Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 14, 2009 - Wednesday

10/14/09 WEDNESDAY
I know I should be thankful that our Politicians are willing to
take over the health care system. I can honestly say that I pray to God
they might actually know what they're doing.
Unfortunately, in my opinion, God is so worried about loosing his status
to the President, that even He doesn't have time to figure out what
Politicians really are trying to do,..... with our health care.
The current temperature is 32 degrees.
It is the flu season, get a flu shot!!!! And, wash you hands,.....
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff
Kathee shared the following message after reading yesterdays
Gazette. She wrote: >>>>>
What a wonderful edition of the
Gazette. Thank you and Kelly for digging into the archives to share
that former article again. I was lucky enough to be in Grafton on
Sunday to attend the fall supper at St. John's Church. I remember the
former fall suppers, the ones at which my mother worked over 30 years
ago, starting in the basement of the old church and then in that
much roomier parish center. My husband and I attended the meal with
Dorothy Wentz who celebrated her 89th birthday this month and her
daughter Mary who is the same age I am so we won't mention the birthday
she and I celebrated this year. I reconnected with several other
folks who were part of the village that raised me back in the 1950's and
60's. We also checked in on the Carlson plot at Crescent Cemetery
where my mother was laid to rest on an October day 32 years ago next to
Axel and Ernestine and where she was joined by Ray in 2002. The plots
look good, thanks to the keepers of the cemetery who fixed Ernestine's
sinking plot a few years ago. Our visit was all too short, but gee,
it is nice to go back to Grafton. Thanks to all who keep it vital.
Kathee Carlson <<< Thanks a million Kathee, for
caring and sharing. Kathee also responded to the message Nanci shared
the other day about the benefit for Strand Theatre.
In that note she wrote: ....
As an update on the harvest here on our west central
Minnesota farm, I tell you that the kidney beans are all harvested, and
we are presently rained out of soy bean harvest. Work continues on
getting the corn combine ready for corn harvest later on.
Is there an address to which donations can be sent for the Strand
Theater? There are too many good memories floating around that
building to let it stay closed for too long. Kathee Carlson <<<< Thanks
for the harvest update Kathee, and for your gracious words about the
Strand. I have heard several suggest the "Strand benefit idea" is a
great one. I'm thinking any donations, and/or words of appreciation, can
be mailed to the Grafton Federated Church and I suggest they be clearly
marked and directed to the Strand benefit.
For those that may have missed Nanci's note from a few days
ago. Here it is again, one more time. >>>>>
Hi Gary - I was wondering if you could
post this! :)> Our Local theatre underwent some unfortunate Smoke Damage
when the popcorn machine decided to go on strike. This is our only
theatre and a landmark in Grafton. We want to help Tommy and Tammy
get the strand back to normal and perhaps even better than before!
We can do this with all of your help! Donations of any kind
for the chili feed will be very much appreciated!! :)
The chili feed is set for November 7th at the Grafton
Federated Church - Fellowship Hall. In the Basement.
----- The time is 11AM to 3PM -----
The price is only 5 dollars a bowl!
We are in need of bowls, spoons, crackers, and chili makings.
Anyone wishing to donate to this can contact Nanci Gale-Wilson by
email at
Or Call at 352-4666 - where you may leave a message! Thank
You!!! ---------
It's flu season,.... wash your hands.
Speaking of notes and messages. I received the following note from
Dianne a week ago, and, for reasons only a computer genius could
understand, I am just sending it out today.
I might add, for those that may not know. Former Graftonite Rita
Lessard is the mother of Dr. James Lessard who practices medicine in
Grand Forks.
Dianne wrote: >>>>
Gary and Pat
I want to tell you how HAPPY you have made a couple of people that the
Gazette is back. I am one and Rita Lessard is the other. I print the
letter every day it is out there and mail them to her and she looks so
forward to the Gazette envelope in the mail.
I go see her as often as we can and she is doing so
good and loves her new place and she is closed to Art and her two
granddaughters. I want to send her address in case any one wants to send
her a note she loves mail.
Rita Lessard
Woodland, Wa. 98674
Keep up the good work and it sounds like you had a great time at the
Thanks Dianne Molde Urbauer <<<<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Dianne. The next
time you visit with Rita, please tell her hello from Pat and Gary and
give her our very best wishes.

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