Thursday, January 31, 2008

January 31, 2008 - Thursday

Early Edition

Todays Gazette is brought to you one block south of Grafton's Heritage
The current temperature is -14 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 2/-17
Normal H/L temp for this date is 17/-3
This will be the last day.... of the first month.... of the year 2008.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
The latest news, from the KXPO Radio news room is that Brian James has
taken the sales manager position there.
Thursday Jan 31st will be his last day on the air at KXPO. He has
been on the air for 20 years this year so this is a pretty big deal.
Ryan Johnston will be going on the air replacing Ryan in the
I have always considered Brian a significant asset to KXPO, our
community and the entire broadcast area KXPO covers.
CONGRATULATIONS Brian. We wish you the very best in your new position.
Wal-Mart will sell more from January 1 to St. Patrick's Day (March
17th) than Target sells all year. Wal-Mart is bigger than Home Depot,
Kroger, Target, Sear, Costco, and K-Mart, combined.
I am not the first person to mention, or use, the term "dash". I
certainly don't expect to be that last. The following note, from the
computer of John and Karen (Klava) Czapiewski also mentions the dash.
John wrote, >>>> Gary,
Could never figure out why you were always working on your car. Two
days ago, it dawned on me. We should all spend time every day working on
our "dash". Today I had a good portion of my dash layed out in front of
me. After nearly 31 years of military service, today was my last day at
work. Very emotional, yet very enlightening. People brought up events
that I had long ago forgotten about, yet had remained in their memories
for all these years. Words cannot describe the feelings encountered when
young Soldiers look at you with tears in their eyes and thank you for
what you have taught them, especially Soldiers that have seen war. It is
indeed humbling when senior officers, who were young enlisted Soldiers
years ago, say the same things. I was just doing my job as best I could,
without giving any thought to my dash.
We work on our dash every waking moment of our lives, whether we
intend to or not. Gotta go work on my dash.
John <<<
Thanks a million John, for caring and sharing, and, for helping
maintain the freedoms we all love and appreciate so much. Pat and I wish
you the very best in your retirement.
Wal-Mart employs 1.6 million people and is the largest private
====== WALLEYE FISH FRY ======
~~~ SATURDAY--FEB 2, 2008 ~~~
Proceeds from the Walleye Fish Fry will go to help maintain
Heritage Village.
The only difference between eating the Walleye at Heritage Village this
Saturday and eating Walleye at the lake..... is the lake. Or so it seems
to me.
----- ------ ----- ----
Tom Kennelly sent the following note regarding the popular St.Thomas
Fish Fry and he also speaks of the Heritage Village Fish Fry Fundraiser
as well.
Tom wrote. >>>
The St. Thomas Booster Club fish fry is successful for a number of
reasons in my opinion. First and foremost, the people who come out to
support the traditional fish fry each and every year keep it successful.
People come from all of our great surrounding communities, even farther
than you can imagine. I visited with people who were from Fargo, and, in
the parking lot I noticed a few Manitoba license plates!
Without these folks this would not be very successful. Thanks to All!
Secondly the members of the community who are directly and indirectly
involved keep this finely tuned machine moving! People wash dishes,
cook, wait tables, and deliver meals to some of the places you have
mentioned in your previous Gazette! It really does take some effort on
all who are involved!
I would offer Heritage Village some advise, keep it up! It will get
bigger and better every time! I have had some great tasting walleye from
those fine folks!
To the people who love fish! (or those that don't) where else can you
get a great meal for ten bucks? And, to those of you who don't. Where
else can you donate ten bucks for such a wonderful cause,... our
Heritage! Last, when Heritage's fish fry gets so big, they will need
more help, I challenge the people out there to support these fine people
in there very important task! Volunteer your time to help where they may
need it! Thanks
Tom Kennelly <<< Thanks a million Tom, for caring and sharing. I hope
your message, and, the significant contribution Heritage Village adds to
the area will give a whole host of people reason to participate in this
very worthwhile project.
"No-one appreciates the value of help, like volunteers appreciate the
value of help." Or so it seems to me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January 30, 2008 - Wednesday (early)

Todays Gazette is brought to you by, ~~~~~ Thomas & Julie
Watkins ~~~~~
The current temperature is -17 degrees.
We received an inch of snowcat dust overnight. Most of that was piled
up in drifts over Sami's "rest area".
It's cold enough last night to shoo the poo off a pile of puppy dung.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Maggie sent the following message clearing up any possible "grey"
areas with regard to the Direct Check pay day loan move. She wrote:
Good Morning Gary,
Just a quick update on the move of "my"
store, Direct Check payday loans and
check cashing. It is technically not my store, but I am the store
manager and the owner is in South Dakota, so I handle the operations in
Grafton. We opened our doors in mid April of 2007 and have had
wonderful success so we decided to move our location to 807 Hill Avenue
for better visibility. We have had quite a few customers that have
found us by our Direct Check sign posted, so by moving on to Hill
Avenue, we hope for our customer base to increase further by
visibility. If you know of anyone that could use our services, spread
the word and if there are any questions about how we operate, please
feel free to stop by or call anytime, 352-0080. Thanks and have a
wonderful wintery day!
Maggie Holter, Direct Check manager <<< Thanks a million for caring
and sharing Maggie. It's always fun getting the "facts" first hand. For
those that might not know, Maggie has been a member of the Gazette
family for more than a year.
At Wal-Mart, Americans spend $36,000,000 every hour of every day. This
works out to $20,928 profit every minute
I am pleased to pass on the following "KUDO'S" so rightfully earned by
our good friend and former Graftonite Tom Watkins. >>>> It was a very
special hockey night at the Colorado Sports Center on Jan. 25 in
Monument. The Lewis-Palmer Rangers hosted traditional power house
Cheyenne Mountain
After the first period, L-P Coach Steve Fillo called hometown fan Tom
Watkins out onto the ice for a short presentation. Surrounded by the L-P
players, Coach Fillo presented Mr. Watkins a plaque commemorating
Watkins' contribution to the L-P hockey team. When the formation of the
team was announced in spring 2007, Mr. Watkins knew there would be an
immediate need of funds to reserve scarce ice time for the team. He
stepped forward and pledged to donate the proceeds from his annual
benefit Oil Can Open golf tournament to L-P hockey. In two tournaments,
Mr. Watkins was able to raise more than $16,000 for L-P hockey. Coach
Fillo thanked Tom for "ensuring L-P hockey started up at a premier
level." The crowd gave Tom a standing ovation as he left the ice with
his wife, Julie (Demester), and tournament associates Bill and Linda
Hyndman. <<< Congratulations Tom. You are a prime example of super
people doing wonderful things for the betterment of others.
====== WALLEYE FISH FRY ======
~~~ SATURDAY--FEB 2, 2008 ~~~
Proceeds from the Walleye Fish Fry will go to help maintain
Heritage Village.
While I must admit I have been suggesting how wonderful it would be
for someone to donate 40 or 50 Walleye Dinners to worthy recipients at
the Sun Set Home or elsewhere. That statement needs clarification. I am
pleased Rod Alme has taken the time out of his busy schedule to do so.
Rod wrote: >>>>
Hi Gary,
We certainly appreciate your posting of January 25th regarding donating
walleye dinners for our residents from Heritage Village.
While this is a very generous gesture, unfortunately we have to decline.
What many people may not understand is that nursing facilities are very
highly regulated by the Dept. of Health regarding bringing in prepared
food from outside the facility. The only way this allowed is if the
family member brings in the individual meal for their resident & serves
it to them. Also, we are a 104 bed facility, while not all residents are
able to eat walleye, it would be very difficult to pick & choose 40-50
residents to partake in the meal when their neighbor at the table is
dining on whatever is on the menu for that evening. Our Dietary
department works very hard to offer a great selection of menu options
for our residents, including fish.
Again, thank you for thinking of our residents. We would hope that
anyone reading your newsletter would still consider a donation to
Heritage Village.
Rod Alme
Lutheran Sunset Home/Leisure Estates
After receiving that response, I asked Rod if he might offer any
additional suggestions. Which I am pleased to say, he did. Rod wrote:
Our assisted living tenants in Leisure Estates are treated to the
St. Thomas Fish Fry each year. I know the St. Thomas volunteers also
deliver to Villa De Reemer, Hancock Place & possibly some other stops in
The key to the delivery process to Leisure Estates or other places is
having the volunteers to do the deliveries, as Kevin Lee & the rest of
the St. Thomas group are very organized, as they've been doing this for
several years.
Thanks again for your thoughtfulness - keep up the great work with The
Rod Alme <<<< Thanks a million Rod, I think "we" might be getting closer
to a super successful Walleye Fish Fry for Heritage Village.
Tom Kennelly is a member of the Gazette family, and, I'm sure a member
in good standing of the St.Thomas community. I am going to hope that Tom
and Kevin would be willing to share "some of their secrets of success".
Time is short so we'll have to work fast. Right Tom?
No matter how you look at it, Super fish fry or not. The Heritage
Village will need funds to maintain it's facilities. To that end I
sincerely hope we can find a group of individuals willing to buy a
dinner or simply offer a donation toward the future of Grafton's
Heritage Village.
