Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31, 2008 -Friday

Todays Gazette is being brought to you by the multitude of little
Ghost's and Goblin's everywhere.
~~~~~~ HAPPY HALLOWEEN ~~~~~~
The current temperature is 39 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 72/37
Normal H/K temp for this date is 45/26
It was 77 degrees on this date in 1999
If you forget to set your clocks back before you go to bed
Saturday. You will be an hour early for church Sunday.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Thanks to everyone that called or sent messages of concern over
the past several days. My eye is getting a little better every day and
for that I am most pleased. It won't be long before I'll be seeing
things better than before.
Speaking of seeing things. I'm told the following sign was
seen at a big city Optometrist's Office:
'If you don't see what you're looking for, you've come to the right
Somehow I understand that better now, than I ever did before.
Crews have, almost, finished the cement work around Simonson's new
Subway Sandwich / Gas Station. Although there still appears to be a
significant amount of work to do, especially inside. It is evident that
Simonson's are well on the way of transforming the corner of Hill Avenue
& Hiway 17 into a very attractive, multi-business location.
Speaking of signs on doors: Here's one for Dr Rick's front door.
In a Veterinarian's waiting room:
'Be back in 5 minutes. Sit! Stay!'
This note is relatively self explanatory. That is to say that it
poses a question,.... that,... also begs a question. I have decided to
withhold the authors name, in the interest of interest. Except to say
that little Eb and Grace know him much better than most.
The note: >>>> Good morning young fella, you may not know it but I
take interest in this motel gouging incident for reasons you don't need
to be bothered with. I would like to know which motel to avoid next time
I need to stay in your town. Thanks and I hope the day finds you well.
<<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing. And, since I started this
piece withholding names I should finish that way as well. Let it suffice
to say, if you don't need a swimming pool, and, if you are okay with
parking right in front of your door. I don't think you will have any
problem staying in Grafton at all.
For anyone that has had anything to do with farming, anywhere in
the general Grafton area over most of the past 50 years. Especially if
your line of equipment was green. You almost certainly would have stood
across the parts counter getting John Deere parts from George Delling.
It grieves me to report the passing of
George J. Delling, age 82 of Grafton, ND died Wednesday,
October 29, 2008 at the Lutheran Sunset Home of Grafton. He grew up
and graduated from the Walsh County Agricultural School in Park River.
He later attended the University of Idaho, serving as a Radioman in the
U.S. Navy from 1944-46. Following his discharge he returned to the
Grafton area and married Marilyn Hove on November 16, 1947. George
worked as the Service Manager for the John Deere Implement for 42 1/2
years. Marilyn passed away on September 28, 2001 and George moved to the
Lutheran Sunset Home this summer.
He is survived by his children: James (Sharon) Delling, Fargo, ND;
Tom (Grace) Delling, Williston, ND; Susan Thorstad, Aurora, CO; Barbara
Moga, Rancho Cucamonga, CA; brother Fred Anderson, Park River, ND; 11
grandchildren and five great grandchildren.
Funeral services will be Monday, November 3, 2008 at 11:00 A.M. at
the Grafton Lutheran Church. Visitation will be Monday for one hour
prior to the service at the church. Interment will be at the Grafton
Lutheran Cemetery.
The Tollefson Funeral Home of Grafton is in charge of the arrangements.
Pat and I with our entire family would like to extend our
deepest and most sincere sympathies to the family and friends of George
J. Delling.
"The reason it takes me so long to do something, is because I'm
not always sure what I should be doing in the first place."

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 30, 2008 - Thursday

Todays Gazette is brought to you with one good eye and one behind a
The current temperature is 46 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 58/22
Normal H/L temp for this date is 46/26
It was 73 degrees on this date in 1950
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Unfortunately, during the time I was fooling around trying to see
things better, I got frightfully behind in the mail room. Todays
Gazette, even by my standards, may appear much like our politicians of
late. Hard to understand. Anyway,.....
Kathee shared the following note from her desk near Parkers Prairie
Mn.: >>>>
I was happy to see the Gazette pop up this AM, then not so happy that
you had to go through eye surgery, then happy again that all went well.
May your recovery be speedy and complete.
As far as this small world goes -- Dean Carlson (no relation) was in the
same King Agassiz, Emerging Leadership class as my husband Gary for the
Red River Winter Shows in Crookston back in 1990. It has been fun to
catch Dean's columns in the ag magazines that sometimes pile up at our
Harvest here is agonizingly way behind. Gary is just in the beginning
stages of corn combining. The corn is wet and requires heavy doses of
drying. Deer hunting season is around the corner, and Gary will probably
have to forego it this year to stay in the combine. Let's just hope that
he can keep ahead of the really bad weather and any heavy snows. I
recall it was Charlie's first Halloween in 1991 that we received that
tremendous dumping of snow that called a halt to just about everything.
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Kathee. I hope the sun has been
shinning brightly on your farm these last few days.
A while ago I mentioned my frustration with the way some television
personalities deliver political propaganda. I speak not even so much
what they say, rather how they say it. I think I mentioned one
personality in particular named Keith Olbermann on the MSNBC network.
To that end, or maybe mine, Doug Weberg wanted to share the following:
>>>> Gary, Re: your comments on CNBC: don't forget the three morning
stooges and the evening "hatriots" on Fox News...and this area's radio
version of Fox...am1100..."the flag"(no false patriotism here) and its
morning show the "common sense club."
Does anyone watch the two C-SPANs? The coverage is largely devoid
of brief-sound-bites and allows viewers more exposure to differing
opinions. Dichotomies are dangerous...(ex. black/white,
conservative/liberal)and those that traffic in them least reflect
reality. Recommended reading: google "14 Defining
Characteristics of Fascism" by Dr. Lawrence Britt.
-Retired Social Studies Teacher <<<< Thanks a million for
caring and sharing Doug. It can't ever be said that the Gazette isn't at
least somewhat fairly unbalanced. I don't think......
Often, over the past several years, while driving by the former Rinde
Oldsmobile Automobile Dealership on the corner of Wakeman ave. & 4th
street I have thought about the Rinde's and wondered where they are and
how they are doing. I was so pleased today when I received the following
note from Bernice. Now, not only do I know, so too does our entire
Gazette family.
Bernice wrote: >>>>
Hi Gary, Sorry to hear of your eye problem and hope it will
continue to improve. We missed all your "news and stuff" about
Grafton. Dean was born and raised in Grafton and I worked as a nurse
there for many years. We lived there many years after we were married
and in 1966 moved to Rochester where we still live 42 years later. We
are both retired now and have been married for 55 years. My how the
time flies. We have two sons and one grand daughter. None of them
live here but we have a lot of good friends.
Wanted to thank you for including us in your Gazette and hope you
continue to get well. Sincerely, Bernice Rinde <<<
Thank you so much for caring and sharing Bernice.
I also heard from a couple of "our" Ohio Fox Hunting Friends today.
They can speak first hand to the issues of motel room rates and how they
effect folks that visit our community. Bill & Cindy wrote: >>> Gary,
Glad you are home and doing well. We were wondering where you have
been. It is amazing how quick the Doctors can work to "fix" something
and make it better. Quite interesting the rates of hotels and what they
have to offer. The fox hunters learned that first hand in your very own
town. You would think they would want to fill their rooms at a cheaper
rate, than a few at a higher rate, or so it seems to me! Take care of
yourself and glad you are up and about. Keep the Gazette coming.
Cindy and Bill Shininger <<<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing. "Our" Ohio Fox Hunter Friends
ultimately found their temporary home in Grafton at the Leonard Motel.
Because, they tell me, they get great rooms at the Leonard Motel in
Speaking of the Leonard Motel, Gloria, sent the following note. >>>>
Gary, I really have been enjoying your newsy gazette... I am not
sure where I read this but I thought they were very wise words and mean
alot in todays world... with the election coming up it might be very
wise to understand your candidate and these words say alot.. " A
government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to
take away everything you have.."
-- Thomas Jefferson --
Gloria Charlton <<<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Gloria.
My memory is alot like my eyesight,.... not as good as it used to be.
However, somehow not to long ago, I seem to remember putting that quote
in the Gazette. No-matter, it is a great quote Gloria and everyone
should be mindful of it.
"It is perfectly okay to disagree with me. Because we live in the land
of the free."
Or so it seems to me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October 29, 2008 - Wednesday

Todays Gazette is being brought to you courtesy of PUCKETT'S White Spot
Grafton ND. ----------- Phone 80
The current temperature is 30 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 38/22
Normal H/L temp for this date is 47/27
It was 77 degrees on this date in 1950
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Every once in awhile, for what almost seems forever, I mention the
former Walsh County Bank Building and it's repugnant position on
Grafton's main street business district. For more years now than I have
patience, the former WCB building has been used for nothing more than
storing sailboat fuel.
Deteriorating plywood covers the mainstreet lower level windows, the
second floor windows have remained open for years and several windows in
the rear of the building have been broken out.
It has been several years already since someone that was connected with
city government, covered the mainstreet windows because of the
horrendous stench spewing from it's midst.
I received the following note from Grafton Mayor Todd Burianek that
gives "some" inkling that someone someday may start procedures to deal
with the issue.
Todd wrote: >>>> Hi Gary-
I believe it was Twain who said "Rumors of my death have been greatly
In that same vein, rumors of the City's ownership of the WCB building
have likewise been greatly exaggerated. The City MAY become the owner of
said building, but under current law, the owner has NOT become
delinquent with his property tax payments and still enjoys full legal
possession of such building.
Thus we have no greater authority to tear it down than we would any
other building in town. In the event we do become owners of it, a full
inspection will take place and a cost/benefit analysis will be conducted
to determine the best use for the building or as you have suggested, the
best NON-use of it.
