Monday, July 31, 2006

July 31, 2006 - Monday

07/31/06 MONDAY
Todays Gazette is brought to you by Brylcream,... a little dab'll
The current temperature is 83 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 95/70
Normal H/L temp for this date is 83/57
Lightning must have hit the rain gauge last night, however, there is
about a half inch of water in the birdbath next to it so I'll call that
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news and stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Last nights storm resulted in one of the most spectacular light shows
I've ever seen. Strong winds accompanied by rain and a tiny bit of hail.
I don't think there was any serious damage from the storm although I did
notice a horrible odor as I headed for Grannies this morning. Either
lightning hit the outhouse (several of them) OR, Newman's nuisance - the
Alchem Alcohol Plant - is stirring up a whopper of a stench.
I certainly hope, "the powers that be" don't jeopardize the long term
viability of "our" community for the short term profitability of a few
multi-millionaires making alcohol we can't even drink.
Fishing "off the Rock" this past week was fantastic. Arnesen's launches
all reported "filling out" on every trip, as did most of the rest of the
fisher/persons I spoke with.
Along with a limit of "good eaters", members of my gene pool were able
to stretch the upper lip of several lunkers. Tom released a 23 and a
26½ incher within fifteen minutes of each other and our grandson Dilan
taught a 25 incher to keep his mouth shut as well. All while I caught
another Guiness book of world records walleye. (3½ inches)
A universal joint went out in my walleye combine last week. It's in the
shop and should be ready to return to the summer fish harvest by
This week when we returned to Rocky Point. We found a note from Wally
and Ione on our picnic table. It said, they stopped by to buy us dinner
but we weren't home. So, according to the note, Wally left the note and
enough money for Pat and me to have dinner at the Rock Harbor Lodge. He
did mention that he hoped the wind wouldn't blow the money away. Rats,
it did. So,... knowing that Wally really was sincere, we went to the
Rock Harbor Lodge and ate anyway,... and charged it to Wally. Thanks a
million Wally, the prime Rib was fantastic.
It's official, I read about it on Grafton's local channel three.
Thursday, August 10 Grafton Floral will celebrate 60 years of serving
the Grafton area with it's floral, and lawn care needs.
The event will run from 5:00 and 8:00 pm. I think it's really fitting
that "Goober's Gobblers" will be served, as several members of the
Watkins family have been involved in almost every aspect of Grafton
Floral, from the business side and to a great extent, caring for the
youngest members of the Moe family.
It will be a wonderful "reunion". I hope folks will be able to find
time in their busy schedules to stop by, say hello.
Paul DeSautel sent the following "memory" of Grafton Floral. He wrote:
Gary-- re 60 years of Grafton Floral
I recall when I was living "way out there" in Washington
State, I on occasion, needed flowers delivered to my grandparents (Roney
or DeSautel) or my Mom (Emma Lou) or even to aunt Dorothy Lykken. All I
had to do was call Bill and the deed was done perfectly. I would
eventually even get a bill (paid). Times have sure changed <<< Thanks
for caring and sharing Paul. Times certainly have changed, although
anyone, from anywhere, can still call AK and get beautiful flowers
delivered anywhere in the country. Just like 60 years ago.
The list of individuals that worked at Grafton Floral would fill a fare
sized phone book. Kathee Carlson, Pat Devig, David Hanson, Bennie Molde,
Eddie Ebertowski, Bob Oihus, Sharon McIntyre, Lewis Sondeland, Carol
Osowski, Rudy Lopez, Debbie & Mary Jo Watkins, Arnie Barclay, Neil
McDonald, Jo Elbert, Sandy Stark, Sharon Burns, are but a few of the
myriad of people that have added to the value of Graftons oldest and
only year-round floral and greenhouse operation.
Of course, being a "family" business, many family members were also
significantly involved. Most of my aunts and uncles were involved, as
well as cousins,.. 1st, 2nd and even third I think.
One of the flower shop "designers" I remember most is Margaret
(Pribula) Knutson. She not only could put every flower in the right
place, she would do the same with dad when he would start getting
concerned they wouldn't be able to meet a specific deadline. Margaret's
husband Earl, worked for Schumachers at the time.
