Tuesday, October 12, 2004

October 12, 2004 - Tuesday


10/12/04 TUESDAY grp. 3
The current temperature is 44 degrees with calm winds and a partly
cloudy sky.
Yesterdays high darkened the 70 peg on our temperature dial.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L:
"Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,... before it's too late."
I end each edition of the Gazette with that quote. Although I must
admit, there are days it has more meaning than others.
Yesterday was one of those, "more than others", days.
Yesterday morning started out much like most mornings of the past few
years. After a relatively restless night. I got up around 3:15 am and
started going through the Gazette list. Each day, sometimes after, but
most often before, I write the Gazette, I go through "my" list of
subscribers. I do that primarily to "remind me", how very lucky I am, to
have such an accumulation of wonderful people on my list. Often, as I
review "my" list, it brings back "specific" memories, of people, places
and things that get "set aside" in lifes busy schedules. Sometimes it
only takes a few minutes to scan the entire list, sometime considerably
As best I can remember the list yesterday. The names of those I often
have coffee with, seemed to draw my attention. Folks like Art
Tallackson, Bruce Eickenberry, Dr. Gaustad, Lynn Ebert, Greg Dusek,
Denny Schneider, Keith Bjorneby, Roger Stark, Richard Thompson, Norman
Russum and Don LaBerge are among the more than twenty individuals, on
"my" list, that frequent Granny's. I can't explain why, I seemed to
"pick out" those I see so often at coffee. Maybe it's because it's a
group I not only appreciate for who they are, but also for what they do.
The previous list isn't all inclusive, rather a representation of the
entire group.
Another name I stopped at yesterday morning, while "scanning" the list,
was Mavis Demers. My thoughts of Mavis brought back memories of times
her husband Ed would help me with the motor on a hand made motor bike.
The shop he worked in next door to the Extra End came to mind. I thought
of the Garage behind the Demers house where Ed started his small engine
repair shop. It was in that shop that Ed and his son Doug repaired
numerous pieces of lawn care equipment for "us" at Grafton Floral.
Often, as I would be watching Ed and Doug work on small motors. Mavis
would stop in and see how things were going. I always admired her
ability to "tolerate" the schedule the men in her life kept.
At first, I wondered why, why would Mavis' name attract my attention on
this specific day? Then of course it dawned on me. "Because she is Bob
Harts sister, and, I have coffee with Bob almost every morning. Isn't it
funny how things work?
Anyway, because of harvest, several "regulars" were missing for coffee
yesterday morning. However, after waiting a little extra time thinking
Bob would show up, we decided to go ahead and shake without him. After
coffee was over and I returned home. I received a phone call from a
friend. It was then that I learned why Bob wasn't at coffee.
Leslie L. (Bob) Hart passed away yesterday morning. Had I known, there
are several things I would have liked to tell him. Oh, I have told him
that Larae was not only a fantastic person, as is David Osowski, Larae's
husband. I have also shared how much our family thinks about Leah and
her husband Barry Kingsbury. I have told "Bob", how, over the years,
I've admired his wife Arlett, and her ability for tolerating his
sometimes difficult life style. I have, on occasion, even thanked Bob
for some of the things he's done for "our" family and Grafton Floral.
Now, however, I wish I had shared with him the myriad of positive
things I've heard about him from numerous people throughout the area. I
wish now that I had been more thorough appreciating the many things Bob
has done to improve the sugarbeet and potato industry in the Red River
Valley. Of his many contributions to the area and community in which I
live. I can think of so many things I really wish I would have told Bob,
"before it was to late." Now, I find myself expressing my sincere
sympathy to Bobs family and friends. I can only say, "so long my friend,
and Gods speed."
Leslie (Bob) Hart, you have earned your right to Heaven.
From the entire Gary and Patti Moe family, to the Bob Hart family, our
most sincere sympathies.
To everyone else I can only say. "Write if you can, call if you can't,
and, tell your loved ones they are, before it's too late."
I now have a better idea of why Mavis (Hart) Demers name captured my
attention yesterday. I have also reaffirmed my conviction of doing
everything I can to share my appreciation for people,... before it's to
Yesterday afternoon I received a note from Wally DeSautel. Wally shared
the following thoughts; Hi Gary
Today we have lost two out standing people ... two who have had the
community they live, in the top priority in their daily existence. They
are as you might have heard, Bob Hart. I grew up with Bob, I never
called him Les, just plain Bob. He was always the same,... nice,
always ready to help. I will miss him a lot.
The other is Randy Deede who lived in Grafton for awhile. He was a
banker in Grafton. He moved to Devils Lake and was a dynamo in
everything he did.
Both of these great men left big shoes to fill. So often these shoes
never get filled. Our best to their Families, -- Wally
Thanks Gary<<<<
Thank you Wally, for caring and sharing.
(Bob Harts, is a mile long)
Bobs funeral will be Friday at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church with
visitation Thursday from 5 to 7 at the Tollefson Funeral Home in

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.