"The old saying, "It's better to give, than it is to receive" really is
true. Please consider being "as good as you can be".

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January 29, 2008 - Tuesday (early)

Todays Gazette is brought to you by the 1935 State Class A Basketball
The current temperature is 19 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 30/3
Normal H/L temp for this date is 16/-3
We are expecting winter like weather tonight and early tomorrow. Local
beaches will remain close due to the predicted -40 degree windchills.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
It looks like the rumor about the Pay Day Loan operation moving from a
phone booth to a castle is true. Proof positive, I guess, that when you
borrow money to the right people,... at the right time, you will end up
in a castle.
John Maxwell sent the following. >>>
Subject: 1935 Class A Champs
Hi Gary, Keep up the good work my friend. I just thought I
would share about the passing of the last member of the team from
Grafton that won the state A title in 1935. Lloyd Everson died two
weeks ago in Arizona. He was the last member of that great team. He was
90. He was a wonderful man. My dad, told me Lloyd and Ted Whalen were
the keys to winning the title. Those two told me that my dad was the
real leader and the key to their success. Gene-O Swartz was there
to see them win, so he would be the one to ask about that great team.
Lloyd was the president of the H.E. Everson Company, for many years. He
was also president of a life insurance company. He built and lived
in the home in Eastwood that Kingsbury's now own. He was mayor of
Grafton for several years, before moving to Bismark. My dad always
said if you wanted to visit with Gov. Guy all you had to do was go over
to the Eversons. Lloyd had a wonderful life and will be missed by
everyone that had the chance to know him. Thanks Gary, John
Maxwell <<< Thank you for caring and sharing John. If I may be so bold,
that team consisted of James Maxwell (Johns father) & Paul Johnson,
Guards; captain & forward, Lawrence LaBerge; Lloyd Everson & Orrin
Homme, guards; Ted Whalen, Helge Hogfoss & William Field, forwards; Don
Numedahl, center and Leo Schweinfurt, coach. It should also be noted
that the 1934 team won the state class B title.
====== WALLEYE FISH FRY ======
~~~ SATURDAY--FEB 2, 2008 ~~~
Proceeds from the Walleye Fish Fry will go to help maintain
Heritage Village.
The other day I mentioned how great it would be if some wonderful
individual would be willing to "donate" 40 or 50 scrumptious Walleye
dinners to the folks in the rest home. IT IS A FACT, I thought then, and
I think now, that would be a wonderful gesture. Within minutes,... I
received the following note. >>>>
I can't donate 40 or 50 dinners but if it helps I'll donate two since
my husband and I can't attend.
Check is in the mail on Friday made out to you if you will take
care of this for me. Please do this anonymously. Thanks. <<<
I have already received that check, and, it will go toward the
purchase of two Walleye dinners. Of course I will also honor the request
that the individual remain anonymous. I will however suggest, if a
person living on the other side of the country, a person that has never
even seen the Sunset Home is willing to buy two tickets,... surely there
are a lot more folks out there that would be willing to do the same.
Just drop me a note, tell me how many Walleye Dinners you would like to
donate and "it will be done". Oh yes, then be sure you don't forget to
put the check in the mail.
Now then,... this is going to be a fantastic week. Not only for the
heavy hitters, but also for the heavy eaters.
~~~ Thursday there will be a "fabulous" Spaghetti feed and bake sale
from 5 to 7 at the Park River High School for Tim Erovick. Take outs
will be available. Bring your friends and take a pail full of spaghetti
home with you. Proceeds will go to defray medical expenses.
~~~ Friday night in Drayton, Hastings Landing is featuring a all you
can eat,... FALL-OFF-THE-BONE-RIBS special from 5 to 9. Proceeds will
help keep a terrific restaurant in Drayton.
~~~ Saturday from 5 til gone. The Heritage Village in Grafton will be
serving "fresh from the pan" Walleye. FOR TAKE OUT ORDERS, CALL THE
VILLAGE AT 352-3280 --- ADULTS -- $10.00
CHILDREN UNDER 10 -- $5.00. Proceeds will help with maintenance costs of
the buildings and grounds at the Heritage Village.
"If you can think it, you can do it." Why not think about the three
worthy causes of the day,.... and do it?

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Monday, January 28, 2008

January 28, 2008 - Monday (early)

Todays Gazette is brought to you, in support of Draytons Family
====== HASTINGS LANDING. ======
The current temperature is 23 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 31/-6
Normal H/L temp for this date is 16/-3
Notice how fast the "normal" H/L is coming up. Sharpen your fish hooks.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Work resumed on the "Longhouse" on the north end of town. The siding
has been put on the walls of the main portion of the building. Windows
have been installed in what will eventually be the office area of the
The folks at the Pay Day Loan store must be doing a land office
business. After only a few months of operating in an office in the
former Northwestern Bell Telephone building. They have moved to a
"Castle". The Castle building, that is, on main street. That's the
building that Chuck and Evie Thomson built in back 1976.
Yup, if you need to get paid, before you get paid on payday. Just stop
and see the Pay Day Loan folks on the corner of 8th and main. That's
right across the street from the bank that owns all the Stag Coach's.
Shortly after hearing that Curves would be moving out of the Western
Plaza shopping center. I was told that someone was looking at, and
interested in, moving into the former Denny's Food Pride portion of that
complex. Although I understand the "final T" hasn't been crossed yet, it
could, or at least we hope, it might happen soon.
It is gratifying that someone, at the very least, is interested in
that property.
Maintaining a small town business community requires the work and
efforts of all of it citizens. "Use it, or lose" it has real true
meaning in small town America.
I received the following note from my good friend Lee. I must admit,
it's content is more than a little disheartening. At first I wondered
what, if anything, there was that I could do. What could I say, or do,
that could possibly help Christine and the wonderful folks in the
Drayton community.
Then it struck me. I could help spread the message in the Gazette. I
could use Lee's own heartfelt words because they convey the story with
sincere empathy. And finally, I could ask everyone that can, to
seriously consider patronizing one of Drayton North Dakota's most vital
businesses, Hastings Landing.
Lee's note; >>>
In the last issue of the Drayton newspaper, Christine Jensen had an
article about Hastings Landing restaurant which her and her husband
Tracy own. It was a very touching article to say the least, one that
without doubt came directly from the heart.
Hastings is in danger of closing as profits don't cover expenses
most days. She spoke of meeting with the banker and securing additional
finances to keep the doors open, a last ditch effort to keep their
dream of running a restaurant alive. She speaks of placing their fate in
the hands of God which is a noble thing to do, and something that
doesn't surprise me coming from Christine. However I think anything
we as humans can do to help would be appreciated by God himself, as he
has many other things to look after, some probably more important
than a restaurant in Drayton ND.
After I'd read Christine's article I thought to myself, wouldn't it
be great if I had a friend who was the editor in chief of the finest
sometimes daily, sometimes semi-weekly, sometimes, weekly, or
semi-monthly (depending on how well the fish are biting at Rocky Point)
newsletter in the upper midwest? And wouldn't it be great if he
personally knew Christine and her family, and knew what fine people the
entire gene pool consists of?
Then I thought, wouldn't it be great if that friend, the editor in
chief, wrote an article about the plight of Hastings Landing in his
newsletter, and sent it out to the several thousand who receive the
newsletter? They come from near and far, but if those that fit the
"near" category would be willing to open their hearts and wallets to
help out a fine couple wouldn't that be great I thought to myself?
Wouldn't it be great if that editor in chief sent that note out in the
Saturday edition of the newsletter, and bragged up the great buffet
Hastings has on Sundays? And wouldn't it be great if the wonderful
people from the surrounding areas would drive to Drayton after worship
services to partake in that great buffet? Wouldn't it be great to see
the main street of Drayton lined with cars from the surrounding area
in a show of support to this fine couple I thought to myself?
Then I realized I did know a guy who fit the above bill to a Tee,
and that guy is you!! So do you suppose you could throw some words
together that would tug at peoples hearts enough to make this happen?
Thanks in advance for anything you can do my fine friend. <<<<
Thanks Lee, Thank you for caring and sharing. I have spent untold
hours looking for the key that would unlock the mysteries of the human
soul. All the while trying to understand why, we are so willing ignore
that which is so close to us, yet regret it's loss when it's gone.
I believe two of the three most important aspects of Hastings Landing
already exist. That is the people and the need. The third aspect must be
supplied by the people of the community, and, that is the resources to
sustain the business known as Hastings Landing Restaurant. You are
certainly right about me knowing the Jensen family Lee. Starting with
Christine's grandfather (The sign man) well over 50 years ago, her
parents 35 years ago and Christine when she started writing for the
Walsh County Record. I consider the Jensen family "Salt of the Earth".
"If you don't care to share with your loved ones. You shouldn't expect
them to share with you." Or so it seems to me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Special Gazette

Todays Gazette is being shared with you
in the loving memory of Wendall L. White.
