Friday, March 26, 2004

March 26, 2004 - Friday

Subject: Good Day Everyone:

First of all, I'd better explain that this isn't MR. SHIVERCITY
writing. This is his Secretary.
You've heard the old saying, When the cats away, The mice do play.
Well Mr. Shivercity is out of town for the day, so here goes.
Gary has a Birthday coming up on April 9th. and the Shivering City
Man will be the big 60.
Now, This is just an idea I had for everyone to send off a Birthday
Wish to him and make his Day.
Of course I may be looking for a new home once he learns I started
this, But lets take the chance.
Gary's been down a long road of medical problems, And this would
make him a little on the happy side.
You just gotta know he deserves it, he's a very kind and loving
person, and would do anything for anyone.
Tell your loved ones they are, before its too late.
With love to all of you
Patty Moe
Please send your Birthday wishes to his address.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

March 14, 2004 - Sunday


03/14/04 SUNDAY grp. 7
It's 21 degrees outside with a wind strong enough to blow
manhole covers up hill.
Last years H/L temperature 34/-8
Normal H/L for this date is 32/16
It is not true, that Louie and Bruce Eikenberry formed a
legal partnership. I've learned that Bruce, is heading up an entirely
new window cleaning division.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible"
It sounds like the new Spudnik potato equipment operation
will be headquartered on the grounds of the Hanson Auto and Implement
facilities. I heard stories of a new building going up and everyone
knows. New construction is good for Shivercity.
Maybe, someone can even add more credibility to the rumour.
The old saying, "shake a tree hard enough and some thing is
bound to fall out", comes to mind. Who are we? Where are we? What are we
doing? Has been a focus of mine since the first day of the Gazette. To
learn more about my world, and the people that live in it.
Finding the key that unlocks peoples fears and apprehensions. Is
much like looking for the "needle in a hay stack". Convincing people,
that the piece of environment they control, is important,... to
Sharing your mind, your heart, and your soul, and knowing it's OK
to do so. It pleases me that many, in the past while, have taken "the
challenge" of opening up their world a bit. Letting in, those of us with
no other way of knowing.
It's important to me, to know a father and son can spend time
together. That a mother and daughter share their thoughts, in this
worrisome time. I receive a great deal of solace in the fact that family
members can still enjoy family members.
To be able to put names, to those processes makes the effort most
worthwhile. To know, the tree of life we planted, when we arrived. Will
have at least one more leaf when we depart. Is as much, or as little, as
one desires.
I received the following note from Jill (Sevigny) LeQuire. Jill is
the youngest daughter of Leona and Adrian Sevigny. Uncle Ad was my
mothers brother. (When I close my eyes, I can still hear Uncle Ad
laughing in the Grafton Armory at Robert and Sharon (DeSautel) Larsons
wedding dance.) How long ago was that?
Jill wrote:
Hi Gary,
Also -- hi to all my Sevigny relatives and friends out there.
Greetings from Nebraska. I really enjoy getting your Gazette. It keeps
me in the know with what is happening in Grafton and with my friends. We
saw Tom and Julie Watkins a couple of years ago when we were in their
fair city playing hockey. Tommy will never change and he still looks the
same as when he lived down the block from me growing up. Just maybe a
little less hair. If I remember right he is only a year or two younger
than me and even though women don't like to tell their age I'm 46 so if
you can do the math!!!!!!Happy birthday Tommy........... Also Happy
birthday to my godfather David......hope things are going well for you.
Sounds like your still keeping young with your motorcycle. Good for you.
If you ever get close to Omaha, please look me up. Things are going
well with my family. My daughter Abbey is in her sophomore year at
Lincoln, planning on a degree in Criminal Justice. Hopes to be in the
FBI or a crime scene investigator some day. My son Nick is a sophomore
in high school and just finished his hockey season with the Jr. Lancers.
Nick has followed in his fathers footsteps and is a goalie. Not a
position I would pick but he really loves it. He's 15 and is 6'2
and,..his weight, we won't mention. Let's say he takes after the
Sevigny's in that department. He has aspirations to come to UND someday
and play for the Sioux, but we will see. Oh, by the way, I really
enjoyed reading Jeff Pederson's piece about Grafton's 1973 hockey
tourney, and of course so did Bill. He replays that year of the state
tournament with Nick all the time and tells him never to give up because
anything can happen.
My brothers and sister are all great to. Both my brothers are
going to be grandpas. WOW, that is so hard to believe, they just don't
seem that old. Mom (Leona) is really excited to become a great grandma
for the first time.
We always get together in Minneapolis for the Final 5 hockey. So I
will see them this week. Lynus (Adeline & Woodrow Sevigny's son)
organizes the whole thing, and its a great time of hockey, eating,
shopping and laughing about when we were younger. Something always comes
up about how Mickey and Lynus always got in trouble and Lynus claims he
was never involved.. Boy his memory is the first thing to go....ha,ha.
Well, this got to be longer than planned. Keep up the good work and
there are people out there reading this. Thanks Gary.. Jill<<<<<
Thank you Jill, for caring and sharing. P.S. Woodrow was also moms
LOCAL MEMORIES: Sweet justice,
By Mare Thompson;
Mare is a former resident of Grafton, and the daughter of Gloria
and Lynn (Jim) Thompson. I found her article in the Yesteryears section
of the Grand Forks Herald particularly interesting. She wrote about her
sister Cathy. I never really got to know Mare, I did however know her
sister Cathy. Cathy and our first born daughter Kelly went to school
together. And, I might add, several other places as well.
I was pleased to also share the same employer as Cathy. During her
tenure as a nurse for American Crystal Sugar.
I remember Cathy spending lots of time at our house. Kelly, her
friends, and often Pat and I, would spend hours playing games on the
living room floor. Sometimes jumping up and down on the living room
furniture (once to it's demise) and playing a game that required hitting
balloons back and forth across the room.
Cathy would sometimes ask, if I would do "the deck of card" and
"Green Green Grass of Home". I took that, as a compliment, even though I
was not very good at it. It was a wonderful time for Pat and I. Cathy,
and, all of Kelly friends, were wonderful kids. Gosh, what wonderful
ANYWAY, after reading Mare' article about Cathy eating those small
foil wrapped chocolates - sometimes referred to as, lower digestive
track lubricating lozenges - I have finally discovered why Cathy
Thompson was able to run so fast. Thanks Mare, for the memories.
Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.