Margaret's sister, Mildred sent us the following note: >>>
Hi Gary: It was interesting to hear Grafton Floral was celebrating it's
60th anniversary. My sister Margaret Knutson worked for your Mom and Dad
I think in the late 50's or early 60's. She went on to have her own
business and then worked for Bachmans in Minneapolis until her untimely
death in 1969 that took her husband, son and brother-in-law in a fishing
accident at the Lake of the Woods. They loved to fish at your
favorite fishing area. Your Mom and Dad were very supportive in her
floral career. I am sure there are some local residents that remember
her as designing their wedding or special occasion.
Millie Sobolik, Forest Lake, Mn. <<< Thanks a million for caring and
sharing Millie. I will never forget the night Margaret offered to pick
up the flowers from the bus depot and put them away. ((((Often, our
flower supplies would come by Greyhound Bus into Stans Cafe at 10:30 at
night.)))) Her comment to dad that day was something like,.. 'we don't
need any more kids anyway.' Those that knew Margaret and Earl, also know
they were running neck and neck with Bennie and Milred Molde for school
hot lunch tickets.
The clouds are starting to build again in the west, it's looking like a
rerun of last nights display.
My left arm is starting to twitch,... again, indicating the need to
hold a 6 foot fiberglass rod with a hook on the end of it. This weeks
seminar will cover the perils of bite and release.
The Gazette works best, when the folks that read it, write it. Or so it
seems to me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

July 26, 2006 - Wednesday

07/26/06 WEDNESDAY
Todays Gazette is brought to you by one year older Kenneth Demester.
The current temperature is 69 degrees.
Rainfall amounts range from almost nothing in some areas, to over an
inch in others.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
It's not unusual to hear people in small towns complain because
"there's never anything to do."
That's simply NOT TRUE in Grafton. Certainly not last night, and
definitely not Tuesday night August 8th. We attended "Piano Talk" last
night at St. Johns Parish Center. Fabulous entertainment would be an
understatement. Piano's, Guitar's, Saxophones, a flute and violin were
all represented by talent no-less professional than one could hear at
any top ranked concert in the land. And, I might add, the vocal talents
of Marvin Mielke can rival the best of them as well.
It was my first time at Piano Talk, it certainly won't be my last.
Although the parish center is quite large, I'm convinced that if the
general public were made aware of the excellent musical presentations.
The center wouldn't be near big enough.
It's an event that should be trumpeted by every area church
organization. Lord knows, several were represented at last nights
performance. The local Chamber office, Walsh County Record and "our"
area radio stations should also be promoting the event. (FREE) Why free?
Because the performance is free, and, because it would bring dozens of
"families" to town. Which in turn would generate significant interest
and appreciation for "our" religious, residential and business
community. And that, my friends, is true community and economic growth,
with the Lord on our side to boot.
Or so it seems to me.
Speaking of "our" area community. I received the following note from
the Philip Ray family.
>>> We wish to extend a big Thank You to all who supported us at the
benefit on Friday. It was a fabulous event and we had a wonderful
time. The day was perfect and it was so nice to visit with
everyone. There are too many to thank individually, so Thank You
We also want to thank Pastor Wayne Stark and those who put together
the special worship service at Grafton Lutheran Church for our family in
We are so fortunate to be a part of a very caring community. The
support is overwhelming. Again, Thank You to all. We are so very
Philip, Rachel & Rylan Ray <<<
With Grafton Floral's 60th anniversary just around the corner. Hearing
tidbits from anyone willing to share will be much appreciated. To that
end, I thank Lea very much for caring and sharing. She wrote: >>> Dear
Gary, Have missed the Gazette but glad you enjoyed the fishing.
Enjoyed your sturgeon story. About an hour from here on Lake
Winnebago they spear them from a bigger than normal ice fishing hole.
They are big and ugly. Maybe you should give that a whirl.
Also, I have a Grafton Floral story. My Grandmother (Clara
Halleen) lived with us at 9l7 Cooper Ave. We had an Oleander tree
which she loved but got too big for the house so your parents were kind
enough to take it and when my Grandmother died they made a beautiful
corsage for her from its blossoms. What a nice thing to do so thank
you from me and yes, memories are wonderful-I was only a sophomore at
the time but I've never forgotten that act of kindness. Happy
fishing. Lea Fairbairn
<<<< Thanks a million Lea. I am pleased to be able to add your
"Memories" to the Grafton Floral story book my father and mother started
some sixty years ago.
