Friday, October 02, 2009

October 2, 2009 - Friday

Todays Gazette comes to you, in part, by the miracles of modern
The current temperature is 47 degrees.
The unofficial Gazette rain gauge recorded .72 inches of rain
during the last rain event. A rain gauge just 4 blocks east of mine
recorded an inch.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
It was relatively easy to tell the status of harvest this morning.
Granny's was full of harvest workers and empty trucks could be seen
standing idle in several parking lots around town.
Sugarbeet harvest should be able to resume with a couple days,...
assuming no more rain hampers the area. Bean harvest on the other hand
might well be idled for more than a week.
Sucrose (sugar) is used as a food and sweetening agent. It can
also significantly enhance the storeability of numerous food products.
The check engine light came on in my jeep the other day. When I
asked a repairman what he thought it might be. He told me it "could" be
something relatively simple, or, it could also be something more
involved. He said the last jeep he worked on needed in new catholic
converter, which he said cost several hundred dollars to replace.
It might be cheaper for me to just take my jeep to a synagogue.
"Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of
Everything comedians say or do are not necessarily always funny.
As was evident on last nights David Letterman show.
It is the flu season. Please keep in mind that there is only two
kins of people during flu season. Those that have it,.... and those that
don't. Sometimes, unfortunately it is not possible to know that that
do,...... until they have given it to you.
Wash your hands, cough into your elbow, wash yours hands AND
cough into your elbow..... Oh yah, if you haven't already done so ----
get a flu shot.
Lloyd,... did you lose the pictures?
Although the following event is a full 3 weeks away. The
importance of the event, relative to the fund raising projects at
Heritage Village and the fact that Heritage Village requires a
significant amount of "outside money" from either fund raising projects
such as this or from outright monetary contributions to facilitate the
ongoing operation of Graftons Heritage Village. PLease mark you
calendars and plan to attend. >>>>>
Walleye" Fish Fry at Heritage Village -----
Friday, October 23, 2009 ----- >>>> Serving
from 5pm-7pm <<<<<
Adults $11.00 Child under 10 $5.00 Take
out orders call 701-520-1273, 701-360-4096
or 701-520-1207
The Heritage Village can almost always use volunteer help
for a multitude of function that go on at the Village. If anyone has any
spare time available, OR if you are able to help the Village with a
contribution of any sort. You can contact Verna Sherek at Heritage
Village and she will be very pleased to assist you.
"Life is to short for long answers."

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

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