Sunday, June 25, 2006

June 25, 2006 - Sunday

06/25/06 SUNDAY
Todays Gazette is brought to you by all the wonderful folks that
attended Grafton's 2006 Summerfest Celebration.
The current temperature is 68 degrees.
Total moisture received throughout this years celebration registered
.12 of an inch in the Skeeterville rain monitor.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
The 2006 Grafton Summerfest celebration will go down in history as one
of the best celebrations ever.
Saturday June 24, 2006 is a day I shall never forget. I woke up
especially early Saturday morning and for a few minutes I laid in bed
wondering what the day would bring. Above all, I thought, I hoped the
weather would be nice for the parade and all of the activities at the
park, and of course for the "grand finale", the Johnny Holm band at the
Centennial Center.
I went to Granny's (as usual) and was surprised to find several
"visitors" had come to meet and congratulate me for my part in the days
After consuming more caffeine than a truck driver on a long run, I
returned home to get ready for the parade. As I walked in the door, I
good sense something was wrong. Pat was standing in the center of the
kitchen crying. Tears were dripping off her cheeks and she could hardly
speak. When I asked her what was wrong, she swallowed hard and said,
"Wally,.... Wally and Ione DeSautel did this!" After she calmed down
she told me what happened. She said that a delivery van from Grafton
Floral pulled up in our driveway and delivered a dozen of the most
beautiful roses there ever was. Along with the dozen roses there was
also a beautiful rose corsage for Pat, and a rose boutonniere for me.
(According to my brother AK, Ione and Wally wanted him to deliver the
nicest roses he could get to our home in time for Saturdays parade.) You
can believe me when I say, "He certainly did what Ione and Wally asked."
About the time we both got our emotions under control, our son Jeff
pulled in our driveway with Renae and Gene Fayette's pretty little white
convertible. By this time I am beginning to feel the complexity of the
coming day. First we covered the back seat with a red white and blue
blanket our daughter Wendy had made for us. It made a perfect backdrop
for the bouquet of Roses. We filled every available spot in the back
seat with thousands of pieces of candy from Kelly and David's Grafton
Sweet Delights. Jeff set up his movie camera in the front seat so all
our kids could see what we looked like as we went through the parade.
Then, we were off to the parade staging area to get ready for the
Denny Schneider, dressed in patriotic shorts (flag) directed us to our
spot near the front of the parade. As we were waiting, several people
stopped by to congratulate us and told us how nice they thought the
picture and article in the Walsh County Record was, a few even took our
picture. Bill Kingsbury, one of the areas more avid photographers also
looked at us through his lense finder.
I felt reasonably relaxed during this period of the parade. Then the
car started to move and I heard John Maxwell playing his trumpet in
front of us, and I realized the next twelve blocks would be full of
folks, from throughout the area, that make this community one I have
become so proud of.
From the very beginning, I saw people sitting and standing 5, 6 and
often more deep, on both sides of the street. Then, in the first block I
noticed my very first great granddaughter, and something really funny
happened. For some reason I was no-longer sitting on top of the back
seat of that convertible alone with Pat. My entire family was there!
I hoped I could do justice to the honor I had been given. That somehow
I would be able to see and thank everyone on both sides of the street as
we passed bye.
I remember the day I received my first bike, my first fishing trip, my
first car, the first day we spent in our new home. I remember each and
every birth of our children and every milestone on their way to
adulthood. The feeling I felt as I rode down the parade route was like
no other I can describe, save one, and that was the first time Pat said
she loved me.
Thank you everyone, for making my wife and me extremely proud and
humble citizens of the Grafton area community.
I owe this community much, and, in some small way. I hope I can continue
to pay.
I must thank my entire family, without whom I would not exist.
Thanks to all of those that participated in my nomination and selection
to the honor of Home Town Hero.
Thanks to the hundreds of people that sent us e-mails, cards and to
those that personally extended congratulations and best wishes.
Thank you Ione and Wally DeSautel, not just for the beautiful roses,
but for all your thoughts and prayers as well.
Thank you Renae and Gene Fayette, for the use of your beautiful white
Thanks also to those that called and offered the use of their
Thank you Kelly and David, and all the staff at Sweet Delights for the
thousands of "treats" you allowed us to share.
