Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October 31, 2006 - Tuesday

====== HAPPY HALLOWEEN ======
The current temperature is 28 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 35/24
Normal H/L temp for this date is 45/26
It started blowing and snowing around noon Monday. The wind blew 4" of
snow-cat dust into a drift higher than Sami's p-squirrel outside the
front door.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff, mostly stuff.
The community of Minto was incorporated March 22, 1883. Minto's first
school was a frame shack leased from Jennie McCann. It provided room for
children of school age. Miss Hattie Woodworth was engaged as the teacher
in 1881 the following year, Mrs. Emma Mott, pioneer Grafton resident,
was the next to direct the educational efforts of Minto.
(taken from an article in the Walsh County Record dated July 13, 1953.)
The name of the article was "First Settlers in Grafton Found Minto
That's the wonderful thing about newspapers. They seem to last forever.
Oh, radio & television certainly have a place in our world. Of course,
the better your memory, the more valuable radio and tv are. Everyone
knows it would be impossible to have "Uncle Sigs old time music show" in
the paper. The real fact is, if you asked someone what stories were run
over the radio on the second Tuesday of last month. They would have to
hope someone recorded it,.... remember, or, they would have to look
somewhere for the "printed" word. (a paper)
Every time I sit down to write the Gazette. I sit beside a radio. Often
I hear real time news on it, and, of course it's impossible to listen to
Lawrence Welk in the paper. The table in front of me holds (among other
things) the September 24, 1987 edition of the Walsh County Record.
Ironically, that edition has my fathers obituary in it. W.A. "Bill" Moe
1911 - 1987 AND, on the very next page is an article titled, Johnson-Moe
exchange vows. That article chronicles the wedding of our oldest son to
his lovely wife Yvette.
Both of those events were extremely important in our family, to be
sure. Both events did get their "moment" of time over radio, of course.
Tho I can't remember, ever thinking of going to the radio station on the
25th to get a few extra copies or the radio announcement. We did,
however, pickup several "extra" copies of the Record for that day. I
find them more valuable today than I did the day they were printed.
(aren't memories wonderful?)
The article of Minto's beginnings could never be found in old radio
archives. Nor the events surrounding the Happy Chandler celebration of
so long ago. I wonder where, in radio archives, one would look for the
mention of the Riviera Club, the Dakota Supper Club, or, for that matter
The Fashion Plate Slenderizing Studio and Beauty Salon.
Hometown papers are an invaluable resource for knowledge. How else
could we "see" a picture of Minto's 1951 and 1952 North Dakota High
School League Baseball Championship team?
Hometown papers are, it seems to me, logically the best source to
chronical the life and times of small town USA. I hope they never
forget, it's the small town "news" that creates enough interest to make
advertising in them, the best deal going..........
Besides,..... Sunday I won a whole years subscription to the Walsh
County Record, I would like to thank them very much for that. And,.... I
really do enjoy reading it.
"Our" family tree is growing like a bush on Steroids. Please welcome
Jean Clark to the Gazette family.
For those that haven't written in awhile. Please let us know if we
should be sending you a get well card, or,.... a sympathy card.
One of the best things to hold onto in this world is a friend.
I would like to thank Lee for sharing the following "words". I think
it's especially appropriate during these trying times. Thanks
~~~ A Different Type of Prayer ~~~
Heavenly Father, Help us remember that the jerk who cut us off in
traffic last night is a single mother who worked nine hours that day and
was rushing home to cook dinner, help with homework, do the laundry and
spend a few precious moments with her children. Help us to remember
that the pierced, tattooed, disinterested young man who can't make
change correctly is a worried 19-year-old college student, balancing his
apprehension over final exams with his fear of not getting his student
loans for next semester. Remind us, Lord, that the scary looking
bum, begging for money in the same spot every day (who really ought to
get a job!) is a slave to addictions that we can only imagine in our
worst nightmares. Help us to remember that the old couple walking
annoyingly slow through the store aisles and blocking our shopping
progress are savoring this moment, knowing that, based on the biopsy
report she got back last week, this will be the last year that they go
shopping together.
Heavenly Father, remind us each day that, of all the gifts you give us,
the greatest gift is love. It is not enough to share that love with
those we hold dear. Open our hearts not just to those who are close to
us but to all humanity.
Let us be slow to judgment and quick to forgiveness and patience and
empathy and love. AMEN!!! Be Nice; Nice Is Good!!! <<<<
"I may not always like what you tell me. I will, however, always
appreciate it." GLM

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Monday, October 30, 2006

October 30, 2006 - Monday

Todays Gazette is being brought to you by, Dr. John W. Gorder.
The current temperature is 36 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 55/20
Normal H/L temp for this date is 46/26
We are expecting the first really winter like weather conditions this
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Dr. John W. Gorder is closing his dental office in Grafton and will
leave Sunday for Fort Snelling and from there he will be stationed at
Gowen Field in Boise, Idaho.
He will serve as first lieutenant in the dental corp.
Since his graduation at the University of Minnesota he has practiced
dentistry in Grafton for three years, He is a native of Oakwood township
and a graduate of the Grafton high school. His parents are Mr. and Mrs.
Chris Gorder.
(Article as published in the April 15, 1942 edition of the Grafton
News and Times.)
It would be extremely difficult for me to relate all of the people,
emotions and events that transpired yesterday at MarketPlace on 8th
regarding Jillian Demester's Benefit. Simply thanking everyone involved
seems so insignificant. Those who have participated in such an event
certainly understands the ramifications involved.
Todays Gazette will include a message from Jillians mother so I'll not
try express their families feelings here. I must also admit that I
simply cannot adequately express my families appreciation to those
involved, nor am I able to relate every emotion I experienced throughout
the course of yesterdays events.
However, I feel compelled to share a few of my own personal thoughts.
As the first person walked in at 11:00 I was surprised, that my concerns
of raising money for Jillians medical expenses seemed to lesson and the
importance of people and friendships started taking over. It was
heartwarming to see so many folks from all over the country. Oh, I
suppose, there might have been some of us there, that had to eat anyway.
But there was absolutely no question that most were there for the
"benefit" of Jillian. Often, I found it difficult to control my
From the beginning, when John Aasand stopped by to drop off a donation
and start the silent auction on the jerseys, to the very end, when
Dennis Sevigny and Wally DeSautel agreed to each take one of the UND
jersey's, (for several hundred dollars, I might add) I continued on my
emotional roller coaster. I was leased "Our" present mayor and two
former mayor's attended, as did several area politicians along with
"Our" Sheriff and Norv and Jo Elbert. I had a chance to talk with Dave
Osowski (dad would be pleased about that) and it's been a long time
since I talked with Lynn (Thomson) McCarty. I was especially pleased to
see "Little" Ben Wharam at the event. Gosh he's a terrific little guy,
and, I understand he's doing fantastic. Dorothy Wentz stopped by and
said she thought I was talking to much,.. until I told her how good she
looked, then she told me I could keep talking. It was wonderful seeing
Edna (Church) Teevens there and, I might add, she even gave me a big
hug. It was really great visiting with Debbie (Watkins) DeLaRosa as
well. Debbie lives in south Texas and invited us down to visit.
Then too, I will never forget when a nice young boy approached me and
said, "my dad would like to talk to you". When I asked where his dad
was, he pointed to the other side of the room,.... and,... there sat my
good friend and fellow sugar tramp, Mike Stauss with his lovely wife.
That,.... my friends, was certainly one of the high lights of my day.
I've often said, "it takes a real man to cry". For that moment at
least, I was a real man. To think Mike, and his family, would drive to
Grafton to talk to me, and participate in a benefit of a family member
of mine, pushes the limits of my understanding of true friendship. Gosh
it was a great day yesterday. Gosh I'm happy that the folks I know are
the most wonderful people in the whole wild world.
I am very pleased to share the following note from Jillian's mother.
Val wrote: >>>
WOW! I just can't thank everyone enough for being a part of Jillian's
benefit yesterday. From everyone that helped out behind the scenes,
those who offered donations, auction items, food, baking, tickets, to
all people who helped at the benefit, and to everyone that attended
--THANK YOU!!! It was overwhelming the success. Gary, I would also
like too send a special "Thank You" for all the time, hard work, and
dedication that AK put into setting up the event. I know how
stressful it was but he did an awesome job. Not only did AK set
up and spear-head the benefit, but along with Jacqui, Casey & Justin,
they have been a huge support for me thru this whole thing. Also,
thank YOU Gary for the wonderful "words of wisdom" that you give
everyday thru the Shivercity Gazette. You are so appreciated and
loved and have always been a special part of our family.
The event was very successful but the most successful part to me was
when we got home and Jillian told me, "I was so surprised at how many
people were there today. It wasn't just family but alot of people I
didn't even know. And they told me that they cared and they prayed for
me. Even people I don't know." She was pretty overwhelmed by that
thought that people care so much and it doesn't have to be someone that
is a direct friend or family. It was a great feeling to have her
