Friday, March 30, 2007

March 30, 2007 - Friday - Grafton, ND

Todays Gazette is being brought to you by the number 2. We strive to
send out 1st grade stuff,... unfortunately, sometimes, it ends up number
The current temperature is 31 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 45/38
Normal H/L temp for this date is 42/23
The official Gazette rain gauge has collected 1.20 inches of fish fluid
to date.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
Sometimes, folks use a four letter word every once in a while, just so
other folks won't think their to smart... I think.
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
City crews were busy yesterday hauling clay for a dike down by the
park. I'm guessing they put up 150 feet of dike along the river on the
north end of Western Avenue. Wally's bull is still grazing in the park
so I'm hoping the dike will keep it's feet dry.
Gary Fischer's 'question' generated some interesting responses. Lee
wrote. >>> Here's another side of the Toyota issue Gary Fischer
brought up.
As Gary says, Toyota is made by Americans for Americans in the good old
U.S.A. That has a catchy sound to it, but I'd be willing to bet it has
more to do with marketing and shipping expenses than the Japs simply
wanting to hire Americans to build vehicles for them. That being said,
the U.S. auto makers are in dire trouble and Toyota continues it's climb
to be the worlds largest auto maker in a few years. They aren't getting
there by being stupid. While GM and Ford dealerships are full of
$45,000.00 SUV's and 4 wheel drive pickups that get 15 MPG, Toyota seems
to understand that with the high price of gasoline Americans are more
willing to pay $25,000.00 for a well made Toyota vehicle that will last
300,000 miles and deliver over 30 MPG when doing so. It should be little
wonder why they continue to do so well.
I don't know if you're old enough to remember the first energy crisis
this country saw back in the early 70's, but I am. Americans watched
helplessly as gasoline prices went from 30 cents per gallon to over a
dollar a gallon. American auto makers were caught with their pants down
so to speak, with their lots full of large automobiles, Suburbans, and 4
wheel drive pickups nobody wanted to buy because they were so
inefficient energy wise. On the other hand, Honda, Toyota, Subaru and
other foreign auto makers, where gasoline prices had been high for years
got a foot hold in this country. At the same time American auto makers
were going out of business or suffering huge losses for years. There's a
saying, "you either learn from history, or you're doomed to repeat it".
I wonder if the GM's and Fords will get it this time around? Or will
they only expect American taxpayers to bail them out of a jam caused by
mismanagement and incompetence once again?
I've told you before, I believe as you do that we should shop at home,
however I believe local businesses should earn my business, not expect
it. And that same principle can be used on a national scale. Build it
and they'll come they say, but you have to build what they want to start
By the way, Toyota has just entered that bastion of Americana, NASCAR
racing. So far this year they have had dismal finishes, but my money is
on them to win a race, then become a force to be reckoned with in the
next few years. Their entire organization is geared towards meticulous
problem solving, and my guess is they've got a team working overtime
right now figuring out what has been working, what hasn't been working,
and what can we do to fix what isn't working so we can become a
contender. Mark my words. <<< Thanks Lee, your verbiage certainly rings
true in my ears.
Jeff Hanson also has some thoughts to share on the topic. They will be
in the next Gazette.
I know it's cold and raining outside, but it won't be long and it'll be
Baseball Time. Some great things have happened since I begged you for
donations last year. Spring baseball is now a school sponsored sport.
Unfortunately that does not alleviate the need for fundraising. The
American Legion Post 41 still must find funds to finance the American
Legion ball team.
One of this years goals, if sufficient funds allow, is to purchase new
jerseys, some of which are 11 years old. For the major part of the past
60 years, Legionaires, the men and women of our community that put their
lives on the line so we could all play ball, have worked very hard
raising and contributing the money needed to support American Legion
Today, while most members of the post are flirting with the silver
anniversary of their birth. It might well behoove those of us with fewer
candles on our cake, and the energy and resources to help carry the
load. To do what we can to help the Legionaires support the Legion
baseball program.
To that end I am asking those of you willing to help maintain the
Grafton Baseball program, to consider making out a check (to Grafton
Baseball) for $20 for one ticket, $40 for two and if you send in your
check right away. You can purchase all 5 tickets for a mere $100.
Along with really helping the folks that have already really helped us,
you will be getting 23 weekday chances at $50 and 4 Saturday chances at
$100. The drawings will be held in the "merry" month of May.
You can send the checks to me:
Gary Moe 764 Birch Court, Grafton, ND 58237. If you prefer your name
not be mentioned in the Gazette, (some of us are bashful) please say so
and it's our little secret.
Just the other day, at Granny's I think, someone mentioned Duane
Kargel. I received the following note from Duane, thru Rock Tweten. >>>
Can you get me on the mailing list for the Shiver City Gazette. Larry
has forwarded it to me and I really enjoy reading it. <<< Thanks for
forwarding Rock, and welcome to the Gazette family Duane.
Wally sent us this one. >>> Hi gary,
Can you help this lady ??? See what you can do. Wally
Subject: Shivercity Gazette
Hi Wally. Sorry to pester you, but I have been getting Gary Moe's
Shivercity Gazette in a very roundabout way through at least three other
people, including Gary Baird, an old classmate (I'm sure he's tired of
sending them on) and I'm wondering if there's a way to get my name on
Gary's direct list so people don't have to be bothered forwarding it.
I didn't see his e-mail address anywhere, and I've been away from
Grafton for awhile so very few names on the list rang a bell except
yours. I still get the Record also, although I haven't lived there
for nearly 36 years!!! It's fun to keep up with what's going on in
the old town. If you couldforward this on to Gary (Moe) for me,
I'd appreciate it. Haven't seen much about what's going on (class
reunions etc) to celebrate the 125th anniversary of (I assume) the
founding of the city, but it's always fun to have something to drive up
there for.Thanks so much. Alice Dusterhoft Hartman <<< Thanks a
million for caring and sharing Wally. I would be happy to welcome Alice
into the Gazette family. The Gazette goes out in multiple groups so that
only a few of our "members" names go to any one person.
I am also pleased to add a three additional 'members' who chose not to
have their names mentioned.
"If you don't tell me, I can't know. If I don't know, I can't write
about it."