I remind everyone that not long ago, two buildings on the DC campus were
deemed inadequate and faced certain demolition when an entity came into
town to make beautiful apartments out of them. I'm not saying I know of
a good use for WCB or if one even exists; I am saying I want to keep an
open mind about that.
Thank you for your kind attention to this and all City matters.
TB <<< Thanks a million for sharing your thoughts Todd. For some reason
I find it extremely hard to believe that "we", the citizens of Grafton,
have allowed that facility to exist in it's present state for SO MANY
years without doing something about it. And, as far as the buildings on
the grounds of the Developmental Center are concerned. It is true, they
were deemed "inadequate". However they remained state buildings, on
state grounds, and they were maintained, all-be-it minimally, until
converted to a new more useful life.
It is extremely difficult for me to believe that the governing body of
the city of Grafton, in conjunction with the membership of the Grafton
Chamber of Commerce can't resolve the repulsive obstruction to what
otherwise would be a very congenial downtown business district. Or so it
seems to me.
Speaking of ways to welcome folks to town, or give them reason to
leave. The former WCB building isn't the only conundrum in town.
Charging someone the cost of 31 gallons of gas to spend the night at a
motel is another one.
Sharon sent the following response to that issue. She wrote: >>> Hello
I am commenting on the Local Motel story:
I've been in the Hotel/Restaurant business for well over 20 years
and I will have to say...shame on the Management/Staff at this
particular "local" motel...if they had rooms to rent, and it was late at
night, the Manager and/or staff on duty should have
GRACIOUSLY accommodated this couple with a motel
discount...unbelievable that they turned away "business" just because
they were greedy enough to expect $109 per room.
I work at one of the finest Hotels in Bismarck (Radisson) and
there is absolutely no way we would have turned anyone away having only
a dozen cars in our parking ramp. In fact, not only would this couple
have gotten a discount for their room, they would also have gotten the
red carpet treatment to make sure their stay with us would be 100% at
its best.
Word of mouth is the best advertisement for any business and we
would want this couple to not only return to our Hotel, but to also let
their family/friends know what a wonderful stay they had at our
My complaint on many businesses all over our state/country
is Customer Service is slacking and no one seems to care to go above
and beyond at their workplace is absolutely frustrating to
the patron(s) and a total embarrassment to the Management/Staff at these
businesses. Sadly, without proper training of Management/Employees,
we will expect this in the future from many different businesses.
Hopefully this local Motel (very obvious which facility this
is) will have read your article regarding this young couples denial of
a motel discount in the Gazette, and realize they have made a HUGE
mistake and take care of this problem of incompetence and neglect in the
Just a concerned Gazette Reader :-)
Sharon LaMont <<<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Sharon. I
hope our entire business community gets a chance to read your message.
The following note speaks to the same subject, although it comes with a
little different spin. Rick wrote: >>>
I do not know if the pipeline people are still in town or not, but
if they are, that is most likely the reason for the high motel
prices. We experienced the same scenario in Dickinson on a recent
pheasant hunting trip. The same motel we stayed at 2 years ago was
only $69 per night with no extra charge for dogs. This year, after
the oil boom is going strong, the room was $105 plus $10 per dog per
night for a total of $135 per night. It is merely a matter of supply
and demand that allows them to increase their prices.
Also, glad to hear all went well with your eye surgery.
Have a great day,
Rick Odegard, DVM
Kindness Animal Hospital
4400 32nd Avenue
Grand Forks, ND. <<<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Rick. I
could buy the "supply and demand thing", IF that were the case.
Unfortunately, many if not most of our pipeline workers have already
moved on. (remember only a few cars in the lot) I might also add that
the young couple actually ended up running across the street to
"another" motel for substantially less money.
Besides, this isn't just a summer of 2008 problem, our Ohio Fox Hunter
friends can attest to that. It really isn't a true problem of supply and
demand either, as Marjie found out when she tried to visit our community
a couple years ago.
However, with a little luck, a bit more tenacity and a whole lot of
community encouragement. This too may be resolved to a positive end. Or
so it seems to me.
Rumor has it that here is still a perfectly good set of ("slightly
bent") beet topping knives buried in the ground somewhere around Warsaw.
"The world doesn't simply change on it's own. Some thing or some one
must make it happen." Or so it seems to me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 28, 2008 - Tuesday

10/28/08 TUESDAY
Todays Gazette is brought to you with my sincere gratitude and
appreciation of the Heartland Eye Care organization with offices in
Grafton and Park River.
The current temperature is 26 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 45/32
Normal H/L temp for this date is 48/27
It was 72 degrees on this date in 1937
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. most stuff.
Last Tuesday was the last Gazette I sent out. Missing the past several
days wasn't, exactly done, by plan. If I can I will "try" explain it by
way of a Readers Digest Version, so to speak.
For the past several weeks, roof tops, pickett fences and even folks
some might consider straight shooters, all seemed to have wavy or
irregular lines of one sort or another.
After hearing a advertisement on KXPO suggesting when things seem to
appear funny or if I should see squiggly lines, I "probably" have a
problem. So,... I stopped in and made a appointment with the fantastic
folks at Heartland Eye Care in Grafton. They also have an office in Park
After telling the pretty young ladies behind the Heartland desk my
problem. They suggested that I be back there "no later than 1:15 the
next afternoon" (Tuesday). And,.. so I was. I was pretty sure, after
hearing Dr. Mark Helgeson's very first first "mmmm" that I might be in
trouble. After a very very thorough examination, Dr. Mark told me I
would need surgery ASAP. He assured me that just because "we" must
really hurry, "I" really shouldn't worry.... So I didn't.
Hence, I had to be in Fargo, at Retina Consultants, with Dr Mason
Wednesday morning at 8:45. After another extensive exam Dr Mason
confirmed the need for surgery so I was sent to see Dr. Yohi at Internal
Medicine Associates for a "preop" physical. So far, that encounter
proved to be the first test I was actually able to pass to that point.
After passing the "preop" I was sent back to the Institute for Special
Surgery and checked in for what would be the repair of the a "buggered
up" right eye. Dr Max Johnson performed the surgery. And, except for a
relatively short period of time, I was able to "listen in" so to speak
as the process evolved. I was very impressed with both Dr Mason and Dr
Johnson even before the surgery. I must admit, I am even more impressed
now that the procedure to repair the retina of my right eye is, almost,
It goes without saying that the professionalism displayed by the Dr's
and their staff that I encountered while being treated in North Dakota's
largest city was fantastic. The efficiencies I experienced in Fargo's
eye care facilities was truly enviable, by any standards. HOWEVER,
especially after the events of the past several days, I am even more
impressed by the total healthcare system we are able to enjoy right here
in the Grafton area.
Dr Mark Helgeson - for those that don't know, is the brother-in-law of
Kennedy Mn. author and farmer Dean Carlson. (Dean also raises
It is reassuring to know that even in small town USA, certainly this
small town USA anyway, that we can, and do, have access to healthcare
that truly is second to none. Most of which, starts right here at home.
It really has been an interesting week, and, if I might be brutally
honest, not completely without pain. Some physical, although thats to be
expected. Some might be best described as trying, to say the least.
Our first nights stay in ND's largest city was in rooms less than one
might hope for (the facility was being renovated). No air, hot or cold,
and the desk "forgot" to tell us when we checked in. Anyway, the
rooms,... oops maybe I should add, besides Pat, our daughters Kelly &
Wendy and granddaughter Tiffany participated in my eye adventure. Now
then, the rooms were "only" $79 plus tax so I suggested we should be
happy don't worry.
Then, the night of the surgery, we found a better motel, a much better
motel, and, those rooms were only $50 each complete with a super
breakfast. Now I know it's often good or even right to mention names but
if I did. I'd have to say our stay at Fargo's Americinn was most
enjoyable. Of course I should add that the $50 room rate represented a
discount, given I believe to most if not all medical patients.
No matter, after my checkup Friday morning we returned home. While
doing so I had time to "revisit" the events of the past few days.
I thought how lucky I was. First that I have such a fantastic family
and that I know somehow those that couldn't be there, wanted to be. I
thought, again, about how lucky I am that we have the medical services
we enjoy in Grafton. Then, as I thought about the differences between
the accommodations of our two night stay in North Dakota's largest city.
I wondered. How, or even why should there be so much difference between
to motel operations less than a block apart. Then I fell asleep and
didn't wake up again until we arrived home.
Now then,... I've been home for a few days and spending 45 minutes of
every hour laying on my left side as per Dr. Johnson's orders. A few
folks called and several grandchildren stopped by to wish me well and
offer any help they may provide.
I'm getting 4 different drops and a shot of salve in my eye three times
a day and a pill morning and night that tends to make going to the
bathroom mandatory,... if you know what I mean.
Anyway, I've been told I can expect this basic regiment for the next
few weeks. AND, believe it or not, I can handle that. Unfortunately I am
struggling with one thing since my return home. This too, will be the
Readers Digest Version and I will let you decide.
The story: A young couple decided to stay at a local (Grafton) Motel
the other night. It was close to the midnight hour when they were
dropped off in front of the Inn and there was less than a dozen cars in
the parking lot. Upon entering, they were told a room at that particular
Inn would be $109.... yup..... ONE HUNDRED and NINE DOLLARS,... and I
understand they didn't even want to use the pool.
Now I wonder. How can a motel in a community of less than five thousand
people justify a regular room, not a suit, that costs $109? How many
people, I wonder, have actually walked away from that facility just as
that young couple did? I do know of several, although I'm sure I don't
know them all.
"If you can't say the things you want to say. The way you want to say
them. Then you're not living in the USA."
Or so it seems to me

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October 21, 2008 - Tuesday

Todays Gazette is brought to you by the Unity Medical Center Foundation.
~ "Uniting for a Healthier Tomorrow." ~
Please attend "Tonights" meeting about Unity Medical Center at Century
Elemetery School at 7:00 pm in the commons area.
