Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13, 2009 - Tuesday

Todays Gazette, and recent weather conditions, reminds me of a
wonderful old saying, "If it wasn't for, good luck and bad luck, I'd
have no luck at all."
The thermometer in front of my house hit 16.6 degrees early this
morning. That is not good luck. The present temperature is on the rise
(20.3) and, I suspect, that is a lucky thing.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
A trip down main street this morning gives me every reason
to believe we are lucky to be living in a community that continues to
show evidence of economic growth.
Granny's is getting a brand new paint job. The Tollefson
Funeral Home is in the process of adding new space to their Grafton
facility. Construction crews are adding a brand new addition to the
north side of Simonsons Station Store. The building that once held the
former LaBerge & Stenso auto dealership has a brand new front facade.
The former Nelson Drug building will become home of the new and improved
Shenanigans eatery, among other things. The former Walsh County Bank
building already has a new roof and ( with a bit of luck) could become
the home of multiple tenants. All that and the fact that the back end of
the building Grafton's Greatest Deals operates out of has been totally
All I might add, has little, if anything to do with luck (of any
kind) rather from serious thought and commitment of those most directly
Just last night I was in the Gazette library thinking, I've
heard the term "luck" or lack of it more in the past several days than I
have in a good long time. Then, after a somewhat longer "research
session than normal, when I returned to my computer I noticed I had just
received another one of those dog gone, bugger, heck, shucks emails
telling me that if I would hurry up and forward it to all of my friends
I would soon be the recipient of a bunch of "Good Luck". Unfortunately,
the note also informed me that if I didn't forward the message I could
expect a whole year of "Bad Luck". RAT's, dad burn, gee willikers
anyway. Now what do I do, I thought.
Then, I remembered a response I sent out in a Gazette
several years ago. No, not because I could remember an event that
happened almost 8 years ago. Rather because just the other day my
daughter Kelly dug it out and sent it to me.
Kelly added her own personal title to the message I
sent out so long ago. It truly was "from the heart" then and it
certainly is just as true today. Kelly wrote: >>>.
Subject: "Message from Dad's Heart"
Hi Dad. I have been at home working on bookwork and
had to go into
my saved files. I thought I would share it with you again just for
old time sake. It was date Oct. 29, 2001, as you can see. It
certainly jerked a few tears again today.
Love you, Kelly
Sent out in the Monday, October 29, 2001 Gazette ----------- I
I would like this note to go to everyone I know, or, knows me. It
is not intended for one, two or three, but rather for the WHOLE WORLD TO
If up above there's a name you don't see please do me a favor and
forward from me.
The note that accompanies this memo says (in part) "don't be
afraid to express yourself" OKEE DOKEE!! It says, I MUST send it to 10
people OR I will face DREADFULLY bad luck.
WHO, IN GOD'S GREEN EARTH dreams up such dribble!!! WHY, on
earth, if it had any value at all, would you only send it to
10 of your family, and/or friends.
LUCK, if there is such a thing (in my opinion) is man made,
created by actions and deeds with a specific end result in mind. If one
aims for good results, often one will experience "good luck". On the
other hand, if one's intentions are negative, "bad luck" will almost
aways be the end result.
Life is full of both good and bad luck.
If, I were only to look at bad luck.
I would see Mother, dying 50 too soon.
I would see Dad going before we could have one last talk. I would
see Peggy leaving before her children were grown. My Uncles Leonard,
Norman, Adrian, Harold, and George all left before I could return the
favors they gave me. Uncle Woodrow passed on before I could even get to
see him.
My Aunts, Theresa, Winnie, Fabiola left me/us before I could
properly thank them for helping raise me.
My FATHER in-law Ray could have stayed around for another 90 years
and we would still have things to talk about.
Are you starting to get a picture?
If I were to only look at BAD LUCK...... LOOSING CHUCK would be
right up there at the top of the list. As I see
it, we can ALL say we've had our share of bad luck. H O
W E V E R ! ! !
From Mom and Dad I learned how to live, and, love to live. From
Peggy I learned of compassion, and to deal with issues I didn't
always understand.
From my Uncles I've learned most of what's gotten me where I am
today. My Aunts, to love and respect people, to stick together and tell
the world to "go to hell" when it needs it.
From Ray I was lucky enough to spend over a third of a century
learning everything from sweeping streets to taking care of his
From Chuck I learned life isn't always what we want it to be, but
rather what you make it be. I worked in one form or another with Chuck
for over 40. He spent his entire life making "luck" for others. If, he
had a fault, it would be working overtime so others could be lucky.
M E L U C K Y ? Y O U B E T !!!!
The list of names at the top of this "memo" is only a fraction of
the luck I have known in my life.
I have all of that, my family and most important of all, I have my wife.
I'm working very hard trying to be positive. Letters written by insecure
individuals, threatening "dreadfully bad luck" does not strike me as
"Life is to short for long answers."

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

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