Sunday, May 25, 2003

May 25, 2003 - Sunday


It's sunny, the wind is calm with the present temperature at 50
degrees (above zero). Todays forecast is for temperatures in the
That'll hatch a new squadron of Skeeters.
profanity makes ignorance audible
Today is graduation day in Skeeterville. It will be a busy day for a
slow moving Grandpa of a graduate. Today Andrea Hartje, our fourth
Grandchild so far to do so, will bid farewell to Grafton High School.
Because of the days busy schedule, most of todays Probe will come "from
the mail bag".
L O C A L R U M O U R:
Please keep in mind the following is merely a rumour. That is to say,
the accuracy of the information, is less than credible. The rumour?
LUNSETH PLUMBING & HEATING will be leaving town. I don't know if it's
true or not. I do expect, however, to hear from someone after this goes
It is always wonderful getting comments from folks about the
Suzy wrote:
Gary--Thanks for continuing to send me the Gazette; although it is once
in a blue moon that I send a message your way, I wanted you to know that
I appreciate it and look forward to your musings. Will be making a
trip home for Grafton Days. It will be Jamie's 10 yr. reunion!
Love, Suzy
Thanks Suzy, I had to luck up the word "musing" in my Funk & Wagnels
to be sure it didn't mean leaving, or dyeing, or maybe even something
Marie wrote:
Thanks for sending us you very interesting letters.. Have heard about
them for some time..... so glad you put us on your list.... Thanks,
Thank you Marie. Mae Bradbury requested you be added to the list. I
wasn't sure if it was because she was trying to punish you, or something
From time to time I receive a note from Kathee Carlson. Kathee is not
only a graduate of Grafton High School. She is also a graduate of Bill
Moes 101 course on, "if it isn't good for everyone, it isn't good".
Kathee wrote:
Of course, I could not read the Park Board article in the Record with
an unbiased eye since I was a part of Grafton Floral in the 60's and
70's when I heard Bill Moe having many discussions with Park staff as to
what to plant when and how and when flat after flat of flowers went over
to the park to keep it beautiful. Having said that, I trust that the
members of the Park Board and the Park Staff know what they need in the
way of products and service and will not forego the service that goes
along with the products when they are purchased from a business that is
truly in the greenhouse/landscape business.
Leistikow Park has always been a special place. I can't go to Grafton
without taking a sentimental journey through the park in the summer or
at least past it in the winter. The Board has provided good stewardship
of this valuable resource. May they continue to do so.
Kathee Carlson, Parkers Prairie, MN
Yes, Gary, if you deem this worth sharing, please do so.----------
Thank you for sharing Kathee. Yes, I certainly do deem it worth
"To know what is right, and then not do it, is the worst form of
I pondered on the next note for quite some time. For several reasons.
The first, and without question, the most important to me. I read in the
note the same basic concerns I have relative to the issue, and of course
the fact that it relates to our grandson, and, his future in our schools
athletic programs. It is a note that I believe could have been written
by many concerned Mothers in our school system.
Yvette wrote:
I guess, I've always taught my children that they are not any better
than anyone else, that they should treat everyone like they would want
to be treated. When I read the letter, the first thing that came to mind
is "I hope as our own son is growing up (and hopefully continues to play
Hockey) that the parents are all on our side (and not a few elite are
separate from us that believe that there is an I in team). If that will
be the attitude that I have to deal with as our son gets older, then we
will not continue to put our son through such horrible attitudes.When
the children stop having fun in a sport, they should stop and take a
good look at why they are continuing to play..........Yvette
Thanks Yvette, you addressed the issue eloquently. You are not our
daughter-by-law, because of marriage. You ARE our daughter, because we
love you, our whole family loves you.
Have you heard the news about Wal-Mart? I seems they pay men more than
women in their stores. How can that be, and from a "down home type
business no less?
Everyone sings in the shower. The song doesn't always sound the same,
when it's sung from a stag.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's to late.