The current temperature is 32 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 49/27
Normal H/L temp for this date is 53/31
It was 79 degrees on this date in 1947
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
It is becoming more and more evident - to me at least - that the real
winners in this years political campaign will be the ruthless, vicious,
unscrupulous news media buffoons. They, and their affiliated news (?)
networks, are amassing tens of millions of dollars prodding politicians
and American citizens into a frenzy.
Some folks have suggested that the MSNBC moniker stands for Mainly
Swaying News Broadcasting Clowns. There may or may not be any truth to
that inference. I'm almost certain, however, that I am not the only
American Citizen that is getting extremely tired of the way television
networks continually bash of our political candidates.
On both sides of the isle.
Although I can't be absolutely positive that every member of our
Grafton City Government team has heard about the issues surrounding the
former Walsh County Bank Building. I'm not even really sure how many
members of the Grafton Chamber of Commerce are aware of the status of
the mildew, rodent and rot that is involved regarding that structure.
I am, however, reasonably certain that some members are. The vacant
building, once filled with money, hopes and dreams, now stands empty.
The only possible, purposeful, use the building could provide would be
for the storage of sailboat fuel. Unfortunately, I doubt our city
fathers would allow the use of sailboats in our city sanitary lagoon
Mentioning the former Walsh County Bank and Trust in the Gazette hasn't
been completely negative however. As evident by the following note from
Millie. >>>>
Hi Gary
The mention of the Walsh County Bank brought back memories of having
worked at it when it was located near the, I think it was the Main Bar
and the Loos Hardware store. I thought they built a new one closer to
Grafton National Bank. I worked there when Bill Johnston was was
President in the late 1940's. As you can see I haven't been back for a
while as I have no family living there any longer. I love living in
eastern Minnesota after 10 years in Arizona. Keep up your articles as
they bring memories to a lot of former residents.
Millie (Pribula) Sobolik. <<<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing
Millie. Your memory is absolutely correct. The "new" Walsh County Bank
was, in fact, moved across the street to the west side of the 500 block
of Hill Avenue in May of 1950. Then the Walsh County Bank moved to the
location in the 900 block of Hill Avenue in 1974 and remains there to
this day. Although it has since become known as a Bremer Bank.
W.J. (Bill) Johnston retired from active banking in 1964, although if
one tries hard enough, it may still be possible to hear Bill greeting
his "beneficiaries" with a smile and a sincere sturdy hand shake.
For those of you that haven't been "Home" for awhile. The present site
of the Bremer Bank facility (formerly the Walsh County Bank) is situated
on the property that Melvin Thompson and Bill Meier called home. As a
matter of fact, as I remember it. Bob Oihus moved the beautiful birch
tree that enhances Paul and Jill Thompson's south end lawn, from that
particular corner of Hill Avenue and 9th street. Aren't memories
Have you ever though about going to Branson, and wondered what the
temperature is in Branson Missouri? Rick answered the temp question.
Hi Gary,
We had a high today of 77 degrees and our low was 56. Are you warm yet?
Ha Rick <<<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Rick. I suspect you
noticed the new (Shivercity) Gazette moniker.
Then of course Rick, it is very difficult to actually "want" warm
weather after harvesting over 9 million tons of sugar beets that
requires cold weather to store them properly.
I share the following message from Jay with sincere sympathy. Jay
wrote: >>>>
Hi Gary,
I just wanted to let you know, that one of Grafton's children, Rosella
K. Murphy (Sandvig) passed away on Oct. 5th, 2008 after a bout with
Alzheimer's. She turned 86 last July 3rd and is survived by her husband
Wallace Murphy, son Dan 54, daughter Susan (older than Dan), nephew Jay
Robinson (54) (that's me), 4 grandchildren, and 2 and 1/3 great
grandchildren. Also surviving her is a sister Charlotte Tweten of Grand
Forks, brother Orlie Sandvig of Grafton, 1/2 sister Ruth Insko (Hove),
and numerous nephews and nieces. She lost her brother Marvin Sandvig,
and sister Delores Sandvig (my Mom) several years ago. Her Grandmother
was Clara (Monson Sandvig) Hove and most of our family from their
generation is buried at the South Trinity Church near where they grew up
and farmed the land.
I made my first visit this spring back to N. Dakota in nearly 40 years
and saw the old family farm, church, and remaining family. It was
special for me. We lost Rose to this terrible disease long before her
passing, and I would want the folks back home to know how wonderful a
person she was, taking in a nephew that needed a stable environment when
he as in the 4th grade, and keeping him until he spread his wings at the
ripe old age of 19 and made his own way in the world; a better person
due in large part to her.
I'm very proud of my Monson, Sandvig roots, and just wanted to share a
little about my Aunt. I'm sure a number of seniors in the area will
remember my aunt, and perhaps share a story with a friend or family
member. Goodbye and God bless you, Aunt Rose for all you did for me.
Apologies to any family members I might have overlooked, it was not
Love, Jay <<<<
Thank you so much Jay, for caring and sharing. Your story is heart
warming and I am pleased you chose to share it with the members of our
Gazette family.
"If you think no-one is interested in what you have to say. You really
should rethink what you thought in the first place."
Or so it seems to me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Monday, October 20, 2008

October 20, 2008 - Monday

Todays Gazette is brought to you by
-- Unity Medical Center of Grafton --
~ "Uniting for a Healthier Tomorrow" ~
The current temperature is 41 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 56/34
Normal H/L temp for this date is 54/31
It was 79 degrees on this date in 78
Today's average low temperature is 31 degrees. That, along
with the lack of "Skeeters", indicates it's time to switch the Gazette's
moniker from Skeeterville to Shivercity.
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff. Tomorrow evening (Tuesday,
October 21) members of the Unity Medical
Center Foundation will be holding a informational meeting regarding the
current Unity Hospital renovation/construction project.
Tuesday evening the campaign committee will be prepared to provide
local and area residents with the progress and the process of Unity
Medical Centers construction project. The meeting will be held in the
Century Elementary School commons area starting at 7:00 pm.
"Uniting for a Healthier Tomorrow" - a very appropriate title -
indicating the commitment to the long term health needs of our area.
Cordell Dick, professional campaign manager will be speaking on
the opportunities that the campaign presents for those community members
committed to the welfare of healthcare in the Grafton area.
Unfortunately, I'm finding it difficult, at best, describing the
myriad of benefits members of my family have enjoyed regarding Grafton's
Unity Medical Center.
Just recently, one of our family members required, what I believe
to be, a very serious and significant surgery. Describing Unity Medical
Centers Physicians and Unity's entire support team, during that
procedure, as anything less than "excellent" would be a misnomer of the
greatest degree.
Our family members were not only able to witness and appreciate
Grafton Unity Medical Centers fantastic medical care of "our" patient.
Their high level of care and concern for all of our family members was
constantly evident as well.
The success and future of Grafton's Unity Medical Center is
extremely important to me and to the members of my family. Also,.... I
hasten to add, that the future of the Grafton community relies heavily
on the future of Grafton's Unity Medical Center as well.
Please give Unity Medical Center every possible consideration and
plan to attend the 7:00 pm Tuesday evening presentation.
"Uniting for a Healthier Tomorrow."
Food for thought:
If you are planning to leaving money for something. Why not leave
it in the health care system of your community?
Speaking about the future. So far,.... at least, I haven't
heard much (as a matter of fact,... nothing) from "our" city leaders
regarding the demolition and "cleanup" of the former Walsh County Bank
building in the 500 block of Hill Avenue.
If everything we hear about inflation on television is right, and,
I think that part could be. It will be considerably cheaper to address
the WCB building today, than it will be tomorrow. If there is such a
thing as a building in town that could be laced with significant amounts
of mold, mildew and small animals with long tails. It could well be the
building that once housed the Walsh County Bank and Trust.
"It's better to look at the world realistically, than it is thru
rose colored glasses." Or so it seems to me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Friday, October 17, 2008

October 17, 2008 - Friday

(early edition)
Todays Gazette is brought to you by the growers of American Crystal
Sugar. A teaspoon full of glistening white American Crystal sugar, is a
mere 15 calories, and will tantalize your taste buds.
The current temperature is 32 degrees.
As the temperature approaches the freezing point, It is good to keep
the rotobeater as close to the harvester as possible. HOWEVER, it is
"never" a good idea to back up a rotobeater with the knives down. Right
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Here is an interesting thought.... The next time you talk to a "local"
city council person. Why not ask, "what are we going to do about the
rodent and mold infested building that once housed the Walsh County
Bank? Maybe you could ask. "Why should the down town business community
have to do business along side a building that should have been
condemned several years ago?
And then. The "coup de grace" question certainly should be. And how
soon, council person, would you think "we" could eliminate the worst eye
sore and health hazard on Grafton's main street.
I believe they're fare questions, all of them. I also believe the
questions deserve to be answered post haste.
Speaking of issues regarding the former Walsh County Bank building. I
received the following note after mentioning the problem in yesterdays
Denise wrote: >>>>
I have a business in the building directly north of the former WCB
building. Since it's the oldest building in Grafton, it is sometimes a
challenge to keep the exterior looking great, but we do try. As a matter
of fact, we're remodelling the interior in anticipation of our 5th
anniversary celebration in three weeks. We're also adding a whole
new department of quilting fabrics and notions, which is in response to
many, many requests for quilting fabrics, notions, and classes.
I certainly concur that the WCB building needs immediate attention.
When we have a south wind, the smell of mold just rolls into our
building. Please use whatever powers of persuasion you have to prompt
our city leaders to resolve this problem.
Denise Sevigny
Embroidery Plus <<<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Denise and thanks a million for
investing your time, energy and financial resources in Grafton's
downtown business district. Your Embroidery Plus business establishment
provides Grafton, and the surrounding area, with a very unique and vital
Congratulations on your forth coming fifth anniversary. It seems like
only yesterday Pat purchased a jacket embroidered with the words
"Skeeterville Gazette" from your new venture. Isn't it amazing how fast
time passes.
