Friday, January 07, 2005

January 7, 2005 - Friday


The present temperature is 9 degrees, with clothes on, - 6 without.
The sky is cloudy and the wind is blowing Canadian right down "our" main
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 3/-26
Last years H/L temperature was 8/-3
Normal H/L temp for this date is 15/-4
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff:
Some of you may be wondering why you received a "short version" of the
Gazette this morning. The short answer is, I'm stupid. The long version
is. I was running my hand past the send button, on the way to the "spell
check" button. My right hand suddenly went from it's normal, shake a
little bit, to a tsunami, and puff, there went a pile of premature
Gazettes. Sorry for the "bugger up", I'll try and be more careful in the
"Our" Grafton community (GMU) utilities department is taking down the
Christmas season street decorations. The next big event in town will be
Valentines day. That will also be a $250 Firefighters Calendar draw day.
Success is getting up just one more time than you fall. (Thanks Dane)
Yesterday sure was a busy day in the mailbox department. Some messages
were interesting, some fun, a couple informative, most came with
signatures, and one, I think, from a travel agent. Or at least someone
that felt qualified to tell me where to go.
I also received a few notes from folks about the WCR and, a couple from
folks at the WCR. The first note, could well speak for most of us in the
area. I am pleased to share this one. >>> Gary,
It is my opinion that Grafton is very lucky to have the Morgans and
their paper. In the first place, it is more than just the paper. It is a
publishing company. Look at all the "local" papers they print, and I
think the state Legion magazine. Several other publications, and alot of
significant private printing business. I don't remember seeing their
Christmas ad this year (maybe the ad rates have gotten too high), but I
think the last time I counted there were 55 or more people in that
picture. It is a home grown business, that as far as I know has never
received any development money. Development came from hard, smart work
of first Rilie, then John, and now the third generation. Just think of
all those jobs they have created in Grafton, and then read Lunski's last
column about the multiplier and realize what it means to our town that
they are here. When John died so young, Mrs Morgan and "the kids" could
easily have sold off the paper and it would have ended up being a
Grafton paper in name only. Owned and printed somewhere else. With maybe
0 employees in Grafton. It is certainly one of Graftons most significant
employers, and what is really nice is all that Grand Forks money their
printing business brings to Grafton. On top of that, I think it is a
good paper. Todd does a real good job as editor. Gary and now Mike have
written very good sports columns. Sevigny and Jensen's writing is always
interesting, and don't forget the Nash Rambler. Finally, Larry's
pictures are top notch, and to find them in a paper as small as the
Record says alot about the Record's philosophy. The Gazette and the
Record are like comparing apples and oranges. I want, and look forward,
to seeing both. Ralph Kingsbury.<
Thank you so much for sharing and caring Ralph. It's about time you put
all those years of education down on paper.
Since we're still talking about the Record, and, I'm in the oops mode
anyway. I should share the following:

Hey dad, just a quick note that your grandson Jacob was also on the front page of that paper..... right
above Davids article.

That one was from "our" daughter Wendy. Sorry Wendy, I'll have to blame that omission on the dark spot between the
Then about the time I finished healing from Aunt Wendy's note. Jacobs
mom wrote the following; I HAVE TO ADD THAT ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE

Please forgive me Yvette, for sometimes I know not what I do, or
for that matter, how I do it.

A short note to Dr. J. R. Today is Friday: We hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip Marie and Dick. Please say
hi to those we know while your away. We'll look forward to your return.

