Wednesday, April 20, 2005

April 20, 2005 - Wednesday

04/20/05 WEDNESDAY grp 3.
The current temperature under a clear sky is 44 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 62/41
Normal H/L temp for this date is 57/33
Todays Gazette is brought to you , in part, by SELL & TOLLACK ==
hardware, furniture and harness. Phone # 66
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff;
Well after several months, "it's in,... and it's out." The vote on
smoking or not smoking, that is. Let there be no mistake about it.
Smoking is not a 'good' thing no-matter where it happens. Let no-one
misunderstand the facts. The facts are, in-haling smoke, from either end
of a cigarette, is detrimental to our health. Another interesting
all-be-it unfortunate fact is. The folks in our wonderful little
community will need to divy up several thousand dollars to pay for an
election that would not have been necessary in the first place.
Least we all run out and rejoice to soon, we should be reminded that
the decision to ban smoking in "most" public places. Will require some
individuals, and, business establishments to incur cost that they may,
ultimately, not be able to bare. Yes it is true that smoking is not
conducive to a healthy life style. The sad fact is, it's unfortunate,
that it required a law to stop folks from doing it in "most" business
My final thought would be, that it is not, for the most part, the
business proprietor that encouraged folks to enter their facilities and
fill them full of smoke. It is their customers. Unfortunately, it will
be the proprietor that will foot the bill.
Oops, I almost forgot to report the results of yesterdays smoke, no
smoke, vote.
239 voters thought they should be able to smoke wherever they want.
(no) While 470 voters think the 239 should stick their butts up one.
(yes) Or so it seems to me. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
The first duty of love is to listen.
Speaking of rules and regulations. I understand there is legislation
pending that will make it legal to breast feed, in public. I think I
also heard someone comment that it never really was against the law to
do so. I have also been told by some that there is already "feeding" and
"changing" stations set up in "most" restrooms in the country. I think
that, too, is a law. I guess I don't know much about that either.
I am wondering though, before they actually "pass the bill", if they
shouldn't do a bit of clarifying and confirming. (Anyone out there
remember that term?) I'm thinking like, old can one be, and still
legally breast feed? I'm almost certain you'd get a different response
from the boys than the girls. Would it be against the law for the
"supplier" to run out of supply?
Then of course, would come the issue of volume, one breast or two.
Could it be against the law to "over indulge"? I can even imagine OSHA
getting involved with the sanitization regulations of the "feeding"
station(s). Who should bare (pardon the pun) the primary responsibility
of maintaining clean, disease free, distribution centers? There just
doesn't seem to be an end to the problems that need to be solved. Or so
it seems to me.
I'm not sure what going on at the Wells Fargo Bank downtown. From the
street, it looks like they're cleaning out the hayloft. Or, heating and
cooling stuff.
SPEEEDY-ATE is a new word formulated at Granny's. It means, now that
the vote is over, the refurbishing can begin.
Today is the day our daughter-in-law Denise (Barta) Moe will celebrate
the anniversary of her birth. I won't share the number of candles,
although I'm guessing some days, after chasing the twins around and
taking care of Trevor, it seems like more than they really.
Denise, is not just the mother of our three youngest grandchildren. She
is the "wonderful mother" of our three youngest grandchildren. Happy
birthday Denise, we love you very much. Mom and Dad Moe.
The Gazette works best, when the folks the read it, write it. Or so it
seems to me.
A special thanks to Rod Alme for "sharing" all of his baseball tickets
with me. If there is another Legion member that would be willing to
share a few more with me, I would really appreciate it.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Friday, April 15, 2005