As a matter of fact, it looks like I'm in need of a new jacket again
now. Maybe I can get one before your five year celebration.
100 and 4 years. 104 years. WOW!!!!
It really doesn't matter how you write it, or even how you read it. Any
person celebrating that many years here on earth has earned the respect
and appreciation of everyone that knows him.
Helmer Haug is a man of significant physical and mental fortitude. A
quite, mild mannered, man who raised a wonderful family, wealthy in love
and tradition on resources no greater than modest means.
Happy birthday Helmer Haug. Let us hope that the glow from all 104 of
your birthday candles will help light the way so that others can follow
in your footsteps.
Helmers granddaughter would like to share her feelings on this very
special day. Linda wrote: >>>
Hi Gary, My grandpa Helmer Haug turns 104 today (Oct.17!) He is such a
remarkable man. He continues to live at the Lutheran Sunset Home and is
content. and happy. He continues to tell stories of "old" and ask
questions of the "new." Think about all the changes that he has seen in
104 years! and he remembers so much of it! (I sometimes forget where I
park my car coming out of the grocery store!) I respect and love him.
Linda Fisher Cariveau <<<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Linda. "It isn't the number of
words that means so much. It's the meaning in the words." Your message
Linda, speaks volumes of your grandfather.
I'm not sure if everyone is aware or not. However, besides all the war
issues and politicians taking potshots at everyone within a mile of a
polling place. Not to mention the spiralling costs of health care,
growing bunions, hemorrhoids and pills that can make some things stand
"longer than is really necessary".
Some folks, in our wonderful country, seem to think that "all of a
sudden we are suffering from budgetary constraints. I received the
following "Quote" from several individuals in the past few days and
thought this would be a super time to share them.
In light of the fact that both political candidates, believe they have
come upon a "new idea" to solve our budgetary issues. The following, may
lighten or enlighten us now, as it must have enlightened those when it
was first written. >>>>>
2063 years later... and we still haven't learned...
"The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled,
public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should
be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to
foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt.
People must again learn to work, instead of living on public
-- Cicero, 55 BC --
~~~~~ And there you have it. Apparently, that which we may have thought
was new. Is little more than 20 centuries of cattle excrement. Or so it
seems to me.
==== TONIGHT is the NIGHT ====
~~~~~~ "Walleye" Fish Fry ~~~~~~
Grafton's Heritage Village
Tonight Friday, October 17th
Walleye, Baked Potato, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Dessert and Beverage
Adults--$11.00—Child 10 and under $5.00
Take out orders — call 701-352-3280
All proceeds used to maintain all of the facilities at Grafton's
Heritage Village.
"If you can care, you can share."

Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 16, 2008 - Thursday

10/16/08 THURSDAY
===== CONGRATULATIONS ===== ~~~~~~ Helmer Haug ~~~~~~
Friday, October 17 Helmer, along with his family and friends, will
celebrate the 104th anniversary of his birth.
The current temperature is 41
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 52/33
Normal H/L temp for this date is 56/33
It was 88 degrees on this date in 1961
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
A few area farmers were able to get back into their fields yesterday. I
expect, by today, many more will be back in the fields hoping to finish
the 2008 harvest.
Most of the trees in the area are bare by this time most years. The
absence of a real hard frost probably accounts for the extended display
of beautiful fall foliage.
According to this weeks Walsh County Record "our" community continues
to look for resolve to the building complex the Getz Drug organization
saddled us with when they left town.
"If", it is a fact that someone is actually interested in the former
Getz Drug Store facilities. I certainly hope "we" can move forward "post
haste" to relieve the community of the burden that structure has placed
on Grafton residents.
Speaking of burden on local residents. It's high time "something" is
done about the former Walsh County Bank building next to the former Getz
Drug facilities. I seriously doubt that the state health department
would even allow that building to be renovated.
Proceedings for the demolition of that building should also be tagged
with a "must do post haste" designation. I have heard some suggest that
the demolition of the former WCB building may fall, one way or another,
under the Renaissance Program. Either way, that building should be
levelled for the betterment of the community, and, the buildings on both
sides of it. Or so it seems to me.
I have received several notes and comments over the past few days,
expressing sympathies and condolences to the family of Paul Suda.
Unfortunately time, space, and in some cases peoples requests, do not
allow me to share them all. To that end I have chosen to share the
following, and final message, which touches to some degree, the legacy
that Paul Suda leaves us.
Kathee Carlson wrote: >>>>
I certainly did not know Paul Suda, but our family has been blessed
with the talents of at least one of his children, Jean Jiskra. Her voice
in song at my dad's funeral was a blessing. I trust that the music for
Paul's funeral will be a comfort to his family whether Jean choses to
sing into the microphone or is part of the family chorus. My sympathies
to Paul's family.
Kathee Carlson <<<<
Thank you Kathee, for caring and sharing.
When I received the next message from my cousin Denise, I wondered.
What can I say, or what should I write, relative to Denise's note. I
really do believe war is hell, it's wrong, and we and everyone else in
this world shouldn't ever have to participate in it. That's great,.....
but it won't keep Scott home and safe. However, I believe one thing is
certain. Because Scott, and all of our armed service men and women are
willing to stand up and fight for our freedoms. I can sit hear and pound
out "babble" in a format called the Gazette.
Denise wrote: >>>>
Subject: Off to Iraq
Hi Gary, Scott leaves tomorrow (Tuesday Oct.14) for Iraq. He
has been in training for the last 3 months, 2 of them have been in Ft.
McCoy Wisconsin, and one in Yakima Washington. He came home last week
for 3 days before he left. He is with the 81st Brigade out of
Washington. Keep all the men and women in uniform in your prayers.
On a lighter note it was great to see you and Patty on our quick
trip to North Dakota to visit Scotts mother Dee Desautel. We had a
great trip but it was too quick and we didn't get to see everybody. I
finally caught you two at home, we have stopped by in the past when we
have been home and never seem to catch you. I am sure glad the
celebration was going on, that's probably why. Anyway I enjoy reading
the news from back there.
Take care and say hello to Patty.
Denise (Sevigny) Woinarowicz <<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Denise. It really was great
visiting with you and Scott and your recent visit "home". Rest assured,
Scott and all of the members of the armed services are in the prayers,
hearts and minds of every person in the "free world".
One of the first things one would ask of a potential new employee,
would be to see their resume. One of the first things one would look for
on that resume, would be the individuals experience.
Obviously, that doesn't always apply.
"It's not the information entering your ears that makes you smart. It's
the information that sticks between them."
Or so it seems to me

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October 14, 2008 - Tuesday

Todays Gazette is bought to you in memory of Harold Kamrowski & Marty
Nygard and Dick Overbye.
The current temperature is 32 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 47/34
Normal H/L temp for this date is 57/34
It was 83 degrees on this date in 1988
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
I mentioned the possibility, in yesterdays Gazette, that two prominent
local businesses would soon become one. At that time I was reluctant to
"name" names because, at the time I wrote yesterdays Gazette I had only
heard the "rumor" from a couple individuals. And, I had hoped to hear
the facts direct from one or both of the parties involved.
However, since then, along with receiving numerous questions regarding
the identity of those businesses. I have been made aware of the
sale/acquisition by other individuals as well. Consequently, I consider
the following information as probably the most significant bit of news
to hit the streets of Grafton and Park River in quite some time. In a
The Barnes Family Funeral Service operations of Grafton and Park River,
has been sold to Tollefson's Funeral Home.
The employees of Barnes Family Funeral Service found out last week that
they would not have jobs.
It is my understanding that Tollefson's bought the business but NOT the
physical structures.
Hence, Grafton and Park River will each have empty buildings that will
no longer be used for the purpose for which they were built. That my
friends, is the down side of the latest news. After all, It does mark
the end of yet another business entity in our area.
Fortunately, for the residents of the Grafton and Park River
communities, the Tollefson Funeral Home Organization is nothing short of
a first rate operation. The Tollefson organization is managed and
staffed with excellent individuals. I have every confidence that they
(Tollefsons) will continue to serve the needs of our communities with
the same integrity and respect for which they have become known.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Terry and Mary
Henricksen for their many contributions to our communities and wish them
the very best in their future endeavors.
And, I am delighted to extend my most sincere congratulations to
Michael & Michelle Such and the entire Tollefson Funeral Home
Organization. They have served our communities very well in the past,
and, most certainly will continue doing so in the future.
I am including Paul's obituary in todays Gazette. After reading it, I'm
sure you will see that Paul has spent a lifetime,.... working on his
===== Paul Suda =====
Paul Suda, age 69 of Grafton died Sunday, October 12, 2008 at his home
in Grafton after a brave battle with cancer. Paul Suda was born January
14, 1939 on the farm near Veseleyville, ND the son of William and Angela
(Dusek) Suda. He attended the Fertile District #28 school and graduated
from the Northwest School of Agriculture in Crookston, MN. He returned
home and farmed with his father near Veseleyville, ND. Paul was united
in marriage to Shirley Sevigny on June 9, 1959 in Oakwood, ND. The
couple lived and farmed near Grafton. He was also a partner in KIP Farms
in McHenry County, ND near Karlsruhe. In December of 1999 the couple
moved to Grafton.
Paul was a member of the St. John's Catholic Church where he was
currently serving on the Finance Council. He was a member of the Knights
of Columbus and Catholic Workman. He served on the Grafton School Board
for 12 years. He was past president of the Red River Valley Potato
Growers Association, served on the Grafton Farmers Elevator Board and
the North Valley Vocational Center Board.
