Tuesday, July 27, 2004

July 27, 2004 - Tuesday

07/27/04 TUESDAY grp. 3
The present temperature is a pleasant 61 degrees. The wind is calm, the
Skeeters are sleeping and we only have a 30 percent chance of scattered
thunderstorms. The high is expected to reach 83 degrees today.
Todays Skeeter meter reading - ZERO.
The calendar on my office wall contains numerous anniversaries.
Obviously not every anniversary, of everything important to me or my
family. However, every year, Pat sits down and copies numerous events on
my "office" calendar. She also makes copies for several other family
members as well.
Most days, that calendar is the first thing I check in the morning.
July contains it's fair share of anniversaries. Starting on the first
with the wedding anniversary of Craig and Holly (Demester) Perry. Then
Chloe had a birthday on the fifth. We moved into our home (the Gazette
office) on the ninth (33 years ago). Shirley Durand added another candle
to her collection on the fifteenth and our son Jeff and Yvette, logged
their seventeenth wedding anniversary on the seventeenth.
Pats youngest brother Kenny lit another candle yesterday and today is
the day our granddaughter Toni Hartje becomes twenty one years old. Toni
is also our first grandchild to make us Great Grandparents, that too is
a good thing. Today is also our oldest daughter Kelly and Davids twenty
fifth wedding anniversary. They were the first to make us grandparents
(Tiffany) and that too was a wonderful thing.
However, today is the forth anniversary of the passing of one of the
best individuals I have ever known. On this day, four years ago. Chuck
Demester, (Pats oldest brother) left this world with the promise of
eternal life in the Lord.
Chuck left us his super family, and a much better world than when he
arrived. He was an extremely thoughtful person, willing to help anyone,
anytime. He was the kind of person that always gave a day and a halfs
work, for a days pay. He loved hunting and fishing. He once told me, he
would call Rocky Point heaven,... until he could get to the "real
He truly cherished his family and friends. His love of wife and family
was the envy of many. His loyalty to friends and associates was
unending. Father to four fantastic daughters, he always felt his four
"sons" (in-law) to be the best boys anyone could ever hope for. (To that
I also agree)
I believe when an individual leaves this earth, there really not gone.
They simply take up residence closer to our hearts and minds. Chuck
Demester is that kind of person for me.
It's been four years since Chuck left this world and took up residence
in my heart and soul. He has never stopped guiding me to a better
understanding of the world around me.
Yes, Chuck has moved on to his "real heaven". When I get back to Rocky
Point. I'll look out over the lake and remember Chuck and all the things
he has taught me. Darn, I miss Chuck, thank God I was fortunate to have
known him.
It isn't against the rules to share a part of your world.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they are,
before it's too late.

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