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

March 29, 2007 - Thursday - Grafton, ND

The current temperature is 41 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 54/23
Normal H/L temp for this date is 41/23
The forecast for the rest of the week is favorable for the purchase of
a brand new bright red 4-wheeler.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
There was some activity Wednesday afternoon in the former Johnson's
Used Car dealership. Someone there, was even seen standing on the top of
a pickup looking for something. Maybe they were looking for the 'top' of
Top Quality Motors, (pardon the pun) the parent company, I think, of
Otto's Auto.
A funny thing happened to me last night as I was writing the Gazette.
I'll start from the beginning.
A little more than a week ago I realized, (because Dr. Omotunde told
me) that I was no longer able to manage acceptable blood sugar levels
with oral medication. Hence, I would finally realized one of my greatest
lifetime fears, insulin injections. I'll admit that after a dozen or so
holes surrounded by black and blue spots. The process actually isn't
going all that bad.
Anyway, last night, as I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. I noticed
my message light was on with the following message from my good friend
Kathee Carlson.
She wrote: >>> Not every one can appreciate the following, but I
have a hunch that you can.
Every once in awhile, something I learned through my work at Grafton
Floral comes in handy. This week I was reminded of your dad as I was
trying to figure out how to wrap an artificial potted plant as a gift.
Your dad was an artist/engineer/efficiency expert when it came to taking
an Easter lily or a Christmas poinsettia and rolling it up for delivery
in florist paper, with newspaper for insulation if the weather so
dictated. He could do it one smooth move, sometimes using his ample
tummy to keep the plant on the counter.
Anyway, I took my gift wrapping paper and went through the motions as
best I could. The outcome was quite presentable though the gift paper
didn't drape like the florist paper. The cone shaped present is ready
for me to take to my college friend's birthday gathering this weekend.
I wonder if your dad was looking down and shaking his head, saying,
"That was OK, but I could never teach her to make good coffee."
Kathee <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Kathee. You message
sure brought light to a dim moment last night.
At first, I too thought of the thousands of plants dad must have
wrapped over the years. Then, as I sometimes do, when I think of dad, I
think of my mother too. I remembered the day I learned that only real
men cry. I have always believed it is a story I want my children to know
and understand. Then, I remembered I sent it out in a October 2003
Gazette. I would like to share my "only real men cry" story once again.
This time tho' I was reminded of it by a pleasant message. As you will
see, the last time I was reminded of it. The circumstances were not so
(originally written Oct. 15, 2003)
It's a statement that popped into my head Wednesday
morning. Maybe I should start from the beginning. Yesterday morning I
watched a full grown, well into retirement individual. Get up from his
chair, and walk over to a very good friend of his, and actually
physically, and, to a certain extent mentally, hurt him.
Why, I thought to myself, would anyone be so immature? How could a
supposedly intelligent individual, be so crude? What could give a person
the idea that hurting someone is funny? How come, I wondered. Then I got
to thinking, heck, I remember as a young boy several neighborhood
"bully's". Guys that at the time, I somehow thought were tough guys.
Tougher than me at least.
Then, as seems to happen more often now than not. I couldn't stop
thinking of bully's, tough guys, and people that seemed to enjoy pushing
other people around. And then it happened. I couldn't put a date on it
for certain. Other than the 1956 gray Ford pickup we bought from Dwight
Crousse was still almost new.
Mom was in the hospital, dad and I were standing in the hall
outside her room, and Dr Teevens told dad about moms lung cancer. I felt
a giant lump in my throat. Don't cry, I thought to myself, men don't
cry. Then Dr Teevens told dad, "Bill, the best advice I can give you is.
Get the best medical help possible, and, live the next six months as if
there's no tomorrow."
Don't cry, I told myself again, real men don't cry. Then as dad
went back into moms room, I saw, and heard, my dad cry, for the first
time in my life. I wasn't sure then although I know now. Mom already
knew she wouldn't see her boys grow up.
As dad bent down over moms bed to give her a kiss. He said, "I'm
sorry sweetheart, I didn't mean to cry". Mom reached out, grabbed my
hand and looked me straight in the eye, and said. "Always remember one
thing,.... both of you. It takes a REAL man to cry". Later, as we were
driving home. I asked dad what mom meant, by "real man". Dad said a real
man "cares and shares". A real man, dad said, is not afraid to display
his emotions. A real man wouldn't intentionally hurt anyone. As we
pulled up along side 946 Summit Ave. I asked dad what he was going to do
about mom. With giant tears running down his cheeks, he said,
"everything,...... everything,...... and God, I hope it's enough."
Isn't it amazing, how one event, can remind a person
of another.
Mom smoked Old Gold cigarettes. Gosh I wish she hadn't. <<<
Aren't memories wonderful, and, isn't great how they get even better
over time?
Hi Gary
I saw an apology from Erick at the Combined Wireless in the
Gazette, for poor service. I am sure some will wonder what that was for.
I ordered some items and when they came in his computer was down. So
I could not pay for them as he didn't know the cost. So he said to take
them and pay later.
Gary, it really struck me that we finally have an office supply
store again in Grafton. We don't have to drive 90 miles there and back,
to GrandForks and waste 3 hours going. The biggest item is that Erick
cares, and, he will do his best to help you in your needs. If everyone
in our community give him a chance, we will all win. I got an order this
morning which was fair sized, and, I saved money and time.
Wally DeSautel <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Wally. I too
am pleased we have a new office supply store in town. I continue to wish
Erick the very best in his new venture.
I am pleased to welcome Karen Brown and Sarah Klava to the Gazette
family tree.
If I don't hear about it, I can't write about it. And, neither can the
Walsh County Record. Or so it seems to me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