April 15, 2005 - Friday

04/15/05 FRIDAY
The current temperature is 55 degrees under a partly cloudy sky.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 64/35
Normal H/L temp for this date is 53/31
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff
Yesterdays question about "our" schools athletic name, and the first
four words of the teams "fight song" renewed a pile of memories, several
notes and even generated a few phone calls.
Alice (Sevigny) Lessard wrote; >>>
When I was going to high school in Grafton, The first four words of the
school song was. Grafton High School
Warriors. I don't know about the Grey
Devils. <<< Thanks for caring and sharing Alice.
Harley Kingsbury was able to shed the following light on the question.
And, I might add, recognize the value of the Legion Ball team at the
same time. He wrote; >>> Gary: I played football for the Grafton
Greydevils way back in the years of 27-28-29. It is a fact that we were
the Grafton Greydevils. I don't know when or how the name was adopted.
Casey Finnegan was the coach in 27 but the years of 28 & 29 Bub Nelson
coached. Bub was a Grafton native who starred for NDU. Casey also had
Grafton ties as he was married to Bill DePuys sister. Casey left Grafton
and went to NDSU to coach football. In 27 we had a running back, Joe
Selliken, who followed Casey to NDSU where he starred for three years.
He was named to the all conference team for 2 of those years.
Now,... about the baseball tickets. Please get a book for me. I
will mail you a check for them. We are still in Az. but hope to be home
about the 27th, so just keep the book for me. Thanks a lot.
Harley Kingsbury <<< Thanks Harley, for caring and sharing. For shedding
a bit of the "Greydevil" years with those of us to young to have been
there. Thanks also for remembering the Grafton Legion Baseball program
and helping it be as good as it can be.
Speaking of Legion Baseball. Alice & Dan sent the following; >>>HI
Thanks again Alice, I'll tell Jack today, to put one
aside for you.
I received a call from Eleanor Iverson last night about our "school
song". It seems while doing a bit of spring cleaning she found a copy of
"The Grafton Rouser", which, I must add, also has our "school song" in
it. I hope the young folks are ready for this. The first four words of
"our" school song was in fact, Grafton High School Warriors. So,... now,
we know what the first four words were,... then.<<Eleanor, for helping us better understand our "Heritage" (pardon the
Jean (Suda) Jiskra sent the following information. Which I should add,
is from a much younger prospective. Jean wrote;
>>>You were right Gary. The first four words of the school song are
"Grafton High School Spoilers......."
Wondering if you've noticed the Country Realty sign in your
neighborhood yet? I just listed 1473 Dogwood Ave. which was previously
owned by Mark Demers and before him it belonged to our grandparents. I'm
thinking that home would be great for a young family or even a retired
couple looking to move to Grafton. It's a great location!!!
Jean<<< Thanks Jean, for agreeing with my more "youthful" rendition of
the song. As so often happens, there can be more than one right answer
to the same question.
As for the house at 1473 Dogwood, We are always sorry to see anyone
leave. However, we can now look forward to another new neighbor. It
might just be the neighborhood and the kind of house the Rud's are
looking for.
Speaking of houses and stuff. Rumor has it the Torkelson house on
McHugh Ave. will soon have new owners. That same "rumor" indicates
Bernie Burley can pull his "house for sale" sign down as well.
Holy Smokers,.. Grafton is "on the grow again". Isn't there a song that
goes something like that? Aren't rumors fun?
Blessed are those who give without remembering and receive without
forgetting. (Thanks Dane)
I'm not sure if I understood the latest news from the "Brits"
correctly or not. I think I heard them say they were going to rename
Camilla "The Duchess of Cornball",.... or something like that.
Speaking of Grafton "on the grow". It looks like Wally's is pouring
cement and adding shade and permanence to their part time spring flower
operation. That too, will add significant dollars to Graftons tax base.
In a small town, everything helps.
Which brings me to another small town issue. One I became aware of in
just the past few days.
That being the issue of ariel spraying for Skeeters. It is my
understanding "we" don't want to support "our" local ariel applicator
because one from another area submitted a lower bid. I find that
interesting. The fact that the "lowest bid" comes from an outfit that
pays a fraction of the taxes "our" applicator pays, (zero to Grafton)
may well be one reason he can submit the lowest bid. The fact that the
lowest bidder may or may not be able to spray "our" skeeters the day we
want, but rather when it best fits their schedule, could also be
another. Some may even remember last year, during our annual
celebration, the low bidder couldn't get here til late evening, when the
town was already full of people. Hence, he actually missed spraying the
part of town everyone was outside trying to visit in.
The lowest bid is "not always the best bid". As a matter of fact, if
one would consider the total revenue leaving our community. The lowest
bid could well become the highest. If saving "our" citizens money is the
criteria, and I believe it certainly should be, sending our citizens
money out of town requires more than simply looking at the lowest dollar
bid. I have also been lead to believe some may have even been confused
on what the actually dollar bid entailed.
The old folks would best describe it as "biting the hand that feeds
you." I am hoping the Skeeter spray issue isn't a done deal, and, that
the process gets another review. Or so it seems to me.
I would be happy to hear from anyone in regard to the spraying issue.
Just about the time I think we've run out of new subscribers, a new one
appears. Evidently, Sonia and Nels Midgarden feel they can tolerate a
bit more Bologna.
She wrote; >>>Hi Gary, I hear your daily gazette is very
interesting. Would you put us on your mailing list?
Thanks!! Sonia
Thanks for sharing your interest Sonia and welcome to the Gazette
family. Please feel free, from time to time, to share a part of your
world with us.
I already have to scare up a few more Grafton Legion Calendar Draw
books anyway. Why not have me get one for you? Simply let me know and
PUFF, could be a lucky winner, and, contribute to a wonderful
cause besides. Gary

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Friday, April 08, 2005

April 8, 2005

04/08/05 FRIDAY grp. 3
The current temperature is 40 degrees under a fair sky.
Today we might expect record high temperatures, and the wind,...will be
to high to fly a kite. (Gusts to 40 MPH)
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff;
Graftons GMU spring cleanup crews are busier than a bull calf sticking
his tongue in his nose. The "big" lot in front of Pamida has been swept,
and, with a minor streak of luck, the sweeper didn't get hung up in the
reinforcing rods sticking out of the cement by Granny's.
Gil Clairmont might be interested in knowing, someone is filling up
his old Bridgemen Creamery building with Mexican food, baby cribs, toys
and a bed.
Maybe there is something to the rumor that we will be getting a new
Mexican food outlet in town.
Wendy responded to the note Holly sent yesterday. She wrote; >>>Good
Morning Daddy. Just thought I would share with you that Jeni came home
from being gone to Wahpeton for three days. She was thrilled with the
kids she met there, and immediately told us that Holly was there with
her kids from GF, and, that she (Holly) was given the 100% participation
award. Jeni's comment was "I got to talk to Holly everyday, she is so
nice mom I just love her." Now I don't know EXACTLY what that award
means but Jen said it's good and we all know what Holly is like, so I
knew she worked hard for it.. Jeni loves being a part of VICA and her
advisor, Karen (Lunde) Hills, was the main reason. Jeni at least once a
day talks about how much she enjoys and even more so loves this
teacher...So again I say, we may be a small town with a small school
system, but look who they employ...Home town teachers that bring more to
our (mine specifically) children then the required knowledge just to
graduate. They spend the time, and, care to TEACH them life is also
about people and befriending children... she truly admires Karen and
would do anything for her... thanks Dad for sharing Holly's note and
making me smile before I leave for work.

Thanks for caring and sharing Wendy. Aren't wonderful people,... wonderful?