experience that and understand how important it is to always "be a
friend" to everyone because one day you made need them more than you can
ever imagine. That was indeed the description of a
"successful benefit".
Please send a personal thank you to everyone and anyone that has cared,
shared, prayed, and most of all been a friend. THANK YOU!!!

Valerie (Schlenk) Demester <<<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Val. We will all carry
yesterdays memories into eternity.
Please welcome Diane and Mike Roufs, Annie Osowski and Ora Stewart to
"our" Gazette family.
The Gazette works best, when the folks that read it, write it. Or so it
seems to me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

October 28, 2006 - Saturday

Todays Gazette is being brought to you by, JILLIAN's BENEFIT this
The current temperature is 41 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 55/32
Normal H/L temp for this date is 48/27
The forecast for tomorrow is for temperatures in the mid to upper
A perfect forecast for Jill's benefit.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Tomorrow at this time,... it'll be an hour earlier.
The "for rent" sign has been removed from the front door of Bill
Tollack's former furniture store. That, I think, is a good sign. The
brown wrapping paper covering the windows still prevents anyone from
"peeking", although I have it from a reasonably reliable source that the
new business won't have anything to do with the brown paper wrapping
RADIO SHACK has opened a facility in the Alco Discount Store on the
west side of Grafton. Radio Shack will be a welcome addition to Graftons
Business community.
Speaking of Graftons business community and how wonderful it is. The
list of businesses joining in to help with Jillians Benefit continues to
grow. In addition to those mentioned yesterday, we would like to thank
Sally & Dennis Schneider and Denny's Food Pride for their help and
contributions, Lee's "Chinese" Restaurant for the "to go" boxes, McCann
Farms for providing the plates, Pamida for the cutlery and John Maxwell
for donating 3 pairs of blue blocker sun glasses for the silent auction.
Dakota East has donated a cord of firewood, cut and delivered. Gift
certificates have been donated by 12th street Bowl, with Grafton Oil and
Jet Oil Company both donating gift certificates for the auction.
The process of caring and sharing is not unique to "our" little
community. Over the past few years I have come to realize folks in
communities everywhere share "our" values of love, life, and compassion.
I have seen people from all over the country not only share their
empathy with "our' local Firefighters, but also with "our" youth and
youth organizations. Often, of course, They have roots or family "ties"
of one kind or another in our community giving then cause to
Yesterday, I received the following note that for want of a better
description, rattled my emotional warehouse more than a little. >>>>
Subject: benefit
I am not sure if Chuck was able to get ahold of you today and we
wanted to make sure you got the message. On behalf of the Ohio Fox
Hunters, we will have a check in the mail for the benefit of Jillian.
She sounds like an awesome young lady and may I add lucky. God was sure
watching out for those young ladies and had bigger things planned for
them. Hope things go well.
Bill and Cindy and all the Ohio Fox Hunters <<<<
I read that note, and then I read the note again, and again. Then I
thought, how lucky I am, to live in a world with such wonderful people.
This group, for the newest Gazette family members, is a group of guys
from Ohio that come to Grafton every fall for a couple weeks to hunt and
enjoy "our" area and the great outdoors.
I am both humbled and gratified to be able to call them "friends" and,
I might add, members of the Gazette family.
Then, last night, another member of the Ohio Fox Hunter Group called.
Chuck wanted to be sure "we" knew, "they" haven't forgotten us and that
the check could be used as "we" see fit. We talked for quite a long time
about their weather, and our weather, their kids and our kids and how
important family is and of course, the importance of caring and sharing.
I mentioned that Pat and I had just returned from a super supper
(dinner for you folks south of St.Paul) at MarketPlace and that all the
morning coffee guys from Granny's were waiting for them to come again
this fall. Chuck said, they too couldn't wait to get here, and that they
too are looking forward to the fantastic food at MarketPlace.
As we said goodbye, I couldn't help thinking. ==== EACH OF US IS A
One of the best things to hold onto in this world is a friend.
Gosh I hope I can see a bunch of you folks at Jillian's benefit
tomorrow. If you can't make it. Please,... keep Jillian in your prayers.
A really terrific lady shared the following quote. "A slip of the
tongue, is no fault of the man." Thanks Mary.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Friday, October 27, 2006

October 27, 2006 - Friday

Todays Gazette is being brought to you, in total, by Jacqui and Andrew
A.K. Moe
The current temperature is 35 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 51/24
Normal H/L temp for this date is 49/29
The forecast for this Sunday is super.
We Hope to see everyone at the Benefit.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L new & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
If you have ever been involved in a benefit, whether working one, or
spearheading one, you can appreciate the myriad of things involved.
Although Jacqui and A.K. Moe initiated the Fund Raiser (Benefit) for
Jillian Demester, and, dozens of people have volunteered to pitch in and
do the things necessary to accomplish the task. The most important
aspect of a benefit is people. To be successful, a benefit requires
generous donations from numerous people and, contributions from business
establishments throughout the area. Then after all the preparations have
been completed and the tables set and ready. All would be for not if
people didn't attend. Benefit's after all, are for people, by people,
with people.
I know my family will do everything possible to make Jillians benefit
successful. I know Jacqui and A.K. have done everything they can to that
end. And, I'm sure everyone involved will be looking toward the Front
door of MarketPlace on 8 Sunday morning at 11:00 am and hoping there
will be a line of folks waiting to get in.
Even though I know A.K. was very busy, I was able to talk him into one
last note before the big event. It is a busy time, there is so much left
to do, so please forgive him if he has omitted someone or something.
A.K. wrote: >>>> Well we are almost there... Sunday, Jillians
Day. The following is an update of the silent auction items. Paul
Gaustad (# 28) called today and told me that he has been a little
busy, what with moving to a new house, the recent storm in Buffalo
and no electricity. He even played a little hockey in between.
However, he did send a autographed jersey and hat, both signed by
members of the Buffalo Sabres. The mailman assured him those items
would be here by this Friday! We have a neat John Deere Wagon from
the folks at Grafton Equipment, a pretty pink Walt Disney Princess
Wagon, donated by Kim Leclerc, a weather station from Hanson Auto &
Implement, a dvd-vcr player donated by Ole Aasand, Two Hotel & Casino
packages, one from Thief River Falls and one from Minommen. The list of
gift certificates is growing daily. Area business contributing gift
certificates are Twetens Photography, The Washhouse and tanning salon,
Leonard Motel & Video, Collette Fitness Center, Grafton Parks and Rec
donated a ears family swimming certificate, Pizza Hut, True Value, six
individual yearly subscriptions to the Walsh County Record, a beautiful
silver necklace from Golden Harvest Jewelry, a ceramic bear bank from
White Drug, a fantastic picture from Landowski Furniture, a gift
certificate from Schumacher & Sons, a super tin ghost and plaque from
Grafton Drug, a large selection of candies and basket from Sweet
Delights, a basket of homemade hot sauce from the staff at Walsh County
Social Service, a Minnesota Gophers jacket donated by Dr. Gaustad, from
the Potulnys. Two UND Fighting Sioux hockey Jersey's, one home jersey
and one away Jersey. Both autographed by the entire team, several quilts
and afghans, and, there is still more items coming in.
Those suppling food items have been terrific. The list of food items
include, over five hundred pounds of turkey from Wallys Supermarket, 140
lbs of cooking oil from Jr's Bar in Oakwood, 6 gallons of corn and 2
gallons of cranberries from Jims Super Value in Park River, Both
Granny's and Red's are contributing gallons and gallons of cole slaw.
All of the potatoes the event will require has been donated by Tom
Campbell, and, they will all be peeled and prepared by a wonderful group
of people in time for the big event.
The Grand Forks McDonald organization has donated 500 Orange Drinks.
Walmart has given a gift certificate as well as Scheels.
I hope we haven't forgotten anyone, if so, please forgive us and know
that your efforts are very much appreciated as well. Our deepest
gratitude goes to Suzie and the wonderful staff at Marketplace for all
the gracious donations of time and space she has given us, and for all
of the benefits that have been held at Marketplace over the years as
Thank you everyone, from the bottom of our hearts. We sincerely hope to
see everyone there this Sunday
A.K. and Jacqui Moe
WOW, and I think I get long winded sometime. Anyway, if anyone would
like to "bid" on any of the items in the silent auction. You can call
701-360-2241 and give your bid to A.K. OR, you can call 701-360-0629 and
leave a bid with the person that answers that phone. OR, 701-360-1041
and they too, will take your bid. Please be sure and leave your name and
number in case someone has to get back to you. The bidding will cease
when the benefit is over.
I have also been told, IF,... it is really necessary, "we" A.K. may be
willing to accept credit cards,... if it'll get more money for Jillian.
Thanks a million to Julie & Tom Watkins, for your very generous
The Gazette works best, when the folks that read it, write it. Or so it
seems to me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

October 26, 2006 - Thursday

Todays Gazette is being brought to you, in part, by the Walsh County
The current temperature is 45 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 51/24
Normal H/L temp for this date is 49/29
Hope to see you Sunday at Marketplace
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