March 28, 2007 - Wednesday - Grafton, ND

Todays Gazette is brought to you, in part, by The Historic Flood of
The current temperature is 47 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 50/37
Normal H/L temp for this date is 40/22
In 1979 the Park River crested at 19.64 feet. That was .49 short of the
1950 flood.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostl stuff.
A sign company boom truck removed the Denny's Food Pride sign by hiway
17 and also the large Denny's sign on the building. That process removed
the final traces of what was once Denny's Food Pride in the Western
Plaza on the west side of Grafton.
The complex that once housed 5 businesses now has only 3. If and when
the Subway Operation moves to their new location on the corner of hill
and 17 there will only be two stores left.
Rumor has it that a couple outfits have been looking at the vacant
facilities although, so far, nothing solid has developed.
So far the only calls I've gotten on the brand new Arctic Cat 400 auto
4-wheeler I'm trying to sell is from three guys who were wondering if I
have gotten any calls on it yet. I've been told I should be able to sell
it cheap enough to make two folks very happy. I sure hope one of them
folks is me.
Sometimes we get so wrapped up in local hockey we forget they play the
game other places as well. Rev. Greg wrote; >>> Dear Gary:
Yesterday was a dark moment for Carolinians as their
belovedTarheels were thumped from the NCAA (Men's) tournament. (The
Lady Tarheels advanced, hallelujah!) Thank God for the Fighting Sioux
who redeemed the day by downing the loathed Gophers.
Anyhow, I wanted to tell y'all we finally made it to a Carolina
Hurricanes game Saturday, and it was like coming home again. The RBC
Center in Raleigh even had Bavarian roasted almonds, just like the
Ralph!Hurricanes are scrapping to get into the playoffs right now,
and so they played really well, winning on a short-handed empty netter
6-4! Great stuff. I was worried that we'd lose our enthusiasm for hockey
we had learned so well up north, but never fear, we screamed (especially
our daughter Abigail) the whole game. There aren't many hockey fans on
Tobacco Road, but the ones we have are LOUD!
So, good luck to the Fighting Sioux, and hey to everyone back in ND!
Peace, love and hockey!
Greg Yeager
Salisbury NC <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing.
I am a firm believer in buying everything possible, as close to home
as possible. It just seems to make good sense to me. Especially coming
from a small community. It's a simple fact that the folks that sell me
cars, help pay for the streets and street lights I enjoy when I drive
around town at night. The folks in our local clinic and Hospital that
help keep me healthy, (as healthy as I can be) help pay for the people
and equipment that clean and maintain the streets and community
infrastructure that I enjoy while living in a small town. The people
that own and operate our local hardware stores help pay for Leistikow
and Schumacher Park, the Centennial Center and even the old arena. And
on, and on, and on.
As I rationalize those thoughts, among others, I am often challenged by
notes like the following from Gary Fischer.
He wrote. >>> Subject: Made in America My daughter just got a new
Toyota minivan. I was somewhat displeased that she was buying
After looking at the sticker, I really got a shock, 85% of the
parts and assembly was done in the good USA at various locations. I
bet GM, Chrysler and Ford don't do that well with the out sourcing they
do to Mexico, China etc. It would be fun tosee what those numbers
are. Gary do you have any thoughts on this?
Gary Fischer <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Gary. You
pose an interesting question. After serious consideration Gary, the
answer to you questions is. Yes I do have several thoughts on the
First I really believe company's like Toyota are over here, because
they can make more money making cars here, than they can if they
weren't. If that's true, then it follows that they are able to take more
of "our" US dollars back to Japan.
A major portion, if not most, of many Chrysler Corp (Germain owned)
vehicles are made in Mexico, because Mexican labor is cheaper. Yet, 10's
of thousands of folks are coming across our borders, illegally, looking
for a better life here. We are throwing Border agents in prison for
shooting known drug smugglers, beating the bee-gee-bees out of legal US
resident physicians while tryig to come back into "his" country from
Oops,... anyway Gary, yes I do have several thoughts on who buys what,
where, when and why. The problem is, and, it's just my opinion. Most
people in the country quite simply just don't give a darn.
Sometimes I wonder if a guy shouldn't just go out and buy 5 loaves of
Rye bread and eat til you blow.
March 28 is a very special day, for a very special person. Today Norman
Russum will celebrate the anniversary of his birth. It was on a Tuesday,
just 85 years ago that Norman cleared his lungs for the first time.
Doing so, Norman joined 105,710,620 other legal US residents. Norman is
a retired farmer although he hasn't lost interest in the farm. He's a
world traveller, and, I understand, has also taken to eating chocolate
chip cookies and brownies, on occassion.
Happy - Birthday - Norman Russum
We look forward to your return home for the summer.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

March 27, 2007 - Tuesday

Todays Gazette is brought to you by Melvin Torkelson, former Walsh
County Sheriff and County Judge.
The current temperature is 34 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 56/39
Normal H/L temp for this date is 40/22
The forecast is calling for perfect weather conditions to buy a
4-wheeler. AND,.... I just happen to have one for sale.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
The river reading around 10:00 last night was 10.72. Water doesn't
start going over the road south of the Park on 5th street until the
reading hits 12.5.
The former Robertson Lumber yard property on 5th and Wakeman is slowly
becoming surrounded by the Storage Pro's storage facilities.
The Last Chance Bar and Grill is advertising for help. I'm not real
sure exactly what kind of help they're looking for. However, I'm
guessing, If you can do it, they want you to do it for them.
I understand a Washington state rink won this years National Mixed
Curling Championship held in Grafton over the past week. I also
understand a member of the Washington rink, is a relative of a relative
of mine. Then again, I suppose if that were true, someone would have
told me before this. Right Rosemary?
The latest, I'm pretty sure right, rumor has it that the former home of
W. L. (Bill) Whitcher, one time manager of our local JC Penny store,
will soon have a new owner. The beautiful one story home - one of the
first single story homes in Grafton - was purchased by Wilfred & Marie
Collette in 1948 and then again in 1971 by William (Billy) Lykken, who
has owned it until now.
As I understand it, John Tweten and Billy have come to an agreement,
and, the deal has been consummated (so to speak) with a hand shake.
That brings to two, the number of sons of Milt and Olive Tweten
purchasing homes in Grafton in the past few weeks.
Congratulations to both, and thank you for investing your hard earned
money back into Grafton.
Yup, Grafton's growing is showing.
If at first you don't succeed... skydiving is probably not for you.
Due to circumstances completely within my control. I have decided to
offer for sale my newly acquired, brand spankin new 2007 Red Arctic Cat
400 ATV w/automatic transmission complete with windshield.
Reason for selling: We love our kids and grandkids. I will entertain
realistic offers until I receive one that sounds the most appropriate.
Home phone 352-1599, cell phone 520-0536. If I don't answer, I'm either
working,..... drinking coffee,..... or, napping.
Besides, Pat said if I keep it, I'll kill myself, and as usual, she's
My sincere appreciation goes out to Dody & Art Tallackson, Marie & Dick
Bellerud and Carole & Russell Lefevre for participating in this years
Volunteer Firefighters Calendar Drawing.
Along with a check for "our" Firefighters, Carole included the
following note. >>>
Dear Gary, Please send this check on to the Firefighters.
My dad, Melvin Torkelson (former Walsh County Sheriff and County Judge)
was an active volunteer Fireman in the 40's and 50's. After he was
disabled, those wonderful firemen came and took him in his wheelchair to
their meetings.
After his death the same organization always invited my mom and other
widows to their annual Christmas party. What an outstanding group.
I suppose all of those guys are gone now, but if Grafton has more of
the same. The citizens are very lucky.
Carole (Torkelson) Lefevre <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing
Carole. I suppose it's possible that I'm "somewhat" biased about the
status and stature of Grafton's Volunteer Firefighters. Heck, there's no
question, I am biased. Our son Jeff is a member and we are extremely
proud of the him and the entire Firefighters organization. Your
contribution to the Firefighters Calendar Drawing, helps my son and the
department he is so devoted to, be the very best that they can be.
According to the latest advertisement from the Green Mill Restaurant
chain. The average Walleye is 14 inches. It's obvious to me that no-one
from that organization has ever fished out of Arnesen's Rocky Point
Resort, on the south shore of Minnesota's Lake of the Woods. There's
nothing like a 19 and 15/32 inch Walleye served fresh, with all the
fixins, in the kitchens of Arnesen's Rock Harbor Lodge.
Today our oldest Grandson, Josh Moe, will celebrate the anniversary of
his birth. Today is also the anniversary of his first spanking. When he
quit crying, Josh joined 226,545,805 other legal US Citizens. Happy
Birthday Josh, your grandmother and I love you very much.
The Gazette works best, when the folks that read it, write it. Or so it
seems to me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Monday, March 26, 2007