I guess I mentioned Trevor yesterday. His mother (and I) wanted to add
the following. >>>Hi! Trev is up to 12lbs 12.5 oz and is 23" long. In
the 97% for height and 95% for weight. Proportioned just right! We're
going to have a big boy! All is good with him... thank the Lord.
D<<correct Trev's date of birth in yesterdays Gazette. I believe I wrote
March 2. That of course was 20 minutes after Trevor arrived. March 2 was
his grandma's birthday and I thought it would be fun for her to see it
in print, one time anyway.
Life is not a plate to be emptied. It is a bowl to be filled. (Thanks
Loren Lundberg felt the need to comment on our recent rash of
wonderful weather. He wrote: >>>Gazette, 4/7/05 "70 plus degree
temperature" - Not only have you cancelled the fifth season - flood -
but it appears that you have done away with spring, scheduled summer for
a week in April and Fall for May. Makes for a very extended winter.
Alert the people in charge - they can call the reunions as part of
"Fallfest".<<< Thanks for caring and sharing Loren. Rest assured, the
people in charge,..are.
The other day I mention Bailey, the giant St. Bernard puppy stopped by
Denise & Brads house to visit "the kids". Lisa sent the following note
indicating Bailey's on the road again. Lisa also wanted to clarify the
cookie stats. >>>Hi Gary,
Just an update on Girl Scout Cookies. They will arrive in Grafton on
Tuesday the 12th. I was extremely short on the number of boxes sold.
There will be 244 cases delivered which is the equivalent to right
around 3000 boxes. Thanks again to all who support the Girl Scouts.
A note from Bailey the St. Bernard. Now that it is nice out the
walks are becoming longer and more frequent. He always likes making
new friends as he did last night with Tom, Harry and Eleanor, Gary and
Claire and the entire Fox Family (John, Melissa, Dane, Brett, and
Sam). Soon his social life will be greater than most of ours.
Lisa Barnes<<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Lisa. You notes
with us, and Bailey with the rest of the community.
As Promised in yesterdays Gazette. Alvin Mohagen and Steve Kittelson
obituaries are attached:
Alvin G. Mohagen, age 95 of Grafton, ND passed away on Tuesday, April
5, 2005 at the Altru Hospital of Grand Forks, ND. Alvin G. Mohagen was
born December 25, 1909 in Grafton, ND the son of the late Hans H. and
Elvina (Evans) Mohagen. He attended rural schools near Grafton.
Following his education he worked as a ranch hand in Butte, ND and later
worked in the rodeo. He returned to Grafton where he worked for Carl
Hvidsten as a bulk fuel transport driver during the war. He married Opal
Lunde on November 6, 1937 in Grafton. He then worked as a Standard
Oil Bulk Agent and Skelly Bulk Agent. Alvin then started working as a
carpenter in the Grafton area with Harry Ness, Ray Anderson and his son
Keith, building over 18 new homes in Grafton During the
construction of the Missile Sites in North Dakota he worked as the
Building Superintendent throughout North Dakota.
He was a member of the Grafton Lutheran Church, a life member of the
Sons of Norway, the Grafton Masonic Lodge and Odd Fellows.
He is survived by his wife Opal of Grafton, ND; son Keith (Shirley)
Mohagen of Fullerton, CA; grandchildren: Cheri, Lori and Randy, five
great grandchildren and sisters: Mabel Johnson of Grafton, ND and
Lillian Evans of Roseau, MN. He was preceded in death by his parents,
brothers: Lawrence, Helmer and Ralph and sister Edna.
Funeral services will be Monday, April 11th at 10:00 A.M. at the Grafton
Lutheran Church. Visitation will be Sunday from 3-5 PM at the Tollefson
Funeral Home of Grafton and Monday for one hour prior to the service at
the church. Interment will be at the Grafton Lutheran Cemetery of
Grafton, ND.
The Tollefson Funeral Home of Grafton is in charge of the arrangements.
Steven M. Kittelson, age 51 of Harwood, ND and formerly of Grafton,
passed away on Tuesday, April 5th at his home in Harwood. Steven M.
Kittelson was born August 10, 1953 in Grafton, ND the son of Marlyn and
Georgene (Tanke) Kittelson. He graduated from Grafton High School in
1971 and then attended Dakota Aero Tech in Fargo. Following his
education he moved to Lynwood, CA where he worked for Douglas Aircraft
Corp. in Long Beach, CA. He later moved to Portland, Oregon where he was
part owner of the A-1 Auto Clinic. In 1980 he returned to Grafton where
he worked for area farmers. He married Melody Kilmer on May 3, 1996. In
1997 the couple moved to Harwood, ND. He was currently working as the
Service Manager for Northern Grain Equipment in West Fargo, ND.
He was a member of the Zion English Lutheran Church of Grafton and the
Fair Oaks Golf Club in Grafton.
He is survived by his wife Melody of Harwood, ND; his mother Georgene
Kittelson of Grafton, ND; siblings: Gregory (Sally) Kittelson of Downey,
CA; Guy (Diane) Kittelson of Praire Rose, ND; Kristy (William) Dahl of
Grafton, ND; Bonnie (Kevin) Lein of Fargo, ND; Kay (Ross) Keller of
Hillsboro, ND; Brett Kittelson of Grafton, ND; David Kittelson of
Hillsboro, ND; Kerri (Wayne) Stegman of Drayton, ND; Troy (Sally)
Kittelson of Hoople, ND and Shane Anderson of Middle River, MN; step
children: Cory (Tracey) Burns of Grafton, ND; Joshua Langowski of Grand
Forks, ND; Ashley Langowski of Harwood, ND; grandchildren: Stephanie and
Lindsey. He was preceded in death by his father Marlyn.
Funeral services will be Saturday, April 9, 2005 at 10:30 A.M. at the
Zion English Lutheran Church of Grafton, ND. Visitation will be Friday
from 5-7 PM at the Tollefson Funeral Home of Grafton, ND with a prayer
service Friday evening at 7:00 PM. Friends may also call at the church
on Saturday for one hour prior to the service. Interment will be at the
Grafton Lutheran Cemetery.
The Tollefson Funeral Home of Grafton is in charge of the arrangements.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Monday, April 04, 2005

April 4, 2005

04/04/05 MONDAY grp. 3
The current temperature is 56 degrees with calm winds under a partly
clear sky.
There is a chance we could get to 62 degrees today, with almost the
same chance it will rain.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 60/25
Normal H/L temp for this date is 46/25
It's getting harder and harder to find any snowbanks around. However,
If your looking for something easy to find. Try looking for cigarette
butts, they're piled up around many doorsteps.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff
The Park River is still running thru Leistikow Park, and not over it.
If we don't receive a heavy rain within the next few days, the park and
campgrounds should be ready earlier this year than last.
Although it's simply an observation, it does appear that many of
Grafton Squares old customers have found solace in other petro peddlers.
Always remember that strength is attained by meeting resistance.
I was so pleased to receive word today from Cathy (Thompson) Sando of
her father Trueman. Cathy wrote. >>>>
Good morning, Gary...I read your gazette this a.m. and noticed a note
from someone that said they suspected that I never would have written
you if you hadn't mentioned the helicopter story. I would like to tell
you and all the Granny's gang what actually triggered my response to be
sent. When I was in dad's room visiting one morning, I mentioned to him
that I noticed a note in your news about him, and that all of you were
thinking of him and wishing him well...he got tears in his eyes and I
could tell how much that note meant to him and what a big part of his
life you all are. I guess what triggered me to write this note today is
that many of us spend our lives not always saying all that we should,
and I wanted to make sure that all of you know the reason for my initial
note. Thank you for being such wonderful friends to my dad. It is Monday
morning, and he had a better day yesterday. He was up for a short walk
in the hall, and has started to eat a little more. He still has oxygen
on, and still has a couple of IV's in, but is slowly but surely getting
through this, and we are guessing that he may be able to get back home
some time this week! Cathy<