It will be one year ago, this Sunday January 27, that my good friend
Wendall joined the Lord and eternal greatness. I was saddened with
Wendalls passing. Not simply because he was such a wonderful individual.
Not only because he would be leaving his greatest love and companion
alone to grieve.
I was saddened for the people in the world that didn't have the
opportunity to know and appreciate Wendall as I had. I felt sad that
most of our younger generation would not have the chance to see and
experience Wendalls love for his God, his wife, his family and his
Yes, I learned of a much greater meaning to the word sadness, for all
those reasons, on that January, 27 one year ago.
I learned a lot from Wendall White while he was here. I have continued
to learn throughout this past year. Wendalls chuckle taught me strength,
when I felt like a tear. His warm smile could calm anyones fear.
Wendall was a calm, quite, very gentle man and even though, I know, he
is gone, he is really still here.
~~~ Memories truly are wonderful ~~~
January 27, 2007 - Special Edition
~~~~~ A Very Special Edition ~~~~~
Todays Gazette is brought to you with our deepest and most sincere
condolences to Beryl White, in loving memory of her dear husband, and,
my wonderful friend, Wendell White.
It is with deepest sorrow that I share the message of the passing of
Wendell White.
My Websters Dictionary doesn't have a word significant enough, nor
fitting enough to properly describe the man I have come to know as
Wendell White.
Many knew Wendell, most much longer than I, tho' no-one thought more
highly of Wendell than me.
Never once from the first day we met, have I heard Wendall utter a harsh
word, or, even a sign of morosenees.
Wendell hitch-hiked a ride, as I understand it, from Park River to
Fargo to volunteer for active duty in the United States Marine Corps.
At the age of 21, Wendell was reputed to be one of the youngest
Marines to hold the rank of Sgt. Major. (In the short time I have known
Wendell, I can understand why.) Wendell proudly possess' a glossy
photograph of the famous flag raising at Iwo Jima. As a soldier serving
in Tinian, Saipan and Iwo Jima. The photo was sent to him by Joe
Rosenthal of the San Francisco Chronicle. Rosenthal, you might remember
became famous for his photo of that historic event. With the photograph
Joe Rosenthal also
added his personal greeting to Wendell.
Wendell served "our" country in World War ll from 1942 to 1945.
God knows he was tested, parkinsons not one of the least, he always
smiled and carried more than his share of grief.
Along with his allegiance to his country, in 1943, he married his lovely
wife Beryl Walters and maintained his devotion to her til his dying day.
(I can now understand why.)
Wendell and Beryl have one son Warren who lives in Wisconsin.
Wendell shared the same respect for his land as he did for his God, his
wife, his son, and his country.
He was a highly respected member of the electrical profession, a
member of the Park River Federated Church and a long standing member of
his church governing board. Along with memberships in various
organizations in the community, Wendell was, Chairman of the Board,
and,... Member in Good Standing, of the country he loved and fought to
keep free.
Wendell's smile could speak volumes, and his chuckle no-less. He a was
gentle, soft spoken man, certainly one of the best. We will miss Wendell
White to be sure, but we will never forget him.
Heaven will be a better place, when Wendell White arrives.
~~~~~~ Wendell White ~~~~~~~
July 29, 1923 ------------- January 27, 2007 They don't make
dash's,........... any
longer than that.
GOTTA - GO - WORK - ON - MY - DASH ==================================
I didn't plan an sending out a Gazette today. Unfortunately, I didn't
expect my friend Wendell to leave us either.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

January 25, 2008 - Friday (early)

Todays Gazette is brought to you by the word "morality". A process
that's better to educate, than legislate.
The current temperature is 6 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was -1/-21
Normal H/L temp for this date is 15/-4
We can expect to experience several more days of "winter like" weather.
Hence, the local pool and sun tanning beach will remain closed til
further notice.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Today will be the first full day of Raumin gone. With visions of
trading the cool white covering of the northland, for the warm drab
desert sands of the south west. Jerry and Ina headed south this morning,
(Friday) before the sun could melt the frost off the roof of Granny's. I
talked to Jerry Thursday afternoon and he said he would have the two
most important things packed early. I'm guessing they would be Jerry's
gulf clubs and Ina's special pillow.
"Upon seeing the shadow of a pigeon, one must resist the urge to look
The Heritage Village in Grafton has acquired Uncle Sig's very
extensive collection of interesting and informative antiques. That
acquisition has significantly increased the size, value and educational
aspects of Heritage Village. The financial needs for the operation and
maintenance of Heritage village also is increasing proportionally.
If you have an interest in preserving the past, for our youth, for the
future. Maybe you might consider volunteering your time and resources to
the Heritage Village.
====== WALLEYE FISH FRY ======
~~~ SATURDAY--FEB 2, 2008 ~~~
Proceeds from the Walleye Fish Fry will go to help maintain Heritage
Wouldn't it be great if someone would be willing to "donate" 40 or 50
scrumptious Walleye dinners to the wonderful folks at the Grafton
Lutheran Sunset Home? AND, we shouldn't forget the rest homes in our
surrounding communities as well.
The Grafton - Park River Spoilers hockey team scored two goals in the
second period Thursday night, while the Fargo South Bruins logged a
goose egg.
I have often said how much I really appreciate hearing about the status
of Mount St. Helen. Over the past several years, Johnny Burns has keep
us abreast of the mountains condition.
It was also fun reading about Bert's adventure on the mountain. Marjie
sent her thoughts and comments about the Mountain. Marjie wrote. >>>
Good morning Gary,
Just wanted to pass along my appreciation of the Mt St Helen's
updates. We were at a conference in Seattle 10 years after the 1980
eruption and took a drive down to see the volcano.
It was an interesting sight. The devastation after 10 years was
shocking but small green shoots were finally starting to pop up along
the roadside. The trees which had been swept into Spirit Lake were
still floating there. Steam was coming out of the vent on the side of
the crater which had collapsed. It was an awe inspiring view.
Again, thanks to those who pass along the updates and thanks to you
for giving them a forum to do so.
Marjie <<<< Thanks to you Marjie for caring and sharing.
Something I've noticed more in this years political ramblings, than
ever before, is the use of the word "friend". Everytime I hear the word
"friend" It reminds me of a story about a mouse that my good friends
Rose and Howard Wendelbo shared with me. That story ended with the
~~~~~~~ REMEMBER: ~~~~~~~
One of the best things to hold onto in this world is a friend.
"The most important thing about your lot in life, is whether you use it
for parking or building." Or so it seems to me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

January 24, 2008 - Thursday (early)

Todays Gazette is brought to you by.
The brand spanking (pardon the pun) new son of Ben and Sara Suda. Drew
weighed in a tad over eight pounds which indicates he might have been a
bit "over fertilized". It doesn't sound like Drew's going to be a
redhead and Ben's not sure if the little tyke comes "round-up ready" or
The current temperature is -14 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 6/-10
Normal H/L temp for this date is 15/-4
It's some consolation knowing the normal low for this date is starting
to come up.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Rumor has it Curves - the exercise palace presently located in the
Western Plaza complex - may be moving to the Grafton Downtown Strip Mall
area, formally known as Main Street. If the rumor has credence, and I
think it does, the new location will be the former "Stitches" facility
located next door to the offices of Kutz & O'Brien Plumbing and Heating.
That's super news for the downtown area, although it will leave Subway
and Pamida as the only two businesses left in Western Plaza.
Dr. Scheflo's Clinic has been empty for a number of years and Denny's
Food Pride has been empty for several months.
Speaking of rumors and local businesses. It is a fact that Wally's
Supermarkets have been for sale for several months. For some reason the
latest rumors (several calls Wednesday night) the stores have been sold.
Wally's has stores in Roseau, Devils Lake and Grafton. According to the
"rumor", Wally's Supermarket's will go to three different buyers.
Time will tell if I'll be able to stop in Roseau on the way to Rocky
Point and pick up a bag of Doug's Donut Holes, or not. I guess we'll
have to wait and see.
I mentioned the following message in yesterdays Gazette. I have since
learned the name of the individual that requested it be shared. She
wrote: >>>
Hi Gary, I am the guilty party for signing in anonymously yesterday
with my post. I guess I didn't know how to do that correctly. I was
mentioning that I appreciate the positive comments your gazette includes
about Grafton every day, so I am hoping to subscribe. As a new
subscriber, may I be so bold as to encourage people to contact their
city council persons to let them know how they felt about the recent
ordinance vote? They tell me they have hardly heard a peep from anyone;
hence, our apathy translates into a NO vote from our council members. If
you need their names and addresses, check this site: Link to "citizen information". Our mayor
could use your encouragement too. Thanks for making Grafton a great
place to raise our family! <<<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Rose. If you would like to
become a member of the Gazette family, and receive the Gazette directly,
simply e-mail me a note with your request and you will become a member
of one of the 149 groups of folks I pester with a compendium of babble
"not worth charging for".
Mount St. Helen gave Rev. Gregory reason to share the following note.
Hey Gary Moe:
For what it's worth, on May18, 1980 I was just about sixteen years old.
We had heard something about the mountain blowing, but then it had all
spring, and we were at my church in Lacey, Washington, in which nothing
exciting ever happened.