March 26, 2007 - Monday - Grafton, ND

Todays Gazette is being brought to you, in memory of Dave Lott age 65
and Mabel Egeland age 90.
The current temperature is 46 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 56/39
Normal H/L temp for this date is 40/22
It was so nice yesterday, some folks were wearing short sleeved
shirts,...... outside.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
I attended Becca Mattson's Benefit at the Speedway facility in West
Fargo Friday evening. I also delivered the tributes and contributions
Gazette members sent to me for Becca's benefit. To say the event was
Absolutely fantastic, would be putting it mildly. If I've ever said that
small towns have the ability to gather together and participate when
someone is in need,.... and, I certainly have. After attending the "get
together" for Becca, I can tell you that big towns can do almost the
same thing. The, only, difference being they are bigger, and, a lot more
people attend, which in turn means they can, and do, end up with a
fabulous display of support to those in need.
I was pleased to see so many folks from the Grafton area were able to
attend. I had the opportunity to see and talk with many former Grafton
area residents. Most of all, I was pleased to be able to see, shake
hands and speak with Becca. She truely is a beautiful young lady. As I
held her hand I thanked her, for allowing me, and the Gazette family, to
be a small part of her very special day. She looked at me with a smile
that could melt the polar ice caps, squeezed my hand a bit and said,
"thank you so much for coming". Then as she looked around the hall, she
said, "Isn't it wonderful,.... what so many wonderful people are doing
for me?" Holding back a lump in my throat, I could only respond, "it
certainly is", although, I was thinking words like marvelous, and
phenomenal might better describe the event.
Becca still has a long road to complete recovery. I am confident she
will reach that destination. And, that Friday nights display of love and
support, will make her journey somewhat easier.
Speaking of Becca, I received the following note from Marty Riske. He
wrote, >>> Subject: RE: Becca Mattson
Hi Gary......
Saw your mention of M.J. Capelli on the bottom of
Shivercity. We'd be happy to help. Please tell me her address so
we can send her a gift..........Marty <<< Thanks a million Marty, I was
pretty sure you would want to participate. Mom used to say, "nothing
makes a lady, feel more like a lady, than a brand new hair-do."
Often I mention memories and how wonderful they are. Unfortunately,
however, memories aren't always happy and pleasing. Sometimes they
remind us of those who have left us behind. As time goes by, those
memories become even more special.
I received the following note from Agnes Friday and regretfully I
wasn't able to send it out until today. She wrote, >>> Good day
Gary....I know you will be gone tomorrow (Saturday) but I had to share
my would have been Our Dear Daughter RACHEL LYNN BEIER'S 36th
Birthday on Saturday (March 24th)... she is SADLY missed by
all....Thanks for letting me share...Agnes, John & Darrin Beier <<<
Thanks for caring and sharing Agnes.
Along with the normal signs of spring, Geese flying north, muddy roads,
ditches full of water, rivers rising, Westside Drive Inn getting ready
to open, etc, etc,. Today I experienced another "sign" of spring I've
never experienced before.
When I returned to my car after breakfast this morning at Granny's, and
as I was backing away. I noticed 'something' on the windshield of the
Cruiser. Upon closer inspection, I determined the 'something' special to
be what is left over after a feeding of grain and corn goes thru the
stomach of a Canadian Goose. (If you know what I mean.)
It could have been worse. I could have been looking up when the flock
flew over.
Speaking of what goes thru a goose on the flight Canada. Again
yesterday I had the good fortune to listen to Al Gore explain how he was
all for us poorer folks getting help from the federal government for our
heating bills when they past his proposed new global warming
environmental regulations. Mind you I doubt he will need to go to the
Court House and "beg" for heating stamps, like us poor folks will.
Of course, as always, he (Al Gore) assured us that he (Al Gore) is
Carbon Credit Neutral. And, of course, that is only because he's a
billionaire, and, he can afford to PAY for his Carbon Credits.
Then, a while later while in the Gazette library, I got to thinking.
No-body can convert boiled cabbage to methane gas faster, and, better
than I can. I wonder if that would qualify me for a commode load of
Carbon Credits?
We've all done things, said things, or been caught in circumstances
that, sometimes, are beyond our control. Likewise, I'm sure, we have all
tried our best to rectify them. After all, life is 10 percent what
happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it. To that end Erick
sent the following note. >>>
I was wondering if you could please add this to your next edition:
Couple things:
First I would like to apologize to Mr. Wally Desautel. Every time
he has come into my store and been generous enough to place an order,
I've been shorthanded and disorganized. Friday we received 3500
pieces of cellular accessories and I was shorthanded and extremely
disorganized. I had my 8 year old son (school was off for the day) in
the store and helping me sort through the accessories, as my other
workers were out tending to customers. I was updating our computer
systems to "Vista" and I was unable to perform some
functions. I just want to say I'm sorry to Mr. Desautel, and that
these times, of what appeared to be incompetence on my part, are not the
normal level of customer service I set for myself and our
organization. It bothered me when he left today. I felt like I had
done a poor job, so I needed to say something. I am sorry, and we
will continue to improve our ways.
Secondly. We have had an extremely good second month. I send
out Thanks to all of our Grafton and surrounding area supporters. I'm
positive the majority have been delighted with our prices, our free
delivery, and our customer service. It has been a great experience
providing these services to the community and getting to meet and get
reacquainted with the people in this area. Once again, many thanks to
the support from the local community and to the local business owners
who have come in to establish relationships.
Thank You
Erick Soltvedt
Spectrum Services
Alltel Authorized Agent <<<
There you have it Erick. Now not only you and Wally know your human, so
too, does several thousand other folks. This might be a great spot to
add one of my oft' used quotes. "To know what is right, and then not do
it. Is the worst form of cowardice."
Or so it seems to me.
It's not every day that I receive a note from the capital city of our
wonderful state. Yesterday was one of those days. I received the
following note. >>>
Greetings from Bismarck
Remi and Betty Beauchamp (Minto) were visiting us in Bismarck this
weekend and enjoyed the Gazette very much. They would like to be added
to your list. The Gazette gets passed around down here and we all
enjoy the news from home. Thanks. Gerry McGregor <<< Thanks a
million for caring and sharing Gerry. I am pleased to add Remi & Betty
to our Gazette family tree.
It also pleases me to welcome Annette Escobar-Skaro to our Gazette
family tree.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Friday, March 23, 2007