I found this weeks edition of the Walsh County Record interesting,...
so interesting, I bought several copies. Okay, I'll admit it also
contains a couple articles near and dear to my heart. And, it contains
reference to other things that push my memory button too. Not to mention
a super editorial by Wayne Trotter from Tecumseh, Okla. titled
Newspapers Cover Our Lives, Neighbors. An article that gives ample
reasons, in and of itself, that we should never loose "our" small town
ANYWAY. This editions front page covered the latest news about the
sugar beet business, our County Fair and the Dvorak's Haunted Forest
ready for this years Halloween near the wonderful little town of Pisek,
North Dakota. The community calendar and police blotter both made
reference to issues I could readily identify with too.
I read, with interest, Phil Mannings rational for not electing Barb
Whelan as "our" new States Attorney. To which I might only add, "this
time around" we will all know "before the election" what to expect,
rather than after the election is over. Personally, I think Barb Whelan
will bring several substantial strengths to the office. She as an
insatiable drive to stamp out drugs, and that's a good thing. I must
admire a person with the fortitude to express their opinions and
beliefs, up front, before that election. Rather than after the little
ovals have been blackened out and it's to late.
Sue Matcha's column, Life Goes On was especially fun reading this week.
It parallels a quote I've been using lately. "Each of us is a
vital thread in another persons tapestry. Our lives are woven together
for a reason. One of the best things to hold onto in this world is a
Though I'm not much into sports, I'm not even sure how many periods in
a baseball game, I do enjoy the way Mike Alan puts the sports section
together tho'. Then too, along with checking to see how many folks I
know in the County Court Report, I even read through "most" of this
weeks political ads. (OH, by the way, I even got a chance to speak
with County Commissioner Luther Meberg in our front lawn about several
issues. It sounds like there may not be quite so many "bumps" in the
road next year.)
And of course, I noticed some "Dummy", (he didn't list his name), is
advertising that he wants to RENT sugar beets. I will never know why
someone, somewhere, can't get the message across, it is absolutely
"illegal" to rent sugar beets.
ANYWAY, The issue (the Record issue) that spawned this boatload of
babble, is the Column by Sue Matcha titled,
Sue started the column,... Grafton girl recovering from near fatal
accident; benefit planned to help defray medical expenses.
The almost three fourths of a page article, along with a super picture
of Jill with some friends, including our granddaughter Krystal, covers
Jills traumatic story from beginning til now.
Todate, Jills courage and determination has brightened the halls of
Grand Forks Altru Hospital, Hennepin County General in Minneapolis,
Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare St. Paul with follow up
physical and occupational therapy at Grafton's Unity Medical Center.
This Sundays benefit for Jillian Louise Demester will be held at
MarketPlace on 8 in Grafton. between 11:00 and 4:00
Among the silent auction items will be two UND Fighing Sioux Hockey
Jersey's with team member autographs donated by Embroidery Plus and A.K.
Moe. Three fabulous homemade afghans from an anonymous donor and various
items from the Buffalo Sabres NHL Hockey Team.
A bake sale will also be held during the benefit. Those willing to
contribute to the bake sale, or the silent auction can contact A.K. at
352-2241 -- 360-2241 or you can drop items off at Marketplace on 8 the
morning of the benefit.
I have been asked by some from out of the area, how they can "bid" on
some of the items. As I'm writing this,... I'm not really sure. I am
certain, however, we will find a way and get back to everyone in
tomorrows Gazette. If Barrett's can auction off million dollar car's
over the phone, I can see no reason why we can't peddle a UND jersey and
a few items from the Sabre's the same way.
Have I mentioned the BENEFIT for Jill yet? Tickets are $10 each.
That's cheap for a Goober's Gourmet Gobbler Dinner with all the
trimmings. For those unable to participate in person, please consider
sending a check instead.
Thanks again Sue Matcha for your wonderful portrayal of our niece
Jillian. Thanks too, to the entire Walsh County Record organization.
First for continuing to strive for excellence, and, in this instance,
for allowing Jills story to be told. CNN, FOX, or, the three major news
networks wouldn't NOR couldn't have done nearly as well.
I have been told that I will be spending most of the day at
MarketPlace. Also, I've been told, I will have plenty of things to do
there as well. One of them, I HOPE, is seeing as many of you there as
can possibly make it. Gary

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

October 25, 2006 - Wednesday

Todays Gazette is being brought to you, in part, by the letter "B".
The current temperature is 32 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 38/30
Normal H/L temp for this date is 51/30
It sounds like the weather this weekend will be wonderful for Jillian's
Benefit. Please plan to attend this Sunday.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
It's beginning to look like the "rumor" about the Tollack's Furniture
Store building taking on a new life has credence. Some folks are already
using a name for the new proprietor.
The latest "rumor", has another down town Grafton business
establishment changing hands. Rumor's are funny little critter's that,
often, grow up into full blown facts. Then again sometimes there just
used to add value to a story without a plot. Or so it seems to me.
Thanks for the neat little poem about winter Lowell. I too have it
For reasons no-one can explain. Grafton is suffering from a rash of
broken windows in the down town area the past few days. The area of
"attack" appears to be within the down town business district. The
weaselly window wackers even busted the glass in the front door of the
mayor's office. It would make sense to concentrate every available
resource in that area until the low down scoundrels are captured and
hung up by their thumbs,... or something.
It seems funny that a hunter can get a picture of every critter that
walks thru the woods, yet we can't photograph the buffoon breaking all
the windows.
I am pleased to see "some" have taken the time to let us know there
still well and taking on oxygen. Actually several have. Many have simply
said, "yup" I'm still hear, or yes, we're still reading it,...
sometimes, or several variations thereof.
The Reverends Yeager, however, sent along this note with their
response. >>>
Subject: A Reply, As You Like It
Dear Gary:
In accord with your desire, here is a "we're still here" from the
Pastors Yeager family of Salisbury, North Carolina.
The big news in NC is Carol becoming pastor of, get this, Luther's
Lutheran Church (!) in rural Richfield, NC. Old Luther's (gravestones in
the churchyard go back to 1800) sits on a pleasant country crossroads
out in the sticks, not unlike, say, Zion of Hoople, with about as many
folks. After all that urban ministry in Grafton, Carol is now officially
a country pastor. Greg continues in the bustling metropolis of China
Grove (ca.4000 souls). For more information, give us a shout:
We are always grateful to hear from the Gazette, Gary, so if you, every
once in a while, consider it a thankless job, well, thanks!
Greg and Carol Yeager
Salisbury NC <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing. It might
interest you to know, the parsonage you once resided in just down the
street from us, is still empty.
Over the past several months "our" humble little community has
entertained several new business ideas and business ventures. The
following "story" shared by Dawn Keeley should gives us all food for
thought. She wrote: >>> Gary -
Thought that there may be some value in sharing this latest blurb from
Boomtown USA...hope you don't mind me sharing...
Throwing Cold Water?
posted by BoomtownUSA
What could a group of monkeys have to do with your town? And, cold
water? I hope you read this blog and see if it applies to you.
In a famous experiment, five monkeys were placed in a room with a
bunch of bananas hanging from the ceiling. Beneath the bananas was a
ladder. It didn't take one of the monkeys long to figure out how to
climb the ladder to get a banana. However, every time a second monkey
tried to go up the ladder, all of the others were hosed down with cold
Eventually, whenever a monkey made a move for the ladder, the other
four monkeys would physically prevent him from reaching his prize.
Eventually none of the monkeys ever made a move for the bananas.
One by one the original monkeys were removed from the room and a new
monkey was introduced. Each time that the new monkey in the room made a
move for the ladder and bananas, the other monkeys would beat him up.
After several beatings each monkey decided not to go near the ladder.
Eventually all of the five original monkeys were replaced by new
monkeys. None of these new monkeys were ever sprayed with water, but
none of the five new monkeys would go near the ladder or bananas.
Does this lesson apply to our town? Do we "beat up" anyone with a new
idea that could assist our community to reach a higher level, until
eventually no one is willing to try anything new because they know how
they will be treated?
Isn't it time to stop throwing cold water on any new idea? What have we
got to lose? Dawn Keeley <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing
Dawn. Without question, several of the monkeys in this story live right
here in Shivercity.
Jealousy coupled with a mountain of facetiousness may well be part of
the reason Ekatta's has been converted back into a sailboat fuel storage
The other night, as I was passing a small research project in the
Gazette library. I got to thinking about the folks that make up American
Crystal Sugar Company. Gosh I sure miss them, and, I miss all the things
they do. YUP, I guess it's true. I'm still a sugar tramp, thru and thru
~~~~~~ REMEMBER ~~~~~~
One of the best things to hold onto in this world is a friend
If anyone is willing to provide items to Jillian's Benefit Bake Sale.
Please let us know. You can call AK at 352-2241 or 360-2241. If
possible, you can bring your items to Market place on 8 anytime Sunday
morning. The same holds true for any items for the silent auction.
The Gazette works best, when the folks that read it, write it. Or so it
seems to me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