That afternoon, I remember tubing down the Deschutes River south of
Tumwater, Washington about ninety or so miles directly to Mt St H. I
remember lying on my back in the slow river (it must have been chilly in
May, but somehow it was a sunny day - rare in the spring there), and I
looked straight up, straight up, and could see the plume from the
mountain rising higher and higher. It was some weird looking cloud,
that's for sure, and we thanked God none of that stuff came our way. My
brother and sister were at school at Washington State U, three hundred
miles due east of the mountain, and there day turned to night. I
remember it was a grand day for me, though. Some things you never
forget. Go Spoilers!
Pr Greg Yeager
China Grove NC <<<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing. It's always fun getting notes
from North Carolina.
"Just because you don't get a answer, when you ask a question, doesn't
mean there isn't one."

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

January 23, 2008 - Wednesday (early)

Todays Gazette is brought to you from the files of Sunday March, 2004
The current temperature is -8 degrees. Yesterdays H/L temperature was
Normal H/L temp for this date is 15/-5
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
I received a note yesterday from an anonymous author. The message has
merit, and I think should be shared. Unfortunately, like big city
newspapers, I will not relay a message without knowing the author. If
the author requests I not share the name in the Gazette. I will be happy
to honor that wish as well.
The following was taken from a previous Gazette written in March of
2004. I'm hoping, just maybe, it's content will bring back memories to
some, and more importantly, will give others reasons to care to share a
part of their world.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The old saying, "shake a tree hard enough and something is bound to
fall out", comes to mind. Who are we? Where are we? What are we doing?
Has been a focus of mine since the first day of the Gazette. To learn
more about my world, and the people that live in it.
Finding the key that unlocks peoples fears and apprehensions. Is much
like looking for the "needle in a hay stack". Convincing people, that
the piece of environment they control, is important,... to everyone.
And, sharing your mind, your heart, your soul, and knowing it's OK to do
It pleases me that many, folks have taken "the challenge" of opening
up their world a bit. Letting in, those of us with no other way of
It's important to me, to know a father and son can spend time
together. That a mother and daughter can still share their thoughts, in
this worrisome time. I receive a great deal of solace in the fact that
family members can still enjoy family members.
To be able to put names, to those processes makes the effort most
worthwhile. To know, the tree of life we planted, when we arrived, will
have at least one more leaf when we depart. Is, to me at least, as much,
or as little, as
one desires.
I received the following note from Jill (Sevigny) LeQuire. Jill is
the youngest daughter of Leona and Adrian Sevigny. Uncle Ad was my
mothers brother. (When I close my eyes, I can still hear Uncle Ad
laughing in the Grafton Armory at Robert and Sharon (DeSautel) Larsons
wedding dance.) How long ago was that?
Jill wrote:
Hi Gary,
Also -- hi to all my Sevigny relatives and friends out there.
Greetings from Nebraska. I really enjoy getting your Gazette. It keeps
me in the know with what is happening in Grafton and with my friends. We
saw Tom and Julie Watkins a couple of years ago when we were in their
fair city playing hockey. Tommy will never change and he still looks the
same as when he lived down the block from me growing up. Just maybe a
little less hair. If I remember right he is only a year or two younger
than me and even though women don't like to tell their age I'm 46 so if
you can do the math!!!!!! Happy birthday Tommy........... Also Happy
birthday to my godfather David...... hope things are going well for you.
Sounds like your still keeping young with your motorcycle. Good for
you. If you ever get close to Omaha, please look me up. Things are
going well with my family. My daughter Abbey is in her sophomore year at
Lincoln, planning on a degree in Criminal Justice. Hopes to be in the
FBI or a crime scene investigator some day. My son Nick is a sophomore
in high school and just finished his hockey season with the Jr. Lancers.
Nick has followed in his fathers footsteps and is a goalie. Not a
position I would pick but he really loves it. He's 15 and is 6'2
and,.. his weight, we won't mention. Let's say he takes after the
Sevigny's in that department. He has aspirations to come to UND someday
and play for the Sioux, but we will see. Oh, by the way, I really
enjoyed reading Jeff Pederson's piece about Grafton's 1973 hockey
tourney, and of course so did Bill. He replays that year of the state
tournament with Nick all the time and tells him never to give up because
anything can happen.
My brothers and sister are all great to. Both my brothers are going to
be grandpas. WOW, that is so hard to believe, they just don't seem that
old. Mom (Leona) is really excited to become a great grandma for the
first time.
We always get together in Minneapolis for the Final 5 hockey. So I
will see them this week. Lynus (Adeline & Woodrow Sevigny's son)
organizes the whole thing, and its a great time of hockey, eating,
shopping and laughing about when we were younger. Something always comes
up about how Mickey and Lynus always got in trouble and Lynus claims he
was never involved.. Boy his memory is the first thing to go.... ha, ha.
Well, this got to be longer than planned. Keep up the good work and
there are people out there reading this. Thanks Gary.. Jill<<<<<
Thank you Jill, for caring and sharing. P.S. Woodrow was also my moms
LOCAL MEMORIES: Sweet justice,
By Mare Thompson;
Mare is a former resident of Grafton, and the daughter of Gloria
and Lynn (Jim) Thompson. I found her article in the Yesteryears section
of the Grand Forks Herald particularly interesting. She wrote about her
sister Cathy. I never really got to know Mare, I did however know her
sister Cathy. Cathy and our first born daughter Kelly went to school
together. And, I might add, several other places as well. I was pleased
also to share the same employer as Cathy during her tenure as a nurse
for American Crystal Sugar.
I remember Cathy spending lots of time at our house. Kelly, her
friends, and often Pat and I, would spend hours playing games on the
living room floor. Sometimes jumping up and down on the living room
furniture (once, to it's demise) and playing a game that required
balloons back and forth across the room.
Cathy would sometimes ask, if I would do "the deck of card" and
"Green Green Grass of Home". I took that, as a compliment, even though I
was not very good at it. It was a wonderful time for Pat and I. Cathy,
and, all of Kelly's friends, were wonderful kids. Gosh, what wonderful
ANYWAY, after reading Mare's article about Cathy eating those small
foil wrapped chocolates - sometimes referred to as, lower digestive
track lubricating lozenges - I have finally discovered why Cathy
Thompson was able to run so fast.
Thanks Mare, for the memories.
"It is not wrong to say what you think. Not thinking about what you
say,...... is."

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January 22, 2008 - Tuesday

Todays Gazette is brought to you in memory of Elmer Fennell. No-one
could hum a tune like Elmer Fennell could. Rumor has it, Elmer could hum
a greyhound right off the bus.
The current temperature is 5 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was N/A
Normal H/L temp for this date is 15/-5
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Gasoline prices around town are hovering in the $3.00 range. Some
stations are even offering full service at that price. They're asking
two quarters and a nickel more than that for diesel.
Although that does sound a bit high,.... water goes for a buck a bottle
in the machine. And,..... you still have to drink it yourself at that
ONLY 2 MORE days TIL Raumin GONE.
There doesn't seem to be much activity on the north end of town.
However, someone dropped off a load of insulation at the "railroad
long-house" in the past few days.
Most of the stuff people worry about ain't never gonna happenanyway.
Uncle Johnny's message about Mount St. Helen gave Bert reason to share
the following. >>>>
Subject: comments on the Mt. St Helens dome building.
I am eye witness to the dome building startingonly15 day after
the eruption on May 18th. Wife Kathryn, myself and our three children
were in our pickup/camper driving by Packwood only days after the
eruption. We wanted a closer look at the mountain and saw a gate on the
original road to the mountain from the east sidewas open that morning
and there were no signs so I drove in. The road was covered with more
pumicegravel than ash and it went well for a while. Then it got
deeper and deeper and the pathway was so narrowit was impossibleto
turn around so we kept going getting pretty nervous. Countless trees
were cut that were lying across the roadway, then we came across a
burned out Pontiac car pushed off the road.
When we finally found area to turn around we were right on the east
side of the blown out crater. There were steam explosions / eruptions
and we could watch the huge rocks tumbling down from the dome that was
being pushed up, there was a steady loudrumble from the earth.The
lake was in an entirely different location and was covered 100% by trees
that had washed back down from the slopes.
About ten minutes later two green government6 pack trucks arrived.
To say the least, they were not very happy to see us. But one man said
he checked the locks and they were still locked with the gate
lockedin the open position. That took the pressure off and they could
understand there was no way I could turn around -- looking for a spot
took us to the crater edge.
They were very accommodating and as they set up the glass graphs
measuring the rapiddome building they explained it to us. When I
asked where Harry Trumans cabin was a ranger pointed to an area and said
he is about 265 feetunder that waterandold Mt. Saint Helens.
They refused my request to take photographs and in fact asked me for the
film in my camera which I gave them with no argument.They probably
thought I was going to market some photos. It was years before anyone
was let drive there again. Bert A. Overland <<< Thanks a million for
caring and sharing Bert.
The best sermons are lived, not preached.