Thanks a million Cathy, for caring and
sharing. It's a fare statement to say, that Trueman is on everyones
mind, and that we all look forward to his speedy recovery and return.
Please continue to keep us informed of "dads" progress. Gary
Bill Holt sent the following note regarding "stories" of Billy
DeSautels younger years. He wrote; >>>Hi Gary,
I figured you would get lots of stories about Bill Desautel but Nip
Lykken is right, most of them were X rated. I can remember one
Halloween when he came out to our farm when I was out in the barn with
my dad, milking, and he pulled the switch to turn off all the
electricity and all the milking machines dropped off the cows.
After Dad figured out what happened, he actually thought it was kind of
funny. There was another incident involving a team of work
horses getting out and making it all way to the Red River but Dad only
had his suspicions about that one. Bill Holt<<< Thanks a million
Bill, for caring and sharing. I keep hearing stories of Billy D. filling
someones house up with chickens one night but I don't have all the
particulars on that event,...yet. I guess it must be true, Billy was a
regular "little bigger". Or so I'm told anyway.
If the next note is correct, and I think it is. Beverly Demers caught
her folks spending their kids inheritance. Bev wrote; >>>> Hi
Mom and Dad decided to take a trip out to Bakersfield, CA to visit with
my sister Denise and her family. On the way, they stopped and visited
with Edgar and Maxine Collette and Alan and Susan Collette. They had a
great time and were very impressed with Alan and Susan's winter home.
They made it back in time to spend Easter at Mark and Coralee's home in
Moorhead. I think retirement is agreeing with them! They've spent quite
a bit of time traveling this winter to see their grandkids in Moorhead,
Oshkosh, Minneapolis and Bakersfield.
Have a great week!
Bev <<wondering who Mom and Dad is. They are Ronald and Cyrilla Demers from
Oakwood, a wonderful little community just a few miles east of Grafton.
It's Girl Scout Cookie time of the year again. Lisa Barnes sent out
the following "reminder" of the Scout cookie program.
Hi Gary,
Just a note to let you and all others that Girl Scout Cookies will be
arriving in Grafton sometime next week. The girls are eager to deliver
about 1500 boxes that were ordered. If there is anyone who would
still like some, extras were ordered for those customers missed. Thanks
to all who supported the girls this year as Troop #7 (3rd graders) are
working toward a trip to Disney in Florida. They are about 1/2 way
there. Lisa Barnes <<<< Thanks for caring and sharing Lisa. If
anyone is in need of additional cookies, call a scout with a skirt on,
or, maybe even Lisa would be happy to help fill your cookie jar.
The Gazette works best, when the folks that read it, write it. Or so it
seems to me.
I received word this morning, that Al Sabourin, age 101 died on March
4th. I was told that Al would have celebrated the 102 anniversary of his
birth this July 2nd.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

April 3, 2005 - Sunday

04/03/05 SUNDAY grp. 3
The current temperature is 52 degrees (above) with a calm winds under a
partly cloudy sky.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 58/31
Normal H/L temp for this date is 45/25
If you forgot to set your clocks ahead, your reading this an hour later
than you should.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff
The ice has broken up on the Park River and water is going down the
river without a problem. Water levels will have to go up several inches
before coving Ruby Nappers Lawn. That is, of course, when it was Ruby
Nappers lawn.
Joleen and Keith Bjorneby returned home Friday night. It's sure great
having Keith back for coffee in the morning. Unfortunately, somewhere
between Florida and home, he forgot how to loose at dice.
For the past several days I have been closing by suggesting that the
Gazette works better when the folks that read it, write it. Often I
receive notes from folks that are wondering, "whats going on with other
members of the Gazette family."
Often, I find myself asking, myself, the same question. Once in a while
I do hear things, -- like Dorothy having same day surgery so she can go
to Japan this fall. I haven't heard how the surgery went, nor anything
about the trip,... yet.
I suppose everyone is so dad-burn-busy (Thats a Larry Jensen
expression) they don't have time, or care to share.
Once in a while though, I do get notes like the following from Ralph.
He wrote;
Saturday you wrote that the Gazette is best when written by those that
read it. It may be true that getting information on Trueman from his
daughter was important to all of us. However, it is often your comments
that elicit those responses. I suspect Cathy never would have written to
you if first you had not told the helicopter story. The vehicle you have
created is something special to our community. It is too bad other towns
don't have a Gary Moe. -----Thanks for the kind words Ralph. As a matter
of fact, I was hoping for another update on Trueman.
Real love begins when nothing is expected in return. (Thanks Dane)
Speaking of returning home, Trueman, Rain, nice weather and Billy D.
Norman Lykken sent the following. >>>
Dear Gary,
Thanks so much for the Gazette and keeping us updated on all
the news from Grafton. We have just migrated back to Wash. from
AZ. Soon as we got back it starts raining which it hasn't all winter.
Gary when Trueman Thompson gets back to Granny's, tell him he better
practice up and get back in shape because I intend to come back in June
and shake him for breakfast and I always look forward to the win. It is
great to hear that Trueman is on the road to recovery.
I have been trying to come up with some more history on Billy Desautel
as you requested Gary, but most of the stuff I remember, is too XX
rated to report here. He was quite a kid.
Say hello to all the gang and thanks again for the Gazette.
NIP <<forward to your visit this summer, and contributing to the caloric
intake of the Granny's crew.
I'm not real sure if I have the story straight, but it had something to
do with Billy, nip, and a Stark girl.
Aunt Alice sent the following note, in the form of a request.
Thanks a million Alice. We would be pleased to add Julie to the Gazette
family. I checked with the subscription department and according to our
records. A cheaper rate would mean we would have to pay you. Wanna guess
what I think about that?
Welcome back to the group Jean. We're pleased you decided to renew
your subscription after your recent move. We hope your settled in and
comfortable in your new surroundings.
That reminds me, I have to remember to put Connie and Lewie on
vacation rate tomorrow.
================================== The Gazette works best when the
folks that read it, write it. Or so it seems to me.
If someone should see a retired North Dakota farmer walking around a
swimming pool in Arizona, with a box of cookies or brownies and a sweet
little lady on his arm. Tell him "Hi" from the guys at Granny's, and me.
Or, If you happen to see a white Cadillac on the side of the road with
the hood up, that too could be Uncle Norman. Tell him "Hi" and we