October 24, 2006 - Tuesday

Todays Gazette is being brought to you, in part, by The Main Street
Dollar Store.
~~~~ Use it,... or loose it. ~~~~
The current temperature is 34 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 36/24
Normal H/L temp for this date is 52/30
Beautiful brilliant golden fall colors are everywhere, especially at
Golden Harvest Jewelers in fabulous downtown Grafton.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
GRAND OPENING of the Fashion Plate Slenderizing Studio and Beauty
Coffee will be served from 10 to 5:00
Slenderizing Studio with Evelyn Thomson
Figures made to order, by the famous, Tip to Toe Figure System (assured
results without effort)
AND, the Beauty Salon under new ownership of Shirley Wegge. They
specialize in Facials and Manicures.
Evelyn Thomson, Mgr,-Operator
Eleanor Johnson, Operator
(Walsh County Record)
(Thursday, June 24, 1948)
If you haven't stopped in Graftons Dollar Store on Main street in
awhile, you may be surprised at what you'll find in there now. Some
folks are still driving 80 miles to buy the same stuff they can get
right here at home.
My name is Gary Moe and I approve this message.
Only 6 days until Jillians benefit. Joe "Goober" Watkins sent the
following. >>>
Greetings Editor, I just wanted to let you know that there will be 2
autographed UND jerseys for Jill's auction on Sunday. The team currently
has 4 first round draft picks and 4 second draft picks from various
teams in the NHL. These should be quite a collectors item to pick up
with the names of T.J. Oshie, Brian Lee, Jonathan Toews to name a few
who should be destined for pro stardom after school at UND. The weather
forecast so far looks like it will be in our favor and with beets and
most of the harvest complete we are hoping to see a packed house at
Marketplace. ----- Joey <<< Thanks a million for caring
and sharing Joey. I understand there will be several other interesting
items in the auction as well. It sure would be great to list them before
the big event.
Jillians friends all know she was seriously injured in a very serious
accident. Jillian looks forward to the future with an attitude best
described by her mother. Val said:
"Jillian wasn't in an "accident"........she was given an "opportunity".
Jillian doesn't have "scars" --- she has "reminders" and she likes
to call them "victory tattoos". Jillian isn't "challenged" or
"slow" --- she is a "new person" and open to learning whatever she
can. You see, Jillian doesn't remember the person we all "used" to
think we knew. Jillian is an amazing new person and definitely has
new perspectives."
It will take all the strength and fortitude Jill can muster to master
the challenges she faces. With prayer, understanding and a little help
from those that can. Jillian will conquer her new found physical and
mental adversaries and emerge an even better, more beautiful person.
======= REMEMBER: ======
One of the best things to hold onto in this world is a friend. <<<<
I find it ironic that I received the above quote from Rose and
Howard Wendelbo just when I finished writing about Jillian.
The quote was attached to a story about a mouse. One I hope to find
room for in a future Gazette. Thanks a million, Rose & Howard, for
caring and sharing.
Every once in awhile, the opportunity to "re-visit" my state of mind
presents itself. Sometimes, during that visit, I find my minds state
really pathetic.
As I was reading through several notes, relating to Mondays Gazette. I
realized the content of the Gazette was lacking one extremely important
item. Like usual, I tried to rationalize how I might have
"intelligently" omitted such an important issue. As usual,... I
couldn't. Then I thought I could "share" the blame with Pat.
Unfortunately, she not only reminded me with a note on the calendar, she
put a big star there to attract my attention. As if that wasn't enough,
she also came in and "told" me. DON'T FORGET IT'S WENDY'S BIRTHDAY
TODAY!!!! I won't, I said. How could I? I thought.
Then, as I started thinking about it, I realized that Wendy is our
first child to become a grand parent. Which of course made Pat and me
Great Grandparents. WOW, I thought, I certainly couldn't forget to send
out that accomplishment. Could I? Then too, since I sit right next to
piles of insurance and medical papers that Wendy so graciously helps
with whenever needed, which is often. Of course I wouldn't forget to
include the announcement of the anniversary of Wendy Helen's birth.
But I did, and, now I'm not sure what to do, except to say. I love you
Wendy and your mother does too. As a matter of fact, you're a very
special person to a whole lot of people. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY HELEN,
from the bottom of our heart. I'm sure you know we love you, now the
whole world does with this part.
With all our love,
from Mom and Dad
This weeks Firefighter Calendar Draw winners are:
10/23 Chris Thompson $20
10/24 Rhonda Koch $20
10/25 Melody Kittelson $20
10/26 Steve Dokken $20
10/27 Wanda L Berg $20
10/28 Gene Hagen $20
10/29 Alvin Schroeder $20
Congratulations to this weeks winners.
The Gazette works best, when the folks that read it, write it. Or so it
seems to me.
It's been an awfully long time since I've heard from several of "our"
Gazette family members. Gosh I sure hope nothing has happened to them. A
simple, "we're still here" would really mean alot.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Monday, October 23, 2006

October 23, 2006 - Monday

~~~~ early - edition ~~~~
Todays Gazette is being brought to you, in part, by UNITY MEDICAL
==== Use it, or loose it. ====
The current temperature is 31 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 37/24
Normal H/L temp for this date is 52/31
The present temperature trend will make holding on to autumn very
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
The Optimists 50's & 60's dance held in the same building Sam Nelson
once owned, might well mark the end of the business we have come know as
Even though the drab brown wrapping paper that covers the windows of
Bill Tollack's former furniture store gives little indication of
anything going on inside. However, several rows of lights burning inside
gives one the idea something is going on in there. And,... I am almost
positive it doesn't have anything to do with the plain brown wrapping
Once in a while things happen that just doesn't seem possible. For
instance. The other day I noticed a mid-sized Dodge pickup coming down
the street and it appeared as though it had something "in tow". As I got
closer I recognized the driver of the tow vehicle to be Lee Kieley. That
didn't really surprise me,...much. It was the vehicle being towed, and
it's driver, (steerer) that surprised me. It was none other than Willy
Collette. Until then I wouldn't have believed Willy would or could ever
be caught with one of his vehicles in tow. You see, Willy, for the
better part of fifty years, was one of Graftons better known auto
mechanics. Lee Kieley, it should be added, is no slouch in the
mechanical department either. To "catch" them bringing Willy's ailing
pickup to Hansons Auto to be repaired can only mean it must be a serious
problem. One neither Willy or Lee could handle. Or, a fuel pump buried
deep inside the fuel tank. At any rate. I suspect the repair will be
complete before the Collette's go south for the winter.
Besides, how much can a fuel pump for a small pickup cost anyway?
Next Sunday is the benefit for our niece Jillian Louise Demester. If
you can provide items for the bake sale, that would be great. Should you
have an item for the silent auction, that would be most appreciated. If
you can spare a moment or two to include Jillian in your prayers, that
would be absolutely fantastic. And, finally, if you can, please plan to
attend the benefit next Sunday the 29 at MarketPlace on 8 between the
hours of 11:00 and 4:00.
For a mere $10 a plate you can enjoy some absolutely scrumptious
turkey, better known as "Goobers Gobblers", and all the trimmings. Your
presence will mean so much to a wonderful little girl who has gone
through so much.
Our thanks goes out to Mr. & Mrs Ole Aasand for their contribution to
help defray Jillian's medical expenses. Your check will be deposited in
Jillians special needs account at Bremer Bank.
#### Use it, or loose it ####
Gary, Here's a plug for the upcoming fall fundraiser for UMC
Foundation. If you have room and feel inclined to include it in your
Skeeterville Gazette I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks, Christl.
It's that time of year again, the leaves are turning and floating to
the ground and the truck traffic seems to be going non-stop on my trip
to and from Hoople each day. These things are also sure signs that the
Unity Medical Center Foundation is knee deep in preparation of the
Harvest Auction fundraiser. The auction has been scheduled for Saturday
November 4, to be held at Marketplace on 8th. Last years event produced
over 130 items for auction, raised over $15,000 and was a grand time as
anyone who was there would tell you. We hope we can again supply the
place and time for many to come and enjoy themselves this year. We are
currently in the process of collecting items to offer up for auction. If
there is anyone interested in donating, we would gladly accept new or
slightly used items, specialty services, worthy antiques, theme baskets,
etc., or for a $50 cash donation you could sponsor one of our many
delicious hors d' oeuvres. We'll even rename them with a catchy title to
represent you. Tickets to attend the event are available now. $100 CA$H
Giveaway tickets include two entries to the event with a chance to win
cash throughout the evening or a single entry ticket for $30 gets you in
the door to eat, bid and have a ball. We are always thrilled with the
generous support our community offers up when asked to help support
Unity Medical Center. It is with the generosity of so many that the
Foundation exists to provide the facility with financial backing when
called upon. You contact the Foundation @ 352-9372. <<<
Thanks a million Christl, your work, and that of so many others, most
certainly is appreciated.
The mention of Joe Famalette gave Ralph reason to write; >>> So, Joe
must have finally run out of people to buffalo. Bravado goes a long
ways. However, it seems to me people like that just don't know when to
quit blowing the hot air and get to work.
Joe was smart enough. Even did some good things for us. Remember, it was
under Joe's leadership that we learned not to put too much N on, to not
pile higher than 20 ft, to build the sheds, and other things. However,
he always needed to do more, and like many CEOs started to play with the
figures. The syrup plant in Wahpeton is one example. If only he had
stuck to business. Both he and Crystal owners would have been further
ahead. He could have been living the good life in Fargo. He and his wife
would have been at the top of the ND and MN social list, and he would
have been the "grand old man" of North Dakota business. Instead he is
trying to buy prunes from a North Dakota boy whose dad taught him the
most important thing about business and life. Work!
Ralph Kingsbury <<<
Thanks a million Ralph. I'll go along with giving Joe "credit" for the
syrup plant. Credit for lower nitrogen levels, Qualit payment system, 20
foot piles, and deepfreeze projects, among numerous others, should all
be given to Bob Levos. It was Bob that drove those profit centers home.
It was also Bob that orchestrated the walking end dumps as well. I can
still remember him telling us, "we need a piler that can walk like a
duck". He was absolutely right. We did, and now we do.
Or so it seems to me.
Our Gazette family continues to grow. Please welcome Tracy & Kory
Misialek to our group.
Then too, for as many reasons as we have members, some find cause to
change addresses. Judy wrote: >>> Hi Gary: Just wanted to drop a line
to let you know we changed our email address. We enjoy getting the
Skeeterville Gazette and don't want to miss any. All is well in
California. We had a very warm day today reaching into the high 80's.
Alot of people headed to the beach. Good weather for that. Thank you for
a job well done!!! Bye for now. Judy (Gourde) Smith <<< Thanks a million
for caring and sharing Judy. It was calm and 72 degrees here in
Shivercity today. (In the house)
"I may not always like what you tell me. I will, however, always
appreciate it." GLM