Thanks to Dawn Castro for the marvelous
article in the Walsh County Record and to Larry Biri for the magnificent
picture. Finally, and ultimately most important. Thank God
and the military for giving us the freedom and the ability to enjoy so
many wonderful events across this great nation of ours.
Sincerely, Pat and Gary Moe & Sami
The 2006 Grafton Area Summerfest Celebration was, without question, the
best Summerfest ever. Every single person involved deserves a standing
The festivities at Leistikow Park will only be exceeded by next years
presentation. The folks at Elmwood did a super job adding real
"class" to Summerfest.
The folks at Fair Oaks Golf Course are to be commended, as are the many
businesses the comprise my home town.
The Demolition Derby was another "smash hit", pardon the pun.
And, as in years past. The Johnny Holm Concert & Dance was packed with
The 2007 Grafton Summerfest is, already, less than twelve months away.
With the benefits of this years successes, coupled with positive
"constructive" criticism. Next years celebration can't miss, "going over
the bar".
The Gazette works best, when the folks that read it, write it. Or so it
seems to me.
If you should call, and I don't answer. You can probably find me at
Rocky Point, teaching my leaches to speak walleye.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

June 20, 2006 - Tuesday

06/20/06 TUESDAY grp 5 OF 20
Todays Gazette is brought to you by the dozens of folks needed to plan,
organize and carry out a myriad of things required for a successful
small town celebration.
The current temperature is 62 degrees.
The forecast for the week calls for super summertime celebration
The local skeeter meter reading is zero.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news and stuff,.. mostly stuff.
It would be interesting to know how many "Graftonites" are heading for
home this week.
Sunday, as we came into town from the east. I was surprised to see a
giant tent set up across the street from Schumachers in Wally's
SuperMarket parking lot. As I approached it, my first thought was a
circus had come to town for Summerfest. I even noticed a giant (even for
a circus) bull standing in the southwest corner of the parking lot. I
slowed down hoping to catch a glimpse of an elephant grazing on a bale
of hay. (I like elephants, I think we even share the same appetite.)
Anyway,.. upon closer inspection, I noticed it wasn't a circus at all.
It was the home of Wally's giant new fireworks store, and that's no
bull. It's a big top tent loaded with stuff to blow-up on the fourth of
I noticed another "eatery" advertisement in this weeks Weekly Source.
It says, "Stop in at Delicious Dishes" for Brunch & Lunch Saturday, June
24 from 9 am to 1:30 pm.
I'll be darned if I know what that's all about. I drove by the place
and it still looks like a beauty shop to me. Then again, maybe the
ladies are cooking hors d'oeu-vres with their curling irons when their
not using them for creating waves in long hair.
Before my hair turned caucasian, I could have checked it out while I
was getting it clipped.
Reality finally set in yesterday as Dawn Castro, summer intern for the
Walsh County Record, called for an interview for this weeks Record.
Shortly thereafter, Larry Biri stopped by the house to take our picture.
I guess it must be true. I still find it very hard to believe. And, I'm
told If they can find a car without a top, Pat and I will actually be
riding down the parade route in it.
Unfortunately, I've been lead to believe, that most of the convertibles
in the country have been commandeered by politicians.
One way or another, I encourage everyone that attends a small town
celebration this summer. Whether "ours" in Grafton, or "yours" anywhere
across this wonderful country. Stop for a second and thank the person
standing next to you for keeping the true seed of our future generations
alive. Then bow your head, for just a moment, while thanking God, and
the Military for the ability to be there.
Home Town Hero,... WOW!!! My wife has encountered, battled and
conquered cancer, now that's a Hero. Both of my sons have helped folks
out of burning buildings, now that's a Hero. Our sons and daughters have
stood by their mother and me, when standing aside certainly would have
been easier, and that is Heroic. Our grandchildren rarely leave our side
without "checking in" on us. That's heroism above and beyond the call of
duty. Our friends are there, whenever their needed, sometimes just a
smile, and sometimes much much more. They most certainly are Hero's.