He is survived by his wife Shirley, Grafton, ND; eleven children: Lisa
Suda, Fargo, ND; Mike (Melanie) Suda, Grafton, ND; Patty (Reid)
Rienerth; Virginia Beach, VA; Kim (James) LaHaise, West Fargo, ND; Jean
Anne (Kevin) Jiskra, Grafton, ND; Amy (Jason) Hornbacher, Bismarck, ND;
Jennifer Fritz (Troy Lunde), St. Thomas, ND; Donald (Jalene) Suda,
Grafton, ND; Paula (Brad) Pederson, Hillsboro, ND; Christopher (Maggie)
Suda, Bloomington, MN; John (Amy) Suda, Grafton, ND; 27 grandchildren;
mother Angela Suda, Grafton, ND; siblings: Cyrilla (Ron) Demers,
Grafton, ND; Lillian (James) Houska, Grafton, ND; Theresa Suda, Grand
Forks, ND; Diane (Donald) Sevigny, Hoven, SD; Marcy (Ray) Gourde,
Grafton, ND; William Jr. (Judy) Suda, Grafton, ND; Anna Mae Suda,
Tucson, AZ. He was preceded in death by his father and infant brother
Mass of Christian Burial will be Thursday, October 16, 2008 at 10:30
A.M. at the St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church of Grafton.
Visitation will be Wednesday from 6-8 PM with a prayer service at 8:00
PM at the Church in Grafton. Friends may also call at the church on
Thursday for one hour prior to the service. Interment will be at St.
Luke's Catholic Cemetery, Veseleyville, ND. In lieu of flowers, the
family would prefer memorials to the Roger Maris Cancer Center of Fargo
or the Altru Hospice - Grafton Office.
The Tollefson Funeral Home of Grafton is in charge of the arrangements.
Although I won't try to pretent that I knew Paul, on a personal level,
very well at all. The fact is, I probably haven't talked to Paul more
than a few dozen times in all the years I've known him.
However, that hasn't kept me from knowing he was a fantastic family
man. With a wonderful wife and eleven children that anyone would be
proud to call their own. Paul, by everyones account, was a fantastic
farmer, with a business mind that anyone would envy.
Someone once told me that Paul Suda had a God given ability to lead,
follow, and run the kitchen, all at the same time. No, I suppose I
really didn't know Paul Suda very well. However, I do know he lived his
life with a dignity and direction everyone should envy.
Paul not only left this world a better place, he left his wife and his
eleven children here knowing that they will do the same. Or so it seems
to me.
Z Panen Bogym Paul Suda
Please give my condolences to the Suda family. I'm sure he will be
missed. Mary Small (Lykken).
"I may not always like what you tell me. I will, however, always
appreciate it." GLM

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Monday, October 13, 2008

October 13, 2008 - Monday

Todays Gazette is brought from the bottom of Lake Agassiz. ------
For those unaware, and Al Gore too. Lake Agassiz was an
immense glacial lake located in the center of North America. Fed by
glacial runoff at the end of the last glacial period, its area was
larger than all of the present-day Great Lakes combined.
The current temperature is 42 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 64/43
Normal H/L temp for this date is 58/35
My "unofficial" rain gauge recorded 1.78 inches of moisture, so far,
this month.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
To the best of my knowledge, all area harvesting operations are on
hold. Wet conditions, even before the last rain event was making harvest
very difficult at best. The 1 to 1¼ of rain in the area over the
weekend has made beet harvest nearly impossible. Normally, or so it has
been said, there are 44 sounds in the English language. The kind of
weather we have been experiencing lately, is conducive to formulating
even more new sounds in the English language.
Or so it seems to me.
In case I haven't mentioned it before. Simonson's new Subway Sandwich
Shop and fueling station is really starting to look impressive. Without
question, It will be a facility our community can, and will, be proud
Rumor has it "someone" is "looking" at a space in Grafton's Western
Plaza shopping center. That, if it becomes fact, would be another
welcome addition to our area's business community.
However, small town rumors are amazing little creatures. Often they
contain just enough fact to keep them from becoming pure fiction.
Take for instance the latest local rumor that two of Graftons prominent
business establishments will soon become one.
"Walleye" Fish Fry at Heritage Village, Friday, October 17th -- 5pm-8pm
Walleye, Baked Potato, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Dessert and Beverage
Adults--$11.00—Child 10 and under $5.00
Take out orders — call 701-352-3280
All proceeds will be used to maintain Graftons Heritage Village.
Sandee and Lon Lessard's daughter Kristin, presented them with with a
little boy and girl, in the form of twins. They were added to the
Lessard gene pool on the 4th of September last. I am pleased to share
the following information regarding the bigg event. I could also add
that grandpa Lon won't need to worry about winning a nobel prize for
"sharing to much information". Lon wrote: >>>>
Little Oliver came home last week, and now Evelyn is home. They were
seven weeks early, and are growing like weeds. Sandee and I were in
Fargo last night to visit them. Below is their birth stats.
Evelyn Marie Sevald born 9/4 at 5:49pm, 5 lbs, 1 oz, 19 inches long.
Oliver Lon Sevald born 9/4 at 5:50pm,
4 lbs, 10 ozs, 17 inches long.
Both babies are now at home with Mom, Dad and big brother Owen (2) and
doing well. <<<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! ----
from our gene pool to yours.
I am also pleased to share the following birth announcement from Chip
Chip wrote: >>>> Subject: Baby Shereck
Hi Gary. Just wanted to send on a little note that we welcomed a baby
boy in our family on Sunday, October 5. John Allen Shereck Jr. was 20
inches long, 7 lbs – 8 oz. We are all at home now and John Jr. and
mom are doing well…….I, on the other hand, am adjusting!?!?! (just
kidding, it is all good and wouldn't have it any other way) Chip. <<<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Chip, and CONGRATULATIONS. One
thing that I am absolutely certain of. Grandpa John, would be
exceptionally proud of his little namesake.
Speaking of surprises. Dan Crookston had one just the other day. Dan
wrote: >>>> Surprise visit,
Drove into our place the other day and there was a
little white car. I got out greeted the couple, the man said how are you
doing Dan, I couldn't figure out who he was. (surprise!) I hadn't
seen him for about 50 years, since I worked for him at Bolo Lanes. It
was Chuck Stenso, who just moved back to Moorhead Minn. Had a nice
visit, like you say. Aren't old friends and memories great? <<<< Thanks
a million for caring and sharing Dan. I can't even imagine what Chuck
would have been doing so close to the Canadian Border.
It is with deepest sorrow that I share the passing of prominent area
farmer and businessman, Paul E. Suda. (age 69)
Paul past away Sunday evening at his home in Grafton. Paul's wife
Shirley, along with seven daughters and four sons will cherish and carry
on his memory.
////--- Z Panen Bogym ---\\\\
"The last word, may not always have the greatest meaning. However, it
will always be the last word." Or so it seems to me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

October 9, 2008 - Thursday

Today's Gazette is being brought to you in memory of Gen. F.W. (Bill)
N.D. National Guard
The current temperature is 42
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
For many years a giant sign containing numerous lights and an arrow
pointing to the front door of the former Home of Economy building on 6th
street in Grafton. When the Home of Economy store was moved to it's new
location in the former Denny's Food Pride facilities in Grafton Western
Plaza complex. It didn't appear as though they would be bringing the
giant "Trademark" sign with them.
Then,... all of a sudden this Tuesday, the sign, completely refurbish,
appeared out front of the new store. The newly refurbished Home of
Economy sign will set on a large pole close to the hiway. The large
arrow will not only show the way to the door. It will point the way to
the entire store -- "where your dollar buys more".
The new sign will be a wonderful addition to Grafton's western entrance
Speaking of new signs. I understand the new B & D Flooring sign is has
arrived. B & D'S new sign will still require a bit of additional
"tweaking". But I've been assured, when the new sign is lit, that too
will make a wonderful contribution to Grafton's downtown ambiance.
There is no question, any longer, that the corner of Hill Avenue and
Hiway 17 will be the site of a brand new Subway Sandwich Shop. From the
street, at least, it finally appears like the contractors responsible
for Subway's new home have started working as if they were working for
Pastoreks Construction Company.
Or so it seems to me.
Joe Birkelands name among others in yesterdays Gazette gave Norma
Treptow reason to share the following. >>>>
Gary, enjoying the Gazette and especially enjoyed just reading Bert
Overlands words of glory for Joe Birkelands Band and the many great
people who were apart of this history. I am proud to be one of the
privileged members of the band and looked up to the Anderson brothers,
Overland brothers and the LaBerge family, as well as many others, all
great musicians. Those were the years, my friend, oh yes, those
were the years! Now I sound like McCain (my friends) and I agree
with you that Obama uses the AND word often. Thanks again for the
newsy email! Norma <<<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Norma. Aren't memories
Thelma Freedlands obituary gave Darlene reason to share the following.
Dear Gary,
Thanks for printing the obituary of Thelma Freedland Anderson. She was a
pretty lady and always kind to two "creative" little girls, namely her
daughter Sherrill and me. Congratulations Gary and Pat! It makes me
happy to know that the little boy who grew up next door to me is happily
enjoying life and is sharing the joy to boot. Your old neighbor from WAY
back. Darlene Rogalla Dyrud <<<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing
Darlene. For those that may have forgotten. The Rogalla house was just
north of Grafton Floral and the tiny four room house next to it that we
lived in at the time.
Eventually, "we" (the flower shop and greenhouse) purchased the Rogalla
home and property. Over the years, besides Pat and I, the families of
Bill DeSautel, Ralph Fredrickson and Bing Bergen among others called the
Rogalla house home. Eventually, that house ended up in Auburn, a little
town north of Grafton.
Memories are wonderful.
===== SUGAR FACTS =====
What nutritional impact does refined white sugar have on my diet?
Refined white sugar is pure sucrose, a carbohydrate. Carbohydrates
provide energy, contain no fat, and like protein contribute 4 calories
per gram in your diet (as opposed to the 9 calories per gram contributed
by fat).