++++++ WALLEYE FISH FRY ++++++
____ SATURDAY -- FEB 2, 2008 ____
~~ CALL THE VILLAGE AT 352-3280 ~~ ADULTS $10.00 x CHILDREN $5.00
==== SUNDAY -- FEB 17, 2008 ====
xxxxxxxxx 9AM TIL 1PM xxxxxxxx
All proceeds will go toward maintenance and upkeep of HERITAGE VILLAGE.
Local services,... use em or lose em.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

January 21, 2008 - Monday

Todays Gazette is brought to you by The Grafton Square and the nations
first ==== "GIANT" Hot Stuff Pizza. ====
The current temperature is -7 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was -2/-24
Normal H/L temp for this date is 15/-5
The forecast for the rest of the week is for more "normal like"
temperatures. Unfortunately,... this time of the year,... our
temperatures are normally colder than normal,...... anyway.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Even though, possibly, his most
famous words were "I have a dream". I doubt very seriously that having a
national day set aside in his name was in that dream.
I understand the St.Thomas Booster Club Fish fry held this past
Saturday was a huge success. Rumor has it, they also had orders for
several dozen Walleye dinners to be delivered in Grafton.
Small towns can do better when they stick together.
Apparently, some folks think dropping animals off on country roads
relieves them of their moral responsibility. Fortunately most folks know
that isn't true. Rick shared the following thoughts on that specific
issue. He wrote. >>> Gary,
You are quite correct in assuming that there would not be a warm
reception to having stray cats and kittens dropped off at our facility
any more than farmers or other homeowners would appreciate it. Most
veterinarians do not have the facility or staff to take care of the
number of stray pets that are out there. In fact, most shelters and
humane societies do not have the all the room and resources that they
would like. The problem lies in owners that are not responsible
enough to get their pets neutered and spayed to try and control the pet
population problem. Owning a pet is a privilege, not a right,
and having a pet is a significant responsibility that many people do not
understand when they first get a pet. It takes a fairly significant
amount of commitment, time as well as financial, to take care of a pet
in the proper manner. Unfortunately, many people acquire pets on
impulse and do not understand that with proper care, many pets will live
more than 12 to 15 years.
Rick <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing Rick. "The Price is
Right" Bob Barker, said it best. "Help control the pet population, have
your pet spade or neutered." Maybe he should have added, "and, the
folks that drop off helpless animals in the country too."
A bumble bee is considerably faster than a John Deere tractor. (Thanks
A while back I sent out several, actually a whole bunch more than
several, copies of a test purported to be that for 8th graders. That
"may" or "may not" be the case. My Rocky Point, (Dr. of Music) professor
friend sent me the following enlightenment, to that issue, as well as a
whole host of others.
Lloyd shared the following. >>>
Check out this site.
It defines the 1895 Exam as more likely one made for teachers and not
for 8th Graders. There is no indication anywhere on the exam that it was
intended for students graduating from Grade 8.
It is still a very stiff exam, even for graduating teachers, especially
since most teachers of the time were only required to have 2 years of
college training to be certified to teach.
Lloyd W. Hanson <<<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Lloyd. I must admit that I have
referred to the site you mentioned several times already. I think many
of "our" readers will also find it interesting.
Hank, the e-mail about calling #77 or 677 is also covered in this
"The best way to guarantee that the business you will need tomorrow
will still be there when you need it. Is to use that business today." Or
so it seems to me.
It's been so long since I've heard anything about Mount St. Helen that
I was beginning to think it went dormant. Then Dianne shared the
following. >>>>
HI Gary and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR I just received this message from my
Uncle Johnny and I would like to pass it on. I hope there is more to
come cause he really keeps an eye on the Mount St. Helens. I hope you
all stay warm cause we have been watching the temps. in Grafton. Dianne
Molde Urbauer
From: John Burns
Sent: Friday, January 18, 2008 3:17 PM
Subject: Mount St. Helen
Mount St. Helen continues to be Mystic. On Sunday a 2.9
earthquake rattled the dome followed by a 2.7 quake. Somewhat greater
than the numerous quakes that were a bit over 1 magnitude.
Tiltmeters registered Swelling and deflatingof the dome. A steam
plum was observed that was several hundred feet above the rim. We've had
a lot of snow in the Cascade Mountains and at Mount St Helen
I would say 180 inches. Some stations reporting over 230 inches. The
dome building has been continuous since it started in October of 2004,
but the past year its growth has been greatly reduced. In Julyof 2007
measurements of the dome indicated 123 million cubic yards The current
lava dome building rate per day is 28,800 cubic yards. It is difficult
this time of the year to gather information because of the snow and
cloud cover.
With this new event last Sunday, we may have increase activity on Mt
St Helen or on the other hand it may go dormant. Johnny <<<< Some
folks rely on the "goofy" information they read about North Dakota in
the National Geographic. The rest of us can rely on the facts, of Mount
St.Helen, as written by Johnny Burns.
I am pleased to welcome Leanne to the Gazette family. The subscription
department made several address corrections over the weekend. If there
are any more, in error, please let me know.
"To know what is right, and then not do it. Is the worst form of

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

January 17, 2008 - Thursday (early)

Todays Gazette is brought to you with, and by, the virtues of the first
The current temperature is -14 below
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 17/-7
Normal H/L temp for this date is 14/-5
There should be a general meeting for all those interested in
experiencing the ill effects of Northern North Dakota global warming. It
could be held at the outdoor skating rink at the Buster Schumacher Park,
on the south end of Hill Avenue.
Just be sure and dress real warm.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
The St.Thomas Booster Club's 41st annual Walleye fish fry at the
St.Thomas American Legion & Matty's Bar. Saturday January 19. Advance
tickets available at the Bremer Bank, the First United Bank and the
Extra End.
While it certainly is admirable that the city council is working so
diligently to maintain our communities morality and integrity. It is
just as evident they may, ultimately, allow Grafton to "go-to-hell" in
the ravages of a flood. A flood that is, without question inevitable.
Mother Nature simply hasn't put a final date on the event.
Or so it seems to me.
Lettin' the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier than puttin' it
back in.
The next note is a two parter. >>>
Have a couple of comments for you: First, if you are driving by
and someone pulls you into the "gentlemen's entertainment" please let us
know how long it took you to "fight" your way out!
Secondly, about the kittens: I have a friend that lives in the
hills of Los Angeles and every weekend people dump their cats by the
roadside. She has no idea how many she is feeding but at last count
14 have become were indoor cats and she has told her neighbors not to
complain about the outdoor cats because they can adopt some. How
people can dump a helpless animal is beyond me. If they don't want
them, dump them in front of a vet's office or someplace where they will
have a chance to get a forever home. <<<
Thanks for caring and sharing. The answer to the first part is easy.
I plan to drive by the facility with "gentlemen entertainment" fast
enough so "they" can't grab me in the first place.
As for the cat problem (kitty cats that is) I'm not sure we would get a
very warm reception from the veterinarian profession if we dumped off
all the stray cats in the country on them, and expected them to "take
care of the problem". We do, however, have a real bona-fide veterinarian
in our midst and maybe he would like to comment on the issue from his
prospective. Right Rick?
Good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad
judgment. -------------------------
It's been my experience, if you dance around (pardon the pun) a
subject long enough. You will almost always find someone willing to
share a opinion. Such is the case with the following note.
Subject: My Opinion Only
Morning Gary,
I read your article on gambling and the so called "gentlemen's
club" issue. Let me begin with gambling if you will. The Social
Principles of the United Methodist Church as stated in our Book of
Discipline states that gambling of any kind is not within our church
teachings. This includes bingo, raffles for any reason and any other
situation where someone lets loose of their hard earned money for the
"chance" of winning something. The Presbyterian Church USA has social
principles in agreement with this. Our church cannot be affiliated in
any of these acts by name or proxy.
Let me turn to the "gentlemen's club" issue. I was once on a
city commission that was put in the situation of approving or
disapproving a license for such an establishment. Let me begin by
saying the name "gentlemen's club" is laughable because no gentleman
would step foot in an establishment of that sort. My vote on the
license was the lone dissenting vote. Yes the populace that was quiet
most of the time came out loud and clear. The churches banded
together also. It created a mess for the commission but it was
passed. The business began and yes it started out well but after the
curiosity ran it's course the business folded in less then two years in
I believe these local elected officials have much more important
things to deal with. Things like economic growth and flood
control. Grafton has many more pressing problems that need to be
addressed. In my position as a Minister of the Word I cannot condone
gambling in any form nor can I condone the exploitation of another human
being. This is my opinion and my opinion only.
Rev. Lee <<< Thanks a million, Rev. Lee, for caring and sharing.
I've read your note, thought about it seriously, and, I find many
commonalities between your comments and experience and those that our
community experienced back in the days of "The Red Ram". Which, I might
add, was not the reason the majority of our town was placed in the flood
Or so it seems to me.
== Grafton's Heritage Village ==
=== "Free Will Offering" ===
-- Pancake and Sausage breakfast -- ### Sunday,
January 20, 2008, ### ~~~~~ Serving 9am until 1pm ~~~~~ (((
Proceeds used for the operation )))
/// and preservation of the Village. ///
Starting Thursday, January 17 the Heritage Village will feature
Bingo similar to "bar type".