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Friday, October 20, 2006

October 20, 2006 - Friday

==== early edition ====
Todays Gazette is brought to you by the fine folks that make up
Grafton's Optimist Organization.
The current temperature is 36 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 37/31
Normal H/L temp for this date is 54/32
Normally, it's not normal for us to have normal temperature this time
of the year.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
#### Optimist Club Dance. ####
The Grafton Optimist Club is hosting a 50's - 60's Dance, October 21st
7PM - 1AM at Ekatta's. They are having dance contests, costumes and
food. $10 individual or $20 couple. ALL proceeds go to area youth.
Tickets are available from an Optimist member or at KXPO. <<<
Apparently it's true, that it is more likely than not, the Optimist
Club Dance will be the final function in the facilities we have come to
know as Ekatta's.
I was told that the Optimist's did in fact check with Marketplace and
Generations and they were already booked for the 21st. I was also told
that they even asked if they could "use" the Golf Course club house,
however, they didn't feel they could afford the cost the course said
they needed. The bottom line, I hope all the men in town, grease down
their hair, or whats left of it. Comb it into a ducktail and show up at
Ekatta's Saturday night to dance with all the local ladies dressed up in
pink and black poodle skirts, bobbie socks and penny loafers.
The end result will go to benefit "our" local youth. AND,... sometime
between now and then, I will work real hard at trying to get my foot out
of my mouth.
Today is the first day (this year) for the Shivercity edition. Kermit
must have thought it good reason to share the following. >>>
Shivercity.....hooray! I love reading your daily temp report. Makes
those old Minn. vibes shiver up fond memories. We've only had one frost
and I welcome more. Just double your 31 and it's our temp today here in
Gettysburg. But I got my yearly letter yesterday from the Ski resort
down the road and they were thrilled to report 32 degrees the other
morning and positively stated that we were going to have a good season
ahead! I will be, hopefully, volunteering in the Courtesy Dept. again so
I can ski free. Just want you to know we are still alive and well out
here and love being "connected". Your spark of love travels far and
wide. Thanks! , fin.............(east of the Mississippi and the slough
on the east side of the Valdres Prairie). <<< Thanks a million for
caring and sharing Kermit. Be careful and don't break a leg on the ski
slopes this winter.
======== BENEFIT FOR ========
Jillian Louise Demester, plan to attend if you can, if you can't, buy a
ticket anyway. My little brother A.K. sent the following note. >>>
Pat & Gary,
I thought I would take a minute and share a bit of what's going on
with Jill's benefit. Most of the time I'm on the other side of the
asking counter, for donations that is. This time however, I am doing the
asking. We are looking for items for the silent action, and several
door prizes. You can call my cell phone 701-360-2241 or Grafton
Floral at 701-352-2241. We would gladly pick them up, or, you can
drop them off at Grafton Floral, 945 Summit Ave. Also, there is
Jillian Demester benefit account set up at the Bremer bank in
Tickets are also available for Goober's Gobblers Turkey Dinner for $
10 each. The benefit is at Marketplace on 8th Sunday the 29th of October
from 11:00 to 4:00 pm It will include a bake sale, Pat Moe & her
sisters are taking care of that. We will also be holding a silent
auction. If you could, or would, like to contribute to the bake sale, or
auction, you can drop off your items at Marketplace the day of the
benefit. Thank you everyone for your time and donations. A.K. Moe <<<
Thanks A.K. It takes a lot work and lots of people, all working
together, for a good cause, to orchestrate a successful benefit.
Today, Pat (the UPS driver Pat) dropped off a large box addressed
simply to Gary Moe 764 Birch Crt. I wondered what it could possibly be.
When I opened it, I was amazed. The box was filled with three fabulously
beautiful, hand made Afghans. The note attached said. Hi Gary, I am
sending you a few things I made that I would like to donate for the
silent action for Jillian Demester. If they need to know who donated
them - just put "a member of the Shivercity/Skeeterville Gazette
family". Ok?
Thanks for your help. I didn't know who else I should send them to, so
you are elected!
Also, I want you to know how much we look forward to getting the
Gazette and news from "home". Keep up the good work. <<<< WOW,....
isn't that neat? That lady didn't just send a few bucks. She spent
hours, and hours, and hours fabricating those beautiful afghans. Oh, I'm
sure she calls it a labor of love. I am also sure, Jillian, and those
involved with her benefit, will consider that lady's labor of love, a
wonderful gift from God.
Or so it seems to me.
Marian Hajicek sent the following, very important, message. She wrote:
Dear Gary, I must tell you how much I enjoy your daily Gazette.
It is very interesting. I am a Board Member of the CAMP (Community
Awareness Methemphetamine Problem) that is having a Community Form
coming up on Monday, October 30th. at the Heritage Village at 7pm.
The purpose of this meeting is to get viewpoints and opinions on the
community about trying to get a Teen Center going in Grafton.. We need a
place for our youth to be able to go to, to do their thing. Where
they can visit, play games, dance and do whatever. In other words
to get them off the street so to speak. Our youth today is the
adults of our future, so we need to keep them out of trouble and
drugs. I hope you can get this in your Gazette so that a lot of our
citizens of Grafton will hopefully come to help our youth. We would
very much like to see you and Pat come to this meeting. We are having
speakers from our neighboring town of Drayton speak about the
youth center that they have going over and how beneficial it is.
Again, thank you for the great job. Marian <<< Thanks a million for
caring and sharing Marian. We should all hope your meeting is most
Jillian wasn't in an "accident"........she was given an "opportunity".
Jillian doesn't have "scars" --- she has "reminders" and she likes
to call them "victory tattoos". Jillian isn't "challenged" or
"slow" --- she is a "new person" and open to learning whatever she
can. You see, Jillian doesn't remember the person we all "used" to
think we knew. Jillian is an amazing new person and definitely has
new perspectives.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

October 19, 2006 - Thursday

==== really early edition ====
Todays Gazette is brought to you, in part, by SUGAR: Refined white
sugar is pure sucrose, a carbohydrate. Carbohydrates provide energy,
contain no fat, and like protein contribute 4 calories per gram in your
diet (as opposed to the 9 calories per gram contributed by fat).
The current temperature is 31 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 42/33
Normal H/L temp for this date is 55/32
Note that today the "normal" low temperature for this date is 32
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
With the normal low temperature, (for us) at 32 degrees. It's time to
put the Skeeterville Gazette on the shelf for the winter. Starting
tomorrow the almost daily version of the Shivercity Gazette will supply
your daily dose of dribble.
It seems like the brown paper, covering the windows of the "old"
Tollack's Furniture Store building, is moving an awful lot for nothing
going on in there. On the other hand, if something really was going on
in there. Wouldn't you think they would want everyone to know. You know,
to build a little suspense for when, and if, something really does
happen there. Then again, maybe not.
You may have noticed that I tend to be quite proud of "our" area. Why
not? Especially when we get notes like the following. >>> Good
morning Gary.
I enjoy hearing of your growing friendship with the fox hunters
from Ohio so I thought I'd pass along a story I just heard of more ND
hospitality to out-of-state hunters.
My husband's cousins are visiting from KY. Troy is an avid bird
hunter (and fisherman). He and some buddies once took a trip to ND,
driving north from Fargo almost to the Canadian border then heading west
almost to Montana before heading back. He says he loved the land and
loved the sparse population. I guess even southern KY is experiencing
growing pains.
Along the way they'd ask farmers for permission to hunt on their
land and were granted it until one man said he just didn't allow anyone
on his property. But the farmer was curious about their accents and
asked where they were from. After hearing how far they had come, he
decided not only to allow them to hunt that day but invited them back
the next morning so his wife could fix them breakfast before then hunted
It's always nice to hear stories of people's kindness.
Marjie <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Marjie. I am also
pleased you noticed our fondness towards "our" Ohio Fox hunter friends.
It's wonderful to see a group of hunters sit down for breakfast and
actually enjoy the comradery of the event. No loud voices, no profanity,
displaying the kind of respect for themselves, and those around them,
that some folks can only envy.
Cheryl also shared a pleasant note relative to "our" area, small
community and especially one of our newest eateries. She wrote: >>>
We too have had "excellent" walleye and many other items at Red's.
When we were there last week, I noticed that they are now open on Sunday
evenings also. We really appreciate another option for dining in
Grafton. I would hope that everyone will support Red's and our other
businesses in town - we can't take them for granted and expect them to
be there only on a rare occasion. I learned my lesson the hard way about
25 years ago when we lived in Hoople. It was a very cold and snowy
December, I had a brand new baby and another child, and our small
grocery store closed. I had to drive 18 miles to Grafton to buy milk
(and everything else). Sometime later another store opened, and I gladly
supported them. I vowed then to always buy my groceries locally and as
much "other stuff" as possible. Small towns are great, but only if the
small town people support them.
Cheryl Vistad <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Cheryl. I
too am a firm believer in small town loyalty, "use it or loose it."
BENEFIT for Jillian Louise Oct 29
MarketPlace on 8 11:00 - 4:00
Goober's Gobblers with all the trimmings.
Bake Sale and Silent Auction
Speaking of small town loyalty. For the past few days I have questioned
the "logic" of Ekatta's front window display. It appears, by everything
visible, that the Ekatta's establishment is no longer a functioning
Why then, using the powers of logic, would the Grafton Optimist
organization continue to advertise, and sponsor, their upcoming 50's &
60's dance in a facility that has gone defunct? That, in my opinion,
defies all logic,.. in any size town.
Since I haven't heard it from anyone else. Let me be the first to
suggest - plead if need be - that the Optimist organization move their
upcoming function to a living, breathing, local establishment that has
not only contributed to Grafton's well being throughout the 50's & 60's,
but will likely be contributing to "our" community in the 20's & 30's of
this century as well.
To heck with what the previous promotional material might read. I think
the original gesture, to help promote, what may have been thought of as
a new and viable business, was a valiant one. The fact that the facility
is no-longer operating surely should negate any, albeit valid, previous
intentions or obligations.
Or so it seems to me.
Ever wonder what happened to former American Crystal Sugar Co.
President and CEO Joseph Famalette? Joe, it seems, is still a bit
elusive. His wife on the other hand, is teaching kindergarten to a
grandchild of local resident Jerry Raumin. Rumor also has it that Joe
did in fact try buying prunes a while back from Jerry's son in Sunny
Southern California. Jerry didn't say if Joe was looking for a new
business venture, or, simply an inexpensive colon cleaner.
Walt Disney was right. It is a small world after all.
Please welcome former Drayton Factory electrician Leonard Novak to the
Gazette family.
"The Gazette works best, when the folks that read it, write it. Or so
it seems to me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