Our Firefighters, the Valley Ambulance and rescue squad, our local law
enforcement officers and their staff, our local professional medical
staff, those helping our sick and aged, especially those tending our
mentally challenged, are truely Hero's.
To even be considered, among them, is more than one might dream. As our
ride through town progresses in this years Summerfest parade. First by
Hugo's home, then past Russell Lykken's place next is Bill Meiers store,
then past Bill LaPlante, Carl Torkelson, Ralph Honsval, Lyman Bjerken, &
Chuck Thomson. Then on past Elmer Berg, Fred Sevigny, Lester Meilke &
Harold Sem. I'll think of Vic Mihulka & Bill Johnston and remember Sam
Nelson and Jack Kerner standing on the corner looking down the street.
Walt and Nora will be watching as I'm reminded of Al Zinke and Ozzie
Campbell. Paul Pastirs memory lingers as does the Henricksens in the
Strand Theater. I'll think of Marvin Pederson, Dave Klava and Hans
Torkelson too, as the image of Butch Gillespie runs across the street to
Gambles lunch counter in his white tee-shirt. I'll hear Clarence Eggen
wish folks happy birthday and see Harris Halliday standing there while
across the street Luther Williamson and Imogene Kulas wave as we pass
by. Then Doc & Ann Blanchard, Homer Nelson and Jim Kearney will be
there, while the Harold's,.. Campbell and Kamrowski both shout "hi" as I
go by. Jay Claseman might take our picture as Oscar Sorenson hollers
hello and Mr. and Mrs King are standing outside to see the show. I'll
see Bob Hart, Fred Bohn and Bruce Williamson and Iner Stenso in that
same block. Paul Flem might still be standing in his Mobile station or
maybe Fabian Sevigny, I'll just have to wait and see.
Parade routes are amazing things, for all their memories. Whats even
more amazing yet, are the folks I can't forget. All very special people,
each in there very own way, and every one will be Hero's in my mind, on
that very special day.
I am a really lucky person that is for sure. With a past so rich and
full. To have shared this world with the jewels of the earth. For that,
I am most thankfull and appreciative. Gary
This weeks firefighters calendar draw winners are:
6/19/06 Victor Peterson $20
6/20/06 Rick Sunstrom $20
6/21/06 Kari Mayer $20
6/22/06 Robert DeSautel $20
6/23/06 Stacey Nelson $20
6/24/06 Lutheran Sunset Home from Ron LaMont * $20
6/25/06 Joey Watkins $20

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

June 18, 2006 - Monday

06/18/06 MONDAY
Todays Gazette is brought to you, in part, by W. A. (Bill) & Helen Moe
and Ray & Margaret Demester
The current temperature is 62 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was N/A
Normal H/L temp for this date is N/A
The forecast for the coming week calls for super summer celebration
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Buster Schumacher, Jack Loos,
Milton Johnston and Rilie Morgan
Already folks are starting to show up for this years 2006 Grafton
SummerFest Celebration.
Ray Carlson and Hod Hutson, Elvin Mattson, Hugo Kutz, Bob Oihus, Stan
Wysocki, Fritz Finger & Gordy Stark.
The past weeks fishing report is FANTASTIC,... with catching just a bit
short of that. I released one 26 and a half inch and one 24 and a
quarter incher. I put several "nice" ones in the box along many "good
eaters" as well. I was also able to give a pile of short and skinny ones
another chance to grow up.
Then of course, one day, I practiced bite and release all day and left
a Wa-Pa spinner hooked to almost every rock south of Kenora. Anyway,..
it was a super excuse to eat at the Rock Harbor Lodge.
Donnie LaBerge, Chuck Stenso, Warren Evans, Charles Stewart, Glenn
Bert Overland sent the following thoughts on "Happy" Chandler. >>>
Gary, Happy Chandler had more to do with Grafton than just one year of
playing baseball. I can't say how many years he played but I do know
he made many visits to Grafton even after he was the "National
Baseball Commissioner". I saw him several times as he visited Fredy
Berg, one of my neighbors, and they had get togethers with the old
baseball team guys. I am sure some of the kids of these guys have
memories to tell. Happy Chandler was a celebrity through the 30's and
"Happy" gave me an autographed baseball--so old it had the green
string seam binder. I had it for many years and one day after I got out
of the service I saw some neighborhood kids playing ball, by A.B.