I am pretty sure I got the Vistad,.. DeSautel,.. Nyman house deal
straightened out in Tuesday's Gazette. If not, the following note from
Cheryl should clinch it. She wrote: >>> Hi Gary -
Just so you have if from the "horse's mouth" -- we did buy the Ernie
Nyman house in Eastwood from Larson's. Jim and I both decided that
having "everything" on the same floor is the way to go. Washing
clothes in the basement and carrying them up 2 flights of stairs is
getting old and we have 4 bedrooms, use one, but still have to clean 4,
etc. etc. I wasn't quite ready for major downsizing, but our oldest
daughter, Kelly, is moving back to Grafton to be a 3rd grade teacher
and she and her husband and OUR granddaughter are buying our house.
So I kindof get to sell it and keep it at the same time. The only
question now is:
How in the world does a super packrat and collector, (namely me) pack a
3 story house with full attic and move it to a single story with no
Everyone who knows me and knows my house is waiting for the answer!
This will all happen sometime in August!
Always enjoy your gazette - haven't received it for a
long time and only today discovered it was on the net. Had to
look it up because someone told me you were talking about us. Ha!
Cheryl Vistad <<< Thanks a million for setting the record (Gazette)
straight Cheryl. Is it fair to assume, since the above information is
from Cheryl, the "Horse's Mouth", should we hear anything from Jim, it
will be coming from the other end of the Horse?
Now that I have your "new" e-mail address Cheryl, I am pleased to
welcome you "back" to the Gazette family
Not only is "our" Gazette family increasing daily. Families within the
Gazette family are doing the same. Eric sent us the following: >>>
Subject: Navie Isabella Burley
To those of you who don't know, Melissa and I had a baby girl on Wed
July 19th. Her name is Navie Isabella Burley. She weighed in at 7lbs
even and 19" long. We were a little worried when she came 3 weeks
earlier than her original due date, but she seems very healthy and happy
too I might add. I have put up a website at that has all the pictures taken at the
hospital and I'll be putting more up. Feel free to forward this site on
as I don't have everyones email addresses. Thanks <<<
Thank you Eric. The pictures are wonderful, AND, I'm sure grandpa
Bennie is looking at them as well.
The following subject is much more involved than I am capable of
comprehending. Let it suffice to say that I believe most of this message
needs to rest on the desk of, and be understood by, the powers that be,
in Washington, DC.
The note: Dear Editor:
So many letter writers have based their arguments on how this land is
made up of immigrants. Ernie Lujan for one, suggests we should tear down
the Statute of Liberty because the people now in question aren't being
treated the same as those who passed through Ellis Island and other
ports of entry.
Maybe we should turn to our history books and point out to people
like Mr. Lujan why today's American is not willing to accept this new
kind of immigrant any longer. Back in 1900 when there was a rush
from all areas of Europe to come to the United States, people had to get
off a ship and stand in a long line in New York and be documented. Some
would even get down on their hands and knees and kiss the ground. They
made a pledge to uphold the laws and support their new country in good
and bad times. They made learning English a primary rule in their new
American households and some even changed their names to blend in with
their new home.
They had waved good bye to their birth place to give their children
a new life and did everything in their power to help their children
assimilate into one culture.
Nothing was handed to them. No free lunches, no welfare, no labor laws
to protect them. All they had were the skills and craftsmanship they had
brought with
them to trade for a future of prosperity.
Most of their children came of age when World War II broke out. My
father fought along side men whose parents had come straight over from
Germany, Italy, France and Japan. None of these 1st generation Americans
ever gave any thought about what country their parents had come from.
They were Americans fighting Hitler, Mussolini and the Emperor of Japan.
They were defending the United States of America as one people.