March 23, 2007 - Friday - Grafton, ND

Todays Gazette is brought to you all the folks that give so much, to so
"It simply is,.... the right thing to do."
The current temperature is 39 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 40/25
Normal H/L temp for this date is 38/20
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
The 1976 United States Mixed National Champs: Frank Aasand, Paddy
(Hankey) Hutson, Ray Morgan, Vicki Aasand.
The story of Curling in Grafton and the list of Grafton Curlers
achievements is very impressive indeed.
Spring is just around the corner. I know that for sure now,... because
Ryer Stark and his crew are preparing the Westside drive inn to open,...
soon I hope. I have and insatiable craving for a Westside Drive Inn
Wagon Master.
My comments about global warming gave Ralph reason to share the
following. And when Ralph writes,.. I listen. >>>
There are people with billions of dollars and more PhDs than you
could shake a stick at that do not understand global warming, or explain
it as succinctly as you just did.
This is just what was wrong with the Kyota (spelled that wrong, but it
doesn't matter) treaty. It would require the U.S. to close many
manufacturing facilities while allowing China to continue expanding with
their 1930s technology on emissions. It allows Al Gore to create a lot
more global warming living in his huge mansion than the fraction you do
in your Birch Court house.
First we controlled smoking (makes so much sense). Now we are
controlling the way food is prepared with fats. Will the billionaires
have to tear down the "excessive" parts of their houses? Wanna bet? But
you will have to do something different that will cost you a significant
share of your wealth. Fair is fair, Al. First live like Gary. Then we
will talk.
Ralph Kingsbury <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Ralph. Mind
you, I really do believe the globe is warming. I am struggling, however,
with the thought that I might be succinct. (Whatever that is.) And, can
I get carbon credits for it?
We will be leaving for West Fargo this afternoon to attend Becca
Mattson's. Thanks George and Lorraine Campbell, I received your
contribution for Becca in yesterdays mail.
~~ Spaghetti Feed and Silent Auction ~~ +++
Speedway Event Center +++
>>>> West Fargo, ND <<<<
== TONIGHT, March 23, 5:30 - 9:00 == You will have a chance to bid on
a bonafide Dale Earnhardt leather jacket (XL). There will also be
a #8 die cast car and Martin Truex Busch Championship caps (the ones
they hand out to the crew at the Victory Lane). The list of auction
items is growing at an impressive rate. I understand that there will be
a bake sale there also.
There was an interesting article about Becca in the West Fargo Pioneer.
You may be interested in reading it.
I hope you can get through with the above address.
Tomorrow is the Federated Church Breakfast. No-body cooks breakfast
like the Federadians. Saturday morning,... food and fellowship at the
Federated Church. You can feed yourself for $7 or your entire family for
Later on tomorrow (Saturday) Figure Skating, "Skate Rock and Roll"....
at 7pm and Sunday, March 25th at 2pm at the Centennial Center. Stop by
and support the 75 kids taking part in the show ranging in age from 3
-18 yrs old! (including 8 hockey players too!) Free Open Skating at
Centennial Center- March 30th- 7pm-11pm.... it's Parks and Rec's way of
saying "thank you"!
Heritage Village is looking to fill two vacant board member
positions. These positions require attendance at board meetings and help
with special events as assigned. The board meets once a month, generally
the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Occasionally there would be a special
meeting when special functions and events are being held. Please call
701-520-1207 or 701-352-3280. Leave a message with your name and number
in the event noone answers at these numbers.
Thank you
Verna Sherek, Office Manager <<<
Please give this message serious consideration. Grafton's Heritage
Village always has been a significant attraction for our community. It
is especially so now, with the recent addition of Uncle Sigs giant
collection. Heritage Village also maintains one of the country's few
remaining, fully operational, antique merry go-rounds.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

