Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 20, 2009 - Tuesday

Todays Gazette is dedicated to all the wonderful men and women
that make up the Grafton area law enforcement organization.
The current temperature is 41 degrees. We have received .10 inches
of moisture over night.
Unfortunately, most if not all, harvesting has once again come to
a standstill.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Even though Grafton is a relatively small town, with relatively
small town issues and problems the norm. Once in a while, our local law
enforcement personnel face circumstances that are every bit as serious
and dramatic as those experienced by major inner city law enforcement
Such was the case a few nights ago when local law enforcement
officials responded to an incident involving the firing of a shot gun in
From my prospective, the possibilities of serious danger, to our
law enforcement personnel and all those involved with the call was
significantly real and grave. I am pleased to report that the incident
was handled with the kind of professionalism that many big city law
enforcement organizations would like to emulate.
To all of the wonderful people that work so hard to make living in
Grafton a safe and healthy place to live. THANK YOU, FOR EVERYTHING YOU
Our son Jeff, as a citizen and in his capacity as Assistant Fire
Chief, has had numerous occasions to observe the our local law
enforcement organization in action. Regarding the latest incident, gun
shots on 6th and Cooper he shared the following thoughts. >>>>>>
I think we should all to be very impressed
with our local law enforcement after last night episode. Anyone who
might have thought they could have done a better job than our local law
enforcement did last night, MOST definitely should think again. They
truly handled the situation with professionalism. I would like to
applaud them. GOOD JOB GUYS.
Jeff Moe
I am pleased to share the following note I received from Todd
Burianek, Graftons present Mayor. Todd wrote: >>>>
I suspect you heard that my predecessor, Fred Stark, passed away
Fred was a great public servant who dedicated 30 years to the City of
Grafton 22 years on the City Council and 8 years as Mayor. It is easy
for people to sit on the sideline and be the Monday Morning Quarterback,
but Fred got into the game and gave up a lot of time to serve his
community. We can all be grateful for his dedication and service to
I hope all readers will remember Fred and his family in their prayers.
TB <<<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Todd.
Hi Gary,
It sure is nice to see you back, we really missed the Gazette. We
take things from time to time for granted..... that being the Gazette. A
smart person once said, "you never miss the water til the well runs dry.
So true. Life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the
end the faster it goes. That too, is so.
We lost a friend and a great citizen in our town, that being
Fred Stark. Being a mayor in a small town is a very hard job. Fred did a
good job and most of all red tried so hard to make Grafton a better
place to live.
Fred and I were in Boy Scouts together. We both earned our Eagle
Badge,... great memories.
Do you know Bert Overlands address? I just may take a bag of
potatoes to him and stay for the winter. Bert is one of those friends
you never forget.
Have a great day Gary... When are you buying coffee??? Wally
I have always considered Fred Stark a friend, for many years
he was "my" Mayor and for the past several years a significant
contributing member of Granny's afternoon coffee group.
Fred leave's our community and our world a much better place. Pat
and I, along with our entire family, extend our most sincere
condolences to the many Fred has left in mourn.
I have "copied" the following from the pages of KXPO's walsh
county daily news.com
10/19/09 - Former Grafton Mayor Fred Stark Dies He was
someone who loved Grafton and promoted it. That's how Grafton City
Auditor Connie Johnson remembers former Mayor Fred Stark. Stark died
Monday at age 77. Johnson says Stark was a very good liaison for Grafton
to anyone and everyone, including state and federal offices and the
state's congressional delegation. Stark was a gentleman and easy to be
around. He like a good laugh and his humor was contagious. Stark was
mayor from June, 1998 to June of 2006, when he was defeated in a
re-election bid by current Mayor Todd Burianek. Before that Stark was
first elected to the Grafton city council in April, 1974. He was off the
council two years, from 1990 to 1992. But Stark ran again in a different
ward and was elected in '92 and served six years before running for
Stark was a leader and was a respected city official and person. Stark
was a Korean War veteran and an active member of the Grafton American
Some might remember I mentioned having a problem with my leg
this summer. The following message comes from one of the Rocky Point
Residents responsible for my "willingness" to seek professional medical
help. Lina, a retired Rochester Medical Center Nurse, during her career
dealt with issues much like those I was experiencing. I must admit, she
is not only a wonderful lady, and a wonderful nurse. She also scared the
living bee-jee-bee's out of me as well.
Thank you Lina, for everything you did for me, and,... for
Hook at the same time. Lina wrote: >>>
Hi Gary and Pat,
Many thanks for the free Grafton Gazette. What a pleasant surprise
to hear from you!!!. Hope all is well with you both. Hook and Dennis
were up North a week ago to finally pick up the RV. They did some
fishing over in the river and got some fish but had some very cold
All is well with us, trying to get the RV winterized and some minor
repair before we leave for Texas sometime after Christmas. We truly
appreciate your thinking of us to share your column of the paper. Our
weather too has been very cold since early October but quite sunny
and warm today.
Our best to you and Pat. Stay well until we see you in 2010. Please
stay in touch.
Hook and Lina <<<<
Thanks again Lina and please say hi to Hook from Pat and me.
"Life is to short for long answers."

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

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