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

From: Gary Moe [g

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

March 23, 2005 - Wednesday

03/23/05 WEDNESDAY
The current temperature is 34 degrees under a cloudy sky. A south wind
at 10 MPH makes it feel like 26 degrees on bare skin.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 38/28
Normal H/L temp for this date is 38/20
Make today, the tomorrow you've been putting things off to.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff
Judging by yesterdays hike in gas prices the worlds Sand Ranchers must
be planning on buying another herd of Camels. The cost of a gallon went
up a nickel, to $ 2.15.
Kim sent the following reminder of a wonderful event coming to the
Grafton Federated Church. She wrote;
Hi Gary. This Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. the Federated Church
will again be doing a reenactment of the Last Supper. It was
performed last year, also on Maundy Thursday, and was very moving.
Please pass this information on to your readers. Thanks, Kim T.<<<
Thank you Kim. It sounds like an event that could be enjoyed by
According to BettyLou, the 1966 storm also went through Auburn. She
>>> Hi I remember the blizzard so well. We were living in Auburn
Scott was 4 yrs old and Brett was 4 months old. Payday was on Friday
so of course the cupboards and fridge were pretty bare as we did not
have a lot of money then. So we ran out of food Roger walked to his
mothers house next door and at times I could not see him when he was
walking there. Grandma Davis always had a lot of food in her
The electricity was out so we heated the bottle for Brett on a propane
heater that we had in our back entry. I had to melt snow for
water. Our car was buried, Roger walked on top of the snow banks with
a pole poking in the snow until we found it and then shovelled for
days. I remember Norris Sando drove through Auburn that Sunday with
the fuel oil truck for those who needed fuel oil. Wally's opened their
store so people could buy groceries.
After living in the country for so many years and witnessing so many
storms I always have tons of food in the cupboards and freezer. It is
something I will never forget. And now I live one block from a grocery
store... Ha...
Happy Easter to you and Pat...BettyLou<<
Thanks BettyLou, for caring and sharing. Memories are always more
valuable, when they can be shared with others.
Glenn Paulson returned from a short holiday out west and has agreed to
share the following. >>> Hi Gary...
I'm getting caught up reading the Gazette after being gone for 3
weeks. March 7th mentions Donna O'Connell and her dad Herman.
Being she is younger then me Donna may not remember me. However
her sister Kathleen was a classmate and good neighbor friend on Kittson
Ave. She was even a faithful pen pal when I served in the navy during
Their dad Herman was a great guy. When I was in the 4th grade
he was still playing baseball. I can still see him carrying his
baseball gear to the ball diamond after work for a game or practice.
In 1943 when I was a senior in high school I had learned morse
telegraphy at the local Western Union office in the Basell Hotel. I
was also a student Agent-Telegrapher at the Northern Pacific railroad
depot. Herman O'Connell was the yard clerk there along with Harry
Johnson the agent and Walt Goodyear the telegrapher. One Saturday
shortly after I had begun this apprentice training Herman asked me to
check with Pembina to see if Passenger Train #14 had left there. I
went to the morse telegraph wire and called Pembina, who answered my
request with only two letters "OT" What did he say, Herman asked. I
told him that the train was OUT of Pembina. In a gruff but friendly
voice Herman then said, I want to know what time he got out of there. I
replied, I don't know, the telegrapher only said OT. Herman then burst
out laughing and said, Your a hellava telegrapher. OT doesn't mean out,
it means that he is ON TIME.
I felt rather foolish, but that was one of the many things I
learned from those 3 old boys at the NP depot. I was always
appreciative to these 3 friendly guys who helped me prepare for a
railroad career of 41 years (including 10 months with another good guy
at Warroad, MN, Bob Eisenrich who now lives in Grafton.
Glenn Paulson<<important part of our past.
To get the full value of a joy, you must have someone to divide it
The Gazette is all about sharing and caring. Maybe not always in the
best possible way, but always in "our" way.
I received the following "message" from our grand daughter Andrea
Hartje yesterday that gives me reason to pause, and once again thank the
Lord for my wonderful family and friends.
Her thoughts serve to remind me to become more aware of the world
around me. Andrea wrote; >>> Oh man! I wrote a big, long message in
response to today's Gazette! It must have got lost in the mail or
something..go figure! I'll try to rewrite the main idea but it may not
be as good as before!
I wanted to take the time to respond to the shootings that
occurred on the Red Lake Reservation yesterday afternoon. When I got
the news of what had happened, it shocked me to say the least. Coming
from such a small, secure community you never think that something as
tragic as this could happen. I know that each day when I'd get up to get
ready for school the last thing on my mind was that I may get shot and
killed while sitting in english class. That was probably the last thing
on the minds of those nine innocent students, teachers, and grandparents
as they woke up that morning. As a future teacher, this really made me
sit back and evaluate what I want to do with the rest of my life. Am I
willing to devote my life to teach children with the potential of being
killed? I most certainly am more than willing, as long as I died doing
what I loved. As you probably know, I had shaky start when beginning
junior high but it was because of teachers like Mrs. Sevigny and Mr.
Buchholtz that I made it through. The encouragement and help they
provided me with helped me survive and in a sense grow up and realize
how important a good, solid education was to my future. Then came high
school and teachers like Mrs. Paulson, Mr. Bradshaw, and John Aasand
helped me to further realize that I too could make a difference. They
inspired me to graduate and go on to college in pursuit of a teaching
degree. When I finally graduate and am able to take over my own
classroom, I can only hope that I will be able to help students put
meaning into their lives. Without these teachers, who are there to
educate as well as protect, this country would have no future. Every
teacher, no matter how good or how bad, has helped in part to shape me
into the person I am today. It is because of that I am truely thankful.
I think about that boy who entered into that school yesterday
morning and took nine innocent lives before taking his own. Did he
fail society, or did society fail him? Maybe he has never had a teacher
or adult in his life that inspired him to do something great with his
life. I just wish I would have had the opportunity to realize and tell
these teachers how important they were/are to me. Its a bit sad to me to
think that it takes an episode such as this to fully realize why you are
who you are.
I want you to know that I consider you one of the most influential
teachers I have EVER had in my life! You have taught me so many valuable
things, especially how important having character and class is. The
unconditional love you have shown me my entire life can and will never
be replaced. I am thankful for everything you have ever done for me and
am so glad that you are a part of my life!
This isn't quite what the last one said but you get the same message! I
am so passionate about these kinds of things and dont often get the
oppurtunity to voice my opinions.
I love you very, very much!!