March 22, 2007 - Thursday - Grafton, ND

Todays Gazette is brought to you, by Charles Darwin & his revolutionary
The current temperature is 37 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 51/26
Normal H/L temp for this date is 37/20
It's normal this time of the year, for the temperatures to be higher
than normal, this time of the year.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
On a recent visit to the Gazette library, I got to thinking about
Charles Darwin's, revolutionary, evolution theory. I wonder if he was
the person that coined the term "family tree"?
Grafton's GMU crews are busy this morning sweeping streets and
starting our general spring cleaning program.
If you've read more than one Gazette you have already figured out it
originates from a small northeastern North Dakota community. The
communities in our corner of the state may be short on population.
However, we're taller than any in pride. I'm pleased Tom was willing to
share the following note. >>>
Subject: small town pride
Hi Gary,
I would like to make a comment about small town business's. My
wife and I have shopped in Grafton for many years and we also shop in
other cities such as Grand Forks, Fargo and others. But, something
really hit home! We were shopping for lamps this last week and found
something we really liked at Pamida and it was priced right. There
was just one problem, they only had one and we wanted two. They
phoned the East Grand Forks and had one and send it to Grafton's
Pamida. We came back and realized the one in Grafton had a slight
dent in it and we asked if they could possibly get another one from
Pamida in East Grand.This was on a Thursday of last week (March
15th) We came back Tuesday (March 20th)to see if they received it,
but they checked the back room and ithadn't arrived yet. Here's
the good part. Priscilla, (I'm not sure of the spelling of her name)
who was waiting on us, said she was getting off work at 5:00 PM and she
would gladly go to East Grand Forks to pick it up and deliver it to
us. We mentioned to her that it wasn't necessary, but she
insisted. I mentioned to her if she would be reimbursed for her
actions. She said she doesn't, that she does this quite regular.
She delivered the lamp to us that very same night. Now, to say the
least we found out that our small towns do care. I would like to see
this happen at a bigger city. It's no doubt that we still will shop
at the bigger cities, but maybe a little moreoftenin a smaller
town. Thanks, Pamida
Tom Gerszewski
Minto, ND <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Tom. In case
some folks missed it. Tom's address is Minto, a wonderful little
community 10 miles south of Grafton. East Grand Forks is 42 miles south
of Grafton.
Speaking of Minto, my cousin Denise sent the following note.
Subject: Minto made the news here in Olympia, Washington
Hi Gary,
I just wanted to say that here I am in Olympia Washington watching
KOMO 4 news this morningand they start talking about the police in ND
that are looking for robbers that robbed an ATM machine taking the
entire machine in Minto ND. Now what are the chances that Minto makes
news like that, all the way out here in Washington?HA! They showed
someone loading it up into a pickup and everything.
Besides that, Scott (my husband) is at the AZ - Mexican border
until June. He has been there since Nov. We are also going to be
grandparents in June (our daughter Kayla) is expecting a girl. And
our youngest son Kris is graduating from high school. So alot going
on in June. Scott and I are hoping to come to ND this summer to visit
relatives so you might get a knock on the door. We haven't been home
since 2003 before Scott went over to the Middle East, so it's time.
Hope this finds everyone well there. Say hi to Patty and the rest
of the family.
Your cousin,
Denise <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Denise.
Caring and sharing, exchanging thought and ideas, that's what the
Gazette is all about. Marty Riske shared the following.
Subject: GHS news
Well, Gary, here I am writing to you while I'm waiting for Linda
Jo Hove (Hudson), GHS '65, daughter of Grafton's New York Life agent Joe
Hove, and her husband Ron Hudson. We went to their new home in
Maricopa, AZ the other night. JoJo's Mom is 100 and has just moved to
an adult apartment in Portland, OR.. Ron and Jo are retired school
teachers. Jo recalled babysitting at the LloydEversons' while she
lived in Eastwood and fondly recalled her friendships back in Grafton
naming Judy Anderson Kaiser GHS '65, Karen Gilleshammer Thiele GHS '65,
Judy Jackson Knutson GHS '65 and Linda Setness Anderson GHS '65, wife of
GHS basketball great Larry Anderson GHS '64.
Anne and I have visited with Agnes Bolek and her daughter Rose Mary
GHS '66 and her husband Gary Fisher, GHS '64. Gary's got his hands in
banking againas he works for their son Chad who has a mortgage
banking business. Agnes appreciates prayer as she lives with
cancer.Her stents have helped greatly so her breathing is much
Thanks for your wonderful webpaper. Marty <<< Thanks a
million for caring and sharing Marty. The next time you see Linda you
might ask if she remembers riding on the Grafton Floral Float in the
Grafton Days Parade, with her sister and me. And also, if you get a
chance, give Agnes a great big hug from Pat and me. She's a wonderful
lady, we wish her the very best and will continue to keep her in our
Figure Skating Show this weekend "Skate Rock and Roll".... Saturday,
March 24th at 7pm and Sunday, March 25th at 2pm at the Centennial
Center. Come and support the 75 kids taking part in the show ranging in
age from 3 -18 yrs old! (including 8 hockey players too!) Free Open
Skating at Centennial Center- March 30th- 7pm-11pm.... it's Parks and
Rec's way of saying "thank you"! <<< Grafton's Figure Skating
Program IS second to none. You WILL find this years Figure Skating Show
is a perfect way to spend, and enjoy, a few hours of FANTASTIC local
talent on the ice.
The Grafton Federated Church is holding their 25th annual
French Toast and Sausage breakfast. It's Saturday, March 24th 2007 from
7am to 2pm. Stop by and enjoy a super breakfast.
=== Adult's $7.00 -- Family $14.00 ===
~~ Spaghetti Feed and Silent Auction ~~ +++
Speedway Event Center +++
>>>> West Fargo, ND <<<<
== THIS Friday, March 23, 5:30 - 9:00 == You will have a chance to
bid on a bonafide Dale Earnhardt leather jacket (XL). There will
also be a #8 die cast car and Martin Truex Busch Championship caps (the
ones they hand out to the crew at the Victory Lane).
The list of auction items is growing at an impressive rate. I
understand that there will be a bake sale there also.
Who knows, Becca and her mom might even receive some certificates for
new hair do's from M J Capelli's, Fargo Moorheads finest Family Hair
Salon. Lord knows they already have more than their share of problems to
deal with.
Right Marty?