Thompson's potato warehouse, with one the cover had come off of, so I
gave it to them, a favor I really regretted in the later years as
it would be one of a kind now---who can ever remember seeing a major
league baseball with green thread.
Best regards, Bert <<< Thanks a million Bert, for caring and sharing
another magical part of "our" communities past.
Bob Levos, Jerry & Lee Bratlie, C. Gary Fischer, Ron Koester, Rick
Mont, Lyle Erickson, Dan Gowan, Tom Zidon, Roger Sellnow, Tom Hermann
Chuck Stenso shared the following thought on Chandler field. >>> I
slightly remember Chandler Field getting developed. I remember there
was a meeting at my dads garage (Stenso Motor Co.) with a few people
working on Chandler Field. I remember your dad, (Bill Moe) Bill
Meier, Howard Hills, Ray Carlson, Art Idsvog and several other people
were there planning the field and the celebration when it was done
(Chandler Days)
Elmer Sondeland, Nels Hanson, Eldrige Sandvig, Willie Johnson & Justin
Not to mention;
Arnold Barclay, Richie Swanson, Buzz Baldwin, Chuck Field, Wayne
Langen, Orvil Gilleshammer, Arlan Erickson, Cliff & Harvey Anderson and
Dennis McFarland.
Pleased to welcome Ruth Jelinek to "our" Gazette family tree.
By now you've probably noticed several names in todays Gazette, and,
wondered why.
The following note, one of several I have received in the past few
days, gave me reason to think back and "appreciate" many of those folks
responcible for my being. Marcia's note; >>>
Hey Gary,
Just want to congratulate you on being chosen Grand Marshall for this
years SummerFest. You deserve it. Keep up the great work.
Marcia Molde Seeba <<< Thanks a million for the vote of confidence
Marcia. I must admit, it is, in light of those who have come before me,
a most humbling experience. This would also be a super place to include
Marcia's father name to my list. Benny Molde was another very
instrumental individual having had a hand in molding the person I am
When I was told that I had been nominated and selected Grafton's 2006
Hometown Hero I had a difficult time believing it could be. Mind you I
was pleased and honored, yet I truely struggled with the possiblity that
I might share the honor with such worthy recipiants as Norv Elbert and
Wally DeSautel. Both of whom contributed so much to "our" community.
Then, as I tried to reflect on those that have helped me over the
years. I was surprised to see that each and every one of them could also
qualify for the honor. It should go without saying that I am unable to
mention everyone, though I should.
Eddie Ebertowski was an early influence on my work ethics around the
greenhouse and of course my entire family, my brothers and sister and
all of my aunts and uncles. My first paid position in agriculture was
for my Uncle Norman Burns, (truck driver) for that I am most thankful.
My most thourough agricultural education, however, came from the
Univercity of Leonard DeSautel at Nash North Dakota. With a few under
graduate courses by Rock and Hector Sevigny.
Then, as I tried remembering everyone, I discovered the list would be
so long it would be impossible in this venue. So for now, I would simply
like to say, Thank you, to everyone I have ever known. You can believe
me when I say, "If I have ever seen you, talked to you or had a chance
to listen to what you have to say. I have most definately learned
something from you, and, I am most appreciative for that."
Finally, if I might be so lucky as to deserve even just a small part
of such a wonderful community honor, aside from all those people I've
mentioned. The most important "being" in my life, is my wife. The only
reason I exist is because she does. According to the last edition of the
Walsh County Record, I will be the Grand Marshall of this years 2006
SummerFest Parade. If the trueth be known, the "Grandest" person in that
parade, will be the lady sitting next to me, my wife
Thank you so very much Pat, for being my best friend, my lover and my
The Gazette is brought to you every day (when I'm home) from the
wonderful community of Grafton, North Dakota. Situated on the beautiful
shores of the lovely Park River.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

June 13, 2006 - Tuesday

06/13/06 TUESDAY
Todays Gazette is brought to you by the numerous organizations in our
area that could use additional financial help.