Thank you Andrea, for caring and sharing. Thank you for
allowing us the priviledge of understanding you and your world a little
better than before.

I was informed yesterday of the passing of Harold Kamrowsk. At this
point, I have no additional information.
"Sharing is the best way to show you really care."

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Friday, January 07, 2005

January 7, 2005 - Friday


The present temperature is 9 degrees, with clothes on, - 6 without.
The sky is cloudy and the wind is blowing Canadian right down "our" main
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 3/-26
Last years H/L temperature was 8/-3
Normal H/L temp for this date is 15/-4
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff:
Some of you may be wondering why you received a "short version" of the
Gazette this morning. The short answer is, I'm stupid. The long version
is. I was running my hand past the send button, on the way to the "spell
check" button. My right hand suddenly went from it's normal, shake a
little bit, to a tsunami, and puff, there went a pile of premature
Gazettes. Sorry for the "bugger up", I'll try and be more careful in the
"Our" Grafton community (GMU) utilities department is taking down the
Christmas season street decorations. The next big event in town will be
Valentines day. That will also be a $250 Firefighters Calendar draw day.
Success is getting up just one more time than you fall. (Thanks Dane)
Yesterday sure was a busy day in the mailbox department. Some messages
were interesting, some fun, a couple informative, most came with
signatures, and one, I think, from a travel agent. Or at least someone
that felt qualified to tell me where to go.
I also received a few notes from folks about the WCR and, a couple from
folks at the WCR. The first note, could well speak for most of us in the
area. I am pleased to share this one. >>> Gary,
It is my opinion that Grafton is very lucky to have the Morgans and
their paper. In the first place, it is more than just the paper. It is a
publishing company. Look at all the "local" papers they print, and I
think the state Legion magazine. Several other publications, and alot of
significant private printing business. I don't remember seeing their
Christmas ad this year (maybe the ad rates have gotten too high), but I
think the last time I counted there were 55 or more people in that
picture. It is a home grown business, that as far as I know has never
received any development money. Development came from hard, smart work
of first Rilie, then John, and now the third generation. Just think of
all those jobs they have created in Grafton, and then read Lunski's last
column about the multiplier and realize what it means to our town that
they are here. When John died so young, Mrs Morgan and "the kids" could
easily have sold off the paper and it would have ended up being a
Grafton paper in name only. Owned and printed somewhere else. With maybe
0 employees in Grafton. It is certainly one of Graftons most significant
employers, and what is really nice is all that Grand Forks money their
printing business brings to Grafton. On top of that, I think it is a
good paper. Todd does a real good job as editor. Gary and now Mike have
written very good sports columns. Sevigny and Jensen's writing is always
interesting, and don't forget the Nash Rambler. Finally, Larry's
pictures are top notch, and to find them in a paper as small as the
Record says alot about the Record's philosophy. The Gazette and the
Record are like comparing apples and oranges. I want, and look forward,
to seeing both. Ralph Kingsbury.<
Thank you so much for sharing and caring Ralph. It's about time you put
all those years of education down on paper.
Since we're still talking about the Record, and, I'm in the oops mode
anyway. I should share the following:

Hey dad, just a quick note that your grandson Jacob was also on the front page of that paper..... right
above Davids article.

That one was from "our" daughter Wendy. Sorry Wendy, I'll have to blame that omission on the dark spot between the
Then about the time I finished healing from Aunt Wendy's note. Jacobs
mom wrote the following; I HAVE TO ADD THAT ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE

Please forgive me Yvette, for sometimes I know not what I do, or
for that matter, how I do it.

A short note to Dr. J. R. Today is Friday: We hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip Marie and Dick. Please say
hi to those we know while your away. We'll look forward to your return.

The next note comes from a lady at the Record, I always pay attention
two. I enjoy her columns and appreciate the following comments.>Gary,
the greatest award for one's work is the number of readers one provokes
thought in, arouses emotion through, and/or encourages discussion from.
Avid readers are my greatest reward anyway. If such be the case, you my
friend are an award winning Gazette publisher! Blessings, Christine <
Thanks so much for caring and sharing Christine.
I also received a most interesting note from Todd Morgan. Among the
many areas covered, one I am able to speak of, is an answer to the
following Question posed by Todd. He wrote;
I would, however, be interested in what you think about the smoking
ban as it is going to be a big issue in the next month or so. wtm<<<
I did respond to this one with the following. Thanks for the
"venting". I prefer to call it communication with a
safety valve. Your thoughts will be locked up in the part of my brain I
call experience.
First of all, I'm pleased you have decided to "convert to clean".
I lost my mother when she was 36 years old to lung cancer (old gold
cigarettes), my step mother to lung cancer before she was 60
(Chesterfield cigarettes), my best friend and brother-in-law Chuck
Demester died much to young from lung cancer, and numerous friends
because of the several dozen brands of smoking and chewing junk on the
market. I too, participated in the practice of self destruction
for the better part of 40 years. During that time I smoked as much as I
could as often as I could afford to. I am pleased to say I have been
"clean" for the past eight years. So, for the most part, I feel I speak
from the "been there done that" side of the issue. Your question
about why shouldn't someone that owns their own business, or home, be
able to smoke as they wish in them, has a very simple answer. If they
are the only person to ever set foot in those facilities,...have at it.
Go ahead and let them kill them selves. HOWEVER, in almost every single
case, smokers do in fact, "infest" and "infect" the people around them.
Would you think it right, for a father to force his children to
live in a smoke filled home, simply because the father owns it. I find
it hard to believe that anyone, sane, or insane, would provide a room
for people they truly care about to enter in for the expressed purpose
of killing themselves for the sake of a cigarette. You can believe
me Todd, when I say, "smoking does kill you", there is absolutely no
question about it. Second hand smoke also kills, that too, can no longer
be denied.
So where do I go with all this? I'll be darned if I know. I guess
folks will still have to make up their own minds on what they think is
right and wrong. Some will choose the easy way, some will choose the
right way, and then there will be those that won't do anything at all.
Now then,'s my turn to thank you for allowing me to speak
forthwith. Gary
Then of course, there is the difference between your world, and
mine. In my world, everything we have "discussed" could go out in the
Gazette. In your world, one of us, would be looking for a new job. Or,
so it seems to me.
I must admit that I used the term eight years clean, only because
I couldn't remember, for certain, when I actually quit smoking.
The "hunters" are still enjoying themselves, and, wanted me to tell
everyone back home, unless hunting picks up a lot. They will be home as
planned. Steve seems to have gained a bit of weight, although that could
be due to some kind of buildup. Of course that's my opinion. I'll take a
better look tomorrow morning.
Please welcome Steve Schmitz to the Gazette family. We hope your gun is
always loaded with the right ammunition, and, that you always get what
your aiming at.
Colleen & Ross Anderson have also agreed to subject themselves to the
crazy world of Shivercity Gazette. Welcome, we are pleased to have you
in "our" family.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