October 18, 2006 - Wednesday

==== really early edition ====
Todays Gazette is being brought to you, by Gold Bond and S & H Green
The current temperature is 36 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 54/42
Normal H/L temp for this date is 56/33
We have received drizzle, rain, snow, wind and blowing snow all in the
past twenty four hours.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
"We continue to remain, one nation, under God, with terrorists and the
national news media threatening all." My name is Gary Moe and I approve
that message.
I received an interesting phone call yesterday from a person,
accompanied by her husband, that had eaten at Reds Family Dining the
night before. I was told they ordered "walleye" and that it was
"absolutely fantastic". I happen to know those individuals, and, I can
assure you, If they say the walleye was fantastic, it was. There's
no-question about that.
I can still remember everyone driving to Nash on Friday nights for fish
supper. Now,.. everyone can drive to Grafton for delicious, fresh
tasting, Walleye.
Still no word on the status of Ekatta's. I made a couple trips by there
Tuesday afternoon and it sure looks dark inside. I didn't see any cars
parked close-by and no other signs of it being open either.
Speaking of cars parked close by. I find it interesting that when the
weather is nice. "Sometimes" local business folks and their employees
will actually walk a few extra feet to work. When the weather turns bad,
however, those folks, the ones hoping customers will come in and shop,
are using the premium parking spots themselves. Or so it seems to me.
A few days ago, I mentioned the passing of Ricardo "Dick" Escobar. I
mentioned how he had "touched" us over the years, with his warm smile
and friendly wave whenever we would pass by. I mentioned the void he
would leave, not just for Pat and me but for everyone that knew him.
I wrote what I did, because I had gained a significant respect for Mr.
Escobar. Not only for who he was, but also for what he stands for. I
wanted to tell "the world" about the special man we came to expect to
see each time we would pass by his home. I mentioned if wealth were
measured by family and friends. Ricardo Escobar was indeed a very
wealthy man.
Even though I knew the Escobar's did not receive the Gazette, I wanted
to share our feelings with those that do. Somehow, however, it seems the
Escobar's did receive a copy of the Gazette. For that, I am pleased. I
am also pleased to be able to share the following note I received from a
member of the Escobar family.
>>> Thank you for the very nice write-up for my dad Ricardo. I don't
think that dad really knew how many people knew him. From his walks, or,
from when he sat outside. He so enjoyed sitting for hours watching
people pass by and wave. This really made his day, when he would wave
and people waved back.
Thank you again for your kindness.
Ricardo's Family. <<< Now that, my friends, is humbling. Caring and
sharing is what this world is all about and Ricardo has left this world,
and his family, with the best of both.
Speaking of caring and sharing. My sister Ann wanted to share the
following. >>>
From the desk of Auntie Annie's Bed and Breakfast:
Two summers ago I got to have 2 great young people as guests at my "B &
B" here in Minneapolis in the form of Casey Moe and Jillian Demester.
They were wonderful guests and we had a great time. This summer I was
equally privileged to have a couple other Demesters stay at my little
establishment. While Jill was down here away from her home, friends
and family for so long her Grandma Lois and Sister Ashley stayed with me
a couple weekends. They were also wonderful guests. I even got to
host a rather large family picnic to celebrate Jill's release from
Gillette. Everyone seemed surprised at the number of people and dogs
I can get in this little house but everyone also had a great time. We
also found out that Angie's sleep-over friend really loved corn! (Yes,
my greyhound has sleep-overs). I think its hard to understand the scope
of a serious accident until you have been involved in one yourself. A
person may see the hospital bills and think insurance probably takes
care of most of that. Well, working for an insurance company I can tell
you most of that, is not all of that! And then there are the
incidentals. When you are hundreds of miles away from home and someone
needs to be with you at all times for physical as well as moral support
there are travel expenses, food, lodging, time missed from work, home,
family. Small cost to support a loved one but a cost. Then
there are the months, and years of checkups, therapy, continued
medical needs, usually again far away. I understand my brother Ak
and others are putting together a little fundraiser on Sunday Oct.
29th to help support Jill and her family. I am not able to be there but
my other brother John and I have sent up a few things for the silent
auction. I don't think the Twins cap will be a huge seller anymore but
the Vikings hoodie might be nice. Goobers turkey alone is worth the
price of a ticket. I just wanted to forward a little note to let
everyone know what a great kid Jillian is and I know her family could
use the support. Even if its just knowing their community stands beside
them in a challenge. Jill I am sending all my love and hope you come
and visit Angie and Me again.
Ann E. Moe <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Ann. I too hope
the benefit for Jillian Louise Demester on October 29 is a huge success.
Those looking for tickets for the event, $10 each, can find them at
most stores in town. I would be happy to set one aside for anyone that
wishes or if you prefer to send a contribution. A special account has
been established for Jillian at the Grafton Bremer Bank. Items for the
silent auction can be dropped off at Grafton Floral. Along with
additional silent auction items, AK has indicated the need for bake sale
items as well. Please feel free to call if you have any questions,
352-2241, that's the shop number, 360-2241 that's AK's cell number. My
number is 352-1599 and my cell is 520-0536. If you call me, I won't know
much, but I can probably find the answers for you. AND, I can still sell
tickets with the best of them. Gary.
I am pleased to welcome Jane and Gordon Thompson to the Gazette family.
I hope, from time to time, they might find reason to share a part of
their world with us.
"To know what is right, and then not do it. Is the worst form of