When we liberated France, no one in those villages were looking for the
French-American or the German American or the Irish American. The people
of France saw only Americans. And, we carried one flag that represented
one country. Not one of those immigrant sons would have thought about
picking up another country's flag and waving it to represent who they
were. It would have been a disgrace to their parents who had sacrificed
so much to be here. These immigrants truly knew what it meant to be an
American. They stirred the melting pot into one red, white and blue
bowl. And here we are in 2006 with a new kind of immigrant who wants the
same rights and privileges. Only they want to achieve it by playing with
a different set of rules, one that includes the entitlement card and a
guarantee of being faithful to their mother country. I'm sorry, that's
not what being an American is all about. I believe that the immigrants
who landed on Ellis Island in the early 1900s deserve better than that
for all the toil, hard work and sacrifice in raising future generations
to create a land that has become a beacon for those legally searching
for a better life. I think they would be appalled that they are being
used as an example by those waving foreign country flags. And, for that
suggestion about taking down the Statute of Liberty, it happens to mean
a lot to the citizens who are voting on
the immigration bill. I wouldn't start talking about dismantling the
United States just yet. <<< I might add, once again, that "our" area of
the country (the Red River Valley) would be hard pressed to survive with
immigrants. It's the "illegal" term that I struggle with.
I will be spending the next few days at Arnesen's arm twitching
training seminar for jerks without bait.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

July 25, 2006 - Tuesday

07/25/06 TUESDAY grp 5 of 20
Todays Gazette is brought to you by Murphy's Law. Murphy is a
frequent visitor to the Gazette.
The current temperature is 69 degrees.
The question of the day seems to be. How much drier can it
actually get?
It was so darn dry last week, I had to rinse the dust off the
walleye's before I put them in the live well.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
CORRECTION!!! It is a fact, someone did tell me the Vistads
bought a home in the Eastwood addition of Grafton. I believe that part
is true. The part about Jim wanting the Kitchen and the bathroom on the
same floor is probably also true.
Unfortunately, the DeSautels were not aware of the "rumored" plan
at all and probably will continue living across the street from the
Kieley's. It appears, now, that the Vistads will be mowing the lawn that
I sold Ernie and Joyce Nyman Park Kentucky Bluegrass seed for several
years ago. The home is in the Eastwood addition, it's just on the south
end and not the north.
That is of course, if the phone calls and the following note are
John wrote: >>> Hi Gary and the Queen, Welcome home.
We have missed the Gazette and both of you. It was surely fun to hear
about you and that monster fish. I just can't believe a ten thousand
year old fish can still fight like that. AMAZING! Are you sure that Jim
and Cheryl didn't buy Ernie and Joyce Nymans old house instead, from the
young Larson family that left town? I could be wrong, but that's what I
was told. Thanks for all you do for everyone and our town. John
Maxwell <<< Thank you John, for kicking Murphy out of the Gazette. It
does make more sense as I can remember Jim telling me once that he
always wanted to live on the south end, and, he certainly will be now.
It's so darn dry, the mud on the bottom of the lake has turned to
It's been a long time since I've heard from Scott Hove. He shared
the following information about his cousin Dave Schumacher. >>> Gary, My
cousin, David Schumacher, recently flew into Las Vegas in order to pick
up his son's vehicle which had remained stuck in Kingman, AZ following
an accident (everyone is OK). Anyway, I picked David up at the airport
and drove him down to Kingman so he could drive it back to Grafton.
He told me of his visits with you and I knew then that I had
to let you know this: While in Kingman, David spotted some money on the
ground. He picked up $0.08 (all pennies) and was able to pocket it! The
significance of this: most people who come to Las Vegas go home and tell
everyone how much they won (as if this place is growing like it is
because everyone wins when they're here) but; I can vouch for David! He
came to Las Vegas and left ahead of the game and he didn't even have to
touch a slot machine!
Because of his great luck, I would assume some of you guys will probably
hit him up for coffee when he's back in Grafton. Best wishes,
Scott Hove <<< Thanks a million for sharing Scott. I might expect Daves
recent "windfall" to have a positive impact on the price of gas at the
station.... Then again, I might not.
Often, resolutions like those at new years and special
celebrations are made, then broken. The following message is a somewhat
different attempt at keeping one. A subscriber wrote: >>> Welcome home
Gary. Glad to hear your fishing stories including the one that got away.
I saw a note in today's (July 24, ) Grand Forks Herald about a Red
River International Bike Tour next summer. It will start in Grand Forks,
head north to Canada and return to East Grand Forks. 316 miles in 5
days. It's been a while since I rode 50-60 miles in a day much less 5
days in a row but I have a year to train for it. I am telling you as a
means of keeping a promise to make this journey. If I say it I have to
do it.