Your body treats sucrose in the same way regardless of its source. In
fact, your body uses all sugars in the same way, so eating refined
sugar, or honey, or sugars from any other source has the same effect on
your body -- it is converted into glucose and used by the cells for
"If you don't share with people. How can you expect people to care."

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

October 8, 2008 - Wednesday

Todays Gazette is coming to you in loving memory of Emilie (Diseth)
For the past 9 years, the good Lord has had her soul. However, "I have
learned to appreciate that the souls of our dearly departed really never
do leave us.
They simply take up residence in our hearts, our minds and our
The current temperature is 54
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 61/41
Normal H/L temp for this date is 61/37
It was 18 degrees on this date in 2000. It sounds like beet harvest
will resume today at noon, for those able to harvest. Sunshine, a little
wind and temperatures above the frost line will be most welcome forecast
for the next couple weeks.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Pat and I would like to thank everyone for the many cards, calls, and
e-mails we received for our 48th anniversary.
We would especially like to thank Susie Corneillie for her
thoughtfulness and also the staff at Marketplace for making our
anniversary dinner there a truly memorable event.
Anniversaries, from my prospective, truly are special events that
should be shared and savored. Evidently John Czapiewski feels the same
way. John wrote: >>>
Congratulations to you and Pat on your 48 year journey. Karen and I
started our journey 30 yrs ago today, and it seems like it was just
yesterday. Every day I ask myself what I did to deserve the love of this
wonderful woman. I have never been able to answer that question but,
whatever it was, I'm sure glad it happened. God, how I love this woman!
Without her I would have nothing, and I would be nothing.
John <<<<
Thanks a million John, for caring and sharing your feelings, about your
very special person, on this special day.
Best wishes and CONGRATULATIONS John & Karen on your 30th anniversary,
from the entire Moe gene pool.
I may just be my imagination, however, it seems to me that Barack Obama
uses the term "AND" more often than most folks.
If someone or something that is mentioned in the Gazette can touch just
one person a day I consider it a success. The Anderson Brothers created
a whole string of successes.
Bert Overland wrote; >>>>
Subject: The Anderson brothers
Joe Birkeland built a wonderful band in Grafton. Joe was very
fortunate that his initial group of starters turned out to be the
backbone he could build from back in the forties. Incredible
musicians more than willing to share their talents, Al Johnson, the
Anderson brothers Buzz, Loren and Leslie, Taft Kana, Frank
Kouba, Fritz finger, Bud Rozum, Bill and Helmer Field and others of
importance. Unfortunately, after more than 65 years since I
started the trumpet under them have now slipped my mind.
These persons were the inspiration that brought on all of us and
what a great group they were. At that time in my life I admired them as
great musicians but in later years, looking back, they were more than
good musicians they were great men who changed the lives of so many of
us kids that were land-locked in Grafton. We got to travel and also we
got to practice the respect our parents taught us to show to others for
which we owed so much.
Bert A. Overland <<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Bert.
"If it's true, you really care, take a moment and care to share."

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

October 7, 2008 - Tuesday

Todays Gazette is brought to you, mostly, because Pat helps me do it.
The current temperature is 49
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 62/51
Normal H/L temp for this date is 61/37
It was 87 degrees on this date in 1975
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Today is "our" very special day. On this day, 48 years ago, I made a
very specific commitment to a very exceptional lady.
Together, we knew that the road ahead wouldn't be easy. However, we
also knew that if we travelled together, we could travel that road, no
matter the weather.
We have been graciously blessed all along the way, on a journey that's
taken us all the way to this day. Our family and friends have all help
us see, how truly wonderful our life together could be.
It hasn't always been easy, to that we would both agree. But today I'm
so happy my wife is with me.
The words written on the card Pat gave me today, says it all and means
the whole world to me. So if it's okay, I'll include it here, so that
you and the whole world can see.
(My anniversary card from Pat)
"I can remember when we first fell in love. I felt so happy and as we
began our life together sharing our thoughts and dreams and making
discoveries about each other, we formed a closeness that just got better
over time....
Maybe it hasn't always been easy, but as we celebrate today, I want you
to know our marriage makes me very happy,
and I love you now and more than ever."
Happy Anniversary, With all my Love Patty <<<<
What can I say that could possibly have more meaning than the words on
Pat's card?
Happy Anniversary Pat, I love you very much - Gary
Darcie sent the following note. >>>>
Just a note to say,...
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Gary and Patty Wow - 48 years - that is fantastic!
And, a very happy birthday to the first born grandchild as well -
let's see - when I used to babysit Tiffany - she was probably like 8 -
which would make her around 11 now?? I can't imagine she's much older
than that as I surely haven't aged either!!
Tell her parents happy "birth" day as well as now that I'm a parent
myself I see the kids' birthdays as a huge day for us as well!
Take Care Gary -
Darcie (Komanetz) Gust <<<<
Thanks a million for being so kind Darcie. I can still see Joe standing
by the special bench in the lab at Drayton. Trying to make me a special
Kristy would like to share the following note with us. >>>>
I want to add to the ongoing messages that have been left on behalf of
the Anderson Bros. I feel so blessed to have been part of the family
that has enjoyed many years with them. The Anderson Bros. were a very
close family. We shared many memories growing up of being a very loving
family. I want to share with you that Grandpa Buzz loved his wife,
children, grandchildren and great grandchildren very much. He would
always have a big smile on his face when he saw us walk in the door. He
was always very interested in knowing what we were all up to. We are
saddened by our loss, but we are comforted in knowing that he is
watching over us. I also want to thank Kelly and David for sending me a
card and showing me that they truly care about our loss. We are so
thankful for the years that we have been blessed to have him here for so
many years. So thank you Gary for spreading your Gazette to the
community not only for our loss but for the many people who have lost
loved ones in the surrounding area. It is so nice to hear wonderful
things about those people.
Buzz Andersons Granddaughter
Kristy Hajicek <<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Kristy.
The onset of "cooler" temperatures often gives reason to "switch gears"
so to speak. To that end, Sharon sent the following "reminder". >>>>
OK the feel of the chill in the air this morning and the
weather for the rest of the week...I'm thinking it might be a good time
to change the Newsletter to Shivercity once again...tis the season :-)
Sharon LaMont :-) <<<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Sharon. You are right about the
cool weather, and, it won't be to long before the Skeeterville Gazette
gets put up on the shelf and The Shivercity Gazette resumes operation.
Please put the following in the Gazette. We really appreciate you
putting these reminders in your little newspaper. Surprising how many
people tell us they saw our event in your Gazette.
= = = = = = = = = = =
"Walleye" Fish Fry at Heritage Village, Friday, October 17th 5pm-8pm
Walleye, Baked Potato, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Dessert and Beverage
Adults--$11.00—Child 10 and under $5.00
Take out orders—call 701-352-3280
All proceeds will be used to maintain the facilities at Heritage Village
in Grafton.
"If you think it, say it. If,... on the other hand, you shouldn't say
it. Then you shouldn't be thinking it either."
Or so it seems to me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Monday, October 06, 2008

October 6, 2008 - Monday

Todays Gazette is brought to you, in part, by Grafton Paint & Glass
and, in part, by Jerry's Furniture Store of Grafton.
The current temperature is 57 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 61/46
Normal H/L temp for this date is 61/37
It was 88 degrees on this date in 1920
It appears that Murphy is back in town with another boat load of rain.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
The "unofficial" Gazette rain gauge recorded .62 inches of rain in the
past twenty four hours. Some folks said they received as much as 1.25.
Either way, it's to wet to harvest sugarbeets around here for sure. Most
growers that I've talked to are saying harvest has been going relatively
good, with very few, if any, real serious problems.
One "million dollar question" remains. How many acres will be left in
the field? That is a question only time, and the folks at American
Crystal, can answer.
Today is the anniversary of the birth of our "eldest" granddaughter.
It doesn't really seem like it was only 883,649,674 seconds since
Tiffany Marie Moe received her "first" (and quite probably only)
spanking. It was a Monday and I remember hearing Kenny Rogers singing
his latest hit "Lady" on the radio while Kelly, (Tiffy's mom) was
hoping, in a voice much, much louder than a whisper, that she would
hurry up and get here.
When Tiffany finally did arrive, she joined 226,545,805 legal United
States residents. Happy Birthday Tiffany, your grandmother and I love
you very much.
Speaking of Tiffany's grandmother (gramma Patty) I remember her hoping
Kelly could wait for just one more day
to deliver Tiffy so she would be born on our wedding anniversary. Kelly,
on the other hand, thought it would be just as good to celebrate Tiff's
birthday the day before our anniversary.
So..... today we celebrate the anniversary of our very first
grandchild, and then tomorrow we will celebrate the 48th anniversary of
our wedding day.
The fact that Pat has been able to tolerate my numerous idiosyncrasies
for 48 years is a miracle just short of childbirth maybe even the second
coming of Christ. Or so it seems to me.
Glenn shared the following thoughts regarding the Anderson Brothers.
Subject: Anderson Bros
Gary...Your write-up on the Anderson Bros, Loren, Buzz, Vernet, Les and
Wes brought back good memories of these nice mild-mannered guys. I
played in the Grafton Band with all of them. When I was promoted to last
chair in the City Band while playing in the school band (no regular
High School Band with uniforms then) I really looked up to Loren who was
playing first chair. He was always so nice. Wes the youngest was my
age. He is responsible for my lifetime work as a railroad telegrapher.
While he was a messenger for the Western Union he asked me to take his
place for 2 weeks while he vacationed with his family. When he returned
he no longer wanted the job and gave it to me. There I learned how to
telegraph and later while still in high school I was a student railroad
telegrapher under Walter Goodyear at the NP Depot. I had a job lined up
on the railroad after high school graduation, but received greetings
from Uncle Sam and ended up in the Navy for 3 years. 41 years of
railroading followed that...