The next note comes from a lady at the Record, I always pay attention
two. I enjoy her columns and appreciate the following comments.>Gary,
the greatest award for one's work is the number of readers one provokes
thought in, arouses emotion through, and/or encourages discussion from.
Avid readers are my greatest reward anyway. If such be the case, you my
friend are an award winning Gazette publisher! Blessings, Christine <
Thanks so much for caring and sharing Christine.
I also received a most interesting note from Todd Morgan. Among the
many areas covered, one I am able to speak of, is an answer to the
following Question posed by Todd. He wrote;
I would, however, be interested in what you think about the smoking
ban as it is going to be a big issue in the next month or so. wtm<<<
I did respond to this one with the following. Thanks for the
"venting". I prefer to call it communication with a
safety valve. Your thoughts will be locked up in the part of my brain I
call experience.
First of all, I'm pleased you have decided to "convert to clean".
I lost my mother when she was 36 years old to lung cancer (old gold
cigarettes), my step mother to lung cancer before she was 60
(Chesterfield cigarettes), my best friend and brother-in-law Chuck
Demester died much to young from lung cancer, and numerous friends
because of the several dozen brands of smoking and chewing junk on the
market. I too, participated in the practice of self destruction
for the better part of 40 years. During that time I smoked as much as I
could as often as I could afford to. I am pleased to say I have been
"clean" for the past eight years. So, for the most part, I feel I speak
from the "been there done that" side of the issue. Your question
about why shouldn't someone that owns their own business, or home, be
able to smoke as they wish in them, has a very simple answer. If they
are the only person to ever set foot in those facilities,...have at it.
Go ahead and let them kill them selves. HOWEVER, in almost every single
case, smokers do in fact, "infest" and "infect" the people around them.
Would you think it right, for a father to force his children to
live in a smoke filled home, simply because the father owns it. I find
it hard to believe that anyone, sane, or insane, would provide a room
for people they truly care about to enter in for the expressed purpose
of killing themselves for the sake of a cigarette. You can believe
me Todd, when I say, "smoking does kill you", there is absolutely no
question about it. Second hand smoke also kills, that too, can no longer
be denied.
So where do I go with all this? I'll be darned if I know. I guess
folks will still have to make up their own minds on what they think is
right and wrong. Some will choose the easy way, some will choose the
right way, and then there will be those that won't do anything at all.
Now then,'s my turn to thank you for allowing me to speak
forthwith. Gary
Then of course, there is the difference between your world, and
mine. In my world, everything we have "discussed" could go out in the
Gazette. In your world, one of us, would be looking for a new job. Or,
so it seems to me.
I must admit that I used the term eight years clean, only because
I couldn't remember, for certain, when I actually quit smoking.
The "hunters" are still enjoying themselves, and, wanted me to tell
everyone back home, unless hunting picks up a lot. They will be home as
planned. Steve seems to have gained a bit of weight, although that could
be due to some kind of buildup. Of course that's my opinion. I'll take a
better look tomorrow morning.
Please welcome Steve Schmitz to the Gazette family. We hope your gun is
always loaded with the right ammunition, and, that you always get what
your aiming at.
Colleen & Ross Anderson have also agreed to subject themselves to the
crazy world of Shivercity Gazette. Welcome, we are pleased to have you
in "our" family.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

