Thursday, October 01, 2009

October 1, 2009 - Thursday

Somewhere it is written, "what goes around comes around".
It's 44 degrees (outside) with light rain.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible".
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"Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
I took a short road trip to Fargo Yesterday and from the hiway it
seemed evident there was still a fare amount of beans left to harvest
also some potatoes and to a lessor extent small grains. All I suspect
are some of the reasons for, what seems to me, a slower than normal
sugarbeet harvest startup.
I stopped by the local news stand yesterday and picked up a copy
of the Walsh County Record. I could have, and probably should have,
waited for our subscription copy to come in the afternoon mail.
I look forward to the Record, and most often I find it very
interesting. I noted that 50 years ago Suellen (Ringsak) Bateman turned
over her crown as the North Dakota state Potato Queen. I'll admit that
it has been awhile since I saw Suellen, however, the last time I did she
was just as pretty as she was as the ND State Potato Queen.
Beverly Berg was mentioned as being elected president of the
student council 60 years ago and 10 years later, Auburn's Billy Hansons
name was mentioned.
Small town papers, better than any other venue, affords us the
possibility to look at local news today,.... and, by way of the "Turning
Back the Clock" section in the Record, recalling those days we often
refer to now at as nostalgic.
Then of course there are those issues I refer to as "what
goes around, comes around". For instance, in the latest edition of the
Record. In the Mailbag section, I read with interest a letter drafted by
Arch Simonson. I will leave the bulk of the letter for you to read and
simply say it starts out in bold print SIMONSON QUESTIONS BID. It
appears as though Arch (Simonsons) submitted a bid to the Grafton School
District for petroleum products that he believes was the lowest bid and
for reasons he doesn't understand (according to the article) the bid was
awarded to a "local business". Throughout the article Arch mentions the
importance of the bid process. In the letter, addressed to the President
of the Grafton School Board Dan Gaustad, Arch suggested that his
organization (Simonsons) may well not submit any further bids if they
will be handled in the same manner.
WOW,.... I am "almost" surprised with Archies frustrations
with our local school boards decision. On the other hand, you may
recall, I was equally surprised, as was numerous local residents, with
the seemingly arrogant manner in which Archie Simonson's out of town
contractors handled the construction of his new Subway Sandwich shop in
Grafton. Mind you, the work and workmanship, to the best of my
knowledge, was excellent. The appearance of arrogance stems from the
seemingly lack of local contractors (bids) and it seemed apparent that
some out of town contractors were using the most prominent corner in
town to spot their large "billboard style trailers".
One might say, so what that's just business, and I certainly agree
it is to be sure. It is large town business without question. Small
towns try, or at least they certainly should, do business in the same
community they get their business from. Hence, "what goes around comes
around". Another word Arch used in his letter is the word "ethical".
Some folks define the word ethical very simply as, "you scratch my back
and I'll scratch yours". Obviously, for a multitude of reasons, it isn't
a very good term in the field of politics. However, one would be amazed
how well it works in a small town business community.
Or so it seems to me.
From the aren't memories wonderful department. Burt shared the
following thought. He wrote: >>>>>
Gary, Every time I sit down to a dinner with potatoes
memories of Red River valley "Pontiac potatoes" come to mind. They can
brag about Idaho russets as the best but thats because they never ate
a Red River Valley Pontiac". They were so tasty I and my brothers
would eat a plateful with just butter, salt and pepper and even
spread them on bread like an open-faced sandwich, you never put gravy or
toppings on a "Pontiac". Any one visiting here from Grafton that brings
along a sack of "pontiacs" will receive room/board and a generous
Bert Overland <<<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Burt. If I can find
a bag of Pontiacs I just may come and spend the winter at your house.
"Life is to short for long answers"

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

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