January 6, 2005 - Thursday


01/06/05 THURSDAY grp. 3
The current temperature is - 20 for those dressed for the season. - 38
for those dressed for the beach.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was -13/-38
Last years H/L temperature was -3/-27
Normal H/L temp for this date is 15/-4
L O C A L news & stuff:
From the Gazettes FYI department;
The Walsh County Record does have a web site. As with all electronic
equipment, it hasn't been exactly "trouble free". I received the
following note from a WCR representative yesterday, that might better
clarify their firms web site. He wrote.
Subject: Walsh County Record Web Site
Just a note to let you know The Walsh County Record web site is
updated Thursday afternoons in house and is available whenever
our service provider is functional (which recently has not been the
The Walsh County Record Web site is FREE (repeat) FREE to those
who wish to get a glance at what the headlines are for the week.
The site has taken First Place in the North Dakota Newspaper
Association Awards two-years running and is the only newspaper on the
web that allows you to see the actual pages of the paper (to our
knowledge). Also notice you don't get bombed with ads.
The web site is not intended to take the place of our award winning
newspaper, rather to enhance the service The Walsh County Record
If anyone has concerns about the site, log on and send us an
e-mail with your name included and we will be more than happy to
listen. E-mails without a name will not get a response. The site
can be accessed at <<<<
Thank you so much for clearing up any concerns some may have had
regarding the site. I must admit, unlike the Record, at the Gazette, I
decide if a signed or unsigned message is shared or not. I felt the
above message had significant value even though it wasn't "signed" to
share with "our" Gazette family. The note did make mention, on a couple
of occasions, that the WCR is an award winning publication. I suppose,
thats for the benefit of the "never even gotten a ribbon" Gazette
management. I also recognized the term FREE (repeat) FREE, mentioned
twice in the note.
That of course, (FREE) is the cost of a Gazette subscription, AND,
probably most often, what it's worth. I don't ever expect to win an
award with the Gazette. I do however hope no-one misconstrues it (the
Gazette) to be a "news" paper.
If you want news, or, if you want to advertise. Use the Walsh County
Record, the Grand Forks Herald, the Fargo Forum or the Walsh County
Press. That's the business their in, and they do it well.
If you want to exchange information, words or thought. Send us a note
hear at the Gazette, that's what keeps us taking "our" medicine on a
regular basis.
Speaking of the Record, in it's 60 years ago column. Carl Hvidsten was
elected to head the Grafton Civic Club. 50 years ago, the Dr. and Mrs.
J. V. Jaehning home won the Christmas decorating contest. Howard Hills
was honored as one of the top Ford tractor parts and service dealers in
the country, and the first baby born in Grafton in 1955 was my cousin
Dean Allen Sevigny. That event gave his parents Lois and Gerald Sevigny
reason the celebrate. Numerous business places gave the "new years baby"
gifts. Some of them include Gambles; Topic Cafe; Bridgeman Creameries;
Grafton Electric; Nelson Rexall Drug; Fish's; Marvin's Jewelry;
Tollack's Inc; Super Valu; Grafton Milk; Ben Franklin; Stans Cafe;
Earl's Family shoes; Penny's; The Fashion Shoppe;; Wiley's Jewelry;
Grafton Paint & Glass; Klava's Cafe and the S & L Store.
Unfortunately, none of those businesses are functioning today.
There's also a wonderful picture of one year old Ethan Paul Suda in
this weeks edition of the Gazette. Eileen and Al Bolek and Shirley and
Paul Suda can certainly be proud of that little stinker.
Another thing I "gleaned" out of this weeks Record, that may, - if it
doesn't, it should - surprise many, is the fact that a local real estate
company, has sold 35 houses in the city of Grafton as well as some in
other cities, in the past year. That's surprising in light of the fact
that I've heard several folks "claim" houses just aren't selling in
town. Then too, is the eighteen million words Larry Biri had in the
weeks Record. Assuming of course that a picture is still worth a million
words. With inflation, it could even be more.
Then of course is the front page article about Sweet Delights Candy
Company. A venture that involves "our" daughter and son-in-law Kelly &
David Moe, among others. I see it as a very exciting venture. Not only
for those most directly involved, but also for the entire area. With
initial estimates of a million unites a month going to many, and, maybe
even most states in the union. Sweet Delights may eventually find their
way to the neighborhood store in your area.
They are presently working on the final phases of a new Sweet Delights
web site, and hope to have that up and running shortly. I'll try share a
report on their progress from time to time in the Gazette.
I wouldn't be a bit surprised that Rona Johnson, and the Grand Forks
Herald would be willing to do a story on one of Graftons newest ventures
as well.
You are never fully dressed until you wear a smile. (Thanks Dane)
The latest word from the "Hunters" is, everything is going well,..
almost. It seems there pickups are getting stuck once in a while,
although, not paying attention to Chuck has helped, and their not
getting stuck quite as often.
They've been having a bit of trouble with their trucks "icing up". So
Dave French has made arrangements for them to leave their trucks inside
overnight at Hanson auto to thaw out. If one of you wives should happen
to talk to one of the hunters today, please let them know they should
call Dave French using the number on the card Dave gave to Chuck this
Also, while I have the hunters wives attention. Please jot down a
reminder to ask the "boys", when they get home, about the new health
insurance policies they've taken out while their here.
P.S. Bill says to say "there's still no cookin, like home cookin." And,
that he misses his wonderful new wife, more and more each day.
(actually,.. I added that last part.) But I think he'd say that.
I spoke with Billy D. this morning and he did say everything went well
for him last night, although he did mention a bit of a problem rolling
over in bed.
I would be remiss if I didn't at least comment on Todd Morgans
editorial about the possible termination of a Volunteer Firefighter for
moving out of town.
First of all, I totally agree with the concept that the "policy" should
be revisited. I am NOT a firefighter nor am I a member of the
department. I do however find Todd's suggestion that if it were him, he
wouldn't fight it, he'd quit. I do not understand all of the
ramifications or all of the rules and regulations of the department. I
would guess, prior to moving, Mr. Szklarski did. It would seem logical
that these specific issues should have been resolved "before" the move.
Every organization must have rules and regulations. It is fair to say
that from time to time they should be reviewed and "updated" as
circumstances require. I encourage everyone involved, sit back, give
this issue serious, realistic consideration, and then, determine the
best mode of action. Or, so it seems to me.
Does anyone know if the Drayton State Bank has jackets or shirts for
sale? If so, I might know of someone interested.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

From: Gary Moe [gpmoe@webtv.