January 6, 2005 - Thursday


01/06/05 THURSDAY grp. 3
The current temperature is - 20 for those dressed for the season. - 38
for those dressed for the beach.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was -13/-38
Last years H/L temperature was -3/-27
Normal H/L temp for this date is 15/-4
L O C A L news & stuff:
From the Gazettes FYI department;
The Walsh County Record does have a web site. As with all electronic
equipment, it hasn't been exactly "trouble free". I received the
following note from a WCR representative yesterday, that might better
clarify their firms web site. He wrote.
Subject: Walsh County Record Web Site
Just a note to let you know The Walsh County Record web site is
updated Thursday afternoons in house and is available whenever
our service provider is functional (which recently has not been the
The Walsh County Record Web site is FREE (repeat) FREE to those
who wish to get a glance at what the headlines are for the week.
The site has taken First Place in the North Dakota Newspaper
Association Awards two-years running and is the only newspaper on the
web that allows you to see the actual pages of the paper (to our
knowledge). Also notice you don't get bombed with ads.
The web site is not intended to take the place of our award winning
newspaper, rather to enhance the service The Walsh County Record
If anyone has concerns about the site, log on and send us an
e-mail with your name included and we will be more than happy to
listen. E-mails without a name will not get a response. The site
can be accessed at <<<<
Thank you so much for clearing up any concerns some may have had
regarding the site. I must admit, unlike the Record, at the Gazette, I
decide if a signed or unsigned message is shared or not. I felt the
above message had significant value even though it wasn't "signed" to
share with "our" Gazette family. The note did make mention, on a couple
of occasions, that the WCR is an award winning publication. I suppose,
thats for the benefit of the "never even gotten a ribbon" Gazette
management. I also recognized the term FREE (repeat) FREE, mentioned
twice in the note.
That of course, (FREE) is the cost of a Gazette subscription, AND,
probably most often, what it's worth. I don't ever expect to win an
award with the Gazette. I do however hope no-one misconstrues it (the
Gazette) to be a "news" paper.
If you want news, or, if you want to advertise. Use the Walsh County
Record, the Grand Forks Herald, the Fargo Forum or the Walsh County
Press. That's the business their in, and they do it well.
If you want to exchange information, words or thought. Send us a note
hear at the Gazette, that's what keeps us taking "our" medicine on a
regular basis.
Speaking of the Record, in it's 60 years ago column. Carl Hvidsten was
elected to head the Grafton Civic Club. 50 years ago, the Dr. and Mrs.
J. V. Jaehning home won the Christmas decorating contest. Howard Hills
was honored as one of the top Ford tractor parts and service dealers in
the country, and the first baby born in Grafton in 1955 was my cousin
Dean Allen Sevigny. That event gave his parents Lois and Gerald Sevigny
reason the celebrate. Numerous business places gave the "new years baby"
gifts. Some of them include Gambles; Topic Cafe; Bridgeman Creameries;
Grafton Electric; Nelson Rexall Drug; Fish's; Marvin's Jewelry;
Tollack's Inc; Super Valu; Grafton Milk; Ben Franklin; Stans Cafe;
Earl's Family shoes; Penny's; The Fashion Shoppe;; Wiley's Jewelry;
Grafton Paint & Glass; Klava's Cafe and the S & L Store.
Unfortunately, none of those businesses are functioning today.
There's also a wonderful picture of one year old Ethan Paul Suda in
this weeks edition of the Gazette. Eileen and Al Bolek and Shirley and
Paul Suda can certainly be proud of that little stinker.
Another thing I "gleaned" out of this weeks Record, that may, - if it
doesn't, it should - surprise many, is the fact that a local real estate
company, has sold 35 houses in the city of Grafton as well as some in
other cities, in the past year. That's surprising in light of the fact
that I've heard several folks "claim" houses just aren't selling in
town. Then too, is the eighteen million words Larry Biri had in the
weeks Record. Assuming of course that a picture is still worth a million
words. With inflation, it could even be more.
Then of course is the front page article about Sweet Delights Candy
Company. A venture that involves "our" daughter and son-in-law Kelly &
David Moe, among others. I see it as a very exciting venture. Not only
for those most directly involved, but also for the entire area. With
initial estimates of a million unites a month going to many, and, maybe
even most states in the union. Sweet Delights may eventually find their
way to the neighborhood store in your area.
They are presently working on the final phases of a new Sweet Delights
web site, and hope to have that up and running shortly. I'll try share a
report on their progress from time to time in the Gazette.
I wouldn't be a bit surprised that Rona Johnson, and the Grand Forks
Herald would be willing to do a story on one of Graftons newest ventures
as well.
You are never fully dressed until you wear a smile. (Thanks Dane)
The latest word from the "Hunters" is, everything is going well,..
almost. It seems there pickups are getting stuck once in a while,
although, not paying attention to Chuck has helped, and their not
getting stuck quite as often.
They've been having a bit of trouble with their trucks "icing up". So
Dave French has made arrangements for them to leave their trucks inside
overnight at Hanson auto to thaw out. If one of you wives should happen
to talk to one of the hunters today, please let them know they should
call Dave French using the number on the card Dave gave to Chuck this
Also, while I have the hunters wives attention. Please jot down a
reminder to ask the "boys", when they get home, about the new health
insurance policies they've taken out while their here.
P.S. Bill says to say "there's still no cookin, like home cookin." And,
that he misses his wonderful new wife, more and more each day.
(actually,.. I added that last part.) But I think he'd say that.
I spoke with Billy D. this morning and he did say everything went well
for him last night, although he did mention a bit of a problem rolling
over in bed.
I would be remiss if I didn't at least comment on Todd Morgans
editorial about the possible termination of a Volunteer Firefighter for
moving out of town.
First of all, I totally agree with the concept that the "policy" should
be revisited. I am NOT a firefighter nor am I a member of the
department. I do however find Todd's suggestion that if it were him, he
wouldn't fight it, he'd quit. I do not understand all of the
ramifications or all of the rules and regulations of the department. I
would guess, prior to moving, Mr. Szklarski did. It would seem logical
that these specific issues should have been resolved "before" the move.
Every organization must have rules and regulations. It is fair to say
that from time to time they should be reviewed and "updated" as
circumstances require. I encourage everyone involved, sit back, give
this issue serious, realistic consideration, and then, determine the
best mode of action. Or, so it seems to me.
Does anyone know if the Drayton State Bank has jackets or shirts for
sale? If so, I might know of someone interested.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

From: Gary Moe [gpmoe@webtv.