Glenn Paulson Class of 43 GHS <<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Glenn. My guess is that
wonderful comments like yours, about the Anderson Brothers would fill
several volumes.
Please help me welcome John and Helen to the Gazette family.
I guess I've known Jerry Meier for as long as I can remember. As a
matter of fact, I have often credited Jerry for "saving my life". Back a
hundred years ago (it seems) I "borrowed" the 1951 Ford "Woody" from the
flower shop and took it out for a casual spin. (I was goofing off)
Unfortunately, there was a spade in the back of the "woody" and when I
let out (dropped) the clutch, it went thru the back window. If dad had
seen that, or even if dad had known about it..... this note would have
been coming to you from heaven...... or, maybe the other place.
Anyway, Jerry actually cut a new rear window for the "woody" and he
even installed it. However, much, much more important than that. Jerry
never - ever - told my dad. And so, in fact, Jerry saved my life, at
least life as I know it.
I have thanked Jerry several times over the years. However, I would to
thank him one last time. Right here, in front God and the entire Gazette
family. And, I should add, I hope dads to busy to read this Gazette.
It is with my deepest sympathies to the family of Jerry Meier that I
share his obituary with our Gazette family.
Gerald Meier
Gerald W. Meier, age 81 of Grafton, ND died Saturday, October 4, 2008 at
the Unity Medical Center of Grafton. Gerald W. Meier was born
December 14, 1926 in Hettinger, ND the son of the late William and Pearl
(Armentrout) Meier. The family moved to Grafton in 1940 and Gerald
graduated from Grafton High School. He served in the Army of Occupation
in the Philippines during World War II. Following his discharge he
returned to Grafton. He attended the North Dakota State School of
Science in Wahpeton. In 1949 he returned to Grafton where he started
working for his parents at the Grafton Paint and Glass. He was united in
marriage to Genevieve Przybylski on June 12, 1949 in Stephen, MN. After
his father's death in 1969, Gerald became manager of the Grafton Paint
and Glass which he ran until the early 1990s. He was united in marriage
to JoAnn Ferguson in November of 1972. He later owned and operated
Jerry's Furniture until the late 1990s when he retired.
Gerald was a member of the Grafton Lutheran Church, Past Commander of
the Grafton American Legion Post #41, the 40 et 8, the Grafton VFW Post
#9367, and the Grafton Parade Band and served as Chairman of the Grafton
Merchant's Committee.
Gerald is survived by his daughter Sue (Rick) Livermore, Detroit Lakes,
MN; three grandchildren: Grace, Clara and Jesse Livermore and sister Rae
(Jack) Desautel of Grafton, ND. He was preceded in death by his parents.
Funeral services will be Tuesday, October 7, 2008 at 10:30 A.M. at the
Grafton Lutheran Church. Visitation will be Monday from 5:30 -7:30 PM
with a prayer service at 7:30 PM at the Tollefson Funeral Home of
Grafton. Friends may also call at the church on Tuesday for one hour
prior to the service at the church. Interment will be at the Grafton
Lutheran Cemetery. Military rites will be provided by the Grafton
American Legion Post #41.
The Tollefson Funeral Home of Grafton is in charge of the arrangements.
"If you don't share your thoughts and deeds with others. Who will ever

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

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Friday, October 03, 2008

October 3, 2008 - Friday

Todays Gazette is brought to you from Lakes Side Resort & General Store
on beautiful Table Rock Lake near Branson Missouri.
The current temperature is 47 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 68/36
Normal H/L temp for this date is 63/38
It was 15 degrees on this date in 1989
There was a light layer of frost on Sami's P-Squirrel this morning.
Certainly not enough to stop sugarbeet harvest, although, it was enough
to remind us...... that day isn't far off.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
It really is a beautiful time of the year in the Northern Red River
Valley. As I look out my "office" window at all the foliage that
surrounds me, I see a myriad of colors that might best be compared to
those of a beautiful spring rainbow.
Gosh we live in a nice area. And, we have more jobs, than people to
fill them.
I'll admit, I'm more than just a little pleased with the response I'm
hearing to PaPa Lou's BBQ sauce. I am even more pleased with the
response I am hearing from members of the Gazette family.
Christine sent the following. >>>>
Hi Gary PaPa Lou's BBQ Sauce continues to be a hit around the area
and beyond. Thanks so very much for getting the word out. I received an
email from the gentleman in Branson with the store so I hope to get a
bottle of sauce out for him to try. I will be dropping off some tomorrow
in Fargo as well. I now have it in stores in Karlstad, Argyle and
Warren, Minn., as well as Park River, Oakwood and Minto. Wednesday
was a GREAT day, I filled up the Country Smokehouse and Grafton Floral
again and my new accounts include JR's Bar in Oakwood, True Value and
Landowski's Furniture in Grafton, Jim's Super Value, Wayne's Variety,
and Java Fix in Park River, as well as Cenex and the Harvey Avenue
Saloon in Minto. I am so very, very grateful Gary for the support and
encouragement I have received as I am out selling Papa Lou's. When
the restaurant closed, my husband and I had a few weeks of depleted
faith, but with each new day comes another bit of grace to be grateful
for. I can't thank you and all the businesses enough. Blessings
always, Christine <<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Christine.
The gentleman from Branson that Christine refers to is Rick Kettells.
Rick and Stephanie are the owners of the Lakeside Resort & General
Store. Their facility might well serve as a destination for those
planning a trip to the Branson area. To that end I am pleased to provide
the following information.
=== Welcome to Lakeside Resort! ===
Greetings from beautiful Table Rock Lake in Branson West, MO!
Location: We are located south west of Branson in Branson West, MO
off 13 South, at the end of DD Highway at a unique point known as Coney
Island. It is at approximately mile marker 6 on the Table Rock Lake map.
About Us: We are a family resort with 11 individual furnished
modern cabins. Our cabins each have a covered deck/porch with a
fantastic, unobstructed view of the lake. We offer 1, 2 and 3 bedroom
cabins that sleep from 2 people to 12. Some of our cabins have 2
bathrooms and others have whirlpool tubs and one has its own personal
hot tub. Our private boat dock is a 10 slip, covered, lighted dock with
a swim platform. We also have boat lifts, boat rentals and a private
boat ramp. Our other amenities include a 20 x 40 in-ground swimming pool
with a slide and a diving board, hot tub, covered pavilion and play
ground for the kids. We are pet-friendly here and do allow dogs at our
resort. These features make a perfect setting for large groups,
multi-family reservations or family reunions.
Lakeside Resort General Store: Our wonderful General Store has many
great things to offer! We have 10 flavors of hard ice cream and we can
make your favorite ice cream treat. We also have homemade pizzas,
sandwiches and much more. Come check out our gift shop for great
T-shirts and handmade items from all over the US.
Local Attractions: Silver Dollar City, a fantastic, family
operated, Christian based attraction is located only 15 miles from here.
We are a ticket distributor and have available 2-day ticket combinations
for sale. It's a great value! The Branson "Strip" is approximately 25
minutes. Talking Rock Caverns and Predator World are about 15 minutes.
Branson West also has a super Wal-Mart and several restaurants.
Please visit our website at for more information
about our cabins, boat rentals and rates and pet policy. Call or
email us and we will find a cabin that is right for you!
Lakeside Resort and Table Rock Lake…a great combination for your next
Stay 3 nights in the Spring or Fall and the 4th night is FREE!
Telephone: 417-338-2442
The sites and sounds of Branson Missouri needs little introduction. It
goes without saying, if your into entertainment, Branson should be on
your destination list. Besides the Branson musical entertainment centers
is a whole variety of interesting things to see and do.
Pat and I spent a whole afternoon in Silver Dollar City and would
recommend it to everyone.
"If you really don't believe you can do anything to make the world
better. Maybe you can help someone that can." GLM

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

October 2, 2008 - Thursday

Todays Gazette is brought to you, in part, by ==== Merle's Motor
Service ====
The current temperature is 56 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 62/33
Normal H/L temp for this date is 63/39
It was 19 degrees on this date in 1999.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
The "original" Subway Sandwich Shop is actually starting to look like
it could be finished by early November. From the street it appears that
several out of town contractors have invaded the site and people are
running and crawling around the facility like it's a ant farm. It is
also becoming more and more evident that there will also be a gasoline
station on that corner as well.
When completed, Simonson's new combination Subway Sandwich Shop, gas
station will be an attractive addition to Grafton's business community.
And, if my information is correct and I think it is. There will also be
a brand spanking new car wash on that intersection too.
"Life's's even tougher if your stupid" John Wayne
New home construction is booming (with tongue in cheek) along Lessard
Lane on the west edge of town. Folks coming home for Grafton's 2009
SummerFest Festivities and class reunions will surely be surprised to
see how much residential construction that has actually taken place on
Lessard Lane.
Although nobody seems real pleased with the idea of leaving a
percentage of sugarbeets in the ground this fall. NO-ONE, that I've
talked to, is complaining at all about the size and quality of the
sugarbeet crop they're harvesting this fall either.
Unfortunately, as usual, harvest labor throughout the area, is in short
supply. It's times like this that makes me wonder about the validity of
the unemployment numbers in the country.
Ironically, in the past few days, on two intersections along 32nd
Avenue in Grand Forks, we saw two couples (both with two or more dogs)
Holding up signs "begging" for money. One things for certain. There is
more than enough work for those four individuals. Or so it seems to me.
It is with sincere regret that I share the passing of Thelma
(Freedland) Anderson.
Thelma and Merle, (her first husband) owned and operated Merle's Motor
Service in Grafton. Merle's Auto Body and Repair shop on the corner of
4th Street and Wakeman Ave. was the first such facility in our entire
area to have air conditioning.
For many years the Freedlands only lived a block away from our house,
and as a young boy I spent many hours at their house.
Thelma Freedland Anderson, age 88, of Park River, ND passed away on
September 30, 2008 at First Care Health Center in Park River.