Don't forget to vote!
The current temperature is 69 degrees.
Everyone is still predicting rain. Unfortunately, No-one is predicting
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Don't forget to vote!!
Last Wednesday, just as we were leaving town. Hagens Construction crews
were moving into the former Franklin Goodman property on the corner of
Hill Avenue and hiway 17.
The property on that corner, besides holding one of Graftons earlier
homes, was for a number of years, also the lot that Franklin Goodman
operated his shoe shop, canvas and tarp repair business.
The property will become the new home Subway. The Subway franchise has
been operating from facilities in Graftons western Plaza.
Don't forget to vote TODAY!!!
Speaking of new owners. It is my understanding that Ryer (spl) Stark,
eldest son of Roger and Sandy Stark, as taken possession of the Westside
Drive Inn. Ryer (Spl) is a recent graduate of a prestigious cooking
school and has decided to bring his culinary skills back home for all of
use to enjoy.
We wish him well in his new endeavour and will do my part by consuming
as many WagonMasters as my caloric calculator will allow.
It's Tuesday,.. Don't forget to vote!!!!
Cafe-Au-livre opened while we were gone as well. Hence no more "opening
soon" signs on that facility.
Don't forget,.. go to the Armory and vote.
It's still a bit hard to tell what's happening at Ekatta's. I
understand the upstairs is moving downstairs and the former downstairs
eating facility will be moved into the history books.
Speaking of new owners. I understand "STITCHES" has a new "old" owner.
Rumor has it that Tom Anderson has taken over management of his previous
business, Stitches on main street. I guess Tom has already got the deal
"sewed up" (pardon the pun).
Ever notice how every once-in-awhile you run into super people. That
happened to me again last last week.
Super people, for those wondering, are folks that go above, and beyond,
even when they don't have to. They're honest and friendly folks, that
will lend a hand with a smile that makes "our" community and the whole
world a better place to live.
Mary and Tom LaHaise are Super People. I am fortunate to be able to
call them my friends. Thanks a million Mary and Tom, your wonderful
people. From my brother-in-law Ken and me.
Fishing out of Arnesen's Rocky Point Resort this past week was
fantastic. Catching was a bit slow Friday but Saturday and Sunday it was
easier to get a hook in a walleye's upper lip.
One fellow fishing out of Rocky Point caught a 44 inch northern one day
and turned right around and brought in a 48 incher the next. Thursday
was a bit windy making our shore lunch taste a lot more like hamburger
and fried onions than Walleye and fried potatoes.
I received the following note, and, for several minutes wondered what
to do with it. Then reality set in and I decided to share it with
everyone. I believe it will, or certainly should, create some
interesting discussions. The note was addressed as follows: To Gary
Moe's Gazette from Grafton, ND 6/12/2006 03:56:40 PM
Grand Forks Convention and Visitors Bureau is on the city councils
agenda for tonight - they are requesting to run the charitable gaming at
Polly's - Yes, that is correct The GRAND FORKS CONVENTION and VISITORS
BUREAU - at tonight's city council meeting - you would think there was
some other charity willing to go in there - hmmm....
Tim McDonald to Gary Moe's Gazette
<<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Tim. I absolutely agree.
There certainly should be some other "local" charity willing to go in
there. One should be a bit cautious though about the inference that this
is the first, or only, "GRAND FORKS" organization hauling Grafton money
south. I believe the ARC organization is also headquartered out of Grand
Forks and they too have gaming operations in local establishments.
Also, for what it's worth. It is my understanding that the Grand Forks
folks will be giving "our" golf course a 10 percent cut from the
Once again, it's a use it, or lose it proposition. Someone in town must
have been asleep at the switch. It's up to the entire community to watch
and wind the alarm clock. Or, so it seems to me.
Speaking of sports, a member sent us the following question. >>>> Does
anyone know the history of Chandler Field? How it became named after a
Democrat from Kentucky? How it became a sports complex in the beginning
and what is the significance of it being named Chandler Field? <<< I'm
guessing there's several out there that can add facts to this query.