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

October 17, 2006 - Tuesday

=== really early edition ===
Todays Gazette is brought to you, in part, by the Bjorneby & Sateren
Furniture Store.
They offer such reduced prices as to make you laugh and grow fat.
(According to one of their earlier advertisements)
The current temperature is 39 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 51/38
Normal H/L temp for this date is 55/32
It started drizzling early yesterday afternoon and continued on and off
most of the night. So far, 11:25 pm "our" gauge shows .26 inches and
it's still raining.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
It's funny sometimes how things work in small towns. Over coffee,
"someone" wondered (out loud) if Ekatta's was still open. Someone else
said they didn't know, but they didn't think so because an "ad" in the
front window promoting a special event for Oct 5th was still on the
window on Oct. 16. That "might" be an indication the establishment is no
longer open. On the other hand. On the other side of the building, they
are promoting a dance by the optimists that is supposed to take place
"There" on the 21 of Oct.
Then, just the other day, I received the following "request". >>> Gary:
Could you please put this little blurb in for the Optimist Club Dance.
(No need to use my name). Thanks,
The Grafton Optimist Club is hosting a 50's - 60's Dance, October 21st
7PM - 1AM at Ekatta's. They are having dance contests, costumes and
food. $10 individual or $20 couple. ALL proceeds go to area youth.
Tickets are available from an Optimist member or at KXPO. <<< So there
you have it. It looks like the north half of the building will be open
for a 50's & 60's dance, and, who knows, maybe the whole building will
be open. It sounds like a great time. If anyone still remembers how they
used to dance in the 50's & 60's.
Who knows, It could be more fun than leaning up against an electric
We can't forget the hockey folks. This note showed up the other day.
Gary: Can you please post what info you feel is most
relevant in the Gazette on behalf of the Grafton Hockey
Association. The prizes are great and well worth the
investment. Thank you!
2nd Annual MEGA RAFFLE
Grafton Youth Hockey / Blue Line Club
Tickets are now available!
Spread the Word….Tell Your Friends….
Get your ticket now!
Contact any Grafton Hockey Member
Tickets are the same price as last year. A mere $100.
Major Sponsors for this years event:
Andy's Harley Davidson ~ Arctic Cat Inc. HE Everson ~ Arnesen's
Rocky Point Grafton True Value ~ Hills Inc.
Rock's Electric ~ Jim's Service Center Schumacher & Sons ~ Morgan
Printing Drayton State Bank ~ Farm Credit Services ~ Grafton
Equipment Co. Wayne's Heating/Cooling ~
Landowski Furniture ~ Filter Care
NAPA Grafton
Auto Electric ~ Home of Economy ~ Schaefer Remote Starters
Wally's Supermarket's ~ Grafton Oil Co. Grafton Square ~ Motel 66
Denny's Food Pride, and
KXPO & Simmons Broadcasting
I'm guessing your going to hear a bit more about this event before the
final drawing. Becky Mathiason won the Harley last year so I'm thinking
she has already spoken for ticket number one.
From the Gazette reality department.
I noticed an advertisement in the latest Weekly Source claiming an
outstanding new business opportunity available in Grafton, North Dakota.
It suggests "we" should take control of our future and PURCHASE a
Jimmy's Pizza Franchise.
Just in case someone hasn't already beat me to it. Let me be the first
to tell "Jimmy" that "We" already have Pizza Hut, Hot Stuff Pizza at
Grafton Square and that Granny's makes a world class pizza as well.
If "Jimmy" wants to do business in Grafton, maybe he should consider
opening up a Ford Dealership in town. We don't have one of them.....
Or so it seems to me.
Please don't forget the benefit for Jillian Louise on the 29th. Tickets
for "Goober's Gourmet Gobler" are only $10 each. AND, If you act right
now, you can get 10 tickets for less than $101. The actual price of all
ten tickets will be an even $100 AND,,, they will come ready to use
complete with the greatest feeling of satisfaction you could ever
This weeks Firefighters Calendar draw winners are:
10/16 Michael Young $20
10/17 Frances Johnston $20
10/18 Susan Kirkeby $20
10/19 Grafton Volunteer Fire Department courtesy of Wally DeSautel $20
10/20 Helen Garcia $20
10/21 Barb Dolan $20
10/22 Francis Ricard $20
Congratulations to the lucky winners.
"The people that truly want to accomplish things. Are those people that
help others accomplish things." GLM

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Monday, October 16, 2006

October 16, 2006 - Monday

11:30 am

Todays Gazette is brought to you, in part, by small town business. Use
it, or lose it.
The current temperature is 50 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 58/21
Normal H/L temp for this date is 56/33
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Rumor has it someone will be reopening the former Tollack's Furniture
store building again soon. I'm not sure what the plans are, but taking
the buildings past into account. I could believe maybe selling "old"
furniture, crafts, jewelry or similar items, are in it's future.
Small town business. Use it, or lose it.
I received the following note a few days tho' I believe the content is
valid today. >>> Gary -
I just wanted to take a moment to speak about Red's here in Grafton. I
attended a wedding rehearsal dinner a month or so ago where Red's did
the catering. What a wonderful dinner and what a wonderful staff she has
working for her. If you have not given Red's a chance, please do. There
is a noon buffet that is cheap and a menu that supplies even the
pickiest eater. It has come a long way from the first day the doors
opened. Give it a chance, or another!
****A Newer Resident Of Grafton****
PS - I so enjoy Skeeterville Gazette. Thank you for adding me to your
"send" list :)
"Sometimes you have to leap and construct your wings on the way down"
Thanks a million for caring and sharing. I certainly agree, Red's does
give us all, another reason to stay in town.
I'm pleased to share the following: >>>
Gary, my name is Danny Molde # 9 of 15 children that Mildred Molde
delivered and raised in the Grafton community. I just wanted to thank
you for listing my mom in your Gazette. I live in Denver but the last
week I have lived at the AmericInn in Grafton and I just wanted to thank
everyone that sent food (lots) cards, donations and flowers. The altar
Society did a fantastic job of serving lunch following the funeral. At
times like this it is great to have come from a large family and a small
Thanks for every-ones prayers and thoughts thru our family's loss.
Danny Molde #9 "Oscar"
Jillian Louise went into Altru hospital last week for the first of
several hospital stays in her future. She went through this surgery fine
and will be out again on a week or so.
Krystal, our granddaughter wanted to share her "recollections" of the
events of June 28. She wrote: >>> Hi Grandpa, just wanted to have an
input in your gazette... Driving around seemed as it did any other
day. Whom ever had the car basically drove. This time it was Charlenes
turn. She just got a nice car passed down from her brother and basically
us three girls thought we'd look "good" in it (the boy chaser).
Wednesday, June 28th, felt like just any other day, worked, slept, and
worked some more. While sitting at Marketplace, talking to Tawnya,
because she was working that night. I received a phone call from Jill
and Charlene wondering if I would like to go cruising around with them,
well of course I did, I couldn't pass that up. As a ran to the kitchen
to tell Tawnya and my other fellow coworkers goodbye and I'd see them
the following day (Thursday), I received another phone call from the
same girls saying that they were there to pick me up. I ran outside, I
couldn't wait, it was going to be a blast. It always is when we three
are together. Jill opens the passenger door and scoots forward so I can
get into the back and I said, "you get your scrawny butt back there, I
always sit back there," acting like a couple little kids. Jill gets out
of the car and hops into the back seat and I get into the front. We take
a few mains and decided, you know what, lets go on the "bumpy road" we
called it, the road that was so much fun because it was so wavy. Keep in
mind we were driving a little sports car. As we are driving, laughing so
hard because we were hitting our heads on the roof and just bouncing
everywhere we had to stop to go potty on the side of the road. We got
back into the car and I thought to myself well maybe, just in case, we'd
better put our seatbelts on. I buckled mine and told the girls to buckle
theirs also, unfortunately they didn't. Just a few minutes later we hit
an approach and slid on loose gravel towards the left, then the right,
well by the time we slid towards the right I screamed at the top of my
lungs "WE'RE GOING TO ROLL." The most scary moment of my life. The car
rolled twice, Jill who was sitting in the back seat was thrown from the
vehicle and suffered the following injuries: A laceration to her right
ankle, left ankle, and her upper thigh, her pelvic bone was also broke
in three different places, and fluid in the brain with loss of short
term memory. Charlene and I, on the other hand, Charlene broke her
clavical and had some scrapes and bruises and was also a little shook
up. As for me, I had a laceration to my head and had alot of back pain
and also was really shook up. As I called 911 from Charlene's cellphone
(the first one we found), we looked for Jill's and mine. I sat next to
Jill who was unconscious saying her name over and over, as she slowly
came out of it her arms were everywhere so I tried holding them down so
she couldn't hurt herself. Finally the ambulance's arrived, Jill went
first, I was second, and Charlene was third. Jill was immediately
brought to CT scans, then to the ICU. As I was laying in my bed, and the
nurses cutting my clothes off, I couldn't help but hope that Jill was
okay. Nearly three months later, it really amazes me that Jill is
walking, talking, and still has her personality. Still, to this day I
pray and thank God that he let us all survive. <<< Thanks a million for
caring and sharing Krissy. It's been said that the first step to
recovery is being able to talk about it. Lets us hope the story you
girls have to tell helps other avoid the same fate.
"You see, Jillian wasn't in an "accident"........she was given an
"opportunity". Jillian doesn't have "scars" --- she has "reminders"
and she likes to call them "victory tattoos". Jillian
isn't "challenged" or "slow" --- she is a "new person" and open to
learning whatever she can. You see, Jillian doesn't remember the
person we all "used" to think we knew. Jillian is an amazing new
person and definitely has new perspectives. Yes, she has changed and
things are not the same." (Val)
Please remember Jillian Louise in your prayers and please remember the
benefit for her Sunday - October 29th
I am hoping many won't just gives til hit hurts. I'm hoping they'll
give til it cures.
The Gazette works best, when the folks that read it, write it. Or so it
seems to me.
" The difference between an educated person with a foul mouth, and a
dummy. Is the cost of the education." GLM

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Friday, October 13, 2006

October 13, 2006 - Friday (the 13th!)