Monday, January 03, 2005

January 3, 2005 - Monday


01/03/04 MONDAY grp. 3
The present temperature is - 24 with the wind out of the NW at 8 MPH.
The sky is mostly clear and the "bareskin" temperature is - 44.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 6/-14
Last years H/L temperature was 18/6
Normal H/L temp for this date is 15/-4
The neighbors all plugged in their sled dogs last night.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff:
Giant piles of Polaris poop are starting to flourish all over
Shivercity. According to the Gazettes "official" weather reporter, we
have received a total of 11 inches of snow in the last two snow events.
The Ohio Fox Hunters arrived in town last evening. After "some"
discussion, they settled in at the AmericInn. It sure was wonderful
meeting them again this morning at Granny's. It is ironic, when I think
of it. Spending so much time writing about, and, thinking of seven
hunters from Ohio.
Earlier this fall, Pat and I spent the day in Devils Lake. While we
were there, we noticed literally hundreds of hunters and hunters
vehicles all over town. The motels were full, with duck boats,
4-wheelers, and four wheel drive pickups of every description with
license plates from a dozen or more states. The restaurants were full,
Wally's Supermarket had 9 hunters units in front of the bottle shop and
several more by the door to the grocery store. Pickups were lined up at
gas pumps, and, I noticed several in the Devils Lake Home of Economy
check out line with arm loads of things they were buying.
Of course I didn't talk to everyone, not even most. As a matter of
fact, I only spoke to a couple guys, from two different groups. I asked
them why they chose Devils Lake to come hunt ducks and geese. The first
guy said, "because there's lots of birds around here." Then the second
guy spoke up and said, "And, the folks around here seem to like us
I asked a fellow in another group if they expected to pay a "premium"
for their motel rooms because they're so busy. He said, "sometimes we
even get a better price than normal, that's why they are so busy." I
remember well telling Pat as we left the store. Wouldn't it be great if
we had a lake for fishing, and, duck and goose hunting like they have in
Devils Lake? THAT WAS THEN!!!
Now, I am glad we don't. At least due the the actions of one local
business place. I somehow have the feeling if that business place was in
Devils Lake, it would be asked to leave. Even though "we" had been
assured that the Ohio group would not be "fleeced" when they arrived, I
am sorry to say "they", the AmericInn, tried.
I guess there is two ways of looking at seven hunters coming to town.
They could well be the first seven of several dozen. Or, they could well
be, the first and last seven hunters "our" area will ever host.
I don't see the problem as simply seven visitors from another state
coming to spend time and money in "our" community. I see it as the way
we look at "everyone" that visits "our" community.
At any rate, "our" friends from the buckeye state are here. They've
eaten a big breakfast and are already out Foxhunting. I for one am
pleased they are here, and,.... hope "Our" local citizens will be
treated fairly, when they go out of state to fish, hunt, or simply have
a good time.
The following is a short note to the previous issue;>>> Me again. Just
thought I'd add my two cents(and that's all, no inflated price from me)
to today's comments about room rates.
While I will visit Grafton I ended up with a reasonable priced
room in Park River for my three nights stay in ND. A bit further out of
the way but my friend doesn't mind.
Marjie <<< Thanks for the note Marjie, your message adds
credibility to the issue.
A smile is a curved line that sets things straight. (thanks Dane)
I have always appreciated the work and efforts of "our" local GMU
(Grafton Municipal Utilities). They do a thankless task, often with
little or no appreciation.
I mentioned their efforts the other day and received the following
Happy New Year from Alaska,
I read your article about the Grafton Street cleaning. I agree they do a
great job!!!
But, since I have been at my daughter/son-in-law's, they had a day with
snow. I noticed everyone out cleaning their driveways and the streets
were still full of snow (I realize they have many roads/streets to
clean). But when they did clean the residential streets, I noticed they
had a device that the cleaner set down to clean the driveways when he
passed. I was impressed. Just thought I would share what I saw! Weather
here is very nice. Enjoyed the fireworks at 9:00 PM here in Alaska and
it would have been midnight in Grafton. What a display!! They had ice
and snow sculptures, jugglers, entertainment and even had an ice skating
rink in the town square. A lot of people out skating. Enjoying my time
here!! Suzie Bolek Schrum<<<
Thanks for caring and sharing Suzie. The devise you speak of was tried
in Grafton in 1960. As a matter of fact, it was installed on the blade
Elmer Sondeland, and I for a few days, operated for the city. It was
purchased by then Street Commissioner Bob Schumacher.
As I remember, it really did work, except "we" (the city) only had one
motor patrol and using the device extended the time it took to clean our
city streets substantially.
I would encourage present city leaders to look into the present day
version of that device and give serious consideration to using one. I
suspect the main reason for not, would be cost and time, much as it was
in the past.
One benefit for certain would be. It would make Grafton a better place
to live.
Or, so it seems to me.
I heard a story the other day at Granny's about a young boy that
wanted to get a new bike. According to the story, the boys father agreed
to get him one. If he could sell the bike he already had. The fellow
that shared the story with me said. The young lad was standing on the
corner with a for sale sign on his bike, and, a tear in his eye. When
asked why he was crying, the little boy said, "my dad said I had to sell
this bike before I can get a new one." What's so bad about that, the man
asked. "Well, my dad set the price of this one so high, nobody will buy
it." Or at least that's the way the story went at Granny's the other
day. Does anyone know who that little boy might be?
"I may not always like what you tell me.
I will, however, always appreciate it."

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.