My contribution will be that Albert Benjamn (Happy) Chandler played
baseball in Grafton in 1920 and only played one year. Chanler Field was
"constructed" in 1946 and dedicated Chandler Field in his honor that
I don't know who actually owned, and donated, the property for the
field although I am lead to believe it came with several specific
stipulations as to how the land could, or would be used.
I'd like to share Kathee's note regarding her surprise last week when
she received a check from our Firefighters. Kathee wrote: >>>>
What a treat to open my mail box on Friday and find an envelop in it
from the Grafton Fire Department with a $20 check enclosed. We managed
to spend that at the Parkers Prairie, Minnesota, Fire Department street
dance last night as the Parkers department celebrated its 100 year
anniversary. We have used that department over the years to fight a barn
fire and several threatening swamp fires that were started by neighbors.
May God always watch over the firefighters.
Kathee <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Kathee. Jeff, the
oldest son in our gene pool, is a volunteer firefighter. Pat and I
certainly do appreciate all the prayers "they" can get.
As always, I invite everyones ideas and suggestions. Please
"I may not always like what you tell me. I will, however, always
appreciate it." GLM

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

June 6, 2006 - Tuesday

06/06/06 TUESDAY
Todays Gazette is brought to you by the Daisy Red Rider B-B Gun
and all the things it taught me. Some good,.... some not so good.
The current temperature is 57 degrees.
Wednesdays forecast calls for Walleye's in the pound and a half to two
pound range, with the bulk of them swimming in nine to ten foot level.
So far, anyway, our fifty percent chance of rain has delivered
just enough moisture to wet the lips,..but not enough to gargle.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
I mentioned the Seegers in yesterdays Gazette and their long time
association with the Fashion Shoppe in Grafton. Last night, while
reading the 1942 Grafton News and Times 5th annual Potato Edition, I
discovered that I not only misspelled their store name. I also should
have included the fact that they had "Fashion Shoppe's" in Walhalla and
Park River as well as here in Grafton.
A metamorphosis, of sorts, continues in the former Nelson
Drug Store building. The lower level appears to have been completely
gutted, again, and there seems to be some sort of band stand looking
structure growing out of the floor on the north wall.
According to the latest advertisement in The Weekly Source we are
suppose to watch for their New Bar Opening Up Downstairs on Friday, June
9th. I'm not exactly sure what SUBZERO is, unless it's winter, but the
ad does say SUBZERO will be featured on Friday and Saturday night.
Speaking of places. Sunday night when we returned home from
practicing my hunter gatherer skills at Rocky Point. Pat and I stopped
at the Pizza Hut for one of their, once around the kitchen, "diet"
specials. I mentioned awhile back that we thought the new Pizza Hut
decor was bright, cheerful and inviting. Sunday night we were both
pleased at the "Huts" latest addition to their internal decor.
It would have been all but impossible to not see the beautiful
pictures placed between every window in the "Hut". For the most part,
the pictures feature local and area seniors in various graduation poses.
Three of the photos however were taken of professional entertainers at
the Alerus, Engelstad and, I think, one group from the Chester Fritz in
Grand Forks.
What a unique idea. Congratulations are in order to the Grafton
Pizza Hut management and Rock Tweten of Tweten's Photography in Grafton
for such a wonderful idea. I've been told the pictures will be changed
from time to time, with several different venues featured. Stop by the
Grafton Pizza Hut and take a look at all the beautiful pictures. Then
stop by again and again, as the presentation evolves.
Gosh I was surprise to get so many messages, in one form or
another, suggesting that folks missed the Gazette while I was gone. It
was also wonderful hearing from "our" Ohio Fox Hunting friends. Cindy,
Bill Shiningers reason to get up in the morning, wrote. >>> Glad you had
a nice time fishing, but sure missed the SKEETERVILLE GAZETTE. The Ohio
Fox hunters are hitting the fields hard, trying to get all their
replanting done. Had ten days of rain, so they had some touch up work to
do. All is well in this part of the world. Keep the information coming.
Cindy <<< Thanks a million for the note Cindy. Although we started our
planting season really wet. I suspect most growers in the area would
really appreciate a good rain now.
Wednesday I'll be going back to Arnesen's Rocky Point Resort and
try catch some of the "little ones" I threw back last year and hope
they've turned into "good eaters" this year.
