. Interesting
to say the least. Those of you that knew Mike, will find it so as well.
I'm not real sure, but I think Mike might have had a little more hair at
one time too.
Mike, I'm sending a copy of this babble to you so you can't say I was
talking behind your back.
Welcome Stacey, to the Shivercity Gazette family. Dane Molde says you
might be tired of receiving it second hand. Rumour has it you hail from
the Watertown, S.D. area. I "think" there's a painters picture display
somewhere around there too.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

April 7, 2004 - Wednesday


04/07/04 WEDNESDAY grp 2
The present temperature is 50 degrees (outside) The wind is calm and a
light sprinkle is melting the neighbor girls puppy poop in the front
Why is sugar free pop and regular pop the same price? Products made
with "real" sugar have a substantially longer shelf life than the
"artificial junk".
"Profanity makes ignorance audible"
L O C A L:
The Park River is back in it's banks, and Fifth Street south of the
Park is serviceable. I suspect many local residents have already
discovered how little a so-called flood insurance policy does for them.
Area residence are beginning to choose up sides for the "fight" on
flood protection issues. It might be, that the folks that lost many of
their possessions in the flood. Along with most of the folks that
"volunteer" to do the physical work involved with floods. Added to those
that must pay "highway robbery" prices for flood insurance that pays
little if anything in return, favor a flood protecting plan to eliminate
or substantially reduce flood issues of previous years.
I suspect, those not owning property in town, those not required to pay
ridiculous premiums for flood insurance, those that go south shopping
during the sand bagging operations, those that have already drained
their land to runoff as fast as possible, creating an even greater
possibility of flooding, could all be passing around petitions against
protecting our community. I suspect that many of those, that want
"everyone" to sign petitions, and vote to "save the family farm" will be
among those that don't think it's important to save the communities
residents. Those that have already signed the death certificate for
Grafton, North Dakota will be among flood protections greater opponents.
I am amazed each year, as the water rises in the spring, that so many
have solutions, yet so little is done. That so many say "they should",
yet so few say "I will". That so many are willing to criticize our
community leaders, yet so few are willing to take the lead. It is
surprising how many more folks there are, finding fault, than those with
finding solutions.
Personally, I feel (almost) equally strong both ways. To those that say
"we don't need all that flood protection". I can honestly say. That's
exactly what the folks in Grand Forks said, and, God knows, "we" are
every bit as smart as "they" are.
To those that say, "they have a better plan", I might simply ask. "For
who"? It is entirely possible the fox, can build a better hen house,
however, the question remains the same. For who?
Yesterday I had the opportunity to "tour Grafton" on the back of a
centennial model Harley Davidson. It was a great ride on a wonderful
bike with a terrific person.
Lee Bratlie called yesterday afternoon and said he would stop by and
take me for a (news cruise) "bike ride". There's something about riding
on a motorcycle that's hard to describe to those that haven't. The
feeling of power, though less than a car, feels like so much more. The
sound, more like a rock band than a symphony orchestra, seems to open
ones vessels allowing blood to areas in the body not normally accustomed
to it.
To feel the wind in your face, at a rate you control, is exhilarating.
To have the wind whistle through,.... the area that used to have
hair,... makes me glad I have memories.
Thank you very much, Lee Bratlie, for allowing me to share such a
wonderful day. With such a wonderful person. Gary
"I am going to rise another day. I will be responsible for making it
the best it can be." Gary - GGP

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.