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

March 22, 2007 - Thursday (Early Edition) - Grafton, ND

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

March 20, 2007 - Tuesday - Grafton, ND

Todays Gazette is brought to you, in part, in memory of June (Mrs. Ray)
The current temperature is 30 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 38/31
Normal H/L temp for this date is 36/19
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
"Smoking makes ignorance visible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Ryan Heuchert's Farmers Union Insurance Agency has moved, settled in,
and ready to serve in their new facilities on main street, between the
Strand Theater and Kutz & O'Brien. It's wonderful seeing another local
sailboat fuel storage building converted to a more aesthetically
pleasing, contributing member of Grafton's business community.
I hope many will stop in Ryan's new offices and thank him for investing
in "our" communities future.
Grafton,... "Our growing is showing."
Saturday night I attended the annual Grafton Youth Hockey Banquet &
Raffle at Market Place on 8th. The first place prize, a Harley
Sportster, went to Shella Trontvet. The second prize, an Artic Cat ATV,
went to,... Me. The third place prize, a John Deere 115 Riding mower,
went to H. Dale Aasand of Drayton.
I would like to thank the Grafton Youth Hockey Organization for letting
me help them in their annual fund raising venture. I would especially
like to thank them, and all the wonderful business establishments that
contributed their time, energy, cash and prizes for this years MEGA
RAFFLE. It should also be noted that in years past, the VFW
organization contributed much of the funding needed for the youth hockey
program. Veterans not only fought for our freedom over seas. They gave
much to provide the resources so our youth could enjoy it.
The Monson School District #114 papers have found their rightful home.
>>> Gary,
I will be sending the documents from the "Monson School" to Harold
Blanchard, President of the Historical Village. I am pleased they
would like to have them and I am grateful your publication helped make
it possible. Thanks for all you do!
Scott Hove <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Scott. Without
thoughtful folks caring about the past. We would have little to look
back on, in the future.
Speaking of thoughtful people. Lee Ann Dolan dropped a check off from
Robert and her for Decca Mattson's benefit. Then Monday, I received a
note from Betty (Daley) Bangart saying. Please include the enclosed
check with the donations to the Becca Mattson fund. Ralph is my first
Simply another case of wonderful folks, doing super things, for
fantastic people.
Did I mention Becca Mattson's Benefit? Spaghetti Feed and Silent
Speedway Event Center
West Fargo, ND
THIS Friday, March 23, 5:30 - 9:00
Speaking of nice people. Those that know John Aasand, know he could
talk the fuzz off a peach, without even breathing heavy. Today I found
out that he can actually write, too. John wrote. >>> Hi, I'm hearing a
rumor that vacation is over for LD (Larry Durand) and he's on his way
home. I still have the China Contract if you want to come over and take
a look at it. I should also say that one of our home town boy's is the
principal over there, and it's Jim Clark a brother to Fred Clark so you
know that he's a great guy.
Will you please put in your paper that the Grafton Federated Church is
holding their 25th annual French Toast and Sausage breakfast? And, that
the Sausage is being made by your son-in-law, the famous Dave Moe. His
breakfast sausage is so good, just take a look at me and you'll know I
like all the food.
Back to the breakfast it's Saturday, March 24th 2007 from 7am to 2pm.
Hope you stop by. Adult's $7.00 Family $14.00 thank-you in advance you
do the best advertising of anyone.
John <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing John. Flattery is
cheap, and, it only takes $7 and good intentions to get a great
It's happening right here in Grafton, ND.
One trip down main street and you'll notice the flags flying, Welcome
signs in merchants windows, and, curlers from no less than seven states
participating in the "U.S. Mixed National Curling Championship". Our
little community can be proud to host such an event. Grafton may not be
the largest city in the state. But when it comes to curling, Grafton is
as well know as any town in the world.
I was pleased to see True Value Hardware lead the pack displaying
"welcome curlers" signs in their store front.
The large banner in front of the curling club lists Alaska, California,
Maryland, Minnesota, No. Dak., Ohio, Washington and Wisconsin
participating in this years event. It's really great watching folks from
so many states walking up and down our community streets with their
colorful jackets representing their own specific states.
Caring and sharing is what the Gazette is all about. I am pleased to
share Christine's latest note. >>> Gary, I have been unable to check
emails for a few days. I want to thank Kris Molde for her kind words and
for taking the time to come check out Hastings Landing, we really
appreciate all those who have come to visit and have a bite to eat. I
also want to thank you again for your support!! Every bit of
encouragement we get makes us want to work even harder. Blessings always
and thanks again, Christine Jensen <<< Thank you for caring and sharing
Christine. I continue to hear good things about your new adventure. Keep
up the good work. Gary
This is a special week, for two of our nephews. Nick Conigliaro added
another candle to his cake yesterday, and Tom Watkins will be blowing
out one more candle today. Happy birthday guys, we love you very much.
Aunt Pat and Uncle Gary

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Friday, March 16, 2007

March 16, 2007 - Friday (early) - Grafton, ND

Todays Gazette is being brought to you by Kravik's Phillip's "66"
Duane Kravig, Leasee - Grafton, ND.
The current temperature is -6 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 34/9
Normal H/L temp for this date is 33/17
Mother Nature dumped 5 to 6 inches of snowcat dust over Shivercity
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
"Smoking makes ignorance visible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
It doesn't appear as though the threat of 4 to 6 inches of snow
Thursday stopped folks from attending Denny's Food Pride Auction sale.
The weather did make it necessary for the "flying Auctioneers" to land
in Grand Forks instead of Grafton, setting back the planned start time
by an hour or so. By the time the auction got started, the parking lot
was full of cars, pickups, and, a generous array of trailers of every
size and configuration.
Grafton's local taxidermist, mounted an 11-foot crocodile for the
Schell Brothers Circus. The animal died while the circus was traveling
between Edmore and Park River. Taxidermist W.H. Williams is recognized
as one of the best in the country. (borrowed from the 25 years ago
column of the June, 1955 Walsh County Record)
Marian shared the following suggestion for the Monson School #114
papers Scott Hove wrote about the other day.
She wrote. >>> Subject: Home for the papers from Monson's School
Dear Gary, Read the little story about papers from Monson's
School. I believe the logical place for these papers would be at
Heritage Village. They can add it to all the history papers and
miscellaneous items that they have. Now, more than ever, since they
have Jugville brought in there, it will attract a lot of tourist etc.
So this is my sentiments about this. I am an officer of the
WalshCounty Historical Society and trulythink this would be the
best place for all such documents. Thank you. Sincerely, Marian
Hajicek. <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Marian. I couldn't
agree more.
The other day I mention the "possibility" that someone 'may' have
purchased Jan and Hank Korczak's home, or, that they might have returned
home early.
NOT!!! But I'm guessing we can take the following note to the bank.
They wrote. >>> Gary, Jan & Hank Korczak would like to thank you for
sending us the Gazette. No, we are not home yet, my tenant had the
driveway cleaned, so that he could check our house. We will be back at
about 15th of April. We are still looking for someone to buy our house,
hope we will have some luck this summer. The temperature here is 85 to
90 degrees. Our friend from Park River, ND Sanford & Mayvis Jallo, would
like to be a member of the Gazette, Thank You <<< Thank you, for
putting that rumor to rest. I am pleased to welcome Sanford and Mayvis
to the Gazette family. I hope you warned them not to expect to much,...
to often.
A good 39 cent breakfast hasn't been around since the depression.
Subject: farmer share breakfast.
Gary: Would you please announce the farmer share breakfast sponsored
by the ND Northeast chapter of Ag Women and the Grafton Chamber of
Commerce, to be held Monday, March 19 from 7 am to 9:30 am at St. John's
Parish Center. Menu: Scrambled eggs, sausage, rolls, potatoes,
milk, juice and coffee. Cost is the actual share that farmers receive
39 cents. Lots of good food and great door prizes. Everyone
welcome. Judy Keeley <<< I don't mean to nitpick, but I read and
read, and read the menu and couldn't find the mention of sugar anywhere.
Let it be said, in no uncertain terms, that there will be American
Crystal Sugar there too.
I'm sure glad the mailman made it through the snow drifts yesterday. I
received my recertification of my life insurance policy. That was a good
thing. Another wonderful thing was receiving a note from Pat & Bill.
They wrote: >>> Hi Gary, Please add this check to the Becca Mattson
Fund. We are keeping them in our prayers. Pat & Bill Holt, Rochester
Washington <<< Now isn't that a fantastic message to get on a North
Dakota snowstormy day? Thank you so much Pat & Bill. Your monetary
contribution is very much appreciated. Your prayers are priceless.
Some have already responded, and, I'm sure many more will. However,
just in case some folks missed it earlier. I'll send out another
===== Speedway Event Center =====
--- 680 W Main Ave - West Fargo --- ~~ March
23, 20075:30 – 9:00 ~~
====Let's help Becca Mattson ====
Daughter of Steve & Elaine (Daley) Mattson (Granddaughter of the late
Hildegard & Allen Mattson and the late Ralph & Violet Daley) Pretty
little 16 year old Becca Mattson was in a tragic car accident and has a
long recovery ahead of her. (Becca celebrated her 17th birthday in the
hospital) To help with her family's medical expenses the Becca Mattson
Fund has been established at Western State Bank in West Fargo. Your
donations are greatly appreciated.
To make a donation contact Karen (Ellefson) Brown @ (701) 799-6063 or
Karol Dupree-Robinson @ (701) 257-6446 OR, me if that works better. ++++
Please keep pretty Becca in your thoughts and prayers. And, if you
can, plan to be at The Speedway Event Center at 680 Main Ave W. in West
Fargo. On March 23, 2007 from 5:30 to 9:00 Among the
numerous items on the silent auction will be official Dale Earnhardt
Inc. merchandise. Those items should be of significant interest to
NASCAR race fans in the area. For those that want to keep in touch with
Becca's progress. Check out the caringbridge web site at.
The subscription department sent me the following. >>> Would like to
receive your email. Ardis Olson forwarded her edition to me. What a cool
thing to do!
Pam and Deane Scharmer <<< Thanks a million for the wonderful
comment, and,... welcome to the Gazette family. You may, from time to
time, even notice I tend to share my own personal opinion. Sometimes,
where it doesn't even belong. Please feel free to to ignore those things
you don't consider valid, and comment on those you do. And, say hi to
Flora for me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March 14, 2007 - Wednesday - Grafton, ND