Feel free to mention the bike tour but I'd rather not be named if
you do. Thanks. <<< Thanks for caring and sharing. As you requested,
only you and I will know the author. So,... I am hoping you will keep
"us" informed on the progress your making getting ready for the event.
I am very pleased that I can share the following message from
Kathee Carlson. She wrote: >>> I loved the story of your dad making
Kaye's wedding extra special. I can almost hear him humming away as he
and his helpers put the special touches in the sacristy. He especially
seemed to enjoy wedding work, and whenever I entered Grafton Floral,
even after I was no longer working there, I had the urge to "check the
hook" on which hung the clip board with the pending wedding orders. I
was glad that I got married in Grafton so that my wedding order could
hang on the hook--even though by then it was you, and not your dad, who
took care of my flowers.
Kathee <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Kathee. Later on this
summer, Grafton Floral will be celebrating 60 years of memories in the
Grafton area. We, Pat and me, are especially proud to have played a part
in the Grafton Floral tradition.
I can still hear dad telling young ladies while they were ordering
their wedding flowers, "This will be the most important day of your
life. You will provide the beauty, my flowers will enhance the
occasion." Over the years I can also remember my mother, my step mother,
and numerous other Grafton Floral staff members say much the same.
Aren't memories wonderful?
Wouldn't you know it, after all these years I finally come
up with a "real",.. truely real, fish story and then I received the
following in yesterdays notes.
Marjie wrote: >>> Fish tales...Never thought I'd have one of
my own
to share.
My son and I stepped out onto our front porch this afternoon after a
strong thunderstorm which dumped a large amount of rain and
softball-sized hail in Orlando I was told. We couldn't believe it when
we saw a catfish on the driveway. Then we discovered five more along
the driveway going towards the street. They squiggled their way into the
gutter which was still flowing strongly with rain water. Two went away
from the storm sewer and one was rescued and released into a retention
pond near my house. Unfortunately the others all went down the drain.
I live about 5 miles from an 18,810 acre lake, Lake
Tohopekaliga(Lake Toho) teaming with bass and it appears, catfish.
I've read that strong storms can pick up fish and frogs and release them
a few miles away. I have never seen this before. I'm going to look for a
fish resistant umbrella.
Marjie <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Marjie. Marjie
did send a photo with the note, however, lack of time, space and
technical savy doesn't allow it's inclusion.
Fishings never been quite that good on Lake of the Woods.
Although, if I remember right, John Gudajtes did say when he got off
Arnesen's launch that the "fish were just jumping in the boat". That too
was probably caused by a high winds,.... Johns.
Or so it seems to me.
This weeks winners in the firefighters calendar draw are: 7/24
David Hanson * $20
7/25 Alvin Dykema $20
7/26 Betty Machart $20
7/27 Tom Gerszewski $20
7/28 Daniel Olivarez $20
7/29 Marty Andrews $20
7/30 Brian Kristjanson $20
I should also mention that James Loos, Eileen Bolek and Don Hutson
were among last weeks lucky winners.
The Gazette works best, when the folks that read it, write it. Or
so it seems to me.
I am starting to develop a twitch, again, in the arm I use to set
the hook in the upper lip of a walleye. If, you should notice that the
Gazette is missing. It could well be that I am out receiving proper
therapy at Rocky Point.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Monday, July 24, 2006

July 24, 2006 - Monday

07/24/06 MONDAY
Todays Gazette is brought to you by Jim & Kaye (Kieley) McFarland
The present temperature is 85 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 94/62
Normal H/L temp for this date is 83/57
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Those that think nothing ever happens in Grafton probably just haven't
left town long enough so it can.
Spudniks building, although not completed, is up and providing shelter
from the sun (and rain, if it ever does).
A major portion of the Gerszewski potato warehouse, the part that
busted out last year, has been torn down.
The Simonson organization has purchased the BP gas station (formerly
Lee's Standard) on the corner of Hill and 17.
Aurel and Delores DeSautel sold their home in Eastwood (once owned by
Bill and Peggy Moe) to Jim and Cheryl Vistad, Rumor has it Jim thinks
it's better to have the kitchen and the bathroom on the same floor. The
Vistads have been living in the former Norman and Winnie Burns home on
Western Avenue.