10/13/06 FRIDAY
Todays Gazette is brought to you be the "Little" Grand Cafe (1937 -
1939) Then a new establishment was built that was called The Grand.
The current H/L temperature 37 degrees. Yesterdays H/L temperature was
Normal H/L temp for this date is NOT
So far, we haven't even received enough snow to build a decent
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
ISN'T IT IRONIC: Mexico is warning it's citizens NOT to eat American
A funny thing happened the other day. It's definite proof advertising
does work.
For several weeks a local man, who shall remain nameless, was trying to
sell his low mileage, good condition, van. For several days his van was
parked in his driveway with a "for sale" sign in the window. Then, I
guess, he decided to list it in the paper to see if it would sell. Not
the local weekly paper, not even the daily paper forty miles down the
road. He decided to list his van for sale in the Fargo Forum, 120 south
of here. Shortly after inserting that ad. He sold his van. Not to anyone
in Fargo, not even anyone in Grand Forks.
As luck would have it, his neighbor, on the very first day it snowed,
rolled his van. Then went next door and bought the one Don Almen was
trying to sell. All proof positive, that advertising really does pay.
Fortunately Neil McDonald only suffered minor injury and a slight knob
on his humility, and,... he got a darn good used van too. Right Don?
The list of items for the silent auction at Jillian's benefit is
growing. Yesterday Kim sent the following note. >>> Hi Gary,
You mentioned about items for the silent auction, I have a "pink" wagon
and a pair of handmade wool mittens. Kim LeClerc Then Hanson
Auto & Implement donated a super weather station, Embroidery Plus is
contributing a UND Fighting Sioux shirt complete with team member
Leah's "tribute" to her father continues to bring back memories. Denise
wrote: >>> I was just reading the gazette from yesterday and as I read
Leah's, I too shed tears. Leah, I still think about Pa a lot too and
what you wrote was so special. I practically lived at the Harts, I
guess you could say. A bunch of us girls hung out there all the time
and spent a lot of time sitting in the kitchen around the table and Ma
and Pa sat many times with us. We would tell stories, laugh, eat and
just enjoy being there. Then they added on the big family room and
couldn't get rid of us. The memories I have of being there and being
a "part" of that family will alway's be treasured. Even after I moved
to Washington and would come back to Grafton for visits, I alway's
stopped in to see "Ma" and "Pa" and they were alway's there with open
arms. I haven't been back there in 3 years so the last time I saw
"Pa" was in 2003, we saw him at Granny's and he came over to give my
sister and I our hugs and then we stopped to visit at the house of
course also. It will be sad to go back the next time and go over to
the Harts and not see Pa.
My dad would go see Bob at the Machine Shop and he would ask Bob
when he was going to retire. Bob would say "I can't, I will be here
till the day I die," and that he did. I just want to send my love to
the Hart family. Leah give "Ma" a big hug from me please, and say hi
to Larae, you can give her a hug too! Ha! Denise (Sevigny)
Woinarowicz <<< Thanks for caring and sharing Denise. Aren't memories
The following note is from Jillian's mother. I encourage you to please
read her message carefully. Imagine if you will, that it could be you,
describing you and your son or daughters similar circumstance.
Jill wrote: >>> I don't have enough words to express how thankful I am
for everything and everyone that has touched our lives in so many
different ways. Thru prayers, phone calls, cards and just
I, like you, love to learn. At this moment, I don't know if it is
so much "learning" or somebody waking me up a bit. In a cynical kind
of way, I wish everyone could experience and see what I have in only
three short months. I could go on forever and tell you about her
stay in the hospital and rehab and all the "Angels" that helped us
along the way. However, our day has limited hours and space.
I'm not sure how to describe Jillian as all of my children are
wonderful and unique (I'm a mom---what did you expect me to say!).
Jillian sustained multiple injuries in the rollover. One of them
being traumatic brain injury. Part of the recovery is understanding
"what" exactly happened and accepting the changes and challenges that
you have. Jillian has always had a positive and outstanding attitude
and has always given every ounce of her being to get
stronger everyday. Even today, knowing that she has pain everyday
and not feeling so great, she goes to school and therapy and continues
to want more. You see, Jillian wasn't in an "accident"........she was
given an "opportunity". Jillian doesn't have "scars" --- she
has "reminders" and she likes to call them "victory tattoos".
Jillian isn't "challenged" or "slow" --- she is a "new person" and
open to learning whatever she can. You see, Jillian doesn't remember
the person we all "used" to think we knew. Jillian is an
amazing new person and definitely has new perspectives. Yes, she
has changed and things are not the same. But I see her pushing thru
everyday and wanting to hurry up and get to tomorrow because she has
more to do. Often times I have to slow her down and tell her to take
a break. I know we have a another road ahead of us but I also know
that there is nothing that we can't get thru and we see it as just
another step in recovery.
I said that I would keep this whole thing brief and, you know, that is
really hard to do when you start talking about your children! But for
anyone who would like to know more (alot more) about Jillian and what
she has gone thru, you are more than welcome to log into her website at
www.caringbridge.org/visit/jilliandemester If that doesn't get you
in, you can log onto the Caringbridge website (caringbridge.org) once
you are at the website, click on "visit" at the right side of the
screen. Type in jilliandemester in the box under "site name". That
will get you into her website.
Thank you Gary ....... for everything!!!!!!!!!!
Valerie (Schlenk) Demester
"Life is a drawing..........without an eraser." <<< Thanks a
million for caring and sharing Val.
When we face our trials and tribulations.
"Remember that "tri" reminds us of three. First look to God, next to
your family tree, and you'll be surprised, how many friends you will
see." GLM
If you can find it in your heart, Please give pretty little Gillian
Louise your every consideration.
The next Gazette will include a message from my granddaughter Krystal.
She shares her thoughts of that day and of the weeks that followed.
"I may not always like, what you tell me. I will, however, always
appreciate it." GLM

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

October 12, 2006 - Thursday

"What this country needs to restore farm prosperity is a tractor that
eats corn and potatoes."
The current temperature is 27 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 35/20
Normal H/L temp for this date is 59/35
A 19 mph WNW wind is blowing a light dusting of snow into small drifts
of mixed snow and leaves.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
(whether spoken or performed)
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
While doing a bit of "research" in the Gazette library. I got to
thinking about profanity and ignorance. Actually, I started out thinking
how stupid it was for Minnesota State Sen. Norm Coleman to vote in favor
of the Central American Free Trade Agreement, better known as "CAFTA".
In my opinion that was certainly ignorant of him. And extremely
detrimental to the sugar industry in the United States of America.
Then again, I understand the 81 year old "leader" of Norm's gene pool.
Got caught in the back seat of his car, out front of a Pizza Parlor,
"entertaining" a young lady "with his pants down". Now that, I thought,
was stupid. I guess the old saying, "The apple doesn't fall far from the
tree", still has credence. Besides,.... what business does an 81 year
old man have at a Pizza Parlor anyway? Doesn't he know cheese will bung
you up, big time........... Or so it seems to me.
=October 29th Benefit for Jill Demester=
One of my greatest pleasures is learning, sometimes, the Gazette
actually does reach out and touch someone. This time, thanks to the
message Leah shared yesterday. Cindy wrote: >>>
Gary, What a day for you to print that poem. I lost my wonderful
Grandma this morning and to read that poem sure put a smile on my face.
She was the last grandparent I had and we were very close, so it has
been a rough morning for me. I sat to read the Gazette to get a bit of
wisdom. God works in mysterious ways because there it was, in the
Gazette !! It was sad for me to loose that last grandparent, so like you
say: Write if you can, call if you can't, and tell your loved ones they
are, before it's too late. Cindy <<< Thank you for caring and sharing
Cindy. Our entire family extend our most sincere condolences to you and
your loved ones. Grandma's truly are GRAND MOTHERS. They always seem to
be able to put just the right spin on life. After all, they are in fact,
what every Mother wants to be.
Marvelous things are happening for Jill Demester's benefit.
# Wally's SuperMarkets offered to supply several hundred pounds of
# Tom Campbell of Tri-Campbell Farms has offered a thousand pounds of
Red River Valley Potatoes.
# Denny's Food Pride has offered to supply a whole pile of bakery
Dean sent the following a few days ago and would like to share it, he
says, for what it's worth. >>> Subject: democracy
In no way am I advocating one candidate over the other, I just felt
that this was interesting information that I came across concerning the
decline of democracy in America today. Take it for what it is and
don't shoot the messenger. Thanks.
About the time our original 13 states adopted their new
constitution, in 1787, Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at
the University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the
Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior.
"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as
a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up
until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves
generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the
majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits
from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will
finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by
a dictatorship."
"The average age of the worlds greatest civilizations from the
beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years,
these nations always progressed through the following sequence
1. From bondage to spiritual faith;
2. From spiritual faith to great courage;
3. From courage to liberty;
4. From liberty to abundance;
5. From abundance to complacency;
6. From complacency to apathy;
7. From apathy to dependence;
8. From dependence back into bondage
Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law, St. Paul,
Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning the 2000
Presidential election:
Population of counties won by: Gore: 127 million; Bush: 143 million;
Square miles of land won by: Gore: 580,000; Bush: 2,427,000
States won by: Gore: 19; Bush: 29
Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Gore: 13.2;
Bush 2.1
Professor Olson adds: "In aggregate, the map of the territory Bush
won was mostly the land owned by the tax-paying citizens of this great
Gore's territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in
government-owned tenements and living off government welfare..."
Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the
"complacency and apathy" phase of Professor Tyler's definition of
democracy, with some 40 percent of the nation's population already
having reached the "governmental dependency" phase.
Dean Sevigny
"Daddy Dean"
"To goodness and wisdom we make only promises, pain we obey"

Marcel Proust <<<
I'm not sure I dare add anything to the above. However, should anyone
find error in the numbers I would be most happy to make the corrections.
I am, however, convinced of one thing. "The longer we spend, finding
fault with others. The less time we have,.... to correct our own." GLM
If someone out there has an item they would be willing to add to
Jillian's Silent Auction on the 29th. Please let us know.
Like wise, should anyone know of a unique method of "energizing" folks
into contributing, we would be most grateful to learn that as well.
Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will
acquire the skill to do difficult things easily.
The Gazette works best, when the folks that read it, write it. Or so it
seems to me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.