Monday, January 03, 2005

January 3, 2005 - Monday


01/03/04 MONDAY grp. 3
The present temperature is - 24 with the wind out of the NW at 8 MPH.
The sky is mostly clear and the "bareskin" temperature is - 44.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 6/-14
Last years H/L temperature was 18/6
Normal H/L temp for this date is 15/-4
The neighbors all plugged in their sled dogs last night.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff:
Giant piles of Polaris poop are starting to flourish all over
Shivercity. According to the Gazettes "official" weather reporter, we
have received a total of 11 inches of snow in the last two snow events.
The Ohio Fox Hunters arrived in town last evening. After "some"
discussion, they settled in at the AmericInn. It sure was wonderful
meeting them again this morning at Granny's. It is ironic, when I think
of it. Spending so much time writing about, and, thinking of seven
hunters from Ohio.
Earlier this fall, Pat and I spent the day in Devils Lake. While we
were there, we noticed literally hundreds of hunters and hunters
vehicles all over town. The motels were full, with duck boats,
4-wheelers, and four wheel drive pickups of every description with
license plates from a dozen or more states. The restaurants were full,
Wally's Supermarket had 9 hunters units in front of the bottle shop and
several more by the door to the grocery store. Pickups were lined up at
gas pumps, and, I noticed several in the Devils Lake Home of Economy
check out line with arm loads of things they were buying.
Of course I didn't talk to everyone, not even most. As a matter of
fact, I only spoke to a couple guys, from two different groups. I asked
them why they chose Devils Lake to come hunt ducks and geese. The first
guy said, "because there's lots of birds around here." Then the second
guy spoke up and said, "And, the folks around here seem to like us
I asked a fellow in another group if they expected to pay a "premium"
for their motel rooms because they're so busy. He said, "sometimes we
even get a better price than normal, that's why they are so busy." I
remember well telling Pat as we left the store. Wouldn't it be great if
we had a lake for fishing, and, duck and goose hunting like they have in
Devils Lake? THAT WAS THEN!!!
Now, I am glad we don't. At least due the the actions of one local
business place. I somehow have the feeling if that business place was in
Devils Lake, it would be asked to leave. Even though "we" had been
assured that the Ohio group would not be "fleeced" when they arrived, I
am sorry to say "they", the AmericInn, tried.
I guess there is two ways of looking at seven hunters coming to town.
They could well be the first seven of several dozen. Or, they could well
be, the first and last seven hunters "our" area will ever host.
I don't see the problem as simply seven visitors from another state
coming to spend time and money in "our" community. I see it as the way
we look at "everyone" that visits "our" community.
At any rate, "our" friends from the buckeye state are here. They've
eaten a big breakfast and are already out Foxhunting. I for one am
pleased they are here, and,.... hope "Our" local citizens will be
treated fairly, when they go out of state to fish, hunt, or simply have
a good time.
The following is a short note to the previous issue;>>> Me again. Just
thought I'd add my two cents(and that's all, no inflated price from me)
to today's comments about room rates.
While I will visit Grafton I ended up with a reasonable priced
room in Park River for my three nights stay in ND. A bit further out of
the way but my friend doesn't mind.
Marjie <<< Thanks for the note Marjie, your message adds
credibility to the issue.
A smile is a curved line that sets things straight. (thanks Dane)
I have always appreciated the work and efforts of "our" local GMU
(Grafton Municipal Utilities). They do a thankless task, often with
little or no appreciation.
I mentioned their efforts the other day and received the following
Happy New Year from Alaska,
I read your article about the Grafton Street cleaning. I agree they do a
great job!!!
But, since I have been at my daughter/son-in-law's, they had a day with
snow. I noticed everyone out cleaning their driveways and the streets
were still full of snow (I realize they have many roads/streets to
clean). But when they did clean the residential streets, I noticed they
had a device that the cleaner set down to clean the driveways when he
passed. I was impressed. Just thought I would share what I saw! Weather
here is very nice. Enjoyed the fireworks at 9:00 PM here in Alaska and
it would have been midnight in Grafton. What a display!! They had ice
and snow sculptures, jugglers, entertainment and even had an ice skating
rink in the town square. A lot of people out skating. Enjoying my time
here!! Suzie Bolek Schrum<<<
Thanks for caring and sharing Suzie. The devise you speak of was tried
in Grafton in 1960. As a matter of fact, it was installed on the blade
Elmer Sondeland, and I for a few days, operated for the city. It was
purchased by then Street Commissioner Bob Schumacher.
As I remember, it really did work, except "we" (the city) only had one
motor patrol and using the device extended the time it took to clean our
city streets substantially.
I would encourage present city leaders to look into the present day
version of that device and give serious consideration to using one. I
suspect the main reason for not, would be cost and time, much as it was
in the past.
One benefit for certain would be. It would make Grafton a better place
to live.
Or, so it seems to me.
I heard a story the other day at Granny's about a young boy that
wanted to get a new bike. According to the story, the boys father agreed
to get him one. If he could sell the bike he already had. The fellow
that shared the story with me said. The young lad was standing on the
corner with a for sale sign on his bike, and, a tear in his eye. When
asked why he was crying, the little boy said, "my dad said I had to sell
this bike before I can get a new one." What's so bad about that, the man
asked. "Well, my dad set the price of this one so high, nobody will buy
it." Or at least that's the way the story went at Granny's the other
day. Does anyone know who that little boy might be?
"I may not always like what you tell me.
I will, however, always appreciate it."

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.