Good eaters,.. for those of you that aren't quite sure. Are small
fish,... when you can't catch any bigger ones.
Ever notice how fish seem to gain weight and length on the trip
For you folks thinking of coming to the 2006 Grafton Summerfest.
Keep coming. Gas is cheaper here than just about anyplace in the
country. And, no-matter how far you have gone, or, how long you've been
gone. This is still HOME and we welcome you back.
I shared a note awhile back from a subscriber that suggested "our"
financial institutions may be draining "our" monetary resources, or at
least transferring large sums of it to the big cities.
The following note takes issue with that premise. The note. >>> It
won't be necessary to use my name for this information. In a previous
newsletter someone was complaining that the banks in town were just
taking profits out of town. I would like to suggest that this person
contact the hospital and other organizations in town and ask them about
all of the monies received from the Bremer foundation. Perhaps they
could go to the high school and Century school and look at the very nice
coverings over the entrances. These were donated by Choice Financial.
Next time do some checking before complaining. <<< Thanks a million $$$$
for caring and sharing. I must admit, when I sent out the first note, I
really did think I would get several responses, pro and con, to the
So far only these two have surfaced. Of course, that too may be a
good thing. Rest assured, when I receive messages that request
anonymity, even I forget who sends them.
You can't measure a fish, by the size of the worm he eats.
I haven't received this weeks Firefighter Calendar draw winners tho
since I wasn't here to send out last weeks, they are as follows.
5/29/06 Dorothy Elston $500
5/30/06 George Campbell * $20
5/31/06 Deb Robinson $20
6/01/06 Todd Storey $20
6/02/06 Marjorie Welsh * $20
6/03/06 Deb Robinson $20
6/04/06 Jim Vasichek $20
Congratulations to the lucky winners. I'm pleased to see a couple
Gazette members in the list.
I guess I didn't get the winners out from the week before either. They
5/22 Gina Barth $20
5/23 Gazette % Gary Moe * $20
5/24 Lutheran Sunset Home $20
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This list also has two winners from the Gazette desk. You might notice
that one of the winners holds a special place in my heart. As with the
last "winning ticket" this one too will go to the "little" Ben and Nessa
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Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
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Monday, June 05, 2006

June 5, 2006 - Monday

06/05/06 MONDAY grp 3 of 20
Todays Gazette is brought to you by The Fashion Shop.
The current temperature is 78 degrees.
I was surprised to get home and find that my fancy new electronic rain
gauge hadn't recorded a drop of rain since we left.
There is a 50 percent chance Mother Nature will be watering the garden
Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
The person that said nothing ever happens in a small town, has never
been to Grafton.
Much that goes on in a small town finds it way to fact, or fiction, by
way of the rumor mill. For instance. Rumor has it Ekatta's, Grafton
newest entertainment complex, has decided to streamline there operation
in the former Nelson Drug store building. They are turning their lower
level restaurant and upper level Cigar Bar into a more compact complex
all on the main floor. That's super news for folks like me that have
trouble with stairs anyway.
I haven't heard what's going to fill the upper level. Perhaps that area
will remain storage area for former drug store memories. I also
understand the new menu will feature more peanuts and chips than Ribs
and Lasagna.
I was also saddened to hear that Harts Machine will be redirecting
their energies as well. Harts has made numerous, significant,
contributions to the agricultural community in the Grafton area over the
Rumors have already been be circulating about the "possible sale" of
Reds sports bar and Grill.
(We can,.. USE IT - OR - LOSE IT)
On the positive side. Colleen and Donald LaBerge will be turning over
their home at 906 Western Avenue to new owners soon. The LaBerge's have
maintained the home in immaculate condition. That, along with the help
of local real estate agents from Country Realty, I believe, contributed
to the relatively quick sale. "Rumor" has it that someone from
California will be moving into the 906 Western address shortly.
Fishing out of Arnesen's Rocky Pont Resort on the south shores of
Minnesota's Lake of the Woods has been absolutely FANTASTIC, and,...
catching fish there has been pretty good as well.