"If you can't say, what you really want to say. Your not living in the

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

January 16, 2008 - Wednesday

Todays Gazette is brought to you by,
The St.Thomas Booster Club's 41st annual Walleye fish fry at the
St.Thomas American Legion & Matty's Bar. Saturday January 19. Advance
tickets available at the Bremer Bank, the First United Bank and the
Extra End.
The current temperature is 15 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was NA
Normal H/L temp for this date is 14/-5
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
According to KXPO radio news this morning our local city management is
still struggling with the gentleman entertainment issue.
The best place to deal with morality and moral issues is from the
pulpit and around the dinning room table. The folks in the Mayors office
and council chambers time might be better spent promoting business
growth and establishing goals that will enhance long term viability, for
the community they volunteered to serve.
It wasn't that long ago that several, well meaning individuals, were
using the same "rational" about gambling. It would be the downfall of
our community morality, it was said. Much the same as we are hearing
today about gentleman entertainment. Now, in many areas, bingo has
become a recognized entertainment for church groups and senior citizen
organizations. The last time I checked, bingo IS gambling. Although for
some reason, it has become accepted because some churches and senior
citizens need the revenue it generates.
Personally, I too, am very much against the idea of "gentleman
entertainment". Because of that, I will not participate in any local
"gentleman entertainment." And, I certainly would expect everyone else
with such objections to do the same. If on the other hand, when I drive
by someone reaches out and drags me in and forces me to participate in
their frivolity. That, would be a whole different story.
== Grafton's Heritage Village ==
=== "Free Will Offering" ===
-- Pancake and Sausage breakfast -- ### Sunday,
January 20, 2008, ### ~~~~~ Serving 9am until 1pm ~~~~~
((( Proceeds used for the operation )))
/// and preservation of the Village. ///
Starting January 17 the Heritage Village will feature Bingo similar to
"bar type".
The folks at St.Thomas are super people, doing wonderful things in
their community with the proceeds from their 41st annual fish fry.
How many time have we heard "there's never anything to do in town?"
WELL!!! Anyone interested in learning to play Bridge is invited to
attend Free Lessons at Michael and Patty Leighton's home. (201 West 17th
St - Grafton) Lessons start this Thursday, January 17th (7 - 9pm) and
will be held every other Thursday through March. Please call 352-2198
and leave a message to let us know that you will be attending. You can
come as an individual or with a partner. Bridge is an excellent game to
learn with your spouse.
There will be a class outline with free material provided. It is a five
lesson course with play each evening to demonstrate the lesson. Classes
will be held, January 17th, 31st, February 14th, 28th, and March 13th
and 27th. We hope to be playing bridge by the sixth class.
Jerry Blanchard, Terry Kalbrener and Pat Silewski are going to assist
Michael Leighton in the teaching. Several couples from the Grafton
Marathon Bridge Club will also be participating. The Grafton Marathon
Bridge Club has existed for almost 35 years. <<<<
You folks attending from out of town might consider coming to town a
little early and having dinner at one of our great eateries. We have two
wonderful Mexican restaurants, the best Chinese restaurant in the
country, Granny's Grandpa Chicken Dinner is delicious and, if your
looking for a fantastic steak, either angus or buffalo the Marketplace
is as good as it gets.
Sandy's story, about the abandoned kittens, awakened the Bob Barker in
many of us. This time Lori wants to "vent".
She wrote. >>>
Hi Gary,
Sandy's story "I gotta vent" about the abandoned kittens last week
really struck a chord with me, too, and continues to bother me. I had a
similar experience this past August. While driving along a gravel road
from Grafton to my parents' farm near Minto, I encountered the most
beautiful mother cat - with three kittens in tow. It was obvious they
had just recently been dumped off there, not too far from my parents'
farm. My mom and I went back and scooped up the kittens and coaxed the
mother cat to follow us. I will never forget how frantic that poor
mother cat was, and how hard she worked to keep her kittens together. A
lot of human mothers would do well to work that hard for their young. It
was extremely hot, and she was panting. I have never heard a cat pant
like that, and hope I never do again. Since we already had a cat (yet
another stray who wandered into the yard a year prior), we put mother
and kittens together under a tree in an empty cage we had and gave them
food and water. It took awhile for the mother cat to settle down because
she was so preoccupied with her kittens and making sure they were okay.
When the kittens finally snuggled together to sleep, the mother cat
draped one of her front paws over all of them.
In the end, we kept the mother cat and brought the kittens to our
veterinarian to try and find homes for them, but he discovered the
kittens were ill and they had to be put down. My mom and I cried for a
week, and still feel traumatized to an extent by the whole ordeal.
Mostly, I am angered by the selfishness and sheer stupidity of the
person or persons who chose to just dispose of them like they were
trash, leaving others to do their dirty work. These are living, feeling,
breathing beings! These are domesticated animals that have no clue how
to take care of themselves without human help. What kind of people do
this? Have they felt hunger, cold, or fear? Do they have children? Do
they have friends and family? Are they considered "good people" by
others in their churches and communities? It's obvious these individuals
know that what they're doing is a dirty, horrible thing, otherwise they
wouldn't do it along lonely rural roads, out of sight from law
enforcement and concerned citizens - so typical of other kinds of
perverted, deviant actions. I know enough about human nature to theorize
that for the most part, these people probably consider themselves "good
at heart", quite virtuous and decent. I harbor no illusions about what
supposedly "good" people are capable of. I do wonder how they reconcile
this assessment of themselves with wilfully subjecting a helpless,
living being to agonizing suffering, and inevitably death? Isn't there
enough suffering in the world? Unfortunately, according to the local
animal shelter, this type of "dumping" in our area is rampant.
I agree with Sandy's assessment that these people's actions are stupid
and savage. Her sentiments about hoping these same people will one day
find themselves vulnerable, alone and afraid, with no help in sight
echoes my own thoughts and comments from last summer. What goes around
comes around - I believe this and have experienced it. And since I'm no
saint either, I hope the individuals who don't see me in their rear view
mirror or pulling up alongside them the next time they do this!
Thanks for letting ME vent, too!
Lori <<<<
Thanks for caring and sharing Lori.
"It is not wrong to say what you think. Not thinking of what you
say,..... is." GLM

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January 15, 2008 - Tuesday (early)

Today's Gazette is brought to you by
== Grafton's Heritage Village ==
=== "Free Will Offering" ===
-- Pancake and Sausage breakfast -- ### Sunday, January 20,
2008, ### ~~~~~ Serving 9am until 1pm ~~~~~
))) Proceeds used for the operation (((
/// and preservation of the Village. ///
The current temperature is -9 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 18/-9
Normal H/L temp for this date is 14/-5
All Shivercity beaches remain closed.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
This Saturday, January 19th the St. Thomas area Booster Club will be
hosting their 41st annual Walleye Fish Fry at The American Legion &
Matty's Bar.
Advanced tickets are available at the following Grafton locations.
Bremer Bank, First United Bank and The Extra End.
8 to 10 ounce Walleye fillets will be served from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.
For take out orders you can call the St.Thomas Cafe at 701-257-6897.
There just isn't a better fish fry in the country than the one the
St.Thomas Booster Club puts on. People from Fargo, Grand Forks &
Grafton, Langdon, Walhalla, Pembina, Hallock, Karlstad and Stephen have
all enjoyed the Annual Fabulous Walleye Fish Fry at St.Thomas.
The folks at St.Thomas are super people, doing wonderful things in
their community with the proceeds.
Once again Walt Disney was right. It is a small world after all. Lowell
sent the following response to Bonnies question about a teacher in the
Argyle area.
Lowell wrote. >>> Gary, It's still a very small world, Isabelle was
my mother. She took a six month normal trainingcourse after
graduating from highschool. This gave her a teaching certificate to
teach in North Dakota. She finally got her four year college degree at
age 59 by doing summer school college courses thru Moorehead state. She
taught at many country schools in both states. She retired at age 65
with 45 yrs of teaching under her belt. I believe Bonnie's father was
Lester Aasand. Forwardmy e-mail address to her & tell her to write.
We are still in St Agustine, Florida but expect to leave Ina few days
for Lake Worth & then over to the Bahamas in Feb. Have a good winter.
Best regards Lowell Efterfield <<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Lowell. I will be happy to
exchange addresses between you and Bonnie. It's to bad your not a little
closer Lowell. I'm sure you would be able to talk to Bonnie this
Saturday at the St.Thomas Booster Club Fish Fry.
About the only kind of cards I can play is solitaire, and sometimes I
have to cheat to win that. I wanted to learn how to play pinochle, until
I found out someone had taken out all the small cards. Anyway, This note
is about Bridge and comes with a note from Michael Leighton. >>>
Subject: Free Bridge Lessons, please invite your subscribers...