Todays Gazette is being brought to you by the Grafton Deaconess
"Training School for Nurses."
The current temperature is 5 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 44/31
Normal H/L temp for this date is 33/16
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
"Smoking makes ignorance visible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Would Glenn Phelps really be surprised if he came back to town and
found Rock Tweten in the house he built on the south end of town.
Ryan Heuchert's new Insurance Agency Office in the former Gillespie
Meat Market building is starting to look more like an office than a meat
shop. It doesn't look like it will be many more days before Ryan will be
writing insurance policies in his new offices.
Speaking of new businesses. I received the following note from Kris
Molde. >>>
Hello Gary
Just thought I would drop you a line to tell you what a wonderful
experience we had at Hastings Landing Restaurant in Drayton last
Saturday. It was such a beautiful daythat we decided to venture
outof town and try the new restaurant. I have tosay the service
and foodwere exceptional. The prices were reasonable too! I
wasimpressed whenKristine broughtus atakeout menu and a
DraytonVisitors Guide.What a great way to promote your business
&town! Whether you chose to use this or not is up to you just
wanted to let you know that we're outhere.
Kris Molde <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Kris.
It sounds like Hasting Landing has tapped into one of my favorite
recipe's for success. A good town, good people, super food, served in a
good clean restaurant.
Shortly after I received the previous e-mail from Kris. I received the
follow message from Kris, via snail mail. She wrote. >>> Gary, As a
classmate of Steve's I would like to make a donation to the Becca
Mattson Fund. We have a previous commitment for that weekend so I would
appreciate it if you would deliver our check with the rest of the
donations you receive.
Thanks so much,
Kris Molde <<<< Thanks a million,... again Kris. I will be pleased
to deliver your donation, along with the rest, to the Becca Mattson
Benefit Fund.
Subject: farmer share breakfast
Gary: Would you please announce the farmer share breakfast sponsored
by the ND Northeast chapter of Ag Women and the Grafton Chamber of
Commerce, to be held Monday, March 19 from 7 am to 9:30 am at St. John's
Parish Center. Menu: Scrambled eggs, sausage, rolls, potatoes,
milk, juice and coffee. Cost is the actual share that farmers receive
39 cents. Lots of good food and great door prizes. Everyone
welcome. Judy Keeley
This might be a bit early, although I'm hoping most will receive it on
the right day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MERT.
Birthdays take on different meanings, as each one passes. Hence, some
people have acquired more 'meanings' than others. It's been said that
you are as young as you feel. So,.. if you really want to feel young,...
feel a baby.
Happy Birthday Mert, we love you very much. Patti and Gary
The subscription department sent over the following note. >>>
Please add me to your mailing list. I enjoy your news and your
outlook on life. I live in the big city of Warsaw but you know I
might miss something.
Live well & Laugh often
Mardell Niswonger <<< Welcome to the Gazette family Mardell. If you
think Warsaw is big, take a drive through Cashel. Right Gary?
The Gazette is for caring and sharing. Sharing the good things people
say and do, is particularly easy for me. Caring about the wonderful
people that makeup the portion of the world we occupy, is also
especially easy and gratifying. Sometimes, however, caring and sharing
some things, is more difficult than caring and sharing others. Such is
the case today. I must admit, we were saddened when we opened the
following note. However, we are extremely pleased that Don cared enough
to share it with us.
Don wrote. >>>
Subject: Judi Friesen Weiss Larson
Just wanted to let you and your readers know of the passing of my dear
wife, Judi Friesen Weiss Larson. Judi grew up in Grafton, one of five
children, and graduated from Grafton High School in 1961. Judi suffered
a massive stroke on Friday March 9th, and passed away on Monday March
12th. I'm sure many of your faithful readers knew of Judi.
Thank you, and please do not remove me from your e-mailing list. Don A.
Larson <<< Along with my entire family I would like to extend our
deepest and most sincere sympathies. It is my hope, as time goes by,
that you might also find some solace in the ramblings of the Gazette.
Knowing that it originates from the same community Judi spent a very
important part of her life in. Gary & Patti Moe
It is with deepest sorrow that I report the passing of Merlyn
Collette. Merlyn died Tuesday March 13 at the Lutheran Sunset Home in
Grafton. Funeral arrangements are pending with The Barnes Family Funeral
Service. Merlyn was 77.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.