Then, I noticed this morning that the business that occupied the former
Tollacks Furniture store is moving to Sauk Center (I think).
Although I haven't been told specifically, it also appears that
Ekatta's "liquor livery" is open and doing business in the same area Sam
Nelson used to sell chocolate malts.
I was also sorry to hear the Louis Goodrie age 78 died last Friday at
his home in Grafton. I'm sure there are as many stories about Louie as
there are people in Grafton.
Let it suffice to say, "Louie always did the best he could, with what
he had to work with." I will miss seeing Louis walking around town
looking down at the sidewalk with an unlit cigarette in his mouth,
wearing his 'well worn' parka and hard hat.
I received the following note awhile back and hope someone can shed a
bit of lite on it for us. Kristy wrote: >>>
Hi Gary! I want you to know how much Bruce and I enjoy your Gazette!
Thank you for all you do for our community! I received a letter from my
dad, (Chuck Stenso), today and in it was a picture of the airport. It
was taken from the air, and it was underwater. He said it was taken in
the 1948 flood. There is a P-51 mustang airplane behind the hanger. He
mentioned the air force had given it to the city after the war. He also
said the city sold it to someone for $6,000.00. The gentleman who bought
it came to the airport and worked on it for about a day and flew it out
of town. He said at the end of the letter that he thought it would be
fun to know where it went and who it was that purchased it. I thought
that maybe someone in the Gazette family might know that info. Again,
thank you for all you do! Kristy Stenso <<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Kristy, I'll bet someone can
help us out.
It was really great hearing from Lyle Anderson this week as well. I met
the Andersons a couple weeks ago at Rocky Point. Lyle wrote:
Got your e-mail, thanks. We got home on Friday, about 4600 miles
total. But the best part of the trip was, we were able to take some
time off and relax, which is hard for me to do sometimes.
Stayed at some good camps, met some good and interesting people,like
yourself, and saw some country. I was a little disappointed with the
fishing tho. I wish I'd have had my boat there to battle those waves
and wind. Maybe next time.
It's back to work on Monday. I'm going to be building a tennis
club here, which will include a weight room, pool, offices etc. It
should keep me out of trouble for about 14 mos. It will be connected
to an existing 8 tennis court bldg.
I'll stay in touch.
lyle <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Lyle. Your probably
right about a better boat Lyle. Your nephew's little lund boat is a bit
small for the Lake of the Woods. Next year, when you return, we'll make
certain you get out and hook a giant walleye in the upper lip.
Speaking of giant fish, and I am. Last week I was able to hook on to a
giant sturgeon. For more than twenty minutes, my brother-in-law Ken
Demester and three boatloads of fisherpersons that gathered to watch,
observed the prehistoric behemoth and this Nor-Frenchman take battle.
The first time it broke water, by the side of the boat, I darn nearly
dumped the contents of my colon, as I think, did the three guys in the
boat only a few feet away. The second time it surfaced, "we" were ready,
and this time certain it was a giant bottom feeder with big bumps on
it's back.
After twenty minutes, (it felt more like an hour) I finally had the
bugger next to the boat, and, we (Kenny) had about three feet of it's
backend in the net,.... and.... doggone, bugger heck shucks, gee
willikers darn,... it lurched out of the net and back into the water.
At first I said "rats" then I realized it was best we didn't land it in
the boat. As we returned to Rocky Point I was pleased for several
reasons. First, that so many got a chance to see it. Second, that my
colon was still able to function under pressure, and third, that for
several days after, every time I walked into Arnesen's Rock Harbor
Lodge, people would refer to me as, "the guy that caught the giant
There now, see Paul, I hardly didn't mention it in the Gazette at all.
As for fishing out of Arnesen's Rocky Point in general. Fishing
continues to be nothing short of fantastic,... and,... catching has been
fantastic as well.
It seems every week we get to meet new and interesting folks at
Rocky Point. Last week Paul and Diane spent a week catching and eating
fresh Lake of the Woods Walleye. They reside in Rochester Mn, where Paul
is a retired homicide investigator who presently sells BMW'S to
Rochester's professional base and Diane who is still in law enforcement
as a deputy. Both of them worked on the Jacob Wetterling case several
years ago in the St, Joes Mn. area.