Thank You
Anyone interested in learning to play Bridge is invited to attend Free
Lessons at Michael and Patty Leighton's home. (201 West 17th St -
Grafton) Lessons start this Thursday, January 17th (7 - 9pm) and will be
held every other Thursday through March. Please call 352-2198 and leave
a message to let us know that you will be attending. You can come as an
individual or with a partner. Bridge is an excellent game to learn with
your spouse.
There will be a class outline with free material provided. It is a five
lesson course with play each evening to demonstrate the lesson. Classes
will be held, January 17th, 31st, February 14th, 28th, and March 13th
and 27th. We hope to be playing bridge by the sixth class.
Jerry Blanchard, Terry Kalbrener and Pat Silewski are going to assist
Michael Leighton in the teaching. Several couples from the Grafton
Marathon Bridge Club will also be participating. The Grafton Marathon
Bridge Club has existed for almost 35 years. <<< There you have it, a
valid invitation to learn the game of bridge. From wonderful people in
super surroundings. Or so it seems to me.
One of my life's more interesting challenges has been to master the art
of caring and sharing. A "trait" I have always wanted my offspring to
share with me. I must admit, I am pleased they do. To that end I find a
obligation to share the following note from my oldest daughter Kelly.
She wrote: >>>
Subject: I'd like to share my experience
Today I had the pleasure of having Dad come in the Smokehouse to buy
some meat that Mom had called in earlier to have ready. As Dad walked
in, he approached a young man who was already in the store and the guy
said, "Gary Moe, could it be?" I then listened to about a 20 minute
conversation between David Kuznia and Dad about American Crystal which
we all know is Dad's heart and sole and the Stephen area, which Dad
referred to David as his second home. It was very touching listening
to David talk about one of life's lessons he had learned from Dad as
avery young man and still to this day remembers. He shared many
stories with Dad and it sure was fun to hear Dad back in the sugarbeet
frame of mind again. It was like old times. This man had very deep
respect for Dad. I know thatbecause after Dad left he told me
"there's no other man in this world that I respect more than Gary
Moe. I can't wait to get out to my pickup to call my brother and tell
him I just talked to Gary Moe. You can't imagine how excited I
am." The smile on his face said much more.
I was most proud to say Gary Moe is my Father today. Good job,
Dad! Kelly <<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Kelly. Often, when time
seems to start turning somethings dim. Someone always seems to come
along and make them bright again.
Today, in The Country Smokehouse Kelly, three individuals had the
opportunity to watch the process of caring and sharing in full bloom. I
am very thankful you were one of the three, and, I am especially
thankful, the third one was me. I love you, Kelly, and, yes you were
certainly right. For a moment I felt like I was young and healthy again.
Aren't memories wonderful?
"If you're thinking of something. No-one will ever know it, unless you
share it with someone." Or so it seems to me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

January 13, 2008 - Sunday (night)

Today's Gazette is brought to you by
" My Friends "
Webster describes a friend as a person whom one knows well and is fond
The current temperature is -7 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 17/6
Normal H/L temp for this date is 14/-5
Due to predicted wind chills of minus 25 to 35 degrees.The beach and
all local swimming pools will remain closed.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Sandy's story about the individuals that abandoned a litter of kittens
gave Bob reason to write. >>> Hello, Gary,
John Maxwell has been kind enough to forward the GAZETTE to me and
I have really enjoyed it.
I was deeply saddened to read the letter yesterday (Wednesday,
1/08/08) about the "person" who dumped the Mother and her kittens out on
the road! Oh, my! We have a 1 1/2 year-old little guy who came to
us in June, 2006 around Midnight and he has been a joy and a
laugh-a-minute. Our older cat started "hollering" at me and I noticed
that the wife was still downstairs quilting, so I told him to go
"...Tell Momma to come to bed!...". Well, the next thing I heard was
my wife telling me to get up and get outside, as there was something
after our chickens. As it turned out, there was a sick, little kitten
who ran up my leg, onto my chest,tucked his head under my chinand
purred for all he was worth. The misses said, "O.K.! Now
what?". To which I replied, "C'mon, Boots! Let's get you some
food!". He turned out to have pneumonia and is quite healthy now.
He chases Stanley and us all over the place and loves to have his tummy
rubbed. He has been one of the most wonderful cats I've ever had the
pleasure to meet. It always amazes me how these so-called "people"
can be so cruel to these little critters!
Thanks for allowing me to vent and thanks for the GAZETTE!
Best Regards,
Bob Lewis, Pisek, ND <<<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing
Bob. And, welcome to a wonderful group of individuals I refer to as my
Gazette family of friends.
This note comes from a friend I haven't seen since my dad bought his
new yellow & black Mercury 2-door hardtop in 1953.
Dear Gary,
Thanks for adding me to your list for the Shiver City news. I
totally enjoy it, and each issue stirs so many good memories of growing
up in Grafton. We were neighbors until about 1953. My 96 year old
mom (Florence Rogalla) enjoys it, too. Keep up the good work!
Darlene Rogalla Dyrud <<< Thanks a million for caring and sharing
Darlene. Your former Grafton home eventually became part of the property
that makes up Grafton Floral & Greenhouses. Since you moved, the Bergen,
Fredrickson and Billy DeSautel families, among several others, called
your former house a home. Pat and I also spent several years there
increasing our gene pool. The house was eventually sold and moved off
the property to make room for additional expansion of the Grafton Floral
& Greenhouse facilities. Your former home, Darlene, is presently located
on the west side of main street in Auburn, ND.
Aren't memories, and friends, wonderful?
My friend John sent the following note. I suspect because I mentioned
him in a previous Gazette. He wrote, >>>
You have eyes everywhere!!! Yes I'm guilty of ordering a 52 inch Hot
Stuff Pizza, 20 minutes after I heard about it.
Two things I want to make a point on. 1st, I didn't eat the whole thing
myself. I had a lot of help from my group of weight watcher's at the
double E. And, 2nd, it was great,... but if you plan on ordering one,
give Mike and his crew at Grafton Square enough time to make it. It's
nice to have the selection of eateries in Grafton.
And, you can take it from me, I've tried them all. Have a great weekend,
and,... GO SPOILERS!!!!
John Olaf Aasand 14th in line for the throne of king of Norway. <<<
Thanks for caring and sharing John. And thanks for the "culinary" update
of Grafton's eateries. Somehow I gotta think you, like me, are much more
of a consumer than a connoisseur. Or so it seems to me.
Friday morning our Ohio Fox Hunting Friends stopped in Granny's for one
last breakfast, and to say farewell for another year, before leaving for
home. As always, It was wonderful having them here. We shared "stories"
of their trade, and ours. We enjoyed a wonderful night out at
Marketplace where our Major stopped by to thank them for spending time
in our community. They also had the opportunity to share some of there
thoughts with local members of the Chamber of Commerce. And, I even
learned that everyone doesn't always "Go Blue". Each time they leave I
have two main concerns. First, that their trip home is a safe one and,
second, that they will return.
I received the following note from Bill, which, I am pleased to say,
eliminates my first concern. Bill wrote: >>>
Just want to let you know that we arrived homesafely in
Northwest Ohio Saturday evening. As we shook hands and said farewell we
began to plannext years trip.We want to thank you and everyone in
Grafton who made our visit so enjoyable. Especially those who took part
in our evening at the Market Place.
It is good to be home, but as we develop more friendships in
North Dakota it is hard to leave them behind. We look forward to next
year and hope to find all our friends in good health.
William (Bill) Shininger <<<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Bill. I must also "share"
with everyone that between the time we shook hands, and our Fox Hunter
friends walked out the door. They handed me an envelope, with one very
simple request. "Gary give this to your community, in the best way you
see fit." (and, believe me it will be done)
Friends.... When I think of what they've brought to us, in so many
different ways. How they come each year, to spend their time, on our
areas coldest days.
As I listen to their stories, and see how well they get along. It would
make a fitting tail in one of Willy Nelson's song. I feel especially
lucky that I've known this special group. And I'm pleased the Lord
allows me to be a part of such a group.
So long, for now my fine Fox Hunting Friends. Though we live a thousand
miles apart, you will always be, right here, in my heart.
I am pleased to welcome, Bob L., Greg & Genny K. and Marylou S. to the
Gazette family.
Tomorrows Gazette will include a invitation to anyone interested in
learning, and, I suspect playing, "bridge" the card game, (not the kind
you drive over) FREE. The price is right, and, the place is a beautiful
home on the south end of Grafton. (The Leighton residence)
If you really care, care enough to share.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

January 10, 2008 - Thursday

01/10/08 THURSDAY
Todays Gazette is brought to you by the folks from the Edinburg. Home
of the "biggest little general store around".
The current temperature is 16 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 20/2
Normal H/L temp for this date is 14/-5
The high on this day in 1990 was 52. Obviously,.. that must have been,
before the explosion of global warming.
Warm weather the past few days has put a frown on every snowperson in
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
Scenery these past few days, throughout the area, has been nothing
short of spectacular. The beautiful display of "hoarfrost" on trees and
bushes has turned our community into fabulous visions of a winter
Hoarfrost, according to my Webster, is described as white particles of
frozen dew. And, I am certain that is true. However, when I look out our
living room window. The sight I see, is so much more.