The daily limit is four Walleye's each and everything over 19 ½
inches must be returned to be caught another day. I was able to come in
every time I went out with a limit of "good eaters". Last Wednesday, I
came in with three Walleye's in the 18" to 18½" range and one that
measured 19 and fifteen thirtyseconds inches. I must admit I did have to
"arch" it's back, just a bit, to make it legal.
ANYWAY, the fishing and the food is always fabulous at Arnesen's Rocky
Point Resort,... and most of the time the catching is too.
I was surprised to look out the windshield of the motorhome the other
day just in time to catch Jay Seeger running into my dock. Literally,
running into my dock. Jay, it seems, had just purchased the new 25
footer from a dealer in Grand Forks. According to him, they told him
everything there was to know about the boat,... except how to run it.
Anyway, some might remember that the Seegers ran The Fashion Shop in
Grafton for many years. 28 years according to Jay. He also told me that
he always believed Grafton was one of the better business communities in
the state.
The Fashion Shop was just north of the Strand Theater on main street.
The Seegers, currently living in Grand Forks, have recently purchased a
place at Arnesen's Rocky Point.
I received the following "message" from Wally, while I was gone
fishing. >>>
Hi Gary ..... Put that fishing rod down and get back to work.
EKATTA'S closed and Hart's Machine will close on Wednesday of this week.
...Don't you have any responsibility for this old town???? You leave
and it goes to pot. You should come back and let me fish and use your
RV. When I leave, it doesn't make any difference.
POOR OLD WALLY <<< Thanks a million for the note Wally. I thought
"our" town was in capable hands when I left.
Anyway, Wally also forwarded the following message he received from
Peggy Dahl-Bartunek. She wrote. >>>
Hi Wally,
Could you please forward this request to Gary Moe so he can include it
in his newsletter? I don't have his E-mail address:
This November Grafton High School will be presenting the musical
"Hello Dolly." The musical takes place in the 1890's and the women's
costumes will require very elaborate hats. We have all sorts of hats
in our costume room but we would like to "build" them up so they look
like they are from that period. Anybody who would like to donate
"fake" flowers, ribbons, chiffon scarves, or any other item that might
be useful to decorate the hats is invited to drop off the items this
summer at Valley Music. Also, if anybody has real clothes from that
period and would be comfortable loaning them, please call me at
360-0167. Thank you! Peggy Dahl-Bartunek
Thanks Wally!
Peggy <<<< Thanks to both Wally and Peggy for caring and sharing. I'd
be surprised if Wally doesn't have clothes from that era hanging in his
closet. If someone can remember to remind me, I would be happy to remind
"us" about the event in the future as well.
Speaking of not having my e-mail address. I received the following
request from Gina. She wrote. >>> Hi Gary,
My dad, Michael Leighton, forwarded me one of your Skeeterville
Gazette's and I was wondering if I could get on your mailing list.
Its nice to see what everyone is up to in Grafton.
As for me - I was Gina Leighton and married Eric Rypkema from
Bemidji. We reside in Bemidji and have 2 kids. Eric is a
police officer and I am a financial advisor and work mainly in Bemidji
and Park Rapids, but I do have clients in Langdon and Cavalier as
well. So I get up to Grafton one day a week right now. I can
not wait for Summerfest this summer!
Thanks Gary for putting this paper together,
Gina (Leighton) Rypkema <<<
Thanks a million Gina and welcome to the Gazette family. The intent of
the Gazette is the exchange of information between "people". I still
believe the Walsh County Record (weekly) and the Grand Forks Herald
(daily) are the best printed, local, news vehicles we have.
From time to time I receive a request to discontinue, or hold, sending
out the Gazette to subscribers going on vacation t their summer or
winter homes. I am able to stop sending relatively easily. I can do that
when I receive the note. Unfortunately, the Gazette staff (me) doesn't
always have the wear-with-all to remember to startup the subscription
again. For that reason, and some I can't think of, I must ask those
wanting the Gazette to start up again to please let me know at that
time. The calendar on my wall is already full of anniversaries and
Some days your the bug. Some days your the windshield.
Only female Skeeters bite.
If your not in Grafton for the Summerfest, your going to be missing a
good time.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.