Both Pat and I enjoyed spending time with them and were fascinated by
some of their stories. They gave us every indication they would not only
be returning to "the Point" but that they are also very interested in
becoming summer residents as well. I look forward to seeing them
again,... real soon.
We were so please when we returned Sunday night to find so many notes
and letters from folks congratulating us for being honored at this years
Summerfest. Often, they contain tidbits about the past that are very
special to us. Sometimes, as is the case with Kaye (Kieley) McFarland,
we receive both an electronic note which says, >>> Please include us on
your email list.
We've been getting your news letter forwarded by the class of '53, but
hope that you will include us directly, so that we don't miss anything.
Keep up the good work. You and Pat are bringing joy to so many. THANKS!!
Kaye <<< Thanks a million Kaye, and welcome to the
Gazette famly.
Kaye also sent a picture of Pat and me during the parade, along with
the following note I will cherish forever.
She wrote: Not sure that you would remember Kaye Kieley --- you were
always "David's little brother". Enjoy the Gazette --- Thank you. Your
dad and mom, Cora, Hazel and this former GHS student are very proud of
you! (That's Cora Lykken and Hazel Sutterlin, of course.)
Our fathers were very good friends and your dad "MADE" my wedding ---
after Father Garland refused to marry me in the church proper --- your
dad "flowered" the sacristy "magically". I'll always be grateful. Keep
up the good work. K. <<<
Thanks a million Kaye, for caring and sharing. I have always known that
Grafton Floral has ment a lot of things, to a lot of people. It is
heartwarming to learn of them "firsthand". Gary
And yes, I certainly do remember you Kaye. I helped tie the bows on the
sacristy pews.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Monday, July 10, 2006

July 10, 2006 - Monday

07/10/06 MONDAY grp. 5 of 20
Todays Gazette is brought to you by rain and all the folks that
need it.
The current temperature is 73 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 67/52
Normal H/L temp for this date is 81/57
Todays Skeeter meter reading -- ZERO
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Although it's been 14 days since I sent out the last Gazette, it
doesn't seem like more than a couple weeks.
Fishing, for those interested, has been absolutely fantastic.
Catching has been very close to the same. It took a couple days to teach
my leaches to speak Walleye and after that, they (the Walleye's) started
swimming right toward the frying pan.
John Gudajtes and a group of Red River "River Rats" were among
many of the most recent Arnesen's Rocky Point Resort visitors. The "Rat
Pack" not only got their limit on the launch, they didn't do bad in the
lodge either. The all night card game didn't go to bad, and, as I
understand it, no-one lost more than a couple bucks. Right John?
I am also pleased to welcome John and Susan to the Gazette family.
Now you'll be able to read all the wonderful things I write about you.
Have I ever mentioned the food at Arnesen's Rock Harbor Lodge is
nothing short of fantastic?
Speaking of meeting wonderful people at Rocky Point. The Lyle
Anderson's from Hailey, Id. parked next to us for a few days as well.
Lyle was born & raised in Warren Mn. tho' presently enjoys his
contracting business in Idaho. He told me he knew both Joe and Ray
Burwell from Warren and that Ray, in high school, was the fastest
(running) little Bugger he ever knew.
As we shook hands and said goodbye, I hoped they would come back
again next year. Til then, they will reside in my memory bank of
wonderful people by the jetty next to Rock Harbor Lodge.
I am also pleased to welcome the Anderson's first look at the
Gazette and hope you will continue to share a part of your world with
This has truely been a fantastic summer for me. I am so
fortunate to have my family close and able to share so many of the
really important "little" things in life with them every day. I am also
fortunate to have such wonderful people at our "summer retreat" by the
I am especially pleased, and proud of the recent honor bestowed me
in being nominated home town hero. I was amazed at the number of cards,
letters, e-mails and calls we have received. Thank you Harry and Mitch
Iverson for the super Die-Cast collection edition car. It will hold a
place of honor in my home for a number of reasons. Thanks a million,
once again, to everyone for making someone no more important than a
speck in a pail of water, feel like an ocean.
Graftons Summerfest festivities are a major portion of the glue
that keeps "our" town whole. It's paramount that "we" continue to build
on it's success.
I would like to share a note Norman (Nip) Lykken sent. I'm not
real sure on the Billy D. part, I am positive, however, he's right about
the part Pat has played in my life.
Nip's note: >>>
Hi Gary
I just got back yesterday from a great week in my old home town,
Grafton. One of the reasons I come back every year, is because everyone
I see makes me feel right at home just like I never left. I come back to
my home here in Gig Harbor, I feel rejuvenated and ready for another
year. After spending at least 10 hours and drinking gallons of coffee at
Granny's in 5 mornings with all of the highly educated people at the
"table of knowledge", especially Bill Desautel, I don't think I could
have learned more in several months going to school. It was great to see
you and congratulations Gary for being the home town HERO. You deserve
it. Also it was great to meet your wife Pat. I am sure she has a lot to
do with you being the hero you are. If the good lord is willing and the
creek don't rise I hope to attend next year.
Norm "NIP" Lykken
I am extremely pleased to share the following message about
"Little" Ben Wharam. >>>>
It is official, Ben will no longer be busy kick'n cancers butt.
The Beast has been beaten. Hip Hip Hooray (as Maria would say.) All of
the tests that Ben had done over the past couple days, show NO SIGN of
CANCER. The CT scan showed no tumors. The MIBG scan showed no cancerous
cells in the bone marrow. The bone marrow biopsy showed no cancerous
cells. There is no evidence of disease (NED). In addition, Ben's
echocardiogram showed no irregularities. And his hearing test went fine.
Tomorrow Ben will have surgery to remove the Hickman catheter. After
that it is just followup exams and urine samples. We will do monthly
labs and exams in Grand Forks for the first 2 months. The third followup
will be in Rochester. We will continue on that schedule for several
months (like 36 as of now.)
Thank you all for your continued love, support, and prayers. We
appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for us. Praise the
Lord for he has answered our prayers. God Bless you all... <<<
Somewhere it is written, I think, that the Lord gives us trials
for resolve, tribulation for character and prayer to appreciate them
all. "We will continue to pray for "Little" Ben, and those less
fortunate than us. So that in the end, our character will resolve our
tribulations." GLM
From the peek of happiness for "little" Ben, to the depths of
sorrow. I am deeply saddened to share the following death notice of
longtime friend,
Gary D. Johnson, 62, of Gilbert Az, died peacefully on Tuesday, June
27, surrounded by his family.
Born July 12, 1943 in Grafton, ND, Gary was the son of the late
Dennis and Gladys Johnson. On June 18, 1966, he married his sweetheart,
Carol Arlene Yonkers in Anaheim California. Gary served his country
in the U.S. Navy from 1960 thru 1966, traveling the world.
Gary worked as a machinist for Robrad Tool & Engineering for the
past 16 years. He previously drove truck for 17 years. Gary loved to
watch baseball and any kind of racing, but his true joy was in playing
with his grandchildren.
He is survived by his wife Carol and his children Ron (Cory), Mike
(Tracy) of Queen Creek Az. and Cyndee of Mesa Az.; four grandchildren,
Cody, Jessica, Taytumn and Taryn; and his brother, Don from Drayton ND.
He is further survived by many nieces, nephews, other relatives and
Gary's Brother-in-law, Pastor Russell Yonkers of Evansville, In.,
officiated. Entombment followed at Queen of Heaven Cemetery 1500 East
Baseline Road Mesa Az.
Although it's been many years since I've seen Gary. I will always
remember the many interesting and fun times together i our youth. I will
also take great solace in the following note Gary's brother Don shared
with me. Don wrote; >>>
I just wanted you to know that Gary was diagnosed with Cancer a
few days ago. It was very preogressed and with sadness I have to tell
you he died last night. I'll forward the obituary when it's available
and you can use it should you choose.
He enjoyed your gazette so very much. We talked about it whenever we
chatted. You always brought a little bit of "Home" to him thru your
musings. Thank you for what you do..... <<<<
Thank you Don, for caring and sharing. "The world is full of folks
that want to. Heaven is full of folks that do."
We would like to extend our most sincere sympathies from the Moe
family to the Gary Delano Johnson family and all of those Gary has
touched in his time here on earth. Pat and Gary Moe
The Gazette works best, when the folks that read it, write it. Or
so it seems to me.
I would be helpful to "our" subscription department if the newest
members of the Gazette family would let us know they are receiving it
correctly. Thanks, Gary

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.