Most communities, of size, have adopted parking rules and regulations
for the purpose of traffic regulation.
The small community of Edinburg, ND is certainly no exception to that
In fact, ordinance No.13 of the bylaws and ordinances of the Village of
Edinburg passed in 1896, states. No person shall be allowed to let any
horses, mules, oxen or cattle remain standing in the streets of the
Village of Edinburg continuously for any longer time than two hours
during cold weather or four hours during summer or mild weather.
----- So there you have it. A small town with large a large town
Or so it seems to me.
Around the corner, lickety split.
Beautiful car,.... wasn't it?
---- Burma-Shave ----
I'm still getting several requests a day for the 1895 Salina, Kansas
8th grade test. So far, however, I haven't heard from anyone that has
been able to pass it.
= Walleye Fish Fry ~ Heritage Village = == Saturday, Jan 12, 5pm until
gone. == Adults $10, Children 10 and under $7. Take out orders
call 701-352-3280 or 701-520-1207 Proceeds to be used for operating and
preservation of the Village.
"Elmwood in the Snow. What a beautiful picture, what a wonderful show."
Another snapshot from the Birkeland Era.
Joe Birkeland was never late for anything. Band members had a saying,
"hurry up, and wait." We would hurry and get dressed in uniform, go to
the parade site,.... and wait for the parade to start.
I remember one time, in particular, this paid off in New Orleans. We
were in our uniforms for a parade and stopped at a cafeteria to eat
before marching. As we left the three charter buses to go into the
cafeteria, being teenagers, we ran across the parking lot to be first in
I had the "misfortune" of tripping over a curb, tearing the knees on
my trousers. Needless to say, Joe was not happy. He loaded up two
chaperones, Milton and Hazel Johnston, and me into one of the buses so
we could go back to change my trousers. Then, in the style only Joe
Birkeland was famous for. Joe commandeered two motorcycle policemen and
they, one in the front of our buss and one in the back, escorted us all
the way across New Orleans with their lights & sirens blaring.
Fortunately for me, I was able to change trousers and we made it back
in plenty of time to march in the parade.
Richard Thompson <<<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Richard. If there ever anyone,
in the whole world, could commandeer a motorcycle police escort. It
would definitely be Joe Birkeland, the leader of Grafton's nationally
acclaimed Parade Band.
Some of us can still remember the days when politicians would tell us
what they will do for us. Now they spend their time,... and our money,
telling us what other politicians didn't do.
If your just sitting around the house thinking about having a pizza.
Give the Grafton Square a call and order one of their 52 incher. Yup, a
52 inch pizza that weights, within one or two slices of pepperoni, at a
belly busting 15 pounds.
The Grafton Square, according to the press release I read, is the first
"Hot Stuff" pizza place in the country (USA) to offer such a behemoth. I
also understand if John Aasand wasn't the first one to order a 15
pounder, he was close to it. Someone else told me that a Ford Pinto was
a little on the small side for delivering the giant pizza's.
I am pleased to welcome Mike Steinfeldt to the Gazette family. Mike is
the sportswriter for the Walsh County Record. That means I'm going to
have to be a bit more careful how I report local sports.
"The best way to get your point across. Is to have a point,... in the
first place."
Or so it seems to me.

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

January 9, 2008 - Wednesday

01/09/08 early WEDNESDAY edition
Todays Gazette is brought to you by all the wonderful people from Ohio.
The current temperature is 3 degrees.
Yesterdays H/L temperature was 32/14
Normal H/L temp for this date is 14/-5
Tuesday night Spoilers hockey score.
Spoilers 5 Grand Forks Central 2.
"Profanity makes ignorance audible."
L O C A L news & stuff,.. mostly stuff.
I stopped by The Landowski Furniture store the other day and walked
through their gigantic display of fabulous home furnishings. As I walked
down the center isle of the store I was amazed at the super selection of
reasonably priced, fine furniture Landowski's have bought to the Grafton
They're not out there blowing their horn about big discounts on
furniture that was priced way to high to start with. Landowski's prices
are already low to begin with. Often they will offer even lower prices.
And,.. if they don't have exactly what you want, I'm almost positive
they can get it. If you get it home and it doesn't fit the rest of your
"decor". They'll take it back and bring something out that will.
"First or last, a chance to bid is all they ask." Stop by Landowski's
Furniture on the west edge of Grafton and look around, I'm sure you will
like what you see. They're worth the trip!
The picture of Elmwood in the Snow, would make a great picture to put
on Christmas or notecards or playing cards, coffee mugs, and so much
Our daughter Wendy shared the following comments about the last two
additions to the Gazette family. She wrote. >>>
A couple quick comments, just to say that Slade is a super person and
congratulations to him and his wife Mary on becoming new parents...
Maybe they will share with you how they actually met.. I think it's a
neat story. Second you welcomed Alysia... would that be "my" big
Al...Osowski? She did mention over Christmas break that she got to speak
with you a bit at Granny's. If so I am SURE you would agree her parents
did an excellent job raising her. What a doll and I truly miss not
seeing her around the house anymore... Love Wendy. <<<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Wendy. We will be looking
forward to Slade and Mary's story. And, you are absolutely right about
Alisia's parents, Larae & David Osowski, being wonderful parents, they
certainly are.
= Walleye Fish Fry ~ Heritage Village = == Saturday, Jan 12, 5pm until
gone. == Adults $10, Children 10 and under $7.
Take out orders call 701-352-3280 or 701-520-1207
Proceeds to be used for operating and preservation of the Village.
Ordinarily, I "might" have suggested that the author of the next
message tended to get a bit long winded. That is of course, until I
actually read the note and realized how serious the circumstances were.
You can decide for yourself. >>>>
Subject: I just gotta vent....
Now it seems to me, that your readership are the thinking sort....
some are the doing sort.... you may or may not wish to share these
thoughts with them, but PEOPLE REALLY NEED TO STOP AND THINK... and to
remind others to do likewise...
Saturday evening, shortly after dark, I was witness to behavior
which still has me feeling ill.
I was with a group of folks coming home to Grafton after visiting
an elderly relative in the Edmore Nursing home. We always feel good
after leaving there, the care appears to be excellent, the home clean,
and the staff kind and loving.... but I digress....
We were feeling good, sailing down Hwy 17, chatting happily .....
.... high beam headlights caused both me and the driver to comment on
the rude behavior of the car parked at the top of thehill. We
decided later they had been too busy to dim... or too dim to dim.
Our driver began to slow down, but it wasn't enough to avoid
running over two or three of half a dozen very young kittens.
In the low beam, we didn't see a handful of terrified spotted balls
of fluff, tails high, bolting just ahead of us. Apparently they had
been huddled together, because what is pinned in my memory is all those
little bodies fleeing in various directions. And the sickening
thumpwhen our wheels passed over them.
Now, I'm not too bright, I mentioned the stupidity of mamma cat,
taking her babies hunting on the highway.... Then my driver patiently
explainedthat the "bright headlights moron" had dumped them out....
It has been said thatone measure of a civilization and or
civility is how we treat that which is helpless. I guess another measure
is how we live up to our responsibilities.
Anyone who thinks that abandoning an animal on the roadside, no matter
how close to a farmyard it might be, is OK ... is not only stupid, but
savage. What was left of that littler of kittens out on Hwy 17 will
either freeze to death, starve, both, or fall prey to foxes and
coyotes. (We could not go back to try to salvage any of those little
lives as the carnage would have caused undue trauma to at least one of
our companions.)
If people will not take responsibility for finding homes for unwanted
kittens and pups, they need to either not own pets or take
responsibility and have them spayed or neutered.
While it is sinful to wish ill on someone, I'm no saint. I
can't help but hope that those same folks who see abandonment in the
country as a way to dispose of unwanted pets someday find themselves out
of gas on a country road, or with a flat tire, and that they have to
wait for help just long enough go get a little frostbite, and darn good
and scared before help comes. Maybe they will remember....
In the mean time, good people need to hold one another accountable just
a little. When someone casually mentions they are "gettingrid
of" unwanted pets.... take the time to at least comment that you hope
they will do it in a humane fashion.
Thanks Gary, for "listening"
Sandy.. <<<
Thanks a million for caring and sharing Sandy. If your message
touches others hearts, as it did mine. It will indeed make a difference.
And, after all is said and done. That is really all we need to do to
leave the world a better place than it was when we got it.
It is with great sorrow that I share the loss of one of our Gazette
family members. Maryann wrote. >>>>
Just to let you know that Paul Kennedy passed away today (Jan 7) at
2:10. He was born March 2,1930 and was a Grafton High School graduate
from the class of 1948. He married Maryann Blanchard in Sept. 1952 after
being discharged from the army and serving in Korea. They had 6 children
and have lived in Marshall Mn since 1964.
I would like to extend our most sincere sympathies to Maryann and the
entire Kennedy family. Though we're only here a relatively short time.
Our memories will go on forever.
"If you don't share your thoughts and dreams. Who will ever know?"

Write if you can, call if you can't, and, tell your loved ones they
are,..... before it's too late.