Thelma Rose May Gilleshammer was born March 23, 1920 in Kittson County
near Halma, Minnesota, the daughter of Peter and May (Olson)
Gilleshammer. They moved from Minnesota to a farm by St. Thomas,
North Dakota in 1928. She attended Pembina County District #40 and
attended High School in Grafton, ND.
She married Merle E. Freedland on June 19, 1938. They lived in
Grafton and St. Paul, MN. They owned and operated Merle's Motor
Service in Grafton until his death on July 25, 1971. She married Earl
M. Anderson in 1973 and moved to Walhalla, ND, where she worked for the
Walhalla Clinic. She moved to Park River, ND and worked at Unity
Hospital in Grafton as a Health Unit Coordinator until retirement in
1992. Earl Anderson died in 1993. She resided at the Good
Samaritan Home in Park River for the last three years.
She is survived by daughter Janice (John) Meagher, Park River, ND;
daughter-in-law Marliss Freedland, Tacoma WA, seven grandchildren, 13
great grandchildren; brothers: Orvil (Joy) Gilleshammer; Allen (June)
Gilleshammer; Glenn (Lorretta) Gilleshammer; many nieces and nephews;
step-daughter Donna Anderson Robinson, Olathe, KS; four
step-grandchildren and four step great-grandchildren. She was
preceded in death by her parents, husband, son: Ronald and daughters:
Sherrill and Gail; sisters: Gladys Rutherford, Joyce Pede, and Betty
Jean Heisler.
Funeral services will be Monday, October 6, 2008 at 10:30 A.M. at the
Grafton Lutheran Church. Visitation will be Sunday from 4-6 P.M. with
a prayer service at 6:00 P.M. at the Tollefson Funeral Home of
Grafton. Friends may also call at the church on Monday for one hour
prior to the service. Interment will be at the Grafton Lutheran
The Tollefson Funeral Home of Grafton is in charge of the arrangements.
It is with regret that I share the passing of Lon Stenerson. I will
always remember Lon as a very kind, mild mannered individual.
Lon Stenerson, age 78, past away Monday, Sept 29 at the Lutheran
Sunset Home in Grafton. Lon and his wife Arlene (Holt) were long time
residents of the rural St. Thomas area.
Funeral services will be 2 pm today (Thursday) at the Grafton Lutheran
Church. Burial will be in the St. Thomas City Cemetery
He was a member of Grafton Lutheran Church, a former member of St.
John's Lutheran Church in St. Thomas and the Ottum-Ball American Legion
Post in St. Thomas. He served on the Lutheran Sunset Board, the church
board and St. Thomas Grain board. Lon loved to sing and enjoyed singing
with 4 other men for several years.
Surviving Lon are his wife Arlene of Grafton; daughters Lonna (John)
Hillis of Cavalier and Leanne (Steve) Olslund of Fargo; son Montelle
"Monte" Stenerson of Iola, Wisconsin; 6 grandchildren: Sadie Hillis,
Whitney (Brady) Austfjord, Hannah Hillis, Jace Gilleshammer, Danelle
Stenerson and Grant Stenerson; sisters Lyla (Herb) Wogsland of Grand
Forks and Sandra (Loren) Johnson of Duluth, MN and brother Sterling
Stenerson of Shaker Heights, Ohio. He was preceded in death by his
parents and sister Sherry Lee.
Barnes, Henriksen-Kamrowski Chapel in Grafton in charge of arrangements.
"If you really care,.... take time to share."

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October 1, 2008 - Wednesday

Today is the first day of the 2008 American Crystal Sugar Company full
stockpile sugarbeet harvest.
The current temperature is 42 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 64/34
Normal H/L temp for this date is 64/39
It was 94 degrees on this date in 1922.
The most important temperature numbers, certainly for the next few
weeks, will be 55 and 28 degrees (above).
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
From the very first day, caring and sharing formed the basic foundation
of the Gazette. Simply put, the Gazette became a medium upon which I
could exchange many of the thoughts, ideas and experiences that before
the Gazette,..... I "thought" I was to busy to share.
I am so fortunate that the quote "Write if you can, call if you can't,
and, tell your loved ones they are,..... before it's too late." truly
does have significant meaning to me and my family. And, I might add, I
am pleased so many Gazette family members are starting to feel the same
Todays Gazette, contains the messages from those that cared to share,
and is a perfect example of what I mean.
I received the following notes from members of Buzz Anderson's family.
A niece shared the following. >>>
Gary - I am so touched by your story about the Anderson Brothers Oil
Co. Buzz and Loren were my uncles. Les is my dad. I couldn't agree with
you more that the Anderson brothers were and are the nicest guys one
could ever know. We recently lost their other brother, Vernet, who lived
in Brainerd. As I listened to the eulogy Vernet's daughter gave, I
thought that she could have been talking about any of the "boys."
Hard-working, kind, gentle, musical, tall, handsome, and they all loved
a good western to read before taking their afternoon nap. They really
did look alike because they were alike. My cousin, Judy (Buzz's
daughter), were just talking about what a wonderful job of parenting
Grandpa Paul and Grandma Lulu did to produce such fine sons. I am so
lucky to be a part of the Anderson family. Thank you for sharing your
memories of my uncles.
Janis (Anderson) Friederichs.
A granddaughter shared this message.
>>>> Gary,
Thank you so much for you nice kinds words about Grandpa Buzz. He was
the greatest of all. He will be deeply missed by his entire family. But,
we knew it was his time to go to be with the loved ones he had lost. We
know he is in a better place. Thanks again for remembering him. The
Anderson Family
Kristy Hajicek <<<<
These wonderful words come from Buzz's daughter. >>>> Gary - On behalf
of my family, thank you for the kind words spoken about my father, Buzz
Anderson. I always knew my dad was special - I just didn't realize how
many other people felt the same way about him. He, along with Ray
Carlson, Buster Schumacher, Ray Demester, Joe Birkeland, Bob
Dahl, Russell Lykken, Ralph Adamsen, Al Zinke, and your dad, Bill Moe,
are among the many giants that helped to shape Grafton. I feel
privileged to know that my dad was a decent, honest man who cared
about his family and his community. I'm sad today but am comforted to
know that he's watching over all of us. Thanks again Gary - the best
to you and Patty.
Judy (Anderson) Keizer and all of Buzz' family <<<<
Thank you Judy, Kristy and Janis for caring and sharing. A thought,
regardless of how kind and wonderful, is useless unless it can be shared
with others.
The mention of beet harvest gave my son Jeff reason to share his
thoughts. He wrote; >>>
I too like hearing your Gazette's about this time every year, I am
PROUD to be able to drive for Tom and go into the piling stations and
have the people ask how you are, and to say hi to you. I hope you will
come out and go for a couple loads with me again this year. It is a
HIGHLIGHT of my night to see the look on your face when we pull into one
of the yards. I like to hear the stories you have about all the stuff
that takes place, and things that most people don't even see.
Love you Pa. JEFF <<<< Thanks a million Jeff. I love you too.
Our daughter Wendy, Toms wife, after reading the note from Jeff. Wanted
to share her thoughts regarding sugarbeet harvest.
Wendy wrote: >>>
Jeff, you may say your proud to drive for Tom, but the TRUTH is he
is VERY lucky to have you. You are a one in a million guy who is not
afraid to work and you know machinery like no one else. You are always
right there to help out. You put in a lot of hours and tolerate a lot of
stuff often made even more difficult because sleep, is often hard to
come by this time of year.
(Wendy's note continues.)
From the wives side of the beet season:
Growing up I just basically knew that beet season left us fatherless
as well as most of the rest of the year. I missed not having a dad
around more then most kids I'm sure.
For the farmers…..WOW, they work all year, babysitting and tending to
their little leafy green plants only to have to start battling the
weather. Too hot, too cold, too wet…… there are spans where you go
for 36 hours with little or no sleep. And, the lunches… someone should
start a beet haulers lunch recipe book to toss out some new ideas. This
does not even mention that even thou it is only a few weeks long, it
seems like an eternity with the hours of trying to find workers, the
house being upset and phone calls at all hours. Needing parts,
sandwiches, rides, etc. I am being honest when I say this is NOT my
favorite time of year. It makes me sad to think of all the hours of
sleep lost, childrens smiles missed and scared at the thought of being
on the road myself each day with a lot of the drivers that are just to
stubborn to say, NO, and go home to nap. PLEASE be careful and remember
that it is not worth your life or anyone else's.. BE SAFE and more
importantly……. I LOVE YOU and THANKS <<< Thank you for caring and
sharing Wendy.
Christine sent the following "update" on the PaPa Lou's BBQ sauce saga.
She wrote: >>> Wow Gary, I have had several emails from people who
live at a distance about Papa Lou's BBQ Sauce. A few of them live in
Fargo and I hope to drop off a few cases of sauce to them when I am in
Fargo on Friday. One gentleman said he happened to eat at our restaurant
last summer and tried Papa Lou's, he bought a bottle and has been saving
it. He said he opened it a few weeks ago and it "Disappeared" because it
was so good. I also received an email from a gentleman in Spokane
Washington. He would like me to send some jars for him and for his son
who lives in Kentucky. WOW!! Thank you for your help in getting the word
out and thanks to your subscribers for their interest. You just have no
idea how much I appreciate it. I will be over in Grafton today
(Wednesday) and can't wait to stop at the Smokehouse and others to see
how it is selling. Thank you again to ALL the businesses who agreed to
sell it in their stores. A true blessing for us.
Christine Jensen <<<<
Thanks for the update Christine. Somewhere it is written, (if it isn't
it certainly should be) good things happen to good people. AND, my good
friend Christine, you ARE good people.
Remember, if you would like to share your thoughts or ideas with me.
And, prefer they NOT be included in the Gazette. Simply say so and I
will assure you that